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1  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Beginner Pong AI contest proposal on: 2004-11-09 15:12:13
I had recently begun learning C++, and I wrote a Pong clone again, and as I got to the computer controlled paddle, I realized that, if you really try, you can pretty much make it unbeatable.  So then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a Pong 'AI' competition? Somebody writes a standard engine (i'd be happy to), and then everybody who wants to compete writes a class extending a standard Paddle class with their AI code.

Obviously there would be a maximum speed that the paddle is allowed to move every frame and so on, but if you write the basic engine well enough, checking it won't even be necessary.  So what do you think?  Especially for beginners.  I've never heard of this kind of competition before, maybe we can try it with a different kind of game even?
2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Reversi AI on: 2004-09-12 16:17:30
Not sure if this belongs here but anyway..

I'm planning to write a reversii clone (also known as othello) as an experiment to see how well I can teach the computer to play it.  My basic idea so far is to check each and every possible move, and give every move a score, and then choose the move with the highest score (or, if there is more than one move with the same highest score, pick a random one so that the AI doesn't always play the same).  My proposed scoring system is as follows: score a couple of point depending on where the piece is placed (spaces on the corners are more valuable, for example), then score 1 point for every piece of the enemy's converted.  Then check the all the opponent's possible moves for this move, and subtract his highest possible score from this score.(This can go on for as much as I want the search depth to be, though I dont plan on letting it go farther than this).  However I'm not the best reversi player in the world, so does anybody have any suggestions? Especially how much each square on the grid should count.

3  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel (webstart finally works) on: 2004-07-22 18:34:14
Webstarts up, thanks a lot to Adam from JGF.
4  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: collision detection on: 2004-07-16 17:08:33
A little bit off topic but anyway..

The difficult part of a game like that (especially with pure java2D) is the rotation of the images.  I wanted to make a game like that a while ago, but rotating images were simply too slow, and I got lazy, so I gave up, and I was just wondering how are you planning to rotate the images? I had an algorithm that rotated triangles drawn with fillPolygon, but as soon as i started with images, I ran into said problem.
5  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel (now webstartable!) on: 2004-07-16 16:53:46
Sorry for not responding for so long. I've been on holiday in Zambia for the past coupla weeks.

The game is still being developed so I don't wanna email it, and then have to email it again every two weeks or so as it is worked on, but when it is complete (if it ever is) I'll definately email it (thanks).

I'm trying a new site (at least im persistent) that supports php scripts, and I used the php hack according to mr. Glass's walkthru, but when I try it it gives some parse error.  This may be influenced by the fact that I don't have webstart on my pc, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could maybe try it?
6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Accessing Resources from a JAR on: 2004-06-29 16:25:29
Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, they aren't accepting new users..
7  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel (now webstartable!) on: 2004-06-28 18:22:53
Hmm. that's about the 4th host i've tried.  You only seem to find out about these things afterwards.  Sorry for it never seeming to work, unfortunately I cant test it from my PC as it's ancient, only running windows 95 (I code on one machine & upload on the other).

new web site:
8  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel (now webstartable!) on: 2004-06-27 16:15:02

9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Accessing Resources from a JAR on: 2004-06-26 17:32:25
Ok so I finally got it to work (don't ask me how, I did so many things I dont know which one made any difference) and I sign it, and create a jnlp file.  Ok then while uploading the JAR to my website i start editing my post 'your games here' to say that it's webstartable.  And then I find out jnlp files aren't allowed on my web host.


so I had to edit my post back again.
Anyway, thanks for the help. Anybody know a good free host?  Wink
10  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Accessing Resources from a JAR on: 2004-06-25 16:43:59
My bad. none of the images are loading correctly.  The jar file was in the same directory as the classes so it was loading them from the originals.  Oops.  Anyway, that means I'm back to square one, with no images loading correctly. But I dont understand why it's even trying to load them from outside the JAR.  Everything is getting packaged into the same JAR, tried multiple with no luck so I went back, the '/' in front of the filename messes it up worse and all extensions are lower case  :-/ .Anybody else got any ideas? I have a feeling this is one of those really dumb errors that always seem to take the most time to fix.
11  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Accessing Resources from a JAR on: 2004-06-24 16:09:54
Ok after messing around with it for awhile I narrowed it down. Still the same problem tho. But it only happens with some images (my background images to be exact). I let the program continue to load the others after the exception and all the others load fine.To make it worse, it works perfectly when its not JAR'ed, so the image names are definately not wrong.  The only difference i can think of is that those files were created with MS Paint (dont laugh) while the others where created with photoshop, and therefore they're opague.  They're also considerably larger (640x480), but that shouldn't make any difference in finding the file, where the exception is taking place? I'll try re-saving the images with photoshop, for what it's worth.
Thanks for the help so far..
12  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What's orange, and sounds like a parrot? on: 2004-06-23 17:36:23
All things being equal, fat people use more soap.

This kid is so ugly, when he plays in the sandbox the cat keeps trying to cover him up.

I've got loads more..

If vegetarians love animals so much, why do they keep eating all their food?

What's white and blue and stuck in the tree?
A fridge with levi's.

How do you get four elephants in a mini?
two in the front, two in the back.
13  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Accessing Resources from a JAR on: 2004-06-23 17:28:37
Ok I'm trying to get my game webstartable (blah...) and I've been struggling to get it to find the resources (images and sound).  Do I need to use packages for it to work?  I've tried with and without without any luck.  To load my image I use

The images are in the correct directory.  It works when I run it without JAR'ing it.
It throws a NullPointerException when trying to load the image (at sun.awt.image.URLImageSource.getConnection).
My manifest only conatins the main-class line. what classpath should I put in? if any? thanks..
I tried Kevin Glass's walkthru with webstart/jnlp, didnt help much, any help??
14  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel on: 2004-06-22 16:07:44
Being a school project, I'm not too worried about other people playing it at the moment.  I'm also writing exams at the moment, after this I'm going on holiday and then the project is due which means I don't have time to learn stuff like that.  And that means I don't have a properly written application, I don't have the time to rewrite & debug old code when I still have so much new code to work on.

I'm checking out the walkthru on the wiki at the moment tho.  I'll make it webstartable, just to have the honour of blah playing my game   Tongue
15  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel on: 2004-06-21 16:42:07
There's a updated version now with tag mode and statistics (still no webstart).

I read in some tuturial you can't use Toolkit.getDefaulToolkit().getImage() to load images, and I did and I'm too lazy to change it.  
16  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Stick Duel on: 2004-06-21 05:30:22
I'll uplooad the new version in a couple of days which saves your wins & losses and has a super cool tag mode!! oh yeah it isn't web startable cuz its a school project so i didn't need to. Besides this is my first big project, when I started I didn't know what an abstract class was, let alone webstart and I dont want to rewrite my image loading classes. And I still dont know how webstart works but maybe when I'm finished I will.  Any idead for weapons are welcome, and bugs or other comments..
17  Games Center / Archived Projects / Stick Duel (webstart finally works) on: 2004-06-20 16:16:28
Please check out my game. It's only a beta, and it's two player, hot seat only so you'll need a friend.

(Marshmallow Duel clone)

webstart link!

Special thanks to JGF for the hosting.

Known issue: Game sometimes crashes if you don't name the players.
Statistics don't get saved
18  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Fullscreen/Windowed mode toggling on: 2004-06-20 15:43:25
I was just about to ask this same question.  I have been struggling the entire wknd and mine works more or less. Though sometimes still if you switch it gives problems.Generally, disposing a Frame used for fullscreen gives problems.  You also seem to lose BufferStrategy buffers. In the end I just decided to give up and create a new Frame everytime I switch to fullscreen. This seems to hold up as long as you don't switch to much, tho sometimes the VM still crashes.
download my game at
/spam (sorry i couldnt help myself)
19  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Compiling java to .exe's on: 2004-06-17 16:49:39
I would rather download Excelsior Jet than trying to include the VM yourself. I downloaded the trail version, it seems to do its job well.  I only tried to use it once so far and it generated a 20meg file for a 400kb game (though thats the installer, it includes a VM which, for me, kind of defeats the purpose of compiling to exe anyway). I haven't got a hyperlink ready but search for it and you'd find it easily.

20  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Problem with bitmask transparency on: 2004-06-15 17:24:51

Sometimes in my game my sprites' transparency do not show correctly; they are opague on a black background. To make this worse, sometimes it happens, usually it doesn't.  I'd run the program, and it wouldn't work and then if I run it again, it works just fine.  Any ideas? I'm loading the images from disk using Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage(), then MediaTracker'ing them, then creating a compatible image with bitmask transparency with my graphics configuration and drawing the original onto it with a Graphics2D.  I'm using fullscreen with GraphicsDevice.setFullScreenWindow and the display mode is 640x480x8.  Drawing to the screen is with BufferStrategy.Did i miss anything important? Any help would really be appreciated.

Im using java 1.4.2_04

21  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Fonts.  Using sprites? on: 2004-06-15 17:09:51
I can't see why you'd want to use sprite fonts, unless it is to design your own font.  Why don't your messages display correctly? Remember, the x and y values you use with drawString aren't used for the top left point of the drawn string (check out the API). If i remember correctly, the x and y is used to position the baseline.
22  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Compiling java to .exe's on: 2004-06-10 16:18:51
The subject says it all.  Is there any way to do this? It would just make (my) Java games accesible to a much wider audience.
23  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Uploading games on: 2004-06-01 16:36:02

I'm currently working on a game, its almost alpha stage (actually, its 95% done except for graphics and sound) and I'm thinking, this is the time for it to get shared with the community.  Where is a good place to upload my game?  I haven't uploaded anything to the internet (ever), so any help is appreciated. What programs do I need? I was just checking on, but the site was down (!).

Thanks in advance..
24  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: New Java 2D Game tutorial at planetalia on: 2004-05-28 18:18:07
Haven't had a lot of time to look it over yet, but it looks pretty impressive..

Might I just suggest a place to download the entire tuturial? for those of us who dont have a permanent internet connection.
25  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: 2Dgraphics and sound on: 2004-05-28 18:07:04
What is the difference between a normal image and a managed image? I read in a tuturial you're supposed to use GraphicsConfiguration.createCompatibleImage() but it didn't explain why.

Thanks for the help so far.
26  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / 2Dgraphics and sound on: 2004-05-26 17:56:56

I'm writing an application game, and i'm at the part where im adding graphics and sound.  So now, what would be the simplest & fastest?  I'm thinking of using AudioClip for sound (from Applet) but think I read somewhere that that has a memory leak.  Also, should it be used in a application? I've gotten it to work in a simple application but I haven't tested it in a game situation to check for slowdown.

And what is the easiest/best way to load images? currently, I'm using Toolkit.getToolkit().getImage().

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