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Topics started by Serethos (94)

Archived Projects
Need some response to Memory Applet 2004-03-12
Miscellaneous Topics
Java Robotics/ Microcontroller Project? Where is it gone? 2007-07-04
Any robot physics simulation in java? 2006-06-06
Library vs Framework definition? 2006-04-04
General problems with software project 2006-02-12
To the ant users no2: How to spawn process in own win xp console? 2005-12-17
Ant in Eclipse kills JVM and forces Eclipse to crash 2005-12-16
whos fit in ant? need to run jini webserver 2005-11-20
why is there no jre for PDAs ? 2005-10-07
Image Analyzing: Scanning a barcode 2005-08-21
internet sites with mobile phone database ? 2005-01-12
Newbie & Debugging Questions
UARG! JMF video playback ... does it work in any way!? 2010-01-10
Best approach of storing unsigned bytes 2006-06-26
Communication via Com-Port/Bluetooth: How much safety needed? 2006-03-20
Who wrote that f*** GridLayout? 2006-03-07
getting the values out of component as string representation 2006-02-23
RemoteException in RMI: cant bind my server 2006-02-14
Java Comm Api: polling or interrupt 2005-11-27
How to stop a Thread, which reads indefinitly from a stream 2005-11-27
Transforming image's Origin 2005-08-20
Collision Detection: Circle to Rectangle 2005-07-25
Calculating the Reflexion from a slope 2005-07-22
Sources for Image Processing Algorithms needed 2005-07-18
Some TicTacToe issues (winning condition) 2005-06-05
Separating Axis Theorem 2005-03-05
collision detection on diagonal planes 2005-01-09
Does System.gc() need a pause ? 2004-12-23
notification if animation has ended ... 2004-12-01
When to use scripting engines 2004-11-19
Exlipse plugin developement and swt examples 2004-11-16
Threading/ Pausing in games 2004-11-05
Ant: testing directory for existance 2004-10-25
Code design problem in chat 2004-07-16
many applets accessing one writing servlet ... 2004-06-28
Problems with applet-servlet communication 2004-06-23
Recursive loop in Huffman Tree 2004-05-31
making an applet into a applet/application hybrid 2004-05-15
Problems synchronizing Threads 2004-05-03
Getting the image out of a Graphics context 2004-03-21
jar problem and applet on server problem 2004-03-11
creating new BufferedImage copy 2004-03-09
Problems using ImageIO 2004-02-24
Problems using ImageIO 2004-02-24
Problems cleaning up an applet 2004-02-22
Creating custom Button Class 2004-02-06
Changing animation-sequences of sprites 2004-01-01
How to organize Images in a game 2003-12-02
discussing my first try of a custom listener 2003-11-24
catching operating system events 2003-11-16
Rules for loading images at one time ? 2003-11-16
a question of code design 2003-10-26
Game Mechanics
Organising and scheduling collision detection in good OO 2010-11-23
Many questions: Arkanoid Ball physics 2003-09-14
Networking & Multiplayer
starting problems with rmi 2005-04-11
chat: RMI or normal stream ? 2005-03-05
Interface of Chat 2004-04-23
Architecture of a Chat 2003-09-25
Performance Tuning
Some sources about jvm memory allocation? 2008-07-24
Shared Code
TooDumbCreatingMemory Part II (bug) 2003-10-22
To dumb creating Memory 2003-09-27
Discussing Code from book "Java2 Game Program 2003-09-15
Engines, Libraries and Tools
Java and Video: Never works.. but how does SWT implement the browser? 2012-10-18
Java 2D
Active rendering: configure TopLevel or all components? 2009-12-20
keeping transparency copying an modified image 2005-02-03
breakout: smooth ball animation 2004-12-13
BufferStrategy doesnt like me ... 2004-12-11
fps and pausing technique again... 2004-12-04
Starting Problems: Returning manipulated images 2004-02-14
Flickering at start of applet 2004-02-12
Video with JavaFX: How to paint on custom component? 2013-02-18
little offtopic: realease year of j2me ? 2005-05-08
i do not love siemens: performance problems 2005-02-23
creating an image from recordstore ... 2005-02-16
Image loading/holding optimizations 2005-02-14
som eheap profiling problems 2005-02-11
clipping vs seperate images 2005-01-20
chopped tones usinf nokia-ui on 7650 2005-01-07
midp2: why only flashBacklight ?! 2005-01-03
Debugging: using eclipseME or whatever .. ? 2004-12-20
k700i: out of memory ?!? 2004-12-09
generic text formatting and headaches 2004-11-22
java on Pocket PCs ? 2004-11-11
problem with series60 DP2: getResourceAsStream 2004-10-25
any way to access bluetooth features ? 2004-10-25
getting the graphics context 2004-10-21
avoiding string creation 2004-10-20
experience with performance II: Siemens S55/MC60 2004-10-19
better preprocessor for eclipse 2004-10-11
state machine vs hierarchy architecture 2004-10-08
experience with t610 performance 2004-10-08
size of a handy cluster ? 2004-09-30
KEY_POUND not working on nokia 3650 2004-09-24
clipping region bigger than needed ... 2004-09-22
some fundamental questions about memory usage 2004-09-10
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:38:37

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:37:39

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:36:10

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:33:10

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:05:44

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:04:45

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
2017-03-02 08:45:19

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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