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1  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Project Proposal: JEnet on: 2005-04-29 02:26:30

Please cast your vote for the following projet:

Project Name: jenet

I would like to include a new subproject in games-middleware. Its name
is "jenet" and it is a port of the well known "enet"communications
library for C. It has the following relevant features:

Core (enet):
- Implemented on top of UDP.
- Reliable/Unreliable/Sequenced/Unsequenced packet delivery.
- Fully interoperable with C/C++ through enet.
- Content agnostic.
- Configurable Outgoing/Incoming bandwidth.
- Lost connection detection.
- Built-in Ping.
- Multiple channels

In addition to the core module, a higher level layer will provide
additional functionality:
- Packet compression.
- Packet encription.
- Master Server.

Core functionality has been implemented and may be considered beta.
The higher level layer is still in the planning stage.

I think that this project would be interesting for the Java game
community, and will simplify transition from C/C++ based platforms to
Java. It worths mentioning that, as the library is aimed to the low-level it
does not conflicts with the JNAG project which is aimed to higher
level functions like object marshalling/unmarshalling.

I hope that you will regard this work as useful and that its inclusion
in java-games-middleware will be approved.

Thanks a lot,


All "no" votes must be accompanied by an explanation, to allow the project owner to respond and, if necessary, make changes.
2  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Proposal: Human on: 2005-03-22 14:45:28
I apologize for the dealy. With GDC and follow-up travelling, I have been away from the forums for thte last two weeks. I have updated the description, though I think the concerns mentioned above will need to be more fully addressed.
3  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Proposal: Ship on: 2005-03-22 14:22:59

Totally agreed.

I'm also starting to think there needs to be a template for game submissions.. these short entries say nothing and imply the submitter just wants free space to start a project (which is fine of course, but there's no point voting on that).


I think this is a good idea. I'll put something together and include it in the submission guidelines
4  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Little Enjine Project Approved! on: 2005-03-07 03:24:43
The following project proposal has been approved:

Project Name: Little Enjine

Project Description:

The Little Enjine project objectives are to create a game engine and API to facilitate the development of Java J2ME MIDP 2.0 games. Built on top of MIDP 2.0 Game API, Little Enjine provides a game engine and a set of classes with implemented behavior for repetitive tasks common in the creation of a MIDP2 game. The engine also provides custom implementation for some kinds of games, making the creation of such games much easier.

Please see for details
5  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Ship Project Dissaproved on: 2005-03-06 23:07:01
The following project has been disapproved:

Project Name: Ship

Project Summary:
j2me game. User can control ship to move to shoot the enemy. Enemy submarine can fire missles,bullets

We encourage you to read the comments below and resubmit at a later date.
6  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Project Proposal: Human on: 2005-03-06 22:56:56
Cast your vote for the following project:

Project Name: Human

Project Summary:

We want to make an Plugin based multiplayer Game, where anyone who wants can do it´s own Object, Buildings, etc. A multiplayer realtime Game, where you control some Human like Creature and handle with Objects and Buildings.In 2D. The Multiplayer system uses an gzip-compressed self made Message system. including an ping every x minutes. The program uses as configfile an xml-file none validating. The Plugins like Buildings, Items, Living Object, etc. will be sub classes of an special class for each thing. The Server will keep of an list of user, which can automatic created or not. The password will be saved as SHA-1 Hash.

All "No" responses must be accompanied by an explanation to give the project owner an opportunity to respond and make changes.
7  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / JME Physics Project Retracted on: 2005-03-06 22:40:44
The following project proposal has been retracted:

jME Physics System provides an interface between jME (Java Monkey Engine) and ODE (Open Dynamics Engine). It sits on top of a slightly modified version of odejava, and provides a way to very easily set up a physics world and add objects to it - a simple box-falling-on-a-floor application is only a matter of a few lines. Yet, the goal is to provide advanced and powerful features such as rag dolls and vehicles.

The original idea came from Nicolaas de Bruyn, who built the foundation. Later Per Thulin and Ahmed Al-Hindawi joined up and are now actively developing and adding new features.

jME Physics Library is completely open source under the BSD license.

8  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / JPhysWiz Project Approved! on: 2005-03-06 22:34:58
The following project has been approved:


This is a proposal for JPhysWiz project as part of games-tools project.

Project Name: JPhysWiz (Java Physics Wizard)

Project Summary:

Java physics editor based on Netbeans platform. It uses odejava, xode,
java3d and xith3d.

In summary, it can open XODE files, show them as a tree, help to modify any
element and show the results in a Java3d or Xith3d window.

There will be much more features in the future releases related to renderers
and physics engine, but first release will contain mainly the features above.

Since the application is based on Netbeans, it will be able to run on
Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

A screenshot of the current status of the project and the demo application
can be found at

-- Aim of the project

Jphyswiz tries to help both novice and advanced users in creating
simulations or games based on odejava.

It will provide documentation, examples and an easy to use environment for
novice users.
Advanced users can have a testing platform which is easy to use.

Please see for details
9  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Berluskotchi Project Approved! on: 2005-02-11 13:27:07
The following proposal has been approved:

Project Name: Berluskotchi

The following is a short description of the project:

* The project's mission and goals.

Berluskotchi is a variation of a customizable tamagotchi targeted to Java Mobile Phones. The goal is to have an entire line of different "creatures" living in your phone, differing in: animations, states and transitions, interactions, weapons. The difference between a classic
Tamagotchi and the Berluskotchi is in the game goal: while in the first you have to make the creature happy, in the latter you have to make it unhappy, possibly without killing it. The AI of the creature will be capable of making it smarter and smarter, forcing you to change your
tactics and strategies

The set of weapons you can use versus a creature will be downloaded from a web portal, plus customizations and other stuff: but the web portal will probably be a different project

The initial set of creatures wil consist of a subset of politicians, actors, sport people and worldwide VIPs in general.

* Contacts.,

* How to participate - accepted roles

Java developers.
Graphic wizards.
No help needed at the moment: initial team will be of 5 members (already joined).

* Skills required to work on this project.

Experience in MIDP, Unit testing, AI.

Please see: for more details
10  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: 10% of the 2005 IGF finalists are written in j on: 2005-02-01 18:43:35
Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier. I love Lux! I played through the free limited time offer and the only reason I didn't go ahead and buy it was that it was TOO addictive.

I'llll probably end up buying it eventually, just to show it off to people. Kudos on a beautifully executed game!
11  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / JRPG Project Approved! on: 2005-01-24 18:27:11
The following project has been approved:

Project: JRPG
JRPG is a 2D multi-player online game and Platform. It is build upon the Lights of Laminos(Mini Adventure) project of this
communities very own Kevin Glass, which he has graciously given me to share with the community. There is already a working demo/ game, server,
and content development tools. The goal is to get the platform complete so the game (or some derivation of it) can be completed, and ultimately to
develpo the tools to the point where non-developers can create entire games without coding.

The Community seems really excited about this project as noted in this post:;action=display;num=1105636422


Please see for details
12  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Impending Doom Project Approved! on: 2005-01-21 16:28:01
The following project:

Project: Impending Doom
A turn baised stratagy game about evil corperation

Impending doom is a turn baised stratagy game where the players take on the role of CEOs of evil, giant corperations. The game takes on board game mechangics, including drawing of virtual cards, and dice rolls.

Please see: for details
13  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Proposal: PoomZone on: 2005-01-21 16:16:48
Athomas, is that description complete?  Seems like it's truncated.

Is it a game, or a game framework?  Trying to be both will probably result in not getting very far with either.

I missed a line from the description and have edited it above. My apologies to the project owner!
14  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Prophecy Project Approved! on: 2005-01-21 15:00:38
The following project proposal has been approved:

Project Name: Prophecy

Prophecy will be a 2D / 3D Fighter Game that will utilize Java 2D / 3D API, Networking, Java 3D Sound, RMI, XML, and other Java related technologies. The progress of this project will be broadcasted on a weekly basis. Anyone who is serious about participating in this project please contact me via email.

Please see for details
15  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Project Cyneu Disapproved on: 2005-01-03 16:26:32
The following project has been disapproved:

Project: Cyneu
Wanting to build a game MUD type played through telnet. Text based rpg

We encourage you to read the comments below and resubmit your project at a later date.
16  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Project William's Adventures Approved! on: 2005-01-03 16:11:29
The following project has been approved:

Project: William's Adventures

William's Adventures is a 3d action game (like Rayman 2). Summary of the Scenario: Creatus are peaceful inhabitants of their village who live in all quietude. There are several species of Creatus, like Diamantus, Fourarmus, Withoutsensus or Stonus. Each one has qualities and defects which are particular for him. Creatus thus, lived quietly in their village until the day when the Processus (tyrannical robots) invaded them. Processus had designed a diabolic machine making it possible to destroy the will of Creatus. For this day, creatus-zombies (those which passed in the machine) obey any person giving them an order. They are condemned to remain to work in the factories of the Processus. Those produce robots which fight the remainder of Creatus (the resistant ones) and the people surrounding. But there remains a hope! William, a young Diamantus of resistance leaves to the adventure in order to save the remainder of Creatus. You will have to guide it through multiple dangers it will have to cross. William's Adventures will be diffused under SPL license as an example of Gamma game. The Status of this project is : "Partially complete", the Scenario is complete, and the Music is partially complete but very cool, and the Programmation is easy, due to the use of Gamma. You can help us : we're looking for developpers.

Please see for details
17  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / PoomZone Project Disapproved on: 2005-01-03 16:08:33
The following project has been Disapproved:
Project poomzone

a 2D game based on Asteroids

The focus is on writing reusable objects that can be used to create other games. the game is fully functional. my wish is to modify the well-structured code so that it adheres with all of the standards that Java code should have such as: - polymorphism - multiple threads

We strongly encourage the project owner to read the comments below and submit a new project proposal at a future date.
18  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Gamma Project Approved! on: 2005-01-03 16:00:03
The following project hasd been approved:
Project: Gamma
Gamma aim to be a library based on Xith3D that permit to code games fast and easyly. With Gamma, you have a main window ( "JFrame" ) in which you can integrate panels such as "Xith3DPanel", "SwingControlsPanel", or "Java2DPanel". In Xith3DPanel, you can display a "World". A "World" is composed of so-called "Thing"s. "Thing"s got "BoundingBox"es to test if the "Thing" is colliding with another "Thing". "Mouvement"s can be applied to "Thing", "Mouvement"s can have different "State"s, for example "walk","run","jump","fire", and for any of these states, a corresponding "Animation", loaded from MD2, MD3, MD5, OBJ, 3DS files. "World" can be loaded from a file ( ".mkw" ). A World Editor is in construction, to modify "Thing"s' attributes easyly. There is also a lot of utilitary functions to treat all Objects of a type, or all Objects int this BoundingBox, or all Objects that collide another Object, etc... 3 persons are working on this project. The status of the project is "Just Started, but under heavy development !". You can help this project : We're looking for coders, to improve Gamma. There will be a CVS access, as soon as this project will be approved.

please see for details
19  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Genuts Project Approved! on: 2005-01-03 15:35:00
The following project has been approved:

Genuts API provides a consistent Java framework for game development. It contains a library with classes primarily intended for sprite-based games conception, including functions for sprite manipulation and collision detection.

Additionally, Genuts API will provide a level of abstraction for some of Java's game-related API, such as images manipulations and event handling.

Target devices are:

   * Web games (Windows, MacOS, *nix)
   * Mobile phones
   * PDA

Genuts API is compatible with Java 1.1, Java 2 & Java ME (MIDP 1.0).

Genuts is not a game construction kit for non-programmers. In order to use Genuts, you need to know Java, including object-oriented design and how to compile and run Java Archive (JAR) files.

Please see for more information.
20  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Easy-Decal Project Approved! on: 2004-12-15 22:45:57
The following project has been approved:

Project: Easy-Decal

Counter-Strike is the #1 online action game in the world.

In Counter-Strike, Half-Life and many other games based on the Half-Life engine, each player has a decal or "spray" which they can spraypaint onto walls and floors to mark their territory. It's possible to create custom decals and install them into a game, but the existing tools to do this require users to provide an image that meets the requirements of the game engine regarding the dimensions, colour depth and format of the image. This makes creating a decal a very difficult task for anyone not familiar with image manipulation programs and even for some who are.

Easy Decal solves this by allowing users to create a decal from ANY image that Java can read, which means GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP (if Java 5 is installed). Easy Decal automatically resizes the image and quantizes its colour palette before writing out a decal file in the format required by the game engine. Creating a decal becomes as easy as dropping an image onto a desktop icon. Future versions of Easy Decal will even give users the option of automatically installing the decal into the game.

While quite small and simple, I hope this program will have the following consequences:

1. Expose many people who don't already use Java to get it on their desktop and be using it for something useful that no native program currently does.

2. Be the start of a progression where we have *top quality* game-related and game-programming tools for games that are NOT written in Java. This will expose many non-Java developers and game creators to the possibilities of Java and hence improve its credibility among that community. Hopefully this will eventually lead to people realising that it can also be great for actual game engines as well.

For more information, see:
21  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: UPDATE - Forums, Java.Net and such on: 2004-12-15 22:35:55
I'd like to start featuring monthly developer and project spotlights on the Java Games Community homepage. If you would like to be included or have your project included (whether or not it is hosted on please send either:

For Developer Spotlight:

headshot (64x80)  GIF or JPEG
Bio 500 words or less, may include links

For Project Spotlight:

Project logo (64 x 80) GIF or JPEG
Description: 500 words or less
link to project homepage

Depending on how many we have, I will begin rotating them on either a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

We are also looking for articles as well as tips and tricks related to Java Game Development. If there is anything you'd like to share with the community on the front page of the site, please send it to us.

Please send all submissions to me at:

athomas (dot) goldberg (at) sun (dot) com

22  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / JNAG(Java Network API for Games) Project Approved! on: 2004-11-11 16:00:03
The following project has been approved:

JNAG: Java Network API for Games

Message from the owner(s)

This project has been started already on my side. I made a client connection and a server connection, and also a stub-like compiler that is using reflexivity.

Actually, it works, but it is not finished.

I am planning to use the annotations of Java 1.5 to describe the network interface more precisely (with more semantic), so that the stubs will do more things and the programmers will have less things to do (= need less time to develop and produice potencially less bugs).

For the performance issue, I will use the compression methods described in the Game Programming Gems books + my own touch.

I also plan to add some utility classes that are using the main library. For example, they will be some predefined mother classes for lobby and chat components


JNAG is a network API specialized for game applications.

It focus on the communication between 2 entities that are typically a client with a server, but can also be used between a client and another client.

The main goals of this project are :

   * To match the common needs of the game programmers for network games.
   * To make this library as convenient and easy to use as RMI is.
   * To obtain the level of performance needed by professional online games.

Please see for details
23  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / StillImage Project Disapproved on: 2004-11-03 16:24:50
The following project has been disapproved:

Project: StillImage

Here we will design a software which will be tracking the position of the cell phone in your hands and we will have concentrate on the hardware also! If the cell phone is rotated 45degrees the image will also rotate 45degrees. Just opposite of Camera Phone taking a picture!

We encourage you to read the comments below and resubmit your project once these issues have been addressed.
24  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Project JGeom Approved! on: 2004-10-27 17:35:59
The following project has been approved:

The goal of this project is to provide a libraray for working with geometries in 3D space. It contains objects such as NURBS, subdivision surfaces and polygonal objects. Also functions (like boolean operators) to operate on these objects are provided. It is designed for use in modelling environments, games and other 3D applications

please see for details!
25  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / PJGames Project Disapproved on: 2004-10-27 17:30:39
The following project has been disapproved:

The purpose is to teach and train people to develop games and maybe other aplications using J2ME technology. The development is managed by a experienced j2me game developer from PortalJava community. Some members of community are selected to be challenged to develop games using java 2 micro edition. Many of them has never developed something with J2ME, so the purpose is to make them search for the cutting edge technolgy on game development with J2ME and an intention of follow the technology growing and form people specialized in J2ME, mainly on game development.


There are some goals. The first goal is to develop a first game, aren´t expected a professional game, but the objective is of putting them (developers) in the world of J2ME game development. After the first goal, we intend to begin developing some kind of API´s for game development. These API´s should make the developing process faster and easier. A result of reaching those goals is the growing of community knowledgement on the J2ME technology, consequently the growing of the technology market in Brazil.

26  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Mayhem-Paintball Project Disapproved on: 2004-10-25 19:55:38
The following project has been disapproved:

This awesome action-packed paintball game will meet all your paintball needs. Connecting to the internet playing virtual reality paintball! Now what is beter then that?

We encourage you to resubmit with a more detailed description of the goals and scope of the project, and the unique contribution this will bring to the java games community.
27  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / JGE Project Approved! on: 2004-10-25 19:51:08
The following project has been approved:


A Java game engine for 3D, multiplayer games. At the moment it is in experimental and design stage. Some planned engine features are:
Graphics Engine

   * Portal engine for indoor rendering. Uses a generic map framework to make it easy to add new types of maps.
   * Simple scene graph framework with minimal overhead
   * Optimized for high polygon count models using LOD, display lists and vertex programs
   * Advanced dynamic lighting support using pixel shaders for phong shading and bump mapping. Occlusion detection and optimization of lights for each model/room.
   * Shadows (soft if possible)
   * Support for LWJGL
   * Loaders for Neverwinter Nights, Quake models.

Map/World Engine

   * 2D Doom style map with convex regions for fast collision and visibility checking.
   * 2D map with rectangular rooms for ultra-fast collision and visibility checking.
   * Algorithm for precalculating room visibility checks
   * Cylinder and point bounding volumes for fast object collision detection.
   * Collision detection and visibility checks totally separated from graphics engine to enable server side checks.
   * Grid based outdoor engine for huge worlds


   * Client/server based optimized for huge number of clients
   * Designed for minimal overhead and low latency.
   * Dynamic loading of maps/objects etc. from server.


   * Generic file or SQL based persistence
   * Crash safety that ensures data integrity
   * Designed for good performance by batch writing. Accepting some data loss in case of a crash.


   * OpenGL based UI
   * Support for panels, buttons, lists, tables, trees


   * Visibility based
   * Parameter controlled AI
   * Path finding

Please see for more details
28  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / JTD (Resubmit) Project Disapproved on: 2004-10-25 19:08:16
The following project has been disapproved:

Project JTD: (Java's Third Dimension)

Simple 3D Engine - Applet. No any platform-dependent libraries - only java code. Previous realization of this "idea" was issued about a year ago. It has been developed on base of AWT and supported the following opportunities: adjusted and script programmed behaviour of the interface of the user, including processing of events from various sources, importing models from 3d studio files of ascii export format, multilevel textures support, an opportunity of data acquisition from archives (that considerably reduces the network traffic on big models), picture buttons also controlled/programmed through scripts, animation of models (starting from transformation of vertexes, finishing changes in matrixes of the world's projection). Programming language (script) looks like assembler language and is interpreted at the moment of processing event. In the next version I wish to see more flexible solutions, higher speed (fps), support for various file format's and more. For a first step I'll be glad to hear anybody's commentaries about this idea and maybe help in various design and programming stages.

We encourage you to take a look at the comments below and resubmit your proposal after taking these comments into consideration.
29  Discussions / General Discussions / New Project Proposals on: 2004-10-05 19:44:14
In the interest of fostering more development activity in the java games community, I've gone ahead and created polls for the projects in the games-inbox whose owners have so far failed to supply proposals, rather than dissapprove them as per the submission guidelines. In the future, project owners submitting a project without an accompanying proposal will be requested to provide one. Those who fail to do so after 14 days will have their projects automatically disapproved.

Please take a moment to review and vote on the proposed projects. If you wish to reject the project, please provide your reasons for doing so. If you'd like to propose a project, please follow the submission guidelines given at
30  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Virtual Universe Project Approved! on: 2004-10-05 19:17:27
The following project has been approved:

A virtual reality environment and cyberspace using Java3D

The "Virtual Universe" is a 3D cyberspace which offers more possibilities than just chat: it is a combination of the Web, chat, and instant messaging within a realistic, three-dimensional cyberspace. Here people can meet, interact with each other, and build houses and whole worlds. The "Virtual Universe" is a virtual reality environment which runs on top of the Internet. A free universe can be found at

see for details
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