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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: RPG Game Demo on: 2004-08-06 16:02:55

Is that 64k limit because of the OTA delivery method or because of the phone's memory limit?

It seems that in the US people aren't using OTA to deliver the apps, but it also seems that no one is buying java apps for their phone...
2  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Shadow help? on: 2004-07-26 00:40:49
Yeah, I've checked all over, doesn't seem to be much info sadly.

3  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Shadow help? on: 2004-07-24 03:01:13

Thanks for the pointers Will, I'll definately share anything I come up with.

Is there a seperate place where the really really old xith 3d forums are stored?   I've searched the mailing lists with little luck.
4  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Shadow help? on: 2004-07-23 23:31:39

Uh oh, if JCD got a job then we're all in trouble, he seemed to have a lot of the answers Roll Eyes

Alright, well if anyone does know anything about how the shadows or occluders work in Xith let met know, I assume the original authors have stopped reading the forums.

Will, I'm using Xith as a display for an ODE simulation I'm working on, if I wanted to switch to something simpler like lwjgl is that fairly easy?  I assume I'd have to redo the things like the OdeToXith type objects?


5  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Shadow help? on: 2004-07-23 20:17:14
By the lack of response here does that mean that shadow support is incomplete in Xith, no one knows how to use it, or no one cares?

Anybody have any tips or links they can send me so I can try to figure this stuff out?  Any help would be appreciated.

6  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Shadow help? on: 2004-07-18 22:06:01
Hey Guys,

I'm trying to learn how the Xith3D shadow support works, but I can't find any substantial documentation except for the Occluder class javadocs.  Is there a tutorial or demo around that uses shadows that I could look at?  I'm having problems figuring out where and when I should place these occluders in the scenegraph to create the shadows properly.

Thanks alot.
7  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: [Odejava] OO Issues - round 3 on: 2004-03-25 13:46:24

These changes sound good, any API changes we can make that direct people on how and where to use Geoms versus Bodies is going to really help people understand things better.  I'll have more concrete feedback once I work with the changes directly (which usually results in a couple rapid fire posts like last time  Wink)

8  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Nasty blowout, any ideas? on: 2004-03-20 21:05:31

Figured it out, I was adding both the geom and the body for an object to the space which seemed to be required from reading the cvs commit log instructions.

Should we make that method throw an exception if you try to add a body for which that body's geom has already been added?

Overall though I like the changes to the API, everything makes more sense now, to me at least.

9  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Nasty blowout, any ideas? on: 2004-03-20 20:26:18
After getting our project onto the new OdeJava API checked in by William, we are getting this nasty looking exception:

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW (0xc00000fd) occurred at PC=0x3002EBB

Current Java thread:
      at org.odejava.collision.JavaCollision.spaceCollide(Native Method)
      at org.odejava.collision.JavaCollision.collide(

Anybody else seen this?  I'm assuming it's my own fault but I can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong.


10  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Assert statements? on: 2004-03-20 20:23:00

Ok, sounds reasonable.  I've never seen anyone use asserts in an open source project so I wanted to make sure that everyone was ok with it.  Since everyone seems to be me, you and Jani, let's leave em in!   Grin

11  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Assert statements? on: 2004-03-20 18:07:18
I'm noticing a couple assert statements added to odejava which seem to be a bit dubious, first for the fact that assert statements never really became that widely utilized so I'd recommend not using them.  Secondly though, the assert seems to modify a variable which is a definate no go since you can turn asserts off at runtime so that line would never be executed.

Does anyone need those things in there?

12  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Odejava: added AutoDisable / AutoEnable on: 2004-02-28 15:43:29

This sounds like a great addition since we've got all sorts of jostling of objects going on when they're lying on the ground, supposedly at rest.

I'll be able to try it out this week sometime, or whenever you manage to check it in.

13  Game Development / Game Mechanics / ODEJava damping on: 2004-02-19 20:41:27
Just in case anyone's interested I found that it was possible with certain types of collisions to get an object moving with such great angular momentum that the simutlation eventually clamped the value and turned off physics for the object.  This looks like the object just freaks out and fires off screen after a couple collisions or so.

In any case, I read a little on the ODE mailing lists to see how to do linear and angular damping and they simpy suggested a very small impulse in the opposite direction of each velocity.  So I ended up with this slightly lame method to apply damping wich you can call per step:

private void applyDamping() {
    for (int i = 0; i < bodies.size(); i++) {
        Body body = (Body) bodies.get(i);
        Vector3f linVel = new Vector3f(body.getLinearVel());

        Vector3f angVel = new Vector3f(body.getAngularVel());

Those lovely numbers I'm scaling by are simply the result of trying out a bunch of different values, these seem to work fairly well for the masses I'm using.

Since I hadn't seen too many details about this elesewhere I thought I'd post it.

14  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Collision question for ODE bindings on: 2004-02-14 16:13:38

I converted over to the new interface and it works great, way faster than before and I haven't made any efforts to optimize my routines, I'm still doing lots of unnecessary object creation on my side.

So, great work, it's great to be able to handle all the collisions properly without having to worry about the uderlying layer making a bunch of objects.

So, I think I've got a bunch of things I want to write to extend the higher level API, so I'll submit a patch against your source once I make some progress on that.

Great work, thanks.

15  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Collision question for ODE bindings on: 2004-02-14 15:36:14

Great Jani, I'll update and try it out, I'll post here when I get some results.

16  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Collision question for ODE bindings on: 2004-02-12 13:42:02

We had a stack of things that were in constant contact with each other (all piled up) and so when we iterate the contacts we get a contact per object per step basically.  So, this is a fair number of contacts, but not enough to slow the simulation down really.  The problem was that every few hundred frames (couple of seconds) or so the whole thing would just pause, looking very much like a garbage collection type of pause.

So, we optimized our loop on the java side as much as we could, no new object references and all that, but none of it mattered.  Finally we narrowed it down to the contact.setCptr(addr) call.  We were making one of those per collision and the call wasn't slow in execution, but it was leaving behind some kind of garbage that eventually choked up the VM and caused a collect.

I read through the source and the object creation seems very minimal, could there be something going on in the JNI callback mechanism causing this kind of behaviour that I can't see?
17  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Collision question for ODE bindings on: 2004-02-12 03:42:25
Hey Jani,

We succesfully switched our previous cheesed out collision detection algorithm over to your new ODE native callback stuff, it's working great.  We are having a few performance concerns, but we haven't really figured out whether that's us or the new collision stuff.

In any case, it's great that you've managed to get all this stuff in there, we really have a lot to work with now.

I'll keep posting as we make more progress to keep you updated.

18  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Collision question for ODE bindings on: 2004-02-01 20:19:13

Great, thanks for the information Jani, that definately clears up some of my confusion about the collision interface.

I'm definately interested in helping out, however my C is a little rusty, and I'm not familiar with SWIG so I won't be any immediate help in those areas.  If you or someone else could manage to get the low level collision joint structures to compile then I could write a high level wrapper for that whole system.

However, if you don't have time or don't feel like doing the low level SWIG work then I could take a look into that as well and see what I can do.  Certainly the callback mechanism seems to be the sticking point in all that, hopefully one of the projects you mentioned will have a solution on how to implement that with JNI.

For the moment we have a rudimentary collision system working in Java which simply checks all objects in our simulation to see if their velocity has changed in magnitude over a certain threshold value, which we then interpret as a collision.  We are only triggering sound effects for those collisions at the moment so that's fine, but we'll soon want specific information on the nature of the collision, so that's when we'll start working on the interface.

So, let me know how you'd like to proceed, and whether you feel like doing the SWIG part of things or not and we'll get started.

Thanks for your help,

19  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Collision question for ODE bindings on: 2004-01-31 03:28:32

Hey everyone,

I've been using the JavaODE bindings to write some programs and multi-body simulations and so far everything is going quite well.  However I'm at the point where I want to do some custom responses to collision events (like sound effects, etc).

It's my understanding the JavaODE doesn't have the higher level interface to the collision objects complete?  Is that right?  If there are low level ODE objects available, would it make sense for me to try and write something to contribute?

Does Fuze3D provide any kind of collision information?  I couldn't figure it out from the website.

Thanks alot.

20  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Motion blur? on: 2004-01-30 23:45:35

I heard that maybe true motion blur is quite hard to do, so if you're implying that maybe this fading trails is a good alternative than I'm interested, any tips on how to do this in Xith or OpenGL would be greatly appreciated.

21  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Motion blur? on: 2004-01-29 19:31:47

I'm not totally sure, but I want the blur to be proportional with velocity of the object, so I'm guessing that's motion blur rather than just trails right?

22  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Motion blur? on: 2004-01-28 19:49:25

I'm using Xith3d to render a physical simulation and was wondering if it is possible with Xith or even with the openGL underpinnings to do motion blur with my objects?

I haven't seen it mentioned in the forums before.

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