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philfrei's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: LibGdx - perline noise 2015-05-20
1x Re: 1D Perlin Noise 2015-05-02
1x Re: Looking for Source Code Ressources 2015-04-19
1x Android Studio comedy of errors 2015-03-09
1x Re: where can i get better at java? 2015-02-27
8x Ian Allen, my good friend and top "tester" died and is becoming famous! 2015-01-23
1x RESOLVED: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing 2015-01-22
3x Re: My Pixel Theme Song! 2014-12-24
1x Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing 2014-12-09
5x REVIEW: Trends in Game Scoring, SF Conservatory of Music "Game On!" conference 2014-11-26
1x Re: java jar file rejected by folks at "Demo Derby", need .mov ASAP 2014-11-18
1x Re: Hexara -- work in progress 2014-11-10
1x Re: Perlin noise that looks like this 2014-10-14
1x Re: LibGDX Loading Audio File 2014-10-06
1x Re: *solved* Updating & Rendering in a timely fashion 2014-08-29
1x Re: Best books for programming in general? 2014-08-22
1x Re: Life is like a strategy game sort off 2014-08-07
1x Re: Why does my if statments stop working when I remove System.out statments 2014-08-01
1x Re: Java Audio Metronome | Timing and Speed Problems 2014-06-20
1x Re: How to change and image transparency 2014-05-29
1x Physical/Sensory intelligence and game design 2014-05-28
1x Re: "No, You Can't Make Video Games" 2014-05-21
1x Re: [Java2D] Need some explanation on an old tutorial. 2014-05-12
1x Re: Getting more serious about game DESIGN 2014-05-05
1x Re: ConcurrentModificationException when removing an item from an arraylist 2014-04-29
1x Re: What programs are there for making music? 2014-04-20
1x Re: What genre/artists do you listen to while coding? 2014-04-15
1x Re: Books to read. 2014-04-01
8x Re: Programmer jokes 2014-03-17
2x Programmer jokes 2014-03-17
1x Re: Rougelike fun 2014-02-21
1x Re: Java and Algebra. 2014-02-11
1x Re: Shooting towards the mouse 2014-01-31
1x Re: Calculate the total amount for 5 seconds 2014-01-02
2x Re: Thread spawning or Thread pool 2013-12-25
1x Re: Regrowth 2013-11-17
1x Re: Regrowth 2013-11-13
1x Re: Java Game Programming Books 2013-11-12
1x Re: Strange behaviour at the beginning of the game 2013-11-11
2x Re: Issue with LWJGL Space Inaders Example 2013-11-08
1x Re: I need to break an addiction to organization... 2013-10-28
1x Re: Multi threaded game loop 2013-10-28
1x Re: Appending Perlin maps 2013-10-15
1x Re: Appending Perlin maps 2013-10-15
1x Re: Packaging files inside jars 2013-10-14
1x Re: Rendering and game loop method for optimal framerate 2013-10-11
2x Re: noise implementation 2013-10-01
1x Re: Math problem (trigoniometry) 2013-08-26
1x Re: OpenAL sound problems. (Also using Slick Util and LWJGL) 2013-08-15
1x Re: How to get gradients do their job 2013-07-22
1x SiVi - 2D Simplex Noise Visualizer Tool 2013-07-19
1x Re: An array index out of bounds exception, I know what that means but.. why!? 2013-07-08
1x Re: My next step? 2013-06-20
4x Re: What music do you listen to while you code? 2013-06-12
1x Re: What have been/are your learning techniques? 2013-03-31
1x Re: When to start trying? 2013-03-10
1x Re: Quick Question about Imports... 2013-02-23
1x Re: [UNSOLVED] Connecting Java with JavaScript in HTML? (Kongregate) 2013-01-03
1x simple audio mixer, 2nd pass 2012-11-30
1x Re: Perlin noise questions 2012-11-04
1x Re: Logarithmic interpolation? 2012-09-10
1x Re: Collision again. Good detection system. 2012-09-09
1x Re: Simplex noise, experiments towards procedural generation 2012-09-04
4x Simplex noise, experiments towards procedural generation 2012-08-23
1x Re: Image Rotator 2012-08-21
5x Re: Memory, Then and Now 2012-08-11
2x Re: Procedural night sky 2012-08-08
1x Procedural night sky 2012-08-07
1x Re: Concurrency 2012-08-03
1x Re: Failure exporting runnable JAR 2012-07-29
1x Re: Snake movement 2012-07-12
1x Re: My OggStreamer ALWAYS works running from IDE, but only 1/3 of the time from jar 2012-04-19
1x Re: My OggStreamer ALWAYS works running from IDE, but only 1/3 of the time from jar 2012-04-19
1x Re: Need a really simple library for playing sounds and music? Try TinySound. 2012-04-08
1x Re: Bubo 4k 2011-12-20
1x Re: Leave Me Alone! [LD48] 2011-12-19
1x Re: Android Word Search App 2011-12-11
1x Re: ImageIO speed problem 2011-08-01
1x Re: ApoNotSoSimple 2011-07-28
1x Re: Quidditch 2011-07-19
1x Re: Time for Words 2011-06-22
1x Re: Time for Words 2011-06-22
1x Re: simple motion blur 2011-06-02
1x Re: Seeking recommendations for wav to ogg/vorbis convertor 2011-05-24
1x Re: Seeking recommendations for wav to ogg/vorbis convertor 2011-05-24
1x Re: Restrict size of a JComponent 2011-05-12
1x Re: Figuring out the Mouse Listener 2011-05-12
1x Re: Figuring out the Mouse Listener 2011-04-26
1x Re: JVM reports timer taking longer than it should... 2011-04-20
1x Re: A noob's project 2011-04-09
Waterwolf (23 views)
2015-05-20 15:01:45

chrislo27 (27 views)
2015-05-20 03:42:21

BurntPizza (64 views)
2015-05-10 15:53:18

FrozenShade (48 views)
2015-05-07 09:11:21

TheLopais (210 views)
2015-05-06 13:36:48

TheLopais (194 views)
2015-05-06 13:35:14

TheLopais (201 views)
2015-05-06 13:33:39

TheLopais (220 views)
2015-05-06 13:32:48

TheLopais (216 views)
2015-05-06 13:31:28

ClaasJG (238 views)
2015-04-30 20:33:25
List of Learning Resources
by SilverTiger
2015-05-05 10:20:32

How to: JGO Wiki
by Mac70
2015-02-17 20:56:16

2D Dynamic Lighting
by ThePixelPony
2015-01-01 20:25:42

How do I start Java Game Development?
by gouessej
2014-12-27 19:41:21

Resources for WIP games
by kpars
2014-12-18 10:26:14

Understanding relations between setOrigin, setScale and setPosition in libGdx
by mbabuskov
2014-10-09 22:35:00

Definite guide to supporting multiple device resolutions on Android (2014)
by mbabuskov
2014-10-02 22:36:02

List of Learning Resources
by Longor1996
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