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1  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Assertions aren't so free on: 2003-10-25 13:04:35
Which is why Java 1.4 assertions are not as free as we've been told:
2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: sourceforge and webstart on: 2003-07-28 00:55:34
If you take a sf download url like: and chop of the first part for: their DNS seems to do round robin between some of their mirrors. I doubt it's documented so you should be careful of depending on their current setup.
3  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: OSX Update on: 2003-07-28 00:28:26
I have a Logitech Wheel I can test with, I think. It's designed for the PS2 and games like Gran Tursimo but I'm told it works on the PC and I'm gonna assume OS X.

The wheel has a good number of buttons and foot pedals and force feedback and rumble feature.
4  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Manage Clients on serve side with java.nio on: 2003-07-23 11:20:55
Ive been using multicast with a TTL of 1 for simple ad hoc discovery and its working like a champ.
I've been impressed with Java Rendezvous (I'm not sure they can use both parts of that name, but whatever.) which is a Java implementation of multicast dns / dns service discovery from Zeroconf.
5  Discussions / Business and Project Management Discussions / Re: why java business will hardly start... on: 2003-07-18 16:44:33
I sorta used to buy into natively compiled code is more secure argument but within the last 6 months I've found: REC - Reverse Engineering Compiler. It does an amazing job! While it doesn't give my compilable source, it does give me a psudo code/assembly hybrid that was very useful for figuring out how data was obsfcuated on the dvd on a PS2 game I was putzing around with.

While a class file is still easier to reverse engeneer, the difference isn't siginificant to someone who is determined to crack your game. (Of course, that has always been true, but I didn't belive it until I tried.)
6  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Extremely poor performance with NIO... on: 2003-07-18 11:27:23
Does anyone have any explanation for the behaviour we're seeing here, other than the possibility of a bug in NIO?

Why don't you ask the guy who "wrote the book"? The 3rd section of his site is "Gotta Question" and he was friendly enough to exchange a series of 4 emails with me as I explained and described my problem and two of those emails were before I had bought the book.
7  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Articles for JGO on: 2003-07-13 16:26:01
Yeah, DB drivers don't work the same as humans.  What of it?  A Wiki isn't supposed to be a machine-readable archive, it's a *discussion evolution* platform.  If you like, once an conversation has been fully explored, it can be turned into a traditional article and put on a site somewhere.  If used in this way it's the step that leads to the article, not the article itself.  The real beauty of it is to allow anyone to add a sentence here and there where appropriate, without requiring them to write a full article on a subject.
(the bold is my addition)
And that is the group consensus of the discussion spread over 6 days I perviously mentioned. Our department's internal wiki will be the staging ground while ideas and procedures are cooked. Then documentation will be migrated to more "official" places.

Leknor, that article you linked to completely shafts my browser.  And, in fact, takes out WinME too! Grin  Good job!
Hrm, maybe it's time to give Mozilla a try. A Group is its Own Worst Enemy is pretty simple html, no JavaScript, no tables and no images. Just some basic p/div/h1 tags and some CSS. If the author could be consistent with his tag case, it would be valid XHTML.
8  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Articles for JGO on: 2003-07-13 00:31:05
In summary, your confidence in your position is a wonderful thing; it is unfortunate that you are highly ignorant about much of the topic you are discussing. Rest assured that you are not alone - this stuff is only really well understood by the kinds of people who work with it; I myself only have a passing knowledge, exposed to me accidentally by some of the career moves I've made.
Please do not assert that you know about my technical background. You know as much about me as I know about you, which is pretty close to nothing.

If you want to disagree with my argument and state your position, then by all means do so. Attacking me based on unsubstantiated assumptions that your training and experience is better than mine or anyone else's doesn't contribute anything meaningful to this forum or just about any other discussion.

<chest thumping>As for some of my experience, I'm directly responsible for the three largest computing departments standardizing on DocBook for official technical writing. Other departments have since followed suit but that was without my involvement. Also, I'm the #3 and #4 man for LDAP and DB2 respectively for the University of Florida. Finally, when I worked at a reasonably sized bank one of the many tasks I had was to improve existing processes. The most significant improvement I can claim as solely my own was an internal change to the account data structures which made the computing part of the loan application process faster by an average of 1min 16sec in the week after that change was made. Yes that is an exact number, banks track all sorts of performance numbers in an effort to know how to make more money.

None of the above makes me an expert, but it is more than enough to demonstrate I'm not "highly ignorant" about the importance of structured data. I think it makes me knowledgeable enough to be considered above average in the set of people who might join a discussion such as this.</chest thumping>
9  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Articles for JGO on: 2003-07-12 17:07:39
The wiki supports entering of raw html. If you prefer those format codes go for it. I don't know if you can link an external style sheet but you can include style attributes in your html elements.

Comparing the importance of the structure of a DB vs structure in a wiki is comparing apples and oranges. Structure in human to human communication is less important than structure when processed by business logic. First, as one participant in a length conservation about this said to me: "people do not vomit structured thought". There is a basic level of structure at the language level, like the meaning of words and word types like nouns or verbs. But after that people are very good at inferring structure from largely unstructured communication. Thats all I'm gonna say about this topic because having spent 6 days in a rather intense conversation on this topic I'm tired of talking about it and rather confident in my position.

I used to think is was lame that required a login but that is how the community will defend itself so the minor inconvenience doesn't bother me.
10  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Articles for JGO on: 2003-07-12 05:28:12
Blah: a wiki is organic, it evolves. The sooner content is added to it the more opportunity it has to be improved upon.

Anyway, I read over your list and started a structure at . By all means feel free to add/edit that list.
11  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: When to call Graphics.dispose() on: 2003-07-12 05:16:55
If you feel motivated, please flush out: with the concise knowledge of this thread.

... and if you hunger for more, give: some love.
12  Java Game APIs & Engines / Tools Discussion / Re: JVM monitoring, server-status monitoring, crac on: 2003-07-07 16:51:02
Java Management Extensions (JMX) is designed for this type of stuff. I have yet to make time to learn it but I want to.

If you can use BEA's JRrockit JVM (they have win32 and linux versions, maybe more) it has a built in management console which I have not used either.
13  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Brace styles on: 2003-06-30 18:47:43
But just to argue for arguing's sake, This is only for class and interface declaration.
I read that to mean "declarations in a class or an interface" which expands the scope from just the class or interface line to the whole body of class/interface.

one could argue that the rules do not specificly apply to scope blocks.
True, but you can infer. Eg: an if statement looks like:
if (condition) {
so if you remove the "if (contition) " you have:

I don't think the Sun Code Conventions are ambigious, I think they wanted to keep the spec from being too long and expect you to exert the brain power to infer the details where they are not explicit. Who really wants to read 200 pages on exact code conventsions? I know I think the 20 they already have are more than I care to read again.
14  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Brace styles on: 2003-06-30 18:16:41
Now, correct me if I'm wrong (seeing how I just browsed through it) but nothing in the document explicitly states the use of the braces to be coding convention #1.
 See the second bullet: "Open brace "{" appears at the end of the same line as the declaration statement"
15  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: jinput under other platforms on: 2003-06-30 15:41:24
I've not played myself but understand OSX to be a modified BSD clone, so I *guesS* it runs some version of X?, if so, how is the osx version doing it?
MacOS X runs on a BSD-like base operating system. The gui user interface is seperate and runs in user space I think and it is completely new. It is not based on X Windows. That said you can get X Windows compatibility though an app from Apple.
16  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Directions, LWJGL, JOGL, Signal and Noise on: 2003-06-30 02:52:35
Cool!  Where do I turn it on?
right click a text area in Safari, expand "Spelling" from the pop up menu, select "Check Spelling As You Type". Then mispeel a word and it should get underlined with red after you press space or some punctuation.

I used to turn it on all the time with the beta Safari's and it became a habit but then one day I notice it was just already on after I had upgraded to 1.0. I may have enabled it some other way and didn't know it. So intuitive I wasn't aware of how I enabled it.  Grin
17  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Re: Timing on: 2003-06-30 02:41:06
Btw is there a way to analyze the system clock on a computer and get it tuned? I got no way of telling if the clock is healthy...
Yes, . Seems they got a new site recently.

We run ntp on all our severs at work (Linux or AIX) that way we know my servers have correct time and we can effectively compare logs. I don't know about Windows but on Linux/Unix NTP figures out clock drift and will make adjustments and it makes incremental corrections. Such that if your clock is only a few minutes off it will effectively speed up or slow down the clock until it is in sync again. That way you will never have a jump forward or backwards in time.
18  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Directions, LWJGL, JOGL, Signal and Noise on: 2003-06-30 01:45:15
Is it me or did Jeff's spelling improve?
I got a new boss whos nagging me about my typing in public.  (This is a GOOD thing Wink )
Mmmm, MacOS X has this nice feature where (most) any text input area can have "Check Spelling as you type" enabled and Safari 1.0 will remember which state you last left that in. (I think there is a plugin for Internet Exploder that does something similar.)
19  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: My Take on: 2003-06-27 06:49:48
Is this right? Because if it is, its absolute &##%£$. I've played 6 or 7 MMOG. Running/Flying/Teleporting around in those world I'm always running into people I used to play with on the older games and more often than not recognising the names of folks..
As with most games, the life cycle of a MMOG is such that the players get bored with a game after a certain amount of time. When you compare the rate at which players leave from boredom with the rate players leave due to something better you'll find the latter is relativity insignificant. Anyway, the rate at which you and your friends get bored is not indicative of the whole market, it's too small of a sample to be anything but anecdotal evidence at best.
20  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Extending GLCanvas on: 2003-06-27 03:49:02
Careful - saying we don't allow subclassing because a lot of people don't do it right is not a good answer.
True, but a good API is programmer friendly in that it's design minimizes the risk of improper use.
21  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: High resolution Timers on: 2003-06-25 00:18:38
<rant>The explanation I heard, from Jeff I think, for the resolution of currentMillis on windows being so bad was because Sun didn't want to have to load the Media libs which was slowing startup time of the JVM. I can understand that and I think that is a valid reason, but what I don't understand is why they don't start up with the low resolution timer and then 10 or 15 seconds after the JVM is loaded swap in the higher resolution timer. Yea, it's a hack. Yes, it means you could get different resolutions at different times. But the resolution is undefined so it's legal wrt to the API docs. It solves the JVM startup problem, and it satisfies the game community. Also, you cannot tell me it isn't possible because we already know the JVM can load dynamic libraries at run time.</rant>
22  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Multiple collisions handling on: 2003-06-23 22:06:16
Found via : Creating a Fast and Stable 2D Pixel Perfect Rigid-Body Simulation using Verlet Integration.

I haven't read it, but I figured it may be useful to you.

And here are some articles that have been linked many times:
23  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: JOGL Exposed on: 2003-06-23 20:43:11
I doubt I'll have any influcen on JOGL API but when I write an API at my work I try to think What Would XXX Do? Smiley Where XXX is Joshua Bloch or Ken Arnold. The Java API has it's fair share of warts but from what I've seen of the APIs crafted by these two I really respect their opinions. (I've found the four intervies in the second section of the Artima Design Corner be good reads.)

Anyway, JOGL is an OpenGL API so you don't really have the flexibility to make all the design decisions but there is reasonable flexibility when adapting the C API to a Java API.

I belive the arguments for of preserving the gl prefix doesn't carry much weight when you move out of a flat namespace. I give the most weight to the aguments for making the API the easiest for the programmer to read and understand.

My OpenGL experience is minimal, so I'm not going to claim to be an authority on OpenGL usability but that's my $0.03 cents as it applies to APIs.
24  Java Game APIs & Engines / Tools Discussion / Re: Jar Manifest Properties on: 2003-06-22 20:01:28
I doubt it. The manifest is parsed in the JVM, after the JVM has loaded. Command line options are probably parsed  during JVM initilization.
25  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: JOGL ant build on: 2003-06-21 01:20:14
Instead of using an XML external entity why not use the property task with the file attribute. eg:

<property file="${user.home}/"/>
<property file=""/>

This allows the user to keep local settings in their home dir or it will pick up default settings from the current dir. It's personally what I use for large projects that need local settings. You can find this pattern in a few different Jakarta projects.
26  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Re: ProphIt  Profile Viewer on: 2003-06-18 00:51:40
That lnk is a JWS link.

Here is a page with some screens:
27  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Brace styles on: 2003-06-08 07:44:17
I used to mildly prefer #1 but now I strongly do. The main reason for that change is the way IDEA handles code folding:

I've enabled what IDEA calls "highlight current scope" so if the braces are off the end of the screen it is sort of a non-issue:

I also feel a very long line of code is something to be avoided and instead of accommodating long lines I try to restructure into more readable code when possible. I don't want to encourage a bad practice by making it less painful.

In the end the real reason is the Java Coding Convention from Sun. I don't have the hubris to think "my personal way" is better. My personal convention would be a preference and an opinion, not a fact, and would be weak support for an argument.
28  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Disappointing performance with OS X on: 2003-06-05 20:37:15
Here are the details on Apple's JVM hardware accel support:
29  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Re: GZIPInputStream on: 2003-06-05 19:56:06 this is the one other java compression lib I know of.

Ant knows how to do bzip2 but that is more CPU intensive than gzip
30  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Need Advice on Java Networking Book on: 2003-05-24 00:05:31
I'm interested in the "multiplexing NIO" chapter - how advanced it is, what topics it covers, etc.
That chapeter is available online:

Here is a quote that is relevent to our other long thread but I'm not gonna make another post just for it. From page 144 of the Java NIO book:
For the first scenario, in which you want to bring more threads into play to service channels,resist the urge to use multiple selectors.Performing readiness selection on large numbers of channels is not expensive;most of the work is done by the underlying operating system. Maintaining multiple selectors and randomly assigning channels to one of them is not a satisfactory solution to this problem.It simply makes smaller versions of the same scenario.

A better approach is to use one selector for all selectable channels and delegate the servicing of ready channels to other threads.You have a single point to monitor channel readiness and a decoupled pool of worker threads to handle the incoming data. The thread pool size can be tuned (or tune itself,dynamically)according to deployment conditions. Management of selectable channels remains simple,and simple is good.
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