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Topics started by Kommi (89)

Archived Projects
need help with quick test 2004-01-28
Miscellaneous Topics
new site name idea "" 2006-05-19
need a really good java random number generator 2006-02-15
what type of software is a game? 2006-02-02
about Word and PowerPoint formats 2006-01-26
how does google see article 2006-01-17
Microsoft Live 2006-01-10
anything better to use than a StringBuffer 2006-01-06
something is up with my compiler.... 2005-12-28
jprobe output question 2005-12-27
good gui design? 2005-12-13
can some one translate ESTA BIEN for me 2005-07-21
Java in japan 2005-03-21
intersting read at 2005-02-23
list of all words in english lang 2005-02-17
anyone know a good software design book 2004-01-05
So.. anyone playing KOTOR for the PC 2003-12-05
free IDE for Mac OS X 2003-12-02
Windows XP memory footprint 2003-11-08
how to find out my external IP 2003-10-23
Newbie & Debugging Questions
uml class diagram for graph type system 2006-06-22
proteced access 2006-02-21
help with reg expression 2006-01-31
strange hashmap error 2006-01-27
please review design 2005-12-27
running a jar with java arguments? 2005-12-26
weird jvm behavior all of a sudden 2005-12-08
is this the best performace I can get from the game loop? 2005-12-03
basic question on libraries 2005-11-22
can anyone explain how to write the following algorithm? 2005-06-14
clear up on how data is stored/read 2005-04-25
help with simple recursion 2005-04-22
prime number decomposition (math) 2005-04-05
String to binary? 2005-03-05
about mdb files and java 2005-02-28
access to the way image is storeded? 2005-02-25
need help with file streams 2005-02-23
yet another simple q, about String 2005-02-22
quesrtion about file IO 2005-02-22
any idea why this happens 2005-02-17
need help figuring algorythm 2005-02-16
graphics obj during rendering 2004-04-10
help with 1.4.1 for Mac 2004-02-04
what exactly happens during an install 2004-01-15
AWT and Swing question 2003-12-15
Found this game loop tutorial if anyone needs it.. 2003-12-14
question about custom buttons 2003-12-08
Java 3D
Where to start with 3d 2003-02-11
native java timer 2002-12-19
simple question about the Timer 2002-12-18
simple question about the Timer 2002-12-18
Java 2D
clip an image 2006-05-18
does the order matter druing a g.dispose() 2006-01-24
quick game tick/client tiick update ? 2004-12-01
so is vsync unlocked now? 2004-05-31
help in fixing convoluted design 2004-04-20
collision detection with prerendered background 2004-01-05
anyone wish to guess why it stutters? 2003-12-30
Pallette theory 2003-12-24
quick GAGE timer and Mac question 2003-11-20
odd fps reading 2003-09-18
the ticks inside a timer loop 2003-07-29
isometric map question 2003-07-29
.NET framework 2003-07-27
Iso tile size quesion 2003-07-22
Media Tracker and inheritance question 2003-07-16
how o you implement frame indepenent movment? 2003-06-04
how would you implement this? 2003-06-02
Am I the only one who is still getting this bug? 2003-06-02
which collision detection method should I use? 2003-05-30
should I use Panels or not? 2003-05-22
Pixel level collision detection 2003-05-22
Where is the best place to put this bit of code? 2003-05-21
1.4.2 is giving me time erors 2003-05-21
Collision detection 2003-05-20
I know this is not the place to ask this 2003-02-03
looking for Java 2d lighting tutorials 2003-01-29
Whats the difference between JFrame and Frame? 2003-01-28
Is this pure or Java 2003-01-22
does anyone know... 2003-01-18
Faster perfomance 2003-01-09
quick question about volatile images 2002-12-26
scrolling 2002-12-25
my game loop 2002-12-24
full screen mode tearing 2002-12-21
PixelGrabber 2002-12-18
OpenGL Development
bouncing a quad back and forth 2003-06-08
best way to learn 2d openGL 2003-06-05
JOGL Development
Is this about JOGL or something else? 2003-07-28
hadezbladez (3631 views)
2018-11-16 13:46:03

hadezbladez (1296 views)
2018-11-16 13:41:33

hadezbladez (3636 views)
2018-11-16 13:35:35

hadezbladez (697 views)
2018-11-16 13:32:03

EgonOlsen (4002 views)
2018-06-10 19:43:48

EgonOlsen (4530 views)
2018-06-10 19:43:44

EgonOlsen (2688 views)
2018-06-10 19:43:20

DesertCoockie (3549 views)
2018-05-13 18:23:11

nelsongames (3701 views)
2018-04-24 18:15:36

nelsongames (4727 views)
2018-04-24 18:14:32
Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2019-05-14 16:15:13

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:15:36

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:13:34

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-02-17 20:25:53

Deployment and Packaging
by mudlee
2018-08-22 18:09:50

Java Gaming Resources
by gouessej
2018-08-22 08:19:41

Deployment and Packaging
by gouessej
2018-08-22 08:04:08

Deployment and Packaging
by gouessej
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