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Topics started by theagentd (122)

Featured Games
We Shall Wake demo (v6.0) 2014-07-12
We Shall Wake Demo 7 is out! 2015-08-05
WIP games, tools & toy projects
We Shall Wake Demo 7 Preview 2015-07-07
God rays 2011-09-24
Archived Projects
HDR Fireworks + Particle Engine benchmark 2011-11-06
General Discussions
Compressing chunk of tile data? 2017-06-23
Question: Bit-exact floats on different computers? 2016-06-15
Need halp (help) testing native binaries on Mac and Linux 2015-04-21
Minor forum bug 2015-04-18
Releasing a small library 2011-11-22
Business and Project Management Discussions
WSW looking for 3D modelers 2015-08-30
Miscellaneous Topics
Android phone for game development and everyday use 2015-09-03
File replacing bat/sh file! 2015-08-03
Looking for early testers for We Shall Wake Demo 7 2015-07-18
A rant on OpenGL's future 2014-07-15
A stupid bug I wrote... 2014-01-27
MSI Afterburner OSD help / alternative? 2013-06-19
Profile pages displaying local time as relative time 2012-10-26
The Opus audio codec 2012-09-11
OpenGL 3+ availability 91,48% 2012-07-17
Huge particle engine ramble! 2012-06-17
TheAgentDĀ“s sob thread 2012-04-25
Manga + Java = ? 2012-02-24
FXAA news 2011-12-24
Do not forget! 2011-12-02
Why, god? I want some real AA... 2011-09-04
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Artemis-odb, how to initialize components? 2016-10-14
Temporary ObjectOutputStream wrapping InputStream 2016-07-06
Generics problem when extending 2014-03-08
ArrayList[] with generics not compiling... 2013-04-02
Basic diffuse lighting giving artifacts with MSAA 2012-12-13
Tutorials for someone new to programming 2012-10-13
[SOLVED] Quaternion - Vector multiplication? 2012-01-14
Extremely confusing NoClassDefFoundError problem 2012-01-01
Eclipse help 2011-12-12
Articles & tutorials
GPU blur performance analysis 2016-10-04
Basics of gamma correction 2016-07-10
Professional looking games: bundling JREs and making native executables 2015-04-22
Tutorial: stutter-free texture streaming with LWJGL 2014-03-24
OpenGL transform feedback 2012-11-12
Game Mechanics
The overly complicated tile rendering of Robot Farm 2017-07-04
Calculating dFdx and dFdy of texture coordinates in 2D manually 2016-02-09
Best data structure for triangle collision meshes 2016-01-21
[Math] Kinetic energy of impact between two moving objects 2014-05-09
Axis-aligned cylinder-triangle collisions 2014-04-22
Euler angles to quaternion: Is this correct? 2012-12-17
Object cache 2012-11-03
Random thoughts: Extreme speed 2D collisions 2012-09-08
3D controller, perspective correct interpolation 2012-05-19
Random thoughts: Extreme speed 2D physics 2012-04-27
Raycasting again... 2012-01-04
A* plus gateways/teleporting equals death? 2011-12-26
Circle collision response 2011-12-18
Having Java as a scripting language? 2011-11-12
Component based game objects 2011-10-03
Unprojecting... 2011-09-22
Handling RPG-like stats 2011-09-20
Orbits 2011-08-04
Artificial Intelligence
Hidden Markov Models, how to train using Baum-Welch? 2015-10-18
Visibility graph pathfinding 2012-01-07
Performance Tuning
Pathfinding over too large grid 2017-04-26
Has anyone tried creating an optimized HashMap implementation? 2016-12-13
Cache locality and LibStruct - fixing Java's horrible memory layout 2014-05-19
Parallel insertion sort for almost sorted data sets 2014-04-29
Maximizing VBO upload performance! 2014-02-20
Impossible race condition between threads? 2013-10-25
Multithreaded collision detection 2012-11-28
Yet another particle engine update! 2012-11-10
Instancing with skeletal animation 2012-02-09
OpenCL being slower than OpenGL 2012-01-26
Will synchronizing really have an impact in this case? 2011-12-30
What kind of performance should I expect? 2011-12-18
A particle buffer implementation 2011-10-24
[SOLVED] Ghost thread eating performance! LWJGL... 2011-09-18
Threading games? 2011-06-01
Shared Code
"Better" LinkedList implementation 2017-06-18
Converting floats/doubles to 10/11/16/N bit floats 2016-09-23
Fast sRGB conversion GLSL snippet 2016-07-11
Vulkan/OpenGL enum name lookup 2016-03-27
OpenGL object counting snippet 2015-12-19
Files on your harddrive can be mapped and passed directly into textures/buffers 2015-02-03
[GLSL] Simple, fast bicubic filtering shader function 2014-12-17
Beware of Enum.values()! 2013-03-10
LWJGL Sampler object wrapper 2012-08-07
Rendering tiles fast (isometric too) 2011-12-14
Small Java Threading Library 2011-11-24
Engines, Libraries and Tools
LibGDX jars not part of the generated project and instead deep in .gradle folder 2017-11-07
LWJGL problem with shared contexts 2015-02-22
Codename One, has anyone tried it? 2012-09-15
Which math library do you recommend? 2012-02-08
OpenGL Development
Vulkan multi-GPU support is out! + other features 2017-04-01
Parallel/concurrent shader program loading 2016-12-26
Vertex cache shenanigans 2 - WTF, Nvidia??? 2016-10-26
Vertex cache shenanigans 2016-09-12
Improving normal map precision using texture compression?! Yep! 2016-08-25
Possible to manually "start X" instead of -XstartOnFirstThread? 2016-08-22
Discussion: The mother of all shading languages 2016-06-21
GLFW now supports switching between windowed and fullscreen 2016-03-22
Some depth buffer precision experiments 2016-02-27
Screen-space self-shadowing 2016-01-19
Massive internal JEmalloc/Nvidia driver memory leak? 2016-01-04
GL_MAX_UNIFORM_BLOCK_SIZE meaning? 2015-12-21
Vulkan delayed to "early 2016" Q___Q 2015-12-19
Vulkan release imminent?! 2015-11-07
16-bit float conversion Java code? 2015-09-30
Vulkan ETA late 2015, Android support, Apple NOT supported 2015-08-14
Vulkan and SPIR-V Presentation 2015-04-04
Temporal Subpixel Reconstruction Anti-Aliasing 2014-10-13
Macs are up to OGL 3.3 now 2014-05-23
Fixing saturation with additive blending by faking HDR 2014-05-13
Proper GPU profiling with LWJGL 2014-05-11
LWJGL bug: Duplicate enums in GL43 2014-03-10
Slides: Reducing OpenGL driver overhead 2014-01-22
Need help testing a graphics engine 2013-03-25
How to get SLI (and Crossfire?) working with framebuffer objects 2013-01-30
Compressing vertex normals 2012-07-29
Multiple OpenGL device contexts 2012-01-23
Skeletal animation 2012-01-10
Instance specific data 2011-12-06
3D model file format 2011-10-08
Do I have to use VAOs? 2011-08-26
Matrices (and some random OpenGL 3.x questions) 2011-07-27
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Deployment and Packaging
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Java Gaming Resources
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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