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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Collision and movement in Java2D on: 2015-01-30 19:40:28
Still, graphic libraries like awt and java2d can be helpful for collision detection. For example, one might use a shape for its contains or intersects function, or a point for it distance function.
2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Experienced game developers opinions needed! on: 2015-01-23 21:54:37
By all means, jump in and create a game!

If you consider yourself a rookie, it might make sense to copy a vintage 2D game. If you have ideas on a variant or a new game, by all means go for it.

My thinking is that it is good to have some passion and fun in the process. This is most likely to be the case if you are working on a game that excites you.

No single game is going to require every game-programming technique. Might as well wait to come to those bridges before crossing them.

For hurdles along the way, this forum is pretty great for addressing challenges. Also, with a book like "Killer Game Programming" or "Developing Games in Java" by David Brackeen, one can consult IF they are relevant to your game. Yes, a lot of the code is obsolete, but not all of the concepts.
3  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Ian Allen, my good friend and top "tester" died and is becoming famous! on: 2015-01-23 18:07:25
Thank you!  Cry

As soon as I can get it together, I will post a few of the music/sound pieces he made or that we collaborated on. I'm also trying to locate the first image I have of him, an awesome/scary self-portrait he made that I have filed away somewhere--making very creative use of a photocopier.

It is so weird seeing this publicity now, after so many years of struggle and obscurity. If only there was some way to have harnessed this while he was alive. I wish he (and his mother, who died this last summer) could see this. I feel like there are any number of lessons to be learned here, but I am feeling kind of dense.
4  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Ian Allen, my good friend and top "tester" died and is becoming famous! on: 2015-01-23 01:31:43
On the 17th, my long time friend Ian Allen died, after complications to a heart valve surgery at Stanford Hospital. He was only 56 years old. My last visit was in the early hours of the 17th--it seemed like he could have fought on, but the odds had just kept mounting: a treatment resistant hospital bacteria, internal bleeding (it had finally scabbed, though), organ failure.

Over the last few years, he had been my best "tester," always willing to check out and comment the projects I was working on, whether musical or programming. He tried to learn Java, then Python, then other languages but despite having been top of his class in first year Physics at UC Berkeley, and successfully game programming with FORTH at Unison Kyocera with me back in the 1980's, his current state of health (cancer survivor, dealing with bipolar, other issues) left him in a state where I think it was just too fatiguing to hold everything in his head all at once.

Regardless, he still had a great perspective, with sharp, honest and unique insights that made him a valuable source of feedback as well as a true friend willing to give me his time like that.

Before he went in for the operation, he was talking about aiming for projects with a time line of about a week to complete. Many of his sound-compositions that were most successful were accomplished in this sort of time frame. We were optimistic, though I was also preparing myself for the worst as a possibility. Am so sad/angry/disappointed that he wasn't able to get through this!

I am really proud that he is getting some recognition in the press. I wish he could have seen this! Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, lots of other news feeds! This tribute from negativland (Ian always insisted the proper spelling was lowercase) has been picked up by the press at large. He really was big on the culture jamming concept, right from the start, and as far as I know, introducing those ideas to members of negativland.
5  Discussions / General Discussions / RESOLVED: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2015-01-22 14:33:01
New computer built from parts is up and running!

I'm using an AMD FX 6300 CPU (6 cores). There is an 8-core available for a future upgrade.

I'm using a Saphire Radeon R7 260X GPU. It was listed as a good low-cost option for gaming PCs in a Toms article. (Ah, Phased recommended this GPU in an earlier post.) Upgrading to a 750 Ti can wait for a bit.

I found the process stressful and time consuming. Worst point: I case I bought (from Antec) came in with the back panel kind of misshapen, with the slots slightly skewed. Ended up forcing things in, and am hoping the angled video card doesn't get damaged connections as a result. Was too impatient to send it back for another. Overall I like the model I got. Rookie mistake: bought the DVD drive after having installed everything else, and there was not enough clearance to put it in. Had to take out the MOBO to put in the DVD drive. Annoying. (I was hoping to use my existing DVD/CD drives, but they were not compatible.) Also, the CPU came with a fan, so the separate fan I purchased is going back.

Still, it is pretty cool having it actually up and running now. There is still the process of moving my software and files over, as well as setting up the Linux/Windows dual boot. So far, have downloaded Java and Eclipse but haven't installed them yet. Much to do still.

I should try installing one of the games I have that wouldn't run on the old PC. Also, have a coupon for two games from AMD according to a coupon that was sent with the Radeon GPU.

High on the agenda--figuring out how to kill all the ads that are popping up on the new browser.

Thanks, everyone!
6  Discussions / Suggestions / Re: Ability to Remove a Medal on: 2015-01-21 01:14:06
Besides there's a bigger picture too, it's not like someone will get more medals by accident than someone else, in general everyone will get the same amount of accidental medals compared to everyone else based on the ratios of their posts. Meaning in the end, generally speaking, no one gets a "leg up" on anyone else really.

Actually, some people do get a "leg up" (aka random outliers).  Wink

But I think we should just leave it as is. I've given a couple by accident as well. I've probably received a few that way, too. Not a big deal.
7  Discussions / Suggestions / Re: Font for code blocks on: 2015-01-21 01:07:05
Mine is monospaced. Seems like it always has been. Did you mean that serifs were recently added? I hadn't noticed.
8  Java Game APIs & Engines / Tools Discussion / Re: Eclipse - Export jar with including libraries on: 2015-01-04 22:26:12
I don't know the best answer. Ant is quite cool, but I've only made use of it in a limited way, kind of cook-book plugging into existing examples. It seems like a very useful tool, and have only been held back by the learning curve and my tendency to forget how to work with things I don't use often, and the Eclipse tools work for 98% of what I need to do (so far).

Here are two additional suggestions:
(1) Eclipse has a responsive forum for questions.
I've always had good luck at the Newcomers area. Please do post the answer here if you get it solved at that site!

(2) JarSplice is quick to download and easy to use and can very likely handle your issue.
I was initially resisting going here, but was very pleasantly surprised when I finally gave it a try.
9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Multiple Threads and their interaction on: 2015-01-04 04:27:54
Hi guys, a complete n00b in game dev here. I just tried making a simple game using swing. I made the game loop (the one that iterates over pressed buttons) in a separate thread. But I have a serious problem, I really lack skills in multithread programming. In the end of the loop I used Thread.currentThread().wait(20) so the picture would have time to get repainted.. but something tells me that it is not a good way at all. Could you guys tell me how to make it the right way or how to improve my knowledge in multithread programming?

Having a game loop that takes the same amount of time every iteration is probably more valuable than having the fastest possible throughput.

A common practice is the following: at the start of the game loop, store the current time in a long. Then, at the end of the game loop, read the time again and calculate the delta. Then, sleep as much as is needed to reach your chosen target loop time.

For 60fps, you will want a loop that consumes about 16 millis. That seems to be a good practical target, as there are quite a few screens that refresh at 60 fps, so going faster than that can be kind of pointless. You are currently consuming the elapsed time for the code + 20 millis, so you can probably expect to see some improvement if you implement this plan.

Re Swing and multi-threading: I try to avoid the EDT for the game loop, as it is already going to be busy with the repaint calls (rendering). There are numerous strategies for preventing multi-threading related crashes, including using synchronization. But it is also possible to do quite a lot, without problems, if you make sure you store changes to game state in a "model" layer, and not in the Swing control itself (which would be considered part of the "presentation" layer). For example, if you have a button that is part of your game, store the state of the button in a separate volatile variable, and if you need to consult the button state, do it by consulting that variable, not the button itself.

"Loose coupling" goes a long way to circumventing potential multi-threading problems.
10  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Game Sound effects? on: 2014-12-31 06:01:55
If a free effect is "too long," you should still be able to trim it to size with a tool such as Audacity. I think it's possible to apply a lot of effects: filtering, compression, maybe even pitch shifting. Take one of your long explosions and put a volume taper on it to cut it down to size.

Another possibility for explosions: take a bullet, and slow it down. It is a little muffled (process loses the top octaves of high end), but that is okay for explosions in the distance. I did this on an applet I posted once here, building automatic gunfire, rifle fire, various mortars and bombs all from a single clip played at different speeds. I wonder if it still is around and runs!
You will probably get a hundred warning messages if you try and run it. The file should be safe, though.

I think I got the gunshot from, but had to trim the file to isolate a single shot.
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: How alive is the forum? on: 2014-12-29 23:12:19
So True, i have looked for other good java related fourms but this seems to be the biggest and most active Smiley

IMHO, one of the best general Java forums is

Their section for game programming is weak, though. For questions on Java usage, they are very good. But it is not the sort of place where you get to know people that well, except for maybe a few of the Sheriffs, or the Cattle Drive nit pickers.
12  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: GradientTexture problem on: 2014-12-29 05:21:39
My eye was caught by the same thing that Kefwar points out.  You'll only see the change from 125 to 150 (1/4th of the gradient change). It should look mostly like your second color.

By the way, you can post a screen shot jpg at MYFILES and link it, in order to show us exactly what the results are.
13  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: My Pixel Theme Song! on: 2014-12-24 21:48:14
Needs more cowbell.  Wink

I don't know what you are using to generate this. The positives that I hear:

* rhythm is steady (depending on api, that can be difficult to achieve!)
* able to keep a clear drum pattern going
* nice "retro" synth (assuming you are going for that) (is synth from a library or did you program it?)
* some good, cheerful game music melodic material in there

Things that I'm not so keen on:
* steady repetition of pulse, rather than using notes of different time lengths
(if pulse-unit must be maintained, there are ways in the composing to try and compensate, such as grouping notes in certain chords or repeating notes or mini-patterns)
* wondering if the pace were a little faster it would be add excitement
* the synth used is a bit on the buzzy side, so it all gets kind of fuzzy-textured (can be okay if the goal is retro)
* some of the melodic fragments are a bit "awkward"--with leaps where one might expect steps and vice versa, or turning "left" where one expects a turn to the "right".

I think a little polishing of the melody would help. The music theory of melody gets kind of complicated (dealing chord tones and special treatment for weak and strong beats and when to hit consonances and dissonances and how to resolve the latter, etc etc). As an alternate approach, I'd suggest thinking of the melody as a flowing object, with mass, moving in a space that has a certain gravity, and with a certain momentum to it. Listening to it and moving with it should help reveal where the "metaphor" of a unique time and space created by a good melodic line breaks down or not. (A strong beat can be like walls that the "melody" bounces off of, back and forth.)

The following is still to come, yes?
* integration with sound effects
14  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Strange stuttering on moving objects on: 2014-12-24 21:22:01
My prejudice has been to prefer the Util timer to the Swing timer. I find actions on the Event Dispatch Thread (EDT) to sometimes be rather mysterious--I don't understand the mechanics of this thread well enough to be able to predict when consolidation of EDT events will occur or not.

Since that is a "dark area" for me, my guess is that there is some EDT consolidation happening only when you are not pressing a key. This is a process where if the EDT gets a series of "similar" calls, it drops all but the last in the series. Thus, it jumps ahead rather than executing each in series, creating stuttering.

A proper game loop can be made with either a util.Timer or made in as a separate class. They are functionally equivalent, if the separate class is running in its own thread (as it should be). IMHO, the "update" portion of either form of the game loop should only set flags, not actively alter Swing objects, and the "render" portion can consult those flags when rendering the Swing objects. This avoids the problem of engaging an unsafe Swing object concurrently (the main motivation for using a Swing Timer) and helps prevent the EDT from getting clogged.

5 millis seems rather short for a game loop. That translates to 200 fps if it executes as asserted, which is overkill if monitors are only updating 60fps. 60fps is more like a loop of 16 millis. Not clear to me how that might effect your stuttering or the lack of it when executing a key press. Perhaps the keypresses are enforcing a certain pace, slowing the loop (AnimationListener) execution to a speed where there is no consolidation on the EDT, or are otherwise given some sort of "do not consolidate" priority. As I said, I find this under-the-engine stuff kind of mystifying.
15  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Can't get enough keyboard? on: 2014-12-24 03:22:23
Thought there'd be certain individuals at JGO that would get a kick out of this Kickstarter: The Keyboard Waffle Iron.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron IS HERE! By popular demand, the internet's dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality.
16  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / Re: Can't create sound second time? on: 2014-12-18 23:02:35
I haven't worked with OpenAL, but I am curious about one aspect of your question, and it might lead to a solution.

With Clip (in javax.sound.sampled), a common newbie practice is to reload the sound anew from the source file with each playback. They don't realize that the Clip was designed to only be loaded once, and that there are methods to reposition the "playback head" of the sound back to the start, and replay it.

Is this possible with the sounds you are trying to play? It seems really inefficient to me to have to destroy and reload a sound for the simple task of playing it more than once. Chances are, once it is in memory, there is a way to reset it to the beginning and restart.
17  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-10 06:46:50
@Catharsis -- Thanks for the plans you put together at PartPicker. My friend who is helping out with the purchase has some good reasoning about how much computing power is needed for the tasks that I have in front of me. But I also like the fact that with building one's own there are definite benefits, such as knowing you what you will end up in terms of the supporting gear, and not leave the choice of mobo, power supply, etc., in the hands of companies that seem mostly interested in maximizing their short term profit over selling high-quality products. Fine points, like having matched RAM, are easier to accomplish when building one's own.

I'm going to hit the reviews concentrating more on the supporting gear this time, and try putting something together that is solid, but looking forward to eventually getting the desired CPU and GPU, and see if I can bring this into budget. The lack of specs on the first computer I referenced, it could be a bit dicy planning on upgrading CPU & GPU sometime in the future when the other components could be weak.

@Catharsis, can you send me a link to the graphics Kickstarter project you mentioned? That sounded interesting, and I'd like to send it out via Facebook, etc., to various people I know who might be interested in checking it out.

@Riven -- The funds have to be spent on upgrading.
18  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-09 21:26:15
@Catharsis - Yes, am interested. I sent a PM.

Here's a question.

Suppose we start with the purchase of the computer I listed earlier, and add another 4MB RAM for 8 total (16 possible):

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2203 Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-6300 (3.50GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Windows 8.1 64-bit

How do I find out if it is possible to upgrade the graphics card to the recommended GT750Ti? (I'm thinking this should be no problem.)

How do I find out if it is possible to upgrade the CPU to the recommended  FX 8320 CPU (3.2ghz 8 core)? (I know much less about how interchangeable CPU's might be.)

I'm tempted to try and build, but I think my "angel" may be more comfortable with going with the existing pre-built unit.
19  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-09 05:40:22
I went through similar hand-wringing last year and didn't pull the trigger on anything. Riven gave some advice on going through a friend (checked, none are upgrading at the moment) or CraigsList (I think he said eBay, actually).

I am going to give that idea another go. It is scary buying from strangers not in an actual business. I don't like the idea of dealing with illegal software copies (often the case). But at least, with the research and advice, I'm starting to get a better idea of what sort of cpu and graphics capabilities...

20  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-09 05:22:39
I currently dual boot my PC: XP and Ubuntu. I assume I will go that route again, but with a newer Windows OS.

I'm looking at kits from Google, TigerDirect and NewEgg. It is a little overwhelming!

I have an external HD that could serve in a pinch? I do NOT want to cannibalize the existing system, as there is software that will probably have to continue to be run from the old system, at least for a few months.

I like the idea of multi-core. I don't need cutting edge games, am a moderate game player, tend to buy games that are a couple years old, if at all. Ability to run an emulator for Android & iOS would be nice, if the performance is enough to make sure something like an Avian or RoboVM (still deciding whether to try these) build isn't going to have an obvious crash before I send it to the friend with the Mac systems for further tests.

Maybe I can't do what I want for the money I have available.

On this system (recommended by @Phased, estimated $500 to $600):
an FX 8320 CPU (3.2ghz (or 3.6?) 8 core CPU)
8gb RAM
GTX 750TI (or could go for the r7 260x which would save you around $30 depending on which one you get)
1tb HDD

The FX 8320 CPU has a comment that says it can function as a Minecraft Server! That is overkill. I have no ambitions to run a server.

What about this in its place: AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core 3.5GHz (4.1GHz Turbo)
Socket AM3+ 95W Desktop Processor FD6300WMHKBOX $110

GTX 750TI: $140
How much is lost if this is substituted?
GIGABYTE GV-N750OC-2GI G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 750 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card

I see @Gibbo3771 recommending i5, but I'm thinking again, save a little and go with something like this i3 instead?
Intel Core i3-4130 Haswell Dual-Core 3.4GHz LGA 1150 54W Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4400 BX80646I34130 with integrated GPU, $120
(But one user says this is more like a Minecraft - level games, is awaiting a GTX-750 TI.)

What can be done for under $450 (reserving some $$ for Windows OS)?
Not much?
Not much better than the earlier PC I linked?
21  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-09 01:54:21
Was seriously considering building own, but even with cost savings (debatable) there's the matter of buying software for OS. Otherwise, it could be very fun and interesting.

I wish I could "wait a couple months and save" but that is just not happening. Am at 50-50% odds on whether a given month will earn or lose money! Making do within limits is the reality. I'm more concerned with Indie level games than cutting edge. Being a year or two behind the times is acceptable, and a cost that unfortunately must be paid. (Helps keep development programming tight, having to run on slower machines?)

Reviews for the processor are overall pretty positive. Thanks for the suggestion to check that out. I will probably pull trigger on this deal Tuesday, unless something better at same price shows up or some bad news about this gear appears.

22  Discussions / General Discussions / RESOLVED: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-08 23:18:52
Edit: This has been resolved. I now have a new computer, built from parts, described in the post reply #23. Thanks again for the help from everyone!
CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2203 Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-6300 (3.50GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Windows 8.1 64-bit

Any warning flags that more savvy of you have spotted?
Or is this decent upgrade from what I have for the $$?

I like that it is running lots of cores, and has room for upgrades (to 16MB). I'm guessing I'll have headaches moving my older software over, but if nothing else, there are probably 32-bit emulators in existence. Will have to upgrade the software piecemeal.

My current PC is XP and very obsolete. Budget is very tight.
23  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Anyone know the name of the piano piece on: 2014-12-04 21:04:31
Before 1:30, it seems to me to just be something the film composer put together, not an existing song. A-flat, C, G played over a few times, with A-flat Major being the key. The additional chords are standard, nothing you wouldn't hear in something like "Body and Soul" (classic fun piano duet) though it certainly isn't that piece.

Ah, the texture changes around 3:40. It THAT the section you are interested in? It is mostly a nice motif played over standard chords of A-flat major. If it matches an existing pop song, I don't recognize it (I could very well be wrong--my pop knowledge not exhaustive by any stretch). But wouldn't it HAVE to be mentioned in the credits else the film makers get in a lot of trouble, yes?

I'm going to bet it was something the composer wrote custom for the film. It's pretty, and works well with the scene, as does the device of using hints at first and later filling things out as the scene gets more dramatic.

Any decent composer should be able to replicate something similar. I wonder if it could be given an api -- set of variations that match game state dynamics...(that's the way I'm thinking about music these days).
24  Games Center / Contests / Re: Ludum Dare 31 on: 2014-12-04 05:25:10
@SHC -- I sent you a PM. Am interested.
25  Games Center / Showcase / Re: VERBAL - the fast-paced thinking word game on: 2014-12-03 21:40:07
I agree that many of the 9-letter words listed by @richierich are on the obscure side, but as they are more of a bonus than a main feature, they don't need to be as accessible or easy as the basic game play. Also, a lot of those words are perfectly reasonable. For example, I've seen "theropods" in Calvin & Hobbes cartoons.

For comparison (word lengths in current commercially successful products):
 * In Scrabble, 7-letters is a threshold for bonus points.
 * In Boggle, 8-letters or more yield the highest per-word score (11 pts, vs 5 points for 7-letter words).
 * There is a Sunday puzzle feature (related to the Scrabble brand, I think) that features 5 or 6 7-letter collections to descramble and form into the highest Scrabble score possible.

So, 9 is unique, AFAIK. That can be good (branding), but it can also be risky (unproven).

Sorting out "easier" words manually should be avoidable. (One would hope! It would be a huge, time-consuming task.)

Look for work-frequency charts, "easier" words will tend to appear more frequently than obscure words.
Look for word lists or vocabulary lists geared for ESL or grade school levels.
And cross-reference.
[EDIT: uh, actually, if the only thing that needs this sort of evaluation is the 9-letter word list, maybe that isn't such a terrible task. There only has to be one per puzzle. How many puzzles will be packaged with the game? Are they stored, or generated?]
26  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Hexara -- work in progress on: 2014-12-01 02:14:26
Am ready to try again. I am pretty confident the bug that caused hangs has been identified and fixed. The following two programs should work with Java7 or Java8, on Mac or PC or Linux.

There is a collection that I was relying on: ConcurrentSkipListSet, for scheduling audio events. I used a ">=" where there should have been a ">" in a compareTo method, and while it worked in Java 7, a new implementation of the collection exposed the sloppy compareTo and would start to spin in place. Had I been more rigorous in the compareTo, following the requirements in the JavaDoc, this would never have happened. Sad will be nice getting back to making progress instead of fixing broken things.

It will be a little difficult taking the time to "finish" the game. Am going to try and stick with it, especially after having been given some good suggestions. But a lot of my brain is occupied with wanting to test out the implementation of more game scoring techniques with the audio library. And there is a little matter of pending contract work that needs to be done to pay the rent.
27  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Hexara -- work in progress on: 2014-11-28 20:59:01
Java 8 installed, along with Eclipse LUNA.
I copied Hexara and PFAudio in, and yes, they are crashing (the audio is working fine, its the Swing stuff that seems to be crashing in test programs written for PFAudio).

And that is good news. Something to debug!

[EDIT: And the bad news is, it seems to be due to a bug in the Java 8 implementation of ConcurrentSkipListSet, a vital piece of the audio scheduling system. There is a bug listed:

Now what? Maybe will have to try and program a work-around.

Stuff like that isn't supposed to break!!]

[EDIT #2: embarrassment. The error was with a faulty compare method I wrote implementing the Comparable used by the ConcurrentSkipListSet.]
28  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: JGO social stats on: 2014-11-28 14:18:50
As someone who has occasionally had the dubious honor of being the most verbose, I think your pithiness award is a positive...

no sweat, it's good
29  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Hexara -- work in progress on: 2014-11-28 14:08:52
y u no use java 7
An Oracle website has a time line where they have scheduled discontinuing Java 7 updates in April 2015. That's coming up pretty quick.

@Longarmx -- Are you using Eclipse, too? I always hesitate to jump forward to a new release. I'm still using Juno. Seems like it is time for Kepler + Java 8.

New theory on the crashes: I may be exposing myself to Swing multithreading problems, and these are more likely to go off on Java 8 than 7 for some reason. I am rereading about scheduling things on the EDT. (Book is open right next to me.) Have generally been kind of relaxed about this, as cluttering the EDT hurts performance, and haven't ever gotten in trouble prior to this.
30  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Hexara -- work in progress on: 2014-11-28 00:46:32
Windows 7 64-bit
There aren't any messages in the console.
I think that I should again point out that the animation still plays, so it doesn't crash.

Interesting. That's the first Windows complaint. Are you by chance using Java 8? The Mac computers that were having troubles are all Java 8.

I wonder what it means when a program has a single thread freeze like that. Maybe there is something going in the multithreading or concurrent processing where the spec has changed slightly. Classically, there is either an infinite loop occurring or a deadlock. I wrote this to make no use of Synchronization, though. I guess there could be a Swing conflict?

Something similar happened once before during version upgrades, in the audio: it used to be you could create an AudioInputLine from an InputLine in Java 6. Then, there was a slight change in how underlying lines where ordered or something obscure like that and the code "broke" in Java 7. Actually, it didn't exactly break, the test for "Markability" just started to fail where it hadn't in practice before, and a lot of us didn't know audio line input often isn't 'markable".

I did a search earlier on java 8 mac bugs. I'll try searching on Java 7 to 8 transition bugs.

[EDIT: not finding anything suggestive. But maybe it is time to download Java 8. I guess I could run it separately, rather than out-and-out replace Java 7 just yet.]

@pjt33 Good suggestions! I like the text you wrote. May I use it or a slightly edited version? I used to have a menu bar with the ability to "RESET" a puzzle or give up. It may be time to bring the bar back, and include an instruction screen as well as choices for abandoning. I was thinking a Menu bar could also allow a way to load additional puzzles (sell a set of 24 or 48 at your choice of difficulty level for $1 or 0.50 cents or something). or maybe just have a row of buttons along the bottom. You are the second person to request the additional highlighting--I probably should go ahead and do it.

Happy Thanksgiving! (to those who celebrate it)
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2D Dynamic Lighting
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Understanding relations between setOrigin, setScale and setPosition in libGdx
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Definite guide to supporting multiple device resolutions on Android (2014)
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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Resources for WIP games
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