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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Community Projects and Proposals on: 2005-08-04 08:31:13
I personally don't think it's fair that any project is denied, since this is the java game community and any work should be encouraged.   But saying that, I also understand the need to not have hundreds of unfinished pieces of code which are going nowhere clogging the project lists.
My suggestion would be to rate projects rather that accept / deny (much like hotels), so we have download areas for projects going from 1 star (say) to 5 sta. Projects could be re-evaluated periodically at the project leads discression and possibly earn another star.  This way we would know that the 5 star projects represent the cream of the community and the 1 star projects are the going-nowhere-yet projects.
2  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Jinx Engine on: 2005-07-21 13:42:17
Easier to see than explain...

public class RenderIntegrationTest {
    * Constructor

   public RenderIntegrationTest() {

         * Create a rendering display window using defaults.

        RenderWindow rWin = JinxEngine.getInstance()

    * Apply an intial state to clear the color buffer

      .applyState(new ColorBufferState());
         * Add the exit and full screen switch commands

                        new KeyActionExit(),
                        new KeyActionSwitchFullScreen());
    * Apply the rendering node

         new CameraNode("Camera1")
            .addChild(new MyRender("CustomRender")));
         * Render

        class MyRender extends RenderIntegrationNode {
       * Constructor
       * @param nodeName

      public MyRender(final String nodeName) {

      /* (non-Javadoc)
       * @see org.jinx.render.RenderIntegrationNode#render(org.jinx.device.VideoDriver)

      public void render(final VideoDriver driver) {
         GL11.glTranslatef(0.0f, 0.0f, -5.0f);
         GL11.glVertex3f(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);
         GL11.glVertex3f(1.0f, -1.0f, 0.0f);
         GL11.glVertex3f(-1.0f, -1.0f, 0.0f);

      /* (non-Javadoc)
       * @see org.jinx.render.RenderObject#update()

      public void update() {
3  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Jinx Engine on: 2005-07-21 11:57:52
I've gone through the normal channels but 2 months later an no luck, so I'll post here instead.

Jinx Engine
Typically, scenegraph rendering APIs provide an
abstraction above the rendering library to hide away
the details of a particular API or support multiple
technologies through a single interface. While this
solves these issues, it can also lead to a new API
which becomes just a complex to learn. Developers with
an understanding of graphics libraries such as OpenGL
can often feel like their hands are tied using a
scenegraph due to the nature of this abstraction.
Jinx is 3D hybrid scenegraph rendering engine for
LWJGL. Rather than abstracting the underlying
rendering technology, Jinx embraces it, allowing a
mixed mode of programming through pre-defined and
custom nodes in the scenegraph.
The scenegraph allows callbacks for states which are
attached to the nodes in the graph, for example,
attaching a color state to a geometry node to specify
a color for the geometry.  A callback within the
render process allows the developer to insert code at
any point in the state rendering process to define
custom states which are not directly supported at the
The developer is given the choice of fully utilising
the existing scenegraph structure and at any point
adding nodes with custom LWJGL endering code. The Jinx
API uses the LWJGL classes extensively to further
support the familiarisation of existing LWJGL
The goal of Jinx is to find a balance between a high
level scenegraph which allows rapid development of the
rendering process and flexibility to allow interaction
with the engine at any point by providing custom
rendering code. At this stage, the basic scenegraph
framework is being developed, with emphasis on the
scenegraph API rather than the custom interaction
parts, although support for these do already exist.
See for an example of a NeHe port
for Jinx under the examples.  Further examples and
documentation will be added to the site shortly.
4  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Could not find a valid pixel format ... on: 2005-06-28 22:10:40
As Matzon said, LWJGL don't require OpenGL 1.2. I've run my game on a TNT2 and I doubt it is 1.2 compatible. But it do require OpenGL drivers. It will not fall back on MS software renderer unless you set a system property.

Probably not, but I bet it supports a whole range of 1.2, 1.3 and possibly 1.4 extensions, just as my useless Savage driver does.  Just not the whole lot to get the official compatibility stamp.  The question is, does LWJGL crash if the driver does not expose any WGL extensions at all?
If it does require the WGL_xxx_extensions_string, then to guarentee compatibility, all cards must be OpenGL 1.2 certified even if the library uses nothing else.
5  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Could not find a valid pixel format ... on: 2005-06-28 20:31:52
Hi Matzon,

Me too - LWJGL 0.97.  Did used to work fine back in the 0.6 / 0.7 days.  Looks like Aramaz is having probs with the S3 Savage chipset too.
6  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Could not find a valid pixel format ... on: 2005-06-28 19:40:10
DirectX..Java.. Easy tiger.  There is nothing wrong with using Java as a game programming language and it's not really OpenGL that is at fault either.  I presume that the assumption is made with LWJGL that unlike us 'weird folk' with our antique graphics cards, most people have at least a reasonably funky nVidia or ATI card installed.  And it's not that odd an assumption, considering we are now at a stage where most drivers provide at least some form of subset of support for OpenGL 2.0.

However, to maximise support, there should be a very good reason why LWJGL requires 1.2 and above, although if there is, it may have nothing to do with the problem we are having here.
7  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Could not find a valid pixel format ... on: 2005-06-28 12:27:30
I get the same thing using Win32 w/ S3 ProSavage Twister with the latest drivers.  I'm pretty sure its cause the ProSavage drivers don't expose any WGL extensions, specifically WGL_EXT_extensions_string or WGL_ARB_extensions_string which appears to be required by LWJGL making it OpenGL version 1.2 and higher only.... of course I would love to be wrong so I can use my laptop for development.  Undecided
8  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: OdeJava tutorials/documentation on: 2004-04-30 14:30:47
yeah, you can get the basics from looking at the example stuff, so you should be able to set up your scene... but, doing your own stuff- I mean gravity is OK, but what about mass?,friction?,torque? and stuff.  The values you give really seem to effect the physics.  I'm finding it hard enough to stop my objects boucing around the floor like they are on a bad acid.  :-/
9  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: OdeJava tutorials/documentation on: 2004-04-30 14:19:25
OdeJava is still a bit light on the ground for tutorials or documentation at the moment, it's still a very young API.
As to working with LWJGL or OpenGL, it's just another call in your render loop.

- Setup OdeJava to model objects
- Start render loop
- Call ode world update (see examples step() function)
- Render changes to models via OpenGL by getting the changes to the models from OdeJava (i.e postion, rotation, etc)

The hardest bit is finding what all the physics parameter values do and how this effects your models.  Most of the time, the objects do nothing or fly off into oblivion before you get to have a look.  It's a bit 'suck it and see' at the moment.
10  Game Development / Game Mechanics / [Odejava] Modelling a room on: 2004-04-29 14:23:17
Hi guys,

I'm very new to ODEJava so it may be obvious.  I understand that creating a GeomPlane can be used to model static ground geometry, but how would I go about doing the same for walls and ceiling - i.e inside a large cube?
BTW - this library is so cool, well done.
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: First post and the usual question about Java t on: 2003-04-10 11:48:01
"See, I'm that kind of purist/dreamer/madman? who is expecting a timer to be part of the core java classes on any machine,"

There is... but alas, it's not good enough.  Most of the timers suggested are hi-res ones.
12  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: How do you read a key press? on: 2003-03-26 14:42:53
Sure, implement something like the following:

boolean F12_DOWN = false ;

      if(F12_DOWN == false)
            F12_DOWN = true ;
            swapLighting() ;
      F12_DOWN = false ;

This is kind of what I had.  The thing is, if your game does 200 FPS (...9700 Pro  Smiley) and you push the button for 1/4 second, the F12_DOWN variable has switched on and off about 50 times.  It is not guaranteed to be the opposite of the state it was when you pushed the key.

Cas... how does the buffer state help?  Can I detect in the buffer the key being pushed, followed by it being released?
13  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / How do you read a key press? on: 2003-03-26 09:40:01
Is there a way to perform a key-press rather than a key down?  By checking if a key is down, then swapping a state (in my instance switching on and off lighting), it constantly switches state and it's random which state I get because I'm not fast enough to get my finger off the button before it has 'looped' again.
There has to be a better way to do this?
14  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: The Alien Flux Development Diary (aka XAP) on: 2003-03-20 08:24:22
Nice.  Grin

Works great on my XP1800+ / WinXP / S3 Savage S4's a bit hard init?  Wink
15  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: A Difficult One! on: 2003-03-04 13:59:11
It has to be Half-Life...
16  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Java people, don't waste your time! on: 2002-11-18 10:17:38
The other thing to point out when comparing Swing apps to native ones in terms of speed and memory, is you are not comparing like for like.  The native components and events, etc, etc have allready been loaded by the operating system when that starts up.  I personally think Windows is a massive memory hog strangely requiring double the memory each release from the last release, yet you don't here people bitching about it all the time.
Actually, you do....
The point is, if Windows loaded all the Swing classes into memory when it loaded and the JVM just used the memory versions, many more would not complain about startup speed or memory hogging.
17  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Lightweight Java Game Library - Opinions, plea on: 2002-10-31 07:22:01
I personally don't think it's worth it.  Especially to the extent Cas it talking about.
Maybe just consider splitting out OpenAL from the rest..but again, if it were me, I really wouldn't bother.
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