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1  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: LPM Online RPG 3D (Near Alpha?) on: 2015-01-26 00:48:36
2  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: [LIBGDX] Isometric Survival, Crafting, Wave Attack on: 2013-08-05 01:59:45
Your work looks great but I drop the Minecraft UI and textures asap.
3  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Problem with Eclispe colors on: 2013-03-06 19:32:02
@Jimmt  Thanks! that was it.  @ReBirth - Thanks you were on the right trail, and yeah... I'm a linux noob. 
4  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Problem with Eclispe colors on: 2013-03-05 15:38:54
No, I mean another desktop. For example try to switch to xfce or KDE or else.

I do not have any of these installed.  This is a clean install.
5  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Problem with Eclispe colors on: 2013-03-05 03:18:26
Do you have another x session?

Ubuntu has a workspace switcher which I assume manages them as x sessions.  There are four by default and they are not running anything.
6  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Problem with Eclispe colors on: 2013-03-05 02:29:06
It really matters. Desktop environment can get in the way too. Especially Juno introduce a kinda brand new interface.

Ok, cool then - something to work with.  I'm running Ubuntu 12.10.  Everything there is pretty default as well.  I'm not sure really what I could have changed there that would affect this.  Could you elaborate a little as to what might be affecting thing.
7  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Problem with Eclispe colors on: 2013-03-04 21:49:37
yup... and the pc.... no change
8  Discussions / General Discussions / Problem with Eclispe colors on: 2013-03-04 17:58:46
I'm running Eclipse Juno on Linux (not that it matters) and messed with the colors and themes but can't seem to  correct the mouseovers.  Dark blue on black in very hard to read.  I've reset to the defaults via Windows>Preferences>General>Apperances>Color Themes & Colors and Fonts; but it seem to reset everything except this.

9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Managing atlas files on: 2012-12-13 22:30:54
Absolutely nothing... I just starting messing with this yesterday evening and this is what I was looking for; thanks.
10  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Managing atlas files on: 2012-12-13 22:09:06
What's the best way to manage/edit atlas files?  I'm using libGDX and I've spent too much time trying to map coordinates and such only to have to change them all again if I decide something in the middle of the map isn't the right size.  I sooooo need an artist.   Smiley
11  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Izzy's Revenge on: 2012-12-11 05:20:43
I agree, there is something odd in the direction she is facing at the end.
12  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Android RPG with no name on: 2012-12-11 05:12:20
Impressive!  Good stuff.  Definitely keep us posted on it's progress.  I understand the problem however with combat interaction on a mobile device.  I don't know how old you are but "back in the day" controllers were simple, much like the mobile devices of today.  I'd recommend doing what we did then and combine a series of movements in one or two clicks.  It does remove some interaction with the end user but if done correctly can be quite rewarding.
13  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Where are you from? on: 2012-12-10 23:24:52
Hey I'm close to Paris too; and Versailles.... Kentucky, USA.  LOL and yes, I know we say it wrong!  Grin Actually I'm in Lexington.... and it's been raining FOREVER! 
14  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Gaming Resources on: 2012-12-10 23:20:22
This thread is an excellent idea. 

Make your own sound effects:
15  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: A good music resource anyone? on: 2012-12-05 02:39:10
Excellent guys, thanks.  I don't mind paying for commercial use and I don't think exclusivity is really a necessity; I just like having options so I'll add this to my pile o'sources.
16  Discussions / General Discussions / A good music resource anyone? on: 2012-12-03 17:51:09
I apologize if this is a dup post; as I am sure it is, but where can I find find a free decent music resource?  And yes I did google but I'd rather not use the cover off an existing game.  I'm not looking for exclusive rights, just maybe something more obscure  Wink I expected to find some links on the resource page but there wasn't any...   Shocked
17  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Tiny Dungeons - WIP on: 2012-11-02 01:19:56
It's not immediately intuitive that you swipe to move the camera. I was half-expecting the camera to follow the player automatically.

I agree, I expected the player to stay in the middle and the screen move.  But I like how you can "look around" a bit without moving the player.  I have to admit I want the best of both worlds.
18  Discussions / Business and Project Management Discussions / Re: [] Newbie that looked for MMO's developers in London but got advice instead. on: 2011-11-09 17:51:01
My advice, learn to write code yourself.  You may not want to write the whole game but having a broader skillset yourself will only make the project easier to manage.  I don't care what PMI, CMMI or other PM gurus say. 

Reverse engineer, study, improve upon open source MMPG like

Reinventing the wheel isn't always bad - just know when you are and when you aren't.  And at this point is doesn't sound like you are breaking any new ground in the market so learn from others.
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