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Topics started by Markus_Persson (74)

Featured Games
Minecraft 2009-05-18
Breaking the Tower 2008-08-11
Wurm Online 2003-07-15
Metagun 2010-08-25
Bunny Press - A game made in 48 hours 2009-04-20
TinyCham 2008-10-23
Blast Passage 2008-09-18
Legend of the Chambered 2008-05-24
Super Mario Whee 2006-07-29
Archived Projects
The Europa Arcology Incident (LD16, 48 hour Roguelike) 2009-12-16
Rubylands! [teaser, very alpha] 2008-02-15
Finally got the bumpmapping shader to work! Must.. share.. screenshot! 2005-06-08
My previous game.. abandoned. 2003-07-24
4K Game Competition - 2011
Super Me4k Boy 2010-12-02
4K Game Competition - 2010
VVVV 2010-01-27
So, when does J4k2k10 end? 2009-12-18
Minecraft 4k (very early build) 2009-12-02
4K Game Competition - 2009
"Most played" doesn't seem to include 2009 results 2009-04-22
Left 4k Dead in the latest issue of Super Play! 2009-02-12
[done!] MEG4kMAN, Mega Man in 4kb 2009-01-05
Left 4k Dead 2008-12-02
About using byte literals instead of int literals 2008-12-01
4K Game Competition - 2008
t4kns [fits in 4k now!] 2007-12-05
4K Game Competition - 2007
l4krits 2006-12-03
Writing my own java assembler / interesting finds 2006-09-30
4K Game Competition - 2006
Dachon 4k 2006-02-11
Miners4k 2005-12-04
4K Game Competition - 2005
Hunters4k 2005-02-08
Dungeon4k 2005-01-29
SonicRacer4k 2005-01-05
Tiny Game 2010
[Journal] The Tiny Vikings 2010-04-26
TinyGame Resources 2010-04-15
Legend of the Chambered - Book 1 2010-04-14
Java Technology Game Development Contest - 2004
About the rights to the entry 2004-03-31
General Discussions
Java console not working? 2010-04-15
MOVED: switching between two OpenGL matrices 2010-04-07
All of poland is banned! 2009-12-19
MOVED: Editorial D is looking for casual soccer games 2009-12-03
Wurm Online has gone GOLD! 2006-06-06
I made a silly applet for our site. 2003-12-30
HL2 source code leaked. 2003-10-03
Jobs and Resumes is looking for one (or more) game developers 2007-04-02
Mojang is looking for help with animation and skinning code (for wurm online) 2006-07-22
Miscellaneous Topics
I got the job!! 2007-08-14
brainf*ck to java compiler and a turing complete brainf*ck interpreter. In java! 2006-05-13
An extremely nerdy waste of time, combining two of my biggest fetishes... 2006-02-27
Confession: dnd is fun. 2003-09-29
Game Play & Game Design
MOVED: Hmm.. 2009-08-31
Random content vs predesigned content 2003-08-03
"gameplay, and other topics related to gamepl 2003-07-31
Game Mechanics
Detecting the time of collision between a rotating line and a moving sphere? 2007-01-14
Networking & Multiplayer
MOVED: Help About .Java File in Module 2009-04-30
java.nio cyclic buffer? 2003-08-18
Performance Tuning
An efficient discrete step timing loop. 2003-07-15
Shared Code
joXSI - open source xsi model loader and renderer, with skinned animations 2006-01-26
RMI over UDP. Should I clean up and post? 2003-07-14
JOGL Development
Latest build breaks awt event handling on linux 2006-06-04
How reliable is gl.isFunctionAvailable? 2006-05-02
"RADEON 9200" in jogl becomes "GDI Generic" in JSR-231? 2006-05-02
Minor optimisation for vertex arrays and a request 2006-01-25
Finally! Thank you! JSR-231 works the way I want opengl support to work! :D 2006-01-12
OutOfMemory in 1.1 b10 2005-02-28
Has anyone been able to run fragment shaders (Cg)? 2004-09-29
PBuffers cause CTD on ATI in Jogl1.1b05 2004-08-27
PBuffers on macintosh in 1.1b2 2004-04-26
Per pixel lighting 2004-02-29
Fancy frame post processing 2004-01-25
dotXSI loader 2003-10-14
ARB_vertex_buffer_object and Vertex Arrays 2003-07-17
Trouble loading textures outside the init() call 2003-07-08
Java Sound & OpenAL
MOVED: Multiple pixel buffer objects 2006-01-22
[Crash] Works for me, not for other person 2004-01-18
ALut.alutInit() crashes JVM 2003-11-18
Is JOAL still alive? 2003-10-07
orrenravid (155 views)
2016-07-16 03:57:23

theagentd (224 views)
2016-07-11 14:28:54

Hydroque (306 views)
2016-07-06 05:56:57

Hydroque (456 views)
2016-07-03 08:52:54

GrandCastle (342 views)
2016-07-01 09:13:47

GrandCastle (334 views)
2016-07-01 09:09:45

CopyableCougar4 (388 views)
2016-06-25 16:56:52

Hydroque (371 views)
2016-06-22 02:17:53

SwampChicken (339 views)
2016-06-20 13:22:57

SwampChicken (289 views)
2016-06-20 13:22:49
Making a Dynamic Plugin System
by Hydroque
2016-06-25 00:13:25

Java Data structures
by BinaryMonkL
2016-06-13 21:22:09

Java Data structures
by BinaryMonkL
2016-06-13 21:20:42

FPS Camera Tutorial
by Hydroque
2016-05-22 05:40:58

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
2016-05-18 17:23:09

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
2016-05-09 08:50:56

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
2016-05-06 11:10:21

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
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