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Topics started by philfrei (111)

WIP games, tools & toy projects
noise sculpting experiments 2017-06-02
Hexara rewrite with Java 8 & JavaFX 2017-01-02
RainThunder 2016-11-26
Forest audio ambience 2016-11-09
DinkMaker (Audio Tool) 2016-10-18
PFTheremin 2016-04-10
3D audio test using JavaFX and procedural java sound 2016-03-16
Audio library demos 2015-09-26
Tanpura / Drone / Tuning-training jar 2014-08-22
Hexara -- work in progress 2011-01-20
Whammy Jammay code jam, Nov 9-11, SF, NY, Austin 2012-10-03
General Discussions
RuneScape going mobil 2017-07-19
New Year Resolutions -- 2017 2016-12-23
GamaSutra: picking language for game dev includes nice java/libgdx plug 2015-11-06
Is there a term for this? 2015-05-12
RESOLVED: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing 2014-12-08
REVIEW: Trends in Game Scoring, SF Conservatory of Music "Game On!" conference 2014-11-26
[Resolved] java jar file rejected by folks at "Demo Derby", need .mov ASAP 2014-11-18
Programmer jokes 2014-03-17
latest "immersive" game technology 2013-08-13
Thief of Bagdad 2013-08-06
Java Gaming Resources link 2012-11-05
Game "literacy" 2012-07-01
Clojure in games? 2012-05-28
The "Invincible Mutant Scorpion" solution to pirating 2011-12-08
google and java 2011-08-08
End of Life notice for Java SE 6 2011-02-26
in progress tutorial for newcomers to Java or to game programming 2010-12-08
Is it possible to suppress a given avatar? (aka "Avatar Bashing" [bpd]) 2011-12-09
Preview not working... 2011-05-02
at bottom: go to top of page button 2011-04-13
Is there a way to unlink from replies? 2011-04-07
Business and Project Management Discussions
Beta (?) testing for ToneCircleDrone 2018-03-18
Licensing overwhelm, asking for advice 2017-06-26
Am curious how to budget a team project 2015-07-07
Viable business model? 2012-11-19
how good is your German? 2011-07-22
LinkedIn has a "Java Game Developers" group 2011-04-25
Jobs and Resumes
came across a game-programming listing this morning... 2013-11-20
Community & Volunteer Projects
game idea: "space wars" on Klein bottle surface? 2014-05-18
Miscellaneous Topics
use FitBit game feedback? 2018-03-05
Engineer/Programmer? sentenced in VW emissions fraud case 2017-08-27
Good Game Patterns book: Game programming Patterns, Robert Nystrom 2017-08-04
Did VisualStudio just hose my Eclipse IDE? 2017-05-03
Android Studio comedy of errors 2015-03-09
Ian Allen, my good friend and top "tester" died and is becoming famous! 2015-01-23
Can't get enough keyboard? 2014-12-24
What are possible front ends for a java audio library? 2014-10-07
Physical/Sensory intelligence and game design 2014-05-28
new computer purchase advice 2014-03-31
modem/router longevity, recommendations 2013-03-06
good sound cards for linux/PC 2012-12-14
reuse & economics 2011-12-11
proprietary games and "trainers" 2011-12-05
Use of an Applet for Captcha? 2010-11-30
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Stubbornly insisting on using JLINK for deployment 2018-05-16
coming up on being ready to deploy a project 2017-12-05
writing xml file to jar location 2016-08-04
design pattern to avoid exponential number of extensions 2016-01-21
requst for newbie overview tutorial on porting options 2014-07-28
Packaging a sound-based game/tool 2014-01-05
Resizing JPanels 2013-03-13
minimum hosting requirement for a two-player game 2012-01-23
HashSet removal question 2011-11-04
Obtaining a usable Url.getFile() from a Resource? 2011-06-06
water effect 2011-01-10
Articles & tutorials
Getting Started with JavaFX Game Programming (for Java Programmers) 2016-03-07
2D terrain maps (for side-scrollers): how to modulate strata with Perlin Noise 2015-06-11
Game Play & Game Design
procedural music, drum composition, proof of concept 2016-02-21
Fatigue as a design element 2015-12-27
Game Ideas 2015-08-31
SiVi - 2D Simplex Noise Visualizer Tool 2013-07-19
Simplex noise, experiments towards procedural generation 2012-08-23
Procedural night sky 2012-08-07
Multi-threading and Collision Detection 2012-03-09
Networking & Multiplayer
trouble reading from a NodeJS URL 2018-02-26
Performance Tuning
how deal with time spent per thread? 2011-05-27
coordinating sound f/x with visual f/x 2011-01-06
Shared Code
AudioCue, starting point for concurrent Clip 2017-05-08
Midi and Hertz conversions 2016-10-07
Audio: Write generated PCM to file 2016-01-12
Phase Modulation for Synthesizers 2015-07-27
Image Rotator 2012-08-21
An Audio Control helper tool using a FIFO buffer 2011-08-09
Engines, Libraries and Tools
LWJGL: how to use procedurally generated BufferedImages 2013-08-22
LWJGL Tutorials 1_1 crash 2013-08-16
is okay dev path: first write -desktop with lwjgl, then convert to android? 2013-08-07
[Nevermind] Libgdx-android project does not run, "unable to get view server..." 2013-08-05
Libgdx "Drop" game tutorial, HTML really slow fps 2013-08-05
[SOLVED]libgdx and eclipse problem (newbie) 2013-08-01
Java 2D
Converting existing Swing 2D WIP to ActiveRendering & BufferStrategy 2013-10-08
[SOLVED] problem Adding/removing Nodes 2017-01-02
JavaFX on Mobil and Embedded 2016-03-27
Java Sound & OpenAL
AudioCue, an alternative to Clip, for 2D games 2017-06-29
VOSIM 2017-03-03
OpenAL and current LWJGL-based tools 2016-09-12
Comparing binaural methods 2016-02-25
simple audio mixer, 2nd pass 2012-11-30
Pd is now on iOS, Android. Useable with Java? 2012-06-04
FM Synthesis on the fly 2012-01-25
AudioMixer 2011-11-02
Java Theremin 2011-08-17
Vari-Speed Looper 2011-06-27
Using JOrbis.jar from JCraft 2011-06-11
Seeking recommendations for wav to ogg/vorbis convertor 2011-05-24
MASTER_GAIN control on Clip but not SourceDataLine?? 2011-05-19
Can MouseMotionDetector code feed data to SourceDataLine? 2011-05-05
Superior GC possibilities? 2011-03-08
JCraft site is down -- was hoping to try JOrbis 2011-02-28
distributing work-in-progress android projects 2015-06-17
From Java to Android, challenges 2015-05-26
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:38:37

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:37:39

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:36:10

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:33:10

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:05:44

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:04:45

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
2017-03-02 08:45:19

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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