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1  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Ten Second Sketch [Ludum Dare Jam Entry] on: 2013-09-17 07:22:39
Wow! Checked back after being very busy for a while, and damn, thanks for all the nice comments! We are currently working on a post-ludum dare version of the game that will be more complete.

Great game, very original.
Personally I'd prefer a little colour but in keeping with the sketchbook idea.
It would be nice to have a score ie based on time, special bonus balloons hit & lack of retries.
If you hit so many bonus ballons then you can have a double jump.
There's a dial on the left but I couldn't work out what it was for? - how high I jumped?
I played a dozen or so levels and was constantly surprised that you could still keep the game interesting considering the "world" is a little constrained.
The only hassle is you have to create a new level for every 10 seconds played - that seems like a lot of work for you guys to have to put in if you want someone to play for 10 mins.
Perhaps you could have bonus items to jump for or bad guys waiting for you and trying to catch you?

PS It ran pretty fast on my machine but then it should (i5-3570k/GTX 660).
PS2 I did have one small glitch when my man seemed to disappear - at least I couldn't find him - I just waited for the time to run out.
PS3 You should number the screens so people can say what screen caused an issue.
PS4 needs some form of background story so the running has a purpose.
PS5 you could have a little flip-art (?) stick figure running man in the top right to show what's happening ie waiting for start, running, jumping, finishing
PS6 maybe have a sketch book comic introduction where you fall through the page into the game

In what way would you like color added? Can you provide an example? We've been considering this idea ever since the start of development, but we've yet to find a subtile yet mood-heightening way of adding it. Would love any input on the subject!
We've added quite a few new features to the game that are making some new levels feel and play in an awesome way! But yeah, it's a lot of work for us to create interesting and different levels. (We've fixed the glitch where the player drops through the ground and dissapears - but thanks for pointing it out!) An introduction and a level transaction that has something to do with a sketchbook is something we've considered aswell but it was too much work for the Ludum Dare version. (We tried to animate how the top page of a sketchbook is crumbled and thrown away.. Difficult stuff when you're not an artist!)

The best original, cool and challenging game I played this year.

You should create a multiplayer version where you challenge a person, then you and your adversary play in the same map(You wouldn't be able to bump with your adversary), and who survives for more time, or complete first, wins.

Amazing work, guy!

Thank you so much! Very encouraging to hear! We will definitly be considering adding a multiplayer version! We've already considered adding "endless-mode" with increasing speed and difficulty, but we'll see!


Totally awesome.

It's original, it's polished, it's hard, there's very good level design (that last level was awesome and hard), the music is enjoyable and fits, the game looks good, it responds to input nicely, it's runs fluently on my pc (even though that's nothing special).


I would even give it 10/10 if it wasn't a ludum dare game. Total awesomeness, nicely done! Smiley

Thank you! I'm sure you would enjoy our new levels too, if you enjoy high difficulty! Some of them are crazy hard!

My thoughts while playing this: Well this is fun. Okay I'm just holding the arrow keys down a lot but the levels will get harder. Oh, a tunnel level. More levels with lots of simple left/right turn sequences... This is more frustrating than I thought it would be.

It's not praise but here are the parts I think frustrated me: All jumps were the same height. There was no challenge to steering. (It was all about lining up the level or holding a button down in a spiral area.) The boost mechanism is hard to take advantage of and confusing. (The flame was not very visible.) There was only one way to "solve" a level. (Basically it is really frustrating if it feels like the game is about getting timing right rather than reacting in real time. If a level can be beat with your eyes closed after you beat it the first time, then the level is not very fun.) Finally, there are lots of levels with poor visibility.

The graphics were nice.

Hey, yeah, the first few levels are very uninteresting. They're simply there because the target audience (the ludum dare folks) doesn't seem to enjoy games that start of difficult. We've since then removed the tunnel levels (cause lets be honest, it was a stupid level. What were we thinking?) and added loads of new challenging levels. There are now multiple ways to solve many of the new levels, and each way can be achieved in different time. So, you can complete the level by just going for the most straightforward solution to the puzzle, but if you want to complete the level with a "perfect time" and be awarded the maximum award of three *insert cool object here* out of three, you will have to find the perfect way to complete the level. (Sounds wierd, but it really does work!)

So all in all, the new version we've been working on is targeting mobile devices aswell as desktops. It currently contains "loads" of more challenging levels, as well as tracked highscore, performance fixes and improved and fixed gameplay. We're also considering releaseing a level editor so that users can challange their friends with their own levels. If you're interested, we'll keep updating our website ( aswell as tweeting ( about our progress!:)
2  Games Center / Showcase / Ten Second Sketch [Ludum Dare Jam Entry] on: 2013-08-28 10:22:33
Some shameless promotion of our Ludum Dare entry!

You have one objective! Complete the levels in less than 10 seconds each to advance in this sketchbook runner!

For best experience use Google Chrome for the web version. For the ultimate experience, use the jar file! Please visit and leave a comment at the ludum dare entry page!

Made by Dagger -

If you would like to cheat and skip a level, you can press "h". If you would like to go back and play a previous level again, press "j".

The game is powered by libGDX, the most awesome framework ever!
3  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: How to: Nightly Builds (using google code and SVN) on: 2011-10-18 08:13:00
Thank you. Smiley

Unfortunately so far it didn't help all that much, but I will continue trying to figure out it when I get back from uni tonight.

I managed to create an ant build script (at least I think I did) with eclipse,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!-- WARNING: Eclipse auto-generated file.
              Any modifications will be overwritten.
              To include a user specific buildfile here, simply create one in the same
              directory with the processing instruction <?eclipse.ant.import?>
              as the first entry and export the buildfile again. -->
<project basedir="." default="build" name="TowerBone">
    <property environment="env"/>
    <property name="ECLIPSE_HOME" value="../../eclipse"/>
    <property name="debuglevel" value="source,lines,vars"/>
    <property name="target" value="1.6"/>
    <property name="source" value="1.6"/>
    <path id="TowerBone.classpath">
        <pathelement location="bin"/>
        <pathelement location="libs/gdx-backend-lwjgl-natives.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="libs/gdx-backend-lwjgl-sources.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="libs/gdx-backend-lwjgl.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="libs/gdx-natives.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="libs/gdx.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="libs/lwjgl_util_applet.jar"/>
    <target name="init">
        <mkdir dir="bin"/>
        <copy includeemptydirs="false" todir="bin">
            <fileset dir="src">
                <exclude name="**/*.launch"/>
                <exclude name="**/*.java"/>
    <target name="clean">
        <delete dir="bin"/>
    <target depends="clean" name="cleanall"/>
    <target depends="build-subprojects,build-project" name="build"/>
    <target name="build-subprojects"/>
    <target depends="init" name="build-project">
        <echo message="${}: ${ant.file}"/>
        <javac debug="true" debuglevel="${debuglevel}" destdir="bin" source="${source}" target="${target}">
            <src path="src"/>
            <classpath refid="TowerBone.classpath"/>
    <target description="Build all projects which reference this project. Useful to propagate changes." name="build-refprojects"/>
    <target description="copy Eclipse compiler jars to ant lib directory" name="init-eclipse-compiler">
        <copy todir="${ant.library.dir}">
            <fileset dir="${ECLIPSE_HOME}/plugins" includes="org.eclipse.jdt.core_*.jar"/>
        <unzip dest="${ant.library.dir}">
            <patternset includes="jdtCompilerAdapter.jar"/>
            <fileset dir="${ECLIPSE_HOME}/plugins" includes="org.eclipse.jdt.core_*.jar"/>
    <target description="compile project with Eclipse compiler" name="build-eclipse-compiler">
        <property name="build.compiler" value="org.eclipse.jdt.core.JDTCompilerAdapter"/>
        <antcall target="build"/>
    <target name="Starter">
        <java classname="" failonerror="true" fork="yes">
            <classpath refid="TowerBone.classpath"/>

But I don't know how to use it.. When I run it it will just say "
Buildfile: D:\Software Engineering\TowerBone\build.xml
     [echo] TowerBone: D:\Software Engineering\TowerBone\build.xml
Total time: 160 milliseconds

So I figured perhaps it was just something that tries to compile the project and tells if it works or not, so then I replaced my main method with something that would cause an error (I just randomly wrote a couple of letters, like "new LwjglASDREASDApplication(...)". And ran the build script and it still said the exact same thing. Can someone explain?:/
4  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / How to: Nightly Builds (using google code and SVN) on: 2011-10-17 20:55:33
I didn't find a better place to put this, so here we go!

Ive been trying to find a good way to create nightly builds for my project but I find nothing on google.. The project and its report is due for handing in the night between wednesday and thursday so you guys are pretty much my last hope! (It is not required, but it will help me get a better grade if I learn this!)

Now the google code check out site gives me the following:
Use this command to anonymously check out the latest project source code:
# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout project-read-only

But I really have no ideas, at all, on where to start. Can someone please explain (or point me in the direction of a tutorial / explanation) how to run nightly builds? Please!:(
5  Java Game APIs & Engines / Android / Re: Learning android? Tutorials or? Share experience please! on: 2011-08-31 17:12:10
So I started  looking at libgdx and it seems nice I guess, but I wonder is it limited to openGL methods for rendering? I have never used that (except through another library like slick2d) so it'd be easier for me if I didn't have to! But on the other hand I've 'always' thought it's probably about time to learn it so this might be a good chance to do that I guess!
6  Java Game APIs & Engines / Android / Learning android? Tutorials or? Share experience please! on: 2011-08-30 07:49:08
I wasn't sure if I should put this thread in the java-tutorial part of the forum, or perhaps in the newbe part but I decided it probably fit here better. If that was wrong then please go ahead and move it some moderator!:)

So, I just started my third year at uni and our first course is a "software engineering project" where we get to chose whatever we want to make (in a group of 3) and then make that in 7 weeks. Each student must spend 200 hours on the project over these weeks, and apparently roughly 50% of that time should be spent at the report and the rest of that time be spent at learning android programming and developing a software of our choice.

Our teacher suggested a chess application, but we wanted to make something other then that. I think we decided we'd try to make a Tower Defense game. Do you guys think this is a realistic pick? Would it go too fast/take too long to implement for a bunch of newbies? I am the only one in our group who knows java to a level where I've been creating a few games. (I started making a TD a week ago and it wasn't all that hard while the others have done nothing but our labbs in school pretty much.)

Also, do you know of any android-game-tutorials? I installed the android SDK for eclipse yesterday and followed a basic tutorial into making a temperature converter between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Nothing hard and it kind of remembered me of developing for .NET back in high school mixed up with the java language!

So, again, how did you get started with android game programming? Where did you learn? What do you think about our project?
7  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: setting images depending on surrounding on: 2011-08-22 15:34:26
Yeah, thanks I got some help over at slick forums and I am on my way to solving this completely, just takes ALOT of time to make all the images required since there's 255 neighbourcombinations!:p

Here's the post on slick forums if anyone has a similiar problem some time and finds this thread:
8  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / setting images depending on surrounding on: 2011-08-22 11:14:25
I am writing a small game to learn path finding(which was quite easy by the way!:D). It is kind of a tower defense game where you get to build the walls yourself, and I've run into problems.

I first implemented walls as multiple different classes, each with different images and I then allowed the user to chose what his wall should look like by picking different classes.

Some image examples to make things clearer:

Now my problem is that I instead want to use only one class - Wall. And I want the class constructor to calculate what image is the correct image. I have tried some different solutions but they all come down to me realizing that they will probably work but they will take a week to write and a year to debug because they will be so long and so messy.

Basically what I have had in mind is, when a wall is created it will look around its 8 neighbours: (X beeing the wall itself)
1 2 3
4 X 5
6 7 8
and check which are walls, then select image using a bazillion of if-phrases and then notifying all the walls nearby that "I am new, check your surroundings again and update your images accordingly".

My problem is that to do this, my only idea is to go like:
if (map[tileY-1][tileX-1] instanceof Wall && map[tileY-1][tileX] instanceof Wall .... && map[tileY+1][tileX+1] instanceof Wall) {
} else if (!map[tileY-1][tileX-1] instanceof Wall && map[tileY-1][tileX] instanceof Wall .... && map[tileY+1][tileX+1] instanceof Wall) {
} ... {

But this would just be so insanely long and complicated to read through it just don't seem like a very good idea. I mean it would be like 2^8 if statements?:/

So I decided to ask you guys! How can I solve this?
9  Games Center / Showcase / Re: MasterMind on: 2011-07-17 19:37:41
pretty fun game!:D I remember playing it when I was little, it was a great deal of fun!:) I didn't read your entire post so I had trouble understanding what the different color small circles meant, I thought white ones meant they were correct and black ones that they failed!:/
10  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: GreenHatMan - demo on: 2011-07-17 19:32:37
I've made some updates now I so I figured I would post and hope for some more feedback! I am not 100% sure what was in the initial release, but at least some new feature is:
If you start playing a normal "story mode" map and go into pause (by pressing P or Escape) and then hit the "Block Info" button you can scroll and read information about the blocks and I think that's pretty cool!:D

There's also transition between different game states, so swapping between menus and stuff looks a bit smoother!
There's pixel movement, I'm pretty sure that's new for you guys!
I unlocked all the maps until I get a proper save system going.
The level editor has been updated with a moveable (draggable) and minimizable palette!

I've also got a composer who said he would love to try and make some music for my game, so if anyone has some ideas about that I'd be very grateful!
And of course it would be a lot of fun if anyone bothered making and saving a map (.txt format) and uploading the content here for me to try that'd be just amazing fun!:D
11  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: GreenHatMan - demo on: 2011-07-07 18:36:34

Thank you so much for your comment!

Yes indeed the first two levels are completely pointless, the only reason they are still there is I wanted to have two full rows of levels in the demo:D Also they introduce a block that will be used more in latter levels (I am not sure if the two half blocks are in any other map then that one at the moment).

Yes, a lot of people have said that the difficulty of the third level is too hard and I will make sure to change the order of the maps in a future update! I suppose I will add a restart button to the menu you get to if you press escape or P because a lot of people skip the tutorial! Or perhaps I should add a button to display all hot keys!

I think I will try to push an update this weekend but not sure how much time I have!
12  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: GreenHatMan - demo on: 2011-07-03 17:50:56
comments /critique / impressions

1. The merge blocks look like spikes that will hurt you, perhaps you should change their graphic icon to something else?

2. I made it to level #, then realized I was stuck, so I backed out to go look at tutorial for more help(I skipped it first time) but I was sad to find out that I had to replay the same levels to get to the lvl again.  You should allow the player to unlock the levels as they beat it, so they can return again to the same level.

3. on a later level when it is scaled down for a larger map, it deteriorates the image icons and makes it look worse. Aside from having new custom smaller icons. Perhaps you could offer a 2x zoom level, where its "typical zoomed in" where it appears at resolution/view distance as earlier level(And camera follows player and/or mouse),  but also a secondary zoom option, so that you can see the full puzzle.

Overall I like it, its smooth and fast and fun while I played it!

1, Yes! Pretty much every block is going to get replaced (except possibly the keys, doors and the character)

2, That works, as I wrote it my initial post there is a problem with writing to files with webstart so I can not save progress atm - but I have a solution for that so it will be fixed soon!

3, Yes I am aware of that issue aswell, I am very weak with graphics but I will try and take care of it!

Thank you very much for your feedback!
13  Games Center / Archived Projects / GreenHatMan - demo on: 2011-07-03 13:01:56
So about a year ago I made my first java game, it was really ugly and slow and this summer I decided to do a remake on the game! It is a puzzle game, where you have to move blocks around and solve different levels.

It is nothing fancy, but I quite enjoy playing it and I'm sure more people will too if they enjoy mind-challenges!

The game can be found as a webstart application on:

There is also a level editor included, so make your hardest map and challenge me!:D The level editor does unfortunately only work with "6* X 8*" sizes of the map at the moment, this too will be solved later. (Example: acceptable map sizes are 6x8 squares, 12x16 squares, 18x24 squares and so on)

The high score does not currently work because I can not write to a file in a jar, I will solve this at a later stage by making the game create a file in the same directory as the jar is downloaded to and reading / writing to that instead. Because of this any progress made in "story mode" will not be saved - however you can skip maps by pressing "+", or go back to a previous map by pressing "-".

If anyone would be interested in helping me out with sound or better (cuter) pictures that would be awesome! Thanks for your time, I hope you will enjoy the game and find it challenging!

If you dont want to run the tutorial, here's some tips.
You can restart a map by pressing "R". You can pause and exit to menu by pressing Escape or "P" and you can undo your latest move by pressing "ctrl+z"!
14  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: aid with A* and graphics for a (slick) 2d game please! on: 2011-04-17 17:33:22
thanks, Ill look into it and see if I can understand it!:)
15  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: aid with A* and graphics for a (slick) 2d game please! on: 2011-04-17 17:01:12
I don't know if you've played Tibia but I think they use the system you are describing. It looks as if the character is moving one pixel at the time but it is actually moving from square to square with an animation for each movement - if this is it, I think that is so horribly ugly and destroys so much of the gameplay:/ But indeed I have considered it because it just seems so much easier to implement most of the things with a system like that.

I am not sure what you mean with the second part with "has to line the character up to go around corners and through doors" - care to elaborate?Smiley
16  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / aid with A* and graphics for a (slick) 2d game please! on: 2011-04-17 13:53:29
So I've read through "kev"s tutorial on the A* algorithm with tiled maps, and I understand the ideas behind it, but as it seems it is implemented with nodes, one for each tile on the tiled map. I however want my game to have smooth moving, a pixel at the time, and am wondering if this is possible, would it take too much of my CPU to calculate a new path every pixel - and calculate a path with each nodes just being a pixel apart (that'd turn out to be a whole lot of nodes and calculations wouldn't it?). So before I start trying to write it, am I right about this? Would it work? Have you got any other tips on it? It'd be my first time implementing a path finding algorithm (apart from the dijkstra algorithm which I implemented with a perfect node (bus-stop) system for school).

I am also dying to get some aid with the graphics of my latest game. As you can see from the image below my skills with sprites is really awful - and to me Paint just does not seem like the best way to draw them. If anyone has some tips for programs or basics behind making sprites I would very much appreciate that! What should I think about? What tools can I use to make my sprites feel more alive? (Or if anyone already has some basic sprites which I can be allowed to use without me feeling like I'm stealing!)


17  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Some guidance with a multiplayer game please on: 2011-04-09 07:05:57
I think I managed to solve this, I can't believe I did not realize I could draw stuff on a certain spot even without changing their actual positions.. Works now anyway! Thanks!:)
18  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Some guidance with a multiplayer game please on: 2011-04-08 07:44:10
Thank you very much for your answer. Indeed I have understood that "basically I should just have a scrolling map". But the problem is, still, that I do not know how to implement this in a good way:/
19  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Some guidance with a multiplayer game please on: 2011-04-07 16:30:48
wow I thought I made that clear, sorry! :/
With camera I mean the frame that follows my character. Say if my character is positioned in the middle of a 800x600 frame then I consider that frame to be my camera. If I move 100pixels to the right, I want the camera to follow and update with my new surroundings.

I hope you understand now.
20  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Some guidance with a multiplayer game please on: 2011-04-07 08:42:56
the problem I get if I just send positions to the server every time I  move is:

Because of the camera thing I mentioned in my first post, I move each object one step in the opposite direction of that I am moving - I would also be moving other characters with this now would I not? (I know I could just ignore "instanceof Character" when I move my objects but then the character might end up getting stuck on in a wall on my screen). So basically my idea is to have all the logic on the server and all the actual work run there (it'd be a small game, perhaps at maximum 10 players, would this be ok?) but how would I then fix my camera problem?

I started to work with slick2d yesterday and I find it very interesting - the 'tile maps' might be something for me? Does it have some inbuilt feature for stuff like this?

I feel really stupid not being able to figure out how to solve this myself but I've just tried and failed in so many ways I can't remember which ways there's still to try:(
21  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Some guidance with a multiplayer game please on: 2011-04-06 11:08:35
I understand that I want to make only my character move - my problem is that I have no idea how to properly do this :/

As for the other part, yes - I supose I would want to make most of the stuff server-side but I do not know how to connect the client and server with minimum lag and without having the server do alot of un-necesarry work. The knife game I did my friend decompiled and rebuilt and kept owning me with extra big extra high damage extra fast knives:(
22  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Some guidance with a multiplayer game please on: 2011-04-06 10:52:26
So I've been thinking about making a small multiplayer 'game' where you, for a start atleast, just explore the world and chat with people in the same zone as you are. The game would be kind of like pokemon when it comes to layout etc, but it'd be multiplayer.

But because I have very limited experience with network programming (I've only ever made a TCP chat and a small game where you throw knives at eachothers  and it didn't even seem like the clients were synched as I wanted them to be) I wanted to ask you:
# what parts of the game would you put on the server and what parts on the client?

I've built a singleplayer game which pretty much works the way I want it to - you can move around a world, enter houses and other new zones and when you do the new zone is loaded and replaces your old BUT:
I make the 'camera' follow my character using the following method:
When you are about to move outside the screen (well the center of it) - I instead move every other object in the oposite direction that you try and move - so it looks like the character is moving but instead it is actually everything else moving. This does not feel like a very good solution to me, and especially not if I want to turn this into a multiplayer game. What other solutions are there for this? How would you solve this?

Any comments and help you might have with a project like this are greatly appreciated!
23  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Well, here's our story - help us write the rest of it! on: 2011-03-25 08:19:53
thank you for the replies! I can really see the reasons to only use one thread and instead use update methods! I'm sure this will eliminate many of my problems! Damn teacher for makin' me think threads were too good not to use!

I started to rewrite the game using this 'new' method and I am pretty sure it will work much better now! Thanks a lot guys!:)
24  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Well, here's our story - help us write the rest of it! on: 2011-03-24 17:44:50
So me and a friend recently began (trying) to develop some basic 2d games, we feel like we've been doing ok considering the short time we've been doing this for. Now we ask ourselves, how do we continue to learn and improve? What would you have done next if you were in our inexperienced shoes? Any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated!

What we've made so far is(And what problems we have with them, please do help!):

A puzzle game inspired by a memory we made for school - the game's basically a grid of (objects extending) JButtons and you move your character around trying to solve different puzzles to advance to the next level. Here's some screen shots of the game:

There's also a basic map editor which saves the maps into .txt files which in turn can be read as custom maps in the game. (And to develop the actual maps of the 'campaign')

I've also made a chess game using the same technique with them JButtons, you press a piece you want to move, if its your turn, and it will show you all the available moves for that piece - nothing worth showing.

We've made a basic Super Mario kind of platform game - beat the map, jump on enemies to kill them. Some enemies patrol until they can not continue any further and then turn around and go the other way, some enemies jump on the spot until they've been killed. We came across a big problem here: When we move outside the main picture - the frame you see when you first start the game, and we want the 'camera' to follow: We did this the following way:
If  you are moving to the right, instead of moving the characters X position 1 pixel to the right, we move every other object one pixel to the left. This same goes for if we move left, up or down - works great BUT if we move and an enemy moves on the same time they can sometimes fall through the ground or move through a wall because:
We start to move all the objects one by one. We move a wall one step down, then the gravity pulls the enemy down to the wall, then we move the enemy one step down - and blam he's past the floor and floating towards eternity!:( How can we solve this? Any ideas? I was thinking of using JLayeredPane but I cant get it to work and I've never used it before so I don't even know if it would of worked!

We then started to think about some network programming, had some trouble until we found 'Kryonet' (god what a relief - it's awesome!), and made a chat server and client:

And started making a small two player online game where you're supposed to be a ninja (atm you're just a green (or red, depending on damage taken) square!) throwing knifes on your opponent until hes dead and you've won the game! You can jump on the knifes - but if their edge hits you you will take damage, and throw slow knives if you want to (to make it easier to jump on them to avoid your opponents knives!).

Now when we started doing the later kind of games we've run into a bit of trouble. We have all of our knives, characters and walls in a ArrayList<GameObject> go, but when we try to iterate through this array to check collisions we got all sorts of different weird errors - we managed to remove most of them but we're still stuck with a "No such element exception" in a for each loop:
temp = (ArrayList<GameObject>) go.clone();
for (GameObject gs : temp) {
   if (temp.contains(gs) && !(gs == null)) {
      if (gs instanceof Wall || gs instanceof Knife || gs instanceof Character) {
         if (gs.getY() ==  ypos) {
            if (gs.getX() < xrightpos && gs.getX() + gs.getWidth() > xleftpos) {
               standingOnWall = true;

The game runs smooth in most cases, we've been testing it online versus each others and we can complete most games without any errors - even if we in some games have up to (probably) 100 knives(and threads) active on the same time! But sometimes we get the error I mentioned above and we have absolutely no idea on how to solve this. If you've got any ideas on this then please help me out!:)
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