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1  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Mythos RPG on: 2011-06-27 10:28:24
I would be interested, but I have a few questions.

Are you having a minimum skill level or experience requirement?

Where or how would be best way to contact you? (through email, this thread, or at gamedev(link?)?

Do you have any of the groundwork for the game engine set up yet?

Is Diego Carmeilo going to be the lead programming manager?

I dont know if you know, but there is already a game called Mythos, and its a RPG.  Just wanted to make sure no conflicts of interest?

as far as a minimum skill level/experience requirement, that's hard for me to say.
i think if you can look over the basic features, and if you think you can add something to the team, then you're welcome to try.
but we do need someone with experience, who knows how to do the difficult stuff.

diego has a lot more information than anyone reading these posts does, so i suppose that yes, he is.

the best way to contact me is definitely by email.

as far as the name goes, it's very temporary.

as far as the engine goes, heres what is done.
2  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Mythos RPG on: 2011-06-26 18:13:25
this is the current plan document;

Mythos RPG

To Do:
-Implement jBullet
-Add support for 3d models for the player and mobs
-add inventory
-Add a currency slot (Money is lost on death, later negated by building a bank)
-Change trees
-Add player/mob/object models
-Change to a shader like that used by pixar or team fortress 2.
-Change crafting schema
-Change tree behavior
-Add plant life/farming
-Add workbench/anvil/loom
-Add Social slots/Armor slots + accessories
-Add Character Customization
-Add NPC's with craftable "Spawners" in the form of signs.
  -NPC's that spawn in a town require that an achievement be met before they will move into their shops.
  -General NPC ideas:
    -Arms Dealer
    -Stablemaster (Has special needs for spawning)
    -Wandering NPC's might be an option, Rare wandering healers
    -Town Guards might be an option, Hired guards would require a weekly upkeep
-modify webupdater to use our repository
-Windowed mode, fullscreen optional.
-Make graphic changes to the interface as well as make ui changes.
-Travel options: Runes/Portals, Horse/Cart, Boat, Airship
-Treasure maps with deciphering via sextant
-Mana/a way to get mana
-Life upgrades.
-Random 1920's ruins, unique bosses/treasure
-Add locked chests item for random treasure, Requires Lockpick (Screwdriver and bobby pin)
-More building shapes/materials
-Tool tips
-Experience/Levels are nonexistent, instead this is replaced by items.
-Remove item damage or add repairing on low level equipment. Stone/Iron etc.
-Possible building tools for creating homes/bases/towns faster.
-Add dual wield/Shields
-Add Paint/Dyes
-Add Food/Potions
-Add a sanity feature (Sanity is affected by glimpses of upsetting aspects of the game world, losing sanity points have negative effects on mana and heaing. If all sanity is lost the player is teleported back to spawn for a cool down. The cool down does not allow the character to interact with the outside world for a short period. Losing too much sanity will cause schizophrenia which will cause audio and visual effects,)
-New Biomes, Including evil ones.
  -Possible swamp biome that has toxic water which requires swamp boots. (I.E. Ultima)
-Add Spellbooks/Spells + Reagents
-Money is lost on death instead of items in your inventory
-Add basic ores, Rare ores to come later.
 -Agapite (Brown)
 -Shadow (Dark Grey)
 -Verite  (Green)
 -Valorite (Light Blue)
-Change the look of trees, add new types. Trees collapse once they are chopped.
Saplings fall from trees.
-Flesh out the server, add support for all features, Add support for custom maps/custom seeds, Add plugin support.
-Torches burn out. Only items like lanterns and street lights will burn forever.
-Street lights are used to keep an area safe from enemy raids and spawns.
-Bedrolls can be used to set up a temporary camp site, safe from monsters.
-Resources to be added
 -Mushrooms (Bloodmoss, Deathcap)
 -Sugar Cane
 -Mandrake root
 -Barley and Hops
-Magic and Alchemical Reagents:
 -Mandrake root
 -Death Cap
 -Sulfurous Ash
 -Black Pearl
-Trees: Different trees provide different woods, and have different uses in crafting/building.
-NPC's (Each have requirements that must be fulfilled prior to their arrival in towns)
 -Stable master
 -Arms Dealer
 -Some crafting requires crafting kits which can only be purchased from npc's.-
 -Randomly generated as 'biomes'
 -Ruins will resemble 1920's architecture.
 -Ruins contain chests and crates with rare treasure
 -Ruins spawn bosses
 -Raiding parties raid travelers and player towns.
 -Raiders have a chance to steal from players
 -Raiders are a fairly low level encounter
 -Raiders drop low level equipment and some gold.
 -Gold coins are the currency of the world and is used with NPCs
-Replace the furnace with a forge, this seems more reasonable.
-Life fuses can be found to increase life bars.
-A rare creature found in forests (Wisp) are neutral and can be killed to get mana.
-Inventory can be expanded by bags and magic bags. (bag of holding)
-Irrigating can be done in several ways. The most effective is by using crafted pipes connected to a water source, Either a natural one, or by building a water tower.
3  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Project Mythos RPG on: 2011-06-25 10:17:35
This is basically an edited copy of my post. I hope you find my project interesting.
We have some 3d artists working on models.

Team name:

Project name:
Project Mythos

Brief description:
Project Mythos aims to create a survival horror rpg set in the 1920's after a catastrophic event has destroyed the modern world. Elements of crafting and building are key to survival. The environment is much like minecraft, Though, the gameplay is quite different. The game uses a procedural map generator and will contain random biomes with specific monsters and features.

Target aim:

A percentage of potential retail will be offered in exchange for your help.

We are using lwjgl as well as code from the open source project blockmania. We intend to use a illustrative rendering technique similar to many pixar movies or that of team fortress 2. We are also adding support for jBullet. The java port of the bullet physics library.

Talent needed:
We are seeking the following
Java Developers with experience in 3d programming, lwjgl knowledge a plus.
Texture artists

Team structure:
Fearghal McKenna: Planning and Concept art
Diego Carmeilo: Java Development

A website is coming soon.

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
We have lot's of concept artwork completed. The planning stage is at a point where work can begin.
I can't post links, but we have a few images and some notes on our progress on facebook. Find us there.


I've added a couple screenshots. 1. Showing the item concepts. 2. The advanced building tool concept.

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