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1  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Battle Tank 3 --- an old school style RTS (Finished!) on: 2019-05-27 09:14:09
I finally find the time (and will) to complete this project that I started more than 4 years ago.
Check out the  top thread for latest update and download links :-)
2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Going to China for 2 months on: 2016-05-23 01:21:43
One thing i would warn you about is the internet censorship. Once you are in china, say goodbye to: google search, youtube, facebook , twitter etc...  Unless you have other software that bypass the great firewall of China.

If you want honest opinion about china from other expats who live china, i highly recommend serpenta 's channel on youtube.
3  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: FPS Engine on: 2016-04-26 05:06:37
I removed the callback and reuploaded the file. Hopefully it will run on your work computer now ^^

Yeap it now works happily on my desktop at work Cheesy

Good job on the physics engine, it feels very realistic. 
4  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: FPS Engine on: 2016-04-26 00:44:24
It works and looks great on my home computer which has a GTX680, got about 114 fps at the beginning of the scene.

However it failed to launch on my work computer which has a Intel HD 4600, I tried to update the driver but still no luck,  here is the message:
C:\Users\pan\Downloads\TestFPS\TestFPS>java -jar client.jar
... Initializing Rendering Pipeline ...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Function is not supported
        at org.lwjgl.BufferChecks.checkFunctionAddress(
        at org.lwjgl.opengl.ARBDebugOutput.glDebugMessageCallbackARB(
        at engine.rendering.RenderingPipeline.initialize(
        at engine.rendering.RenderingPipeline.initialize(
        at tests.fps.TestFPS.main(

Press any key to continue . . .
5  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Culling faces on: 2016-03-08 03:08:51
I find it awarding doing the first one because you can control cull settings in the shader when you have a transparent object. But there might be this large overhead due to me not knowing if OpenGL does some per-frame lengthy determination which might be true because of how it renders.

I think you will feel much more rewarding writing a software renderer, where you have control of every piece of code in your rendering pipline.
6  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Shard Master Classic - WIP on: 2016-02-05 03:21:27
If anyone is curious, this is what I do to render shadows...

You have to have a shadow map before you can draw the scene.  Also for the best performance, i think you need to have two  sets of geometry for each object, so both threads can operate concurrently.
7  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Shard Master Classic - WIP on: 2016-02-05 02:55:48
You can try something like this
Thread1|generate shadow map at frame 1|generate shadow map at frame 2----|generate shadow map at frame 3--|
Thread2|------------------------------|draw scene at frame 1*************|draw scene at frame 2***********|
8  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Flying Cavemen - Inifinite Scroller [LibGDX][Web] on: 2015-05-16 07:18:02
I pLayed the desktop version and I found this game quite addictive.  The performance is ok on my pc (i7860 + gtx860).  I like the visual transition as you fly higher into the upper atmosphere. The GUI is quite fluid as well. I would suggest adding different type of enemy for the upper atmosphere part, a flying alien/UFO would be neat Cheesy
9  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Battle Tank 3 --- an old school style RTS WIP on: 2015-05-16 03:39:26
Use the link in my last post. Smiley

Thanks for promoting my game  Grin and sorry about the old link. I have moved the latest build to my personal website. I have added a few new units/buildings and made some improvement to the UI, feel free to check it out  Smiley
10  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Battle Tank 3 --- an old school style RTS WIP on: 2015-03-28 05:45:08
The inverse is more intuitive. Show 400% instead of 25%, so that you get into trouble when the ratio is lower than 100%.

Thanks for the suggestion, but i am  not sure which way is more intuitive.  I guess I will use the "x/y" approach instead of showing the percentage, this way the player will know exactly how much power is needed.

Is this a software renderer? I only ask because the window icon is the static Java one. If it is, then those shadows are quite impressive! I'm getting 30 fps on my macbook, and the controls are pretty good Smiley Although I agree that WASD support would be nice!

Yeap, its old school style software rendering. Don't look down the processing power of modern cpus, they have improved as much as gpus Smiley  By the way, are you guys suggesting using "WASD" for camera rotation?
11  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Battle Tank 3 --- an old school style RTS WIP on: 2015-03-27 04:29:57

Hi Husk, The money count down speed scales depends on how fast you spend your money, so it will always shows a reasonably accurate money count in real time.

And a question, what is the power rating for? How does it affect me if it's above 100%?
The percentage number is calculated by  power consumption/amount of power avaliable, if the number is above 100%, then your production speed is reduced by half.

I will definitely keep refining the game!
12  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Battle Tank 3 --- an old school style RTS WIP on: 2015-03-27 03:59:43
Thanks for commeting! The game is heavily influenced by Red alert series, many of the design that I use are directly from the oringal Red Alert, C&C game.  The reason for not including "camera up/down" is because my graphic engine rely on a "magic" view distance . At the moment, I don't have a solution fix it without sacrifising half the framerate.

13  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Battle Tank 3 --- an old school style RTS (Finished!) on: 2015-03-27 02:51:36
I've finally found the time (and will) to complete the last 20% of the project I started  more than 4 years ago.

On top of what I already did in 2015,  I have created 3 different levels of AI (yes AI really is harder to develop
than the rest of the project), the hardest AI could pose a real challenge even to experienced RTS players. Once
you have defeated the AI, you will be able upload the score for the current difficulty to the internet.  

Below are some screen shots of the final version:


This project is completely open source, you can check out the code on github:

Compiled  game can be downloaded here:

I hope you can find some fun battling against the AI, I will also be interested to know if you figure out any exploits
against the AI in hard difficulty :-)

==========================Original comment in 2015==========================
Hi guys, I would like to present a game I am working on for quite a while. Its a real time strategy game that is aimed to provide similar gameplay experience to many old school RTS game out there. At the moment I have complete most key components you will find in a classic RTS game.

At the moment, the enemy AI only knows how to construct a basic base and will rush the player with everything it got after a few minutes into the game.

I have uploaded the latest version the game below.  The fog of war is disabled for the player,  so you will be able to observe the AI's action in real time. Feel free to give it a try Smiley

Download Link:

14  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: 4 or more threads in render loop on: 2014-10-08 03:55:22
My proposal Cheesy

|111111111111111|22222222222222222222|333333333333333|444444444444444|     (Divied one iteration of the loop to 4 sections)
In real time:
Thread 1: |111111111111111|W2|P2|111111111111111|W2----------|P2|111111111111111|W2----------|P2|111111111111111|W2----------|P2|111111111111111|......
Thread 2: |S--------------------|22222222222222222222|W3|P3|S---|22222222222222222222|W3|P3|S---|22222222222222222222|w3|P3|S---|22222222222222222222|......
Thread 3: |S-----------------------------------------------|333333333333333|W4|P4|S--------|333333333333333|W4|P4|S--------|333333333333333|W4|P4|......
Thread 4: |S---------------------------------------------------------------------|444444444444444|S--------------|444444444444444|S--------------|444444444444444|......

Assume each thread has a copy of the shared resources such as framebuffer, zBuffer, etc...

'W' : waiting for a thread to become Idle  
'P'  : swap shared resource with another thread, and awake (notify) the thread
'S' : become idle

15  Discussions / Jobs and Resumes / Re: Skill set for an average Java Job on: 2014-07-30 00:14:02
It turns out I am not  on HR's black list after all Grin  I have been appointed to a similar position after the restructure of our company. This means more oxygen to fuel my game development hobby! Cool
16  Discussions / Jobs and Resumes / Re: Skill set for an average Java Job on: 2014-06-24 04:46:39
Many thanks for all the advice. Smiley  I guess I have no choice but to learn these core technologies if I want a job in Java market.   Following tutorials on the Internet  seems like a good start...

On a side note: be careful what you wish for. That enterprise job will pay the bills, but will suck your soul right out of you.

How bad could it be?

17  Discussions / Jobs and Resumes / Skill set for an average Java Job on: 2014-06-23 00:33:32
After 6 years working on a job that has little to do with coding, I face the possibility of redundancy Sad   As I start actively searching for a Java related Job, I feel there is no way to getting in to this industry with my current skill set.

For example a typical Java developer adv says you must have experience in:
  • Spring MCV
  • Hibernate
  • JSP, Jquery, Json
  • MySql

Among the technologies listed above I only had limited experience in JSP, MySql and JQuery (mostly from doing assignment when I was at Uni). Any suggestion on how I might pickup the missing skill set within the shortest amount of time?

Thanks in Advance!
18  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-05-28 03:47:47
yes and no, raycasting goes straight out from the center point until it hits a wall, where as mine actually curves around walls. Bright enough lights can actually completely encapsulate an object (like a bright soft light should) where as raycasting you have to do some extra layers and blurring effects to get the same kind of effect.

I see, thanks for the detailed explanation  Smiley  It makes sense to use this approach for illuminating, having Radiosity-like effect is desirable in most cases. However I feel that ray casting is probably faster since you can pre-compute the ray path and the checking stops once you hit an obstacle.

19  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-05-28 00:25:33
(That's based on A*) but instead of finding a path, it does the same search pattern spreading out evenly in all directions

Wouldn't that be equivalent to casting rays uniformly in all directions?

20  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-05-27 01:29:39
I like the lighting system of the Game. It looks very similar to the fog of war effect in games such as Warcraft 3 and starcraft, where the obstacles block visions of your units.

I would like to ask an question here,  How do you determine which tile should be lite? Do you cast rays from every light emitter in the map for checking obstacles?
21  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: Titan Attacks on: 2014-05-16 21:56:47
Does this game have any protection against piracy?  A Chinese website recently put full version of "Titan Attack" and "ultratron" to download for free.  There are already more than 1000 download made for "titan Attack".
22  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: dealing with partially occupied tiles in path finding on: 2014-05-01 02:45:55
In my game, any vehicle can move onto partially occupied tiles as long as it passes the collision test. If I subdivide a tile into cells, say 4 x 4,  I not only  have to re-define the representation of a tile , also the search space could be 16 times bigger. I just don't feel it is worth the trouble to incorporate this into path finding.  Also it makes sense to avoid partially occupied tile in the search path (less chance of collision ).   If the player deliberately want to move a vehicle onto a partially occupied tile, then a different path finding algorithm can be deployed when the vehicle is close enough to the destination.
23  Discussions / General Discussions / dealing with partially occupied tiles in path finding on: 2014-04-29 21:43:11
Hi guys, I am currently working on the path finding algorithm for a RTS game. The game mechanics allows a vehicle  (which has the size of a full tile) to park between tiles, thus causing multiple tiles to be only partially occupied.  Form a path finding point of view, is it better to treat a partially occupied tiles as fully occupied or subdivide the tile into small cells?

Thanks for your input!
24  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Re: Pixel Array Manipulation vs. Multiple DrawImage Calls on: 2014-04-07 21:38:10
Overall, My question is: Is it faster to in the long run to manipulate a pixels array of integers for each rendering call that you make or is faster to call g.drawImage(); multiple times to render each bufferedimage that you create?

If you only draw a couple of images, using drawImage() woule be faster. However if you plan to draw thousands of images (especially small images),  you are better off to "draw" all pixels to the bufferedImage.  This way your only call drawImage()  once rather than thousands of times.  
25  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Framerate cut in half when running by clicking jar vs command line or netbeans on: 2014-01-17 02:17:05
If you have both 64 and 32 bit version of java installed,  it's possible that the OS will use 32 bit jvm for running jar that are opened by double click, and 64 bit jvm for running everything else.  The 64 bit jvm is considerably faster than the 32 bit jvm at the cost of longer start up time and more memory consumption.
26  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Slope of a perpendicular line on: 2013-12-10 22:08:00
If LineA's slope is x1/y1, and the slope for the line that is perpendicular to A is x2/y2,

Then it must satisfy the following:

x1 * x2 + y1 * y2 = 0    //the dot product of 2 vectors (in any dimensions) that are perpendicular to each other is always zero


x1 * x2 = -y1*y2              


x2/y2 = -y1/x1        

Thus if the slop for line A is  2 (i.e x1/y1 = 2),  the slop for the perpendicular line will be -1/2

27  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: How to block vision behind obstacles in RTS game? on: 2013-11-30 03:10:47
Use ray casting to see if anything is between the unit and a tile.

Thanks for the reply, this approach looks promising Smiley This means I just have to cast enough rays (from the unit position)  to cover all the tiles inside the unit's sight circle. Much better than my original naive approach.
28  Game Development / Game Mechanics / How to block vision behind obstacles in RTS game? on: 2013-11-29 22:08:31
Game such as Starcraft has a mechanism that anything behind obstacles (trees, cliff etc) is covered in Fog of War even if a unit's sight circle touches it. I have been thinking how to do this efficiently for quite a while.  A naive approach would be for each tile inside the unit's sight circle,  check if there is an obstacle between the unit and the tile.  But I could imagine this won't scale well when you have a lot of units on the map.  Can anyone suggest a more efficient way of doing this?
29  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: State of Fortune on: 2013-10-24 23:43:09
Hi Mike, the shadow in your last screenshots looks really detailed. Can I ask if you are using shadow mapping or shadow volume? If it is shadow mapping, what resolution do you use for the shadow buffer?
30  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Running Jar with Unknown Publisher Blocked in Future Java Release on: 2013-10-17 21:23:13
Although running as java applet is always the preferred way for me to share java games/demos with others, there are a few places that really frustrate me. For example, you can't  invoke server VM to run your applet in a 32bits browser, therefore many users will not see the best performance of Java.  (The two most popular browsers, Chrome and Firefox only have 32Bits version on Windows.) 

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