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1  Games Center / Archived Projects / Titan Strife on: 2005-09-06 03:02:38
Hey Everyone,

 I just thought I would share my work in progress called Titan Strife. Titan Strife has taken rock, paper, scissors to a whole
new level with special weapon effects, random events, explosive text-based action, and is loaded full with secrets and other game "gems". This is my first big program in Java so don't expect too much! I personally think the game is pretty cool and I hope you enjoy it to. Feel free to direct any ideas, suggestions, and/or feedback to my inbox at


2  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: AIWars on: 2005-09-06 02:53:25
The shareware version runs only in 2d and the registered version has 2d and 3d (look at the bottom of the page). Hopefuly if someone took on the project then there would be only the one freeware version.

3  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: AIWarsa on: 2005-04-03 12:33:51
The concept may be the same but it defiently not a rip off. The CAICL language is completly orignal (and quite a bit different in comparison to what I have seen). What I think might be unique, but not sure, is that this game is in a complete 3d environment (with the option of 2d simulations as well). Battles are heavily customizable with thousands of options. Some features that others clones might not have is strategy nodes, advance debugging mode, hive queen, unique tournament mode, own editor with syntax highlighting, and much more. Here is a description of the 3d mode:

"All new 3D mode along with the old standard 2D and text modes. Free floating camera for you to control, allowing you to watch the game from any angle. Follow camera allowing you to watch the game from the perspective of any Cybug in the battle. New sounds. New Music. New textures. Ghosted objects. Fog. Shadows. Smoke. Flames. Scrolling skies. Fully animated Cybug movements. 3D Replay and movie record modes. Lightning fast text mode (with the ability to save the battle as a 3D movie for later viewing!) Added 3D command line options for battle/tournament automation. 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 3D resolution options. 20+ Megs of full screen 3D goodness!
A.I. Wars 3D contains all standard view modes (3D, 2D, 2D Follow and TEXT) so those limited to 2D or TEXT can still enjoy A.I. Wars on their systems."

I'm not an expert and I don't know all the different games like this, but I know that out of all the ones I have tried, this one has kept me interested while the others haven't. Another bonus is our unique and growing community. Once again I stress that I'm not completly informed about all the other clones out there, please inform me if my preaching is in ignorance.

4  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / AIWars on: 2005-04-02 13:18:00
There is a game I play called AIWars... except I don't "play" it. AIWars is a very unique game that not everyone can apprecaite but I thought I would share it here. What you do is program a little cybug in CAICL (a language created by the developer of the game) and the you can pitt it against other cybugs. The only problem is that the community is dying/dead. I have started a fan site about a month ago ( and there is a programmer who wants to port the game to Java (so that people on other platforms besides windows can use it). He has the developer's permission and it looking for other Java programmers to help him, if you are interested then please feel free to e-mail me. Once you get into the game, it is a blast and a half, so I hope to see you soon *smiles warmly*



P.S. The Java Programmer doesn't want the community as a whole to know about it, so if you join the forums, please do not post about it.
5  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: How do i create a game? on: 2005-02-26 10:43:47
1st post - 4:13am (VoLcAnIc)
2nd post - 4:17am (VoLcAnIc)
3rd post - 4:19am (VoLcAnIc)
4th post - 4:31am (VoLcAnIc)
5th post - 4:35am (VoLcAnIc)

6th post - 5:28am (Kevglass)

We are sorry if we couldn't reply fast enough....

*shakes his head in disgust at VoLcAnIc*

6  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: Mini Adventure on: 2005-02-23 09:54:55
Oh, I know. I'm just surprised that the thread just stoped there and no one posted anything to sum it up or to direct it to the new location.


7  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: Mini Adventure on: 2005-02-23 09:43:03
Oh, I know. I'm just surprised that the thread just stoped there and no one posted anything to sum it up or to direct it to the new location.


8  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: Mini Adventure on: 2005-02-22 20:48:57
It looks like you guys have had fun with this topic. I'm surprised it just "stoped" here and that no one posted anything about all the changes that have occured to it in the last little while.

Anyhow,  Ttyl!


9  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: wondering about volunteering on: 2005-02-21 22:13:14
This sounds like a fun project to work on. I have been coding Java for a few weeks and would like to start getting my hands dirty even if I can't really do too much. I think that I'm doing pretty good for the ammount of time I have been with Java and have already made a game of my own. It is called Titan Strife and can be found at It is text-based and doesn't have too much future (I might work on it after I have completed learning the ins and outs of creating a GUI and the network API). As the webpage states, I haven't worked on it since the start of Febuary so I have learned quite a bit more since then.
Anyhow, I'll go check out those websites and volunteer. I have already downloaded the source (before I even joined this forum) and I'll be sure to take a look at it. Hopefuly I can contribute something and learn a ton. Anyhow, I am getting really disorganized here so I'll let you go.


10  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Tyrant - Java Roguelike Adventure Game on: 2005-02-21 08:40:15
Heh, I actually downloaded the source for this game yesterday. I have only been doing Java for a few weeks so I felt that I needed to start reading source to get further in my studies. Thanks for making it open source Smiley


11  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: JRPG Design/Development on: 2005-02-20 23:50:47
I am interested in this project (in fact, it is the reason why I joined this forum) and would like to help out though I'm only learning Java (and hoping I can learn more from reading the source of this game). I have requested to be an observer for the project and hopefuly will soon be a developer. Someone above me already made a simple post asking for simple things to do and you said there were some avaiable, so I would also like to take a shot at this.


12  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Hey! I'm new! on: 2005-02-20 12:30:26
I'll see what I can do Smiley

I can't believe how fast you people reply. This forum is very very active.


13  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Hey! I'm new! on: 2005-02-20 12:05:48
I tried before and IIRC, I don't think it worked. Just a second, I'll go try again...

Alrighty, I attempted to compile it by doing:

javac -source 1.4

And I got tons of errors. Here is an excerpt. incompatible types
found   : int
required: java.lang.Integer
         return rand.nextInt(3 + 1);
                            ^ incompatible types
found   : int
required: java.lang.Integer
           return temp1;
                  ^ incompatible types
found   : int
required: java.lang.Integer
           return temp2;
                  ^ incompatible types
found   : int
required: java.lang.Integer
   return 0;
Note: uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
7 errors

Fun fun, eh? I'll be sure to see if I can fix it up so people with 1.4 can run it. I know that most people use 1.4 so it'll be good for me too.



14  Discussions / General Discussions / Hey! I'm new! on: 2005-02-20 11:55:15
Hey Everyone,
 I just joined the communite after being pointed here from New Dawn Software and thought I was would introduce myself. I'm a high school student in westren Canada and just started programming in Java a few weeks back. I was previous experince in other languages so I think I'm making acceptable progression.
 I'm hoping that I can be an active member of the forums here and be able to learn something while doing it. I have several years of experince with communites like this, so I feel that I might be an asset as well.
 Could some please review my first attempt at a game? It is called Titan Strife and can be found at I haven't worked on it since the start of Febuary and I now know Swing and data structures (plus a better overall understanding). Feel free to ask for the souce.
 I've already downloaded the source of a few Java games and I'm hoping I can learn something from them. I think that I'm at that stage that I need to mix in reading source with reading my book. Speaking of the books I've read, I firsted started out with Just Java 1.1 Third Edition (Old but I'm glad I read it). It was for "experince programmers" and the more advanced topics at the back were a bit out dated so I went out and baught another book called SAMS Teach YourSelf Java 2 in 24 Days Fouth Edition (Beginning - Intermediate level). I really like how it explains Swing in this book, it is very efficent. (I also like the exam questions at the end of each chapter).
Anyhow, I think I've talked long enough. Please feel free to e-mail me tips and/or suggestions at

Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon!


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