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1  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2015-01-30 05:12:45
(Also, that medal was an accident)

Well it's mine now, and you can't have it back!

*throws it in the pile*
2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2015-01-28 06:15:05
Ooooh, 7MB embedded PNG! Think of the children (with expensive mobile plans)!

Blast! My evil plan has been discovered. Sad
3  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2015-01-27 10:21:21
probably should be a "what I did last week", kept forgetting to post this here.

I made a cool 1:1 full sized mapwriter for RPC, so you can save hugenormious images of your maps for whatever crazy reason you have.

You should use the link and see the full size:

4  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2015-01-27 10:14:54
Postpone it for as long as possible. We talked out it before, but let me reiterate:
 - DNS is unreliable
 - TCP connections are unreliable
 - antivirus software will lock/delete/corrupt your new files (between checking the digest and loading resources from them)
 - spiffy SSDs are notorious for being... full.

Writing a launcher / auto-updater that has workarounds for all this madness, and has a proper UI, is a lot of work.
You'd typically want a two stage launcher, as you want to auto-update your launcher - as there will be bugs.

TL;DR: Let Steam do the heavy lifting for you, until rolling your own is worth the time spent on it.
... and if I could just chime in here on mine & Riven's experience doing this... it will never be worth the time spent on it, sadly. Which is a shame because it was nice.

Cas Smiley

Yeah, to be honest, I lean more and more to not bothering with it every day. Not to mention all things aside, if I make a launcher/auto-updater that means I have the flip the bill for the bandwidth off my own server(s). I already "pay" Steam for their services, so I'd rather they flip as much of the costs as I can get away with, and bandwidth is a real quick biggy, especially during update periods.

That and the honest truth is GoG, Desura, D2D and all the other digital distro services combined really aren't going to make much of a dent in overall sales/exposure. The best reports I've seen is games getting 15-20%~ of their sales from off-Steam, and most of those had a large chunk that were direct sales from their official website. Seems it's less than 10% of the sales actually come from the other services. The reality is a lot of those users may of bought it on Steam anyway, they just opt'ed for the "DRM Free" environment of the other sites when they were given both options. Wink

Lets also not forget the logistics of just having to manage tech support on even more services, juggling Steam and my official website isn't a big deal. But it would be annoying if I had to track 4-5 sites at once.

So yeah, long post short, while I still plan to eventually go to the other sites, I lean more and more to not bothering. Honestly what will probably end up happening is I'll throw the game up on those sites after I'm done updating it, it's shelved and I'm moving on to new things. That way I don't even have to code a launcher/patcher.
5  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: True sprite centering libgdx on: 2015-01-27 06:14:03
One thing to keep in mind, typically it's a bad idea to draw your player in the center of the screen, what you actually want to do is draw your player in relation to where he is on the map, then tell the camera to center on the player.

For example:

float entityX = mapX+xOnMap; 
float entityY = mapY+yOnMap;

x/yOnMap would be where you want your guy to pop up on the map in relation to the map. (like 100,100 would put up 100 right and down from the map's 0,0)

entityObject.draw(entityX, entityY);

Reason this is ideal is it makes it easier for you to interact with the world, if you relate all of the player's coordinates with where the map is. Then, you can move/pan around the map anywhere you want and the player will "stay put" in whatever position he's in on the map.

of course, I have no idea what kind of game you're making, or the context of it. Rendering the player position related to the screen might make sense for your game. But if you're planning a game with maps that pan around the screen, it makes more sense to render the player at mapX+xOnMap and mapY+yOnMap.
6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: True sprite centering libgdx on: 2015-01-27 05:16:17
Not sure about libGDX specifically, but the thought process should be:

x = (windowWidth/2)-(imageWidth/2)
y = (windowHeight/2)-(imageHeight/2)
7  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2015-01-26 20:07:14
I'm probably not going to do a non-steam version until after the game is complete, no other platform really offers a working Early Access model. Cheesy

Maybe you could use, they have some kind of alpha/beta system going on. And I see you distribute RPC kinda like DRM-free on Steam anyway, so I don't think that'd be an issue.

I don't have a launcher/auto-updater written yet. So GoG users would have to constantly check the site for updates. :/
8  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2015-01-26 05:05:19
havn't searched for it but is the non-steam version available yet ? o/

I'm probably not going to do a non-steam version until after the game is complete, no other platform really offers a working Early Access model. Cheesy
9  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2015-01-25 05:52:25
InDev 12 is finally completed! InDev 12 introduces tons and tons of new features, including a fully functional save system, settings menu, a profile system, a completely rewritten resource system, dozens of AI tweaks, game play balances, and tons of rendering optimizing! This might be one of the largest updates yet!

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. Smiley

InDev 12 Change Log
- New save system! You can now save your game!
- The game now "ends" when all your villagers are dead.
- Added a new profile system, now you have five profile slots to use to have 5 completely independent games with their owns saves and settings configurations.
- Added a new settings menu, you can now configure many settings, including key bindings and volume.
- You can now toggle between "Retro" and the new "Smooth" particle mode, found in the new settings menu.
- Added a new map, "Hunted".
- Added a new map "Bottleneck".
- Updated Angstrom Zaio to V1.3
- Added "Dragonisser's Map V3.1" by Dragonisser to Developer's Choice.
- Added map "Iberia" by Json The Candyman to Developer's Choice.
- Moved all non-functional, work in progress and experimental maps to "InDev and Test Maps"
- New hotkeys added, including brush up and down, tab pop out toggles, hide topography and many more. Check the new Settings menu for the full list.
- Days are now 2.5 minutes per cycle, 15 minutes per day.
- Tweaked memory usage for windows machines.
- Fixed "jumpy" transitioning between states under high loads.
- Map editor loads in "Midday" instead of "Dawn" now.
- Saved map's map preview now use .BMP instead of .PNG.
- New map writer, you can now save a full sized image of your entire map with a single button click in the Map Editor. The output will be in /screenShots/
- Full sized minimaps are no longer generated on save, but instead saved with the map writer alongside the full sized map.
- New file format for almost all the saves. Old data will still load, and will be converted to he new format next save.
- Branch new item resource system, now resources are all their own proper objects. They are much more flexible, and you'll see some great things down the pipeline come from the new system.
- Resources now have multiple variation images.
- Added new song, "Pixel Village".
- Added new song, "Try Again!".
- Villagers are much more likely to breed now.
- Villagers now pick up the resources closest to them, rather than the old First In Last Out system.
- Builders can now only harvest resources they actively need to build with.
- Harvesting is now random, there is no priority system. Villagers will attempt to harvest selected resources near them, if nothing is near them they will pick a random spot to harvest from.
- Builders now "loop" through building and dismantling tasks, as soon as they complete the task they reattempt to build or dismantle again on the same building.
- Farmers can now work in all farms at once, but prioritize working in their own.
- Monsters will now attack more often if they are in town.
- Villagers now have a much greater chance to flee overall, and and even higher chance when not within their town.
- Children now almost always flee.
- Villagers can now only build, deliver and dismantle on the range map. Exception being a dismantle task that is not in range.
- Path finding calculations speed increased.
- Fixed "Unreachable resources" lag when you selected resources on the map that were not blocked, but the villagers still couldn't access.
- Added harvested crystal artwork.
- Added melodies for births, leveling up and death.
- Villager XP is now 150*Level per level for adults, and 100*Level per level for children. (was 50*level for both)
- Increased mob rendering speeds.
- Added render culling to floating text and icons.
- Greatly improved zoom speed, it is now instant on most machines.
- Particles and Mobs can now render on the main menu.
- The main menu cycles between maps "Hunted" and "The Quiet Forest"
- Towers now have a chance to stun monsters.
- Getting stunned on hit is now random chance, based on how hard you were hit.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the flee AI to cancel if a mob's position overlapped the mob it was fleeing from.
- Fixed a bug that when the it was midnight (Real time) the main menu would be solid black.
- New game mode: Peaceful. Minimal monster spawns, and you start with 32 villagers.
Increased maximum map description length to 240 characters.
- Added Hitbox link to the main menu and disclaimer.
- Added a splash image when the .exe is loading. (Windows only)
- Fixed a slowdown when resources existed to be picked up, and buildings existed to be worked on, but the resources were already assigned to other workers.
- Fixed a bug where pack members were not being removed from the pack on death.
- Fixed a bug that was not removing mates from their spouses when they died.
- Starting villagers is now random between 20 and 28.
- Play mode now saved on exit, even if you close the window.
- Monster spawn system changed, it is no longer based on how much open void there is. The rate stays consistent on all maps.
- Mate now fades out when going to the other mate's home.
- Lighting is overall brighter.
- Essence collector recharge rate increased to once every 100 ticks, from once every 150.
- Farm wood requirement changed from 64 to 32.
- Small farm requirement changed from 16 to 24.
- Loading all 3 cloud types now, for some reason we were only loading one.
- Added a "You lose" screen, although it does not delete the map yet. Just saves and exits.
- Fixed a very rare crash when if two villagers were in route to a house to mate, and one of them starved to death before they arrived, the game would crash.
- Reduced the amount of blood overall. No more insanely huge pools anymore, but still pretty gory.
- Increased Firebolt Tower range to from 8 to 12.
- Added render culling for the mob's health bars and collision box.
- Particle emitter update logic speed optimized.
- Greatly increased the rendering speed of the map.
- Fixed the tile map texture bleeding issues on the main menu, and rarely in-game.
- Added a new map writer, can now write 1:1 copies of the map to the screen shots folder.
- Made the construction outline opaque
- Now the game detects if you have a 32bit or 64bit copy of windows, and executes the correct bundled JRE accordingly.
10  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Article: The Rise and Fall of the Lone Game Developer on: 2015-01-15 01:08:06
I also think that the author may have a point about the stability of the income provided by these games, but maybe I am misinformed. Some of the "larger" independent games (Fez) were "trendy" and passed, or have begun to decline, like a fad would. Do you, or anyone else, think that these indie games you mentioned will be able to maintain a large enough income to provide for their creators? I am not asking that rhetorically, as I actually have no idea.

Well, the amount of money a one-man developer can make on Steam is enough to support him for a year or more if he plays his cards right, if it's a hugely popular title like Banished it makes him pretty much a multimillionaire, and set for life unless he just becomes a fool with his money.

Personally, if I made about 250k off RPC I'd consider it a huge success, even if it was just a trendy short-term thing. But I also am one person, so I get to keep 100% of the profits. For a small studio like say PuppyGames, 250k isn't enough for 4~ people to stay floating for even a single year, and most games take longer than that to develop.

Having said that though, when you start realizing the massive numbers that *could* be had it doesn't even matter if your game was a one-hit-wonder trendy title that dies off 3 months after it was born. If you're a one-man team you still have enough money to sit on while you figure out the second title.

Consider this:
- You make a trendy game, sell it for $10/copy.
- Because it's the trendy new game a bunch of people are buying "just because", you sell 50,000 copies in those 3 months.
- Before fees and taxes, you made half a million dollars.
- Game dies out, you pay your fees and taxes, and are still left with say, 250k + the trickle of sales you'll still continue to get over time.

Now consider the mid-level popular game, Towns:
- You make Towns, a game that sold over 200,000 copies at $14/pop.
- Less all fees, taxes and the fact a lot of copies were sold on Steam sales, you probably still made around 1.5-2 million dollars.

Now ask yourself, how much did the guy who made Banished make?

The reality is being a one man dev is still possible, people just need to have the skills and dedication to get there. Good products DO get noticed. The people who word things like stated in this article usually are the ones who can't hack it, blaming external factors for their failures instead of facing the fact they're just not going to hack it. These people will be beaten down by other superior developers.

Yes, there is a small luck factor in this business, but it's not the main riding factor everyone plays it out to be, many of the people who have a ton of games out but continue to spit out the "luck" rhetoric are usually low quality developers who look at their mediocre products with rose-colored goggles.
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Article: The Rise and Fall of the Lone Game Developer on: 2015-01-14 21:34:33
I can bulls**t on the entire article, and agree with this commenter;

As far as I’m concerned, this is the cost you pay to follow your dreams. There are people that desperately want to make games but don’t have the intelligence to get a Computer Science degree and will never have the qualifications to get hired by game developers or the innate logic and IQ to develop a game on their own despite their best efforts. The fulfillment you get following your dreams does not guarantee a salary. For those unable to do it, they get neither.

My Translation: Some people just can't hack it, and now it's a lot harder to be mediocre and get away with it than it was back-when.

There are too many one-man projects that debunk this article, like Banished for example. Then, if you consider the tiny-team developers (less than 3 or 4 people) the list grows wildly. Let's also not forget Farsky and Daedalus, both are 1 man ops, both on Steam and Farsky at least is doing very well. I can't say anything for Daedalus though, but I assume the same.

.. and you know, Retro-Pixel Castles has brought in a good amount of cash, just saying. Wink

(EDIT: Also, OrangePascal's Gunslugs 2 is about to be released; )
12  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Is it ok to use OpenGL 1.1? on: 2015-01-12 07:30:50
I think that actually about 98% of Steam users have OpenGL3+ capable cards but a fairly significant number of them are still using the broken OEM drivers.

Cas Smiley

Yeah, in my experience I'd definitely agree. I still have people having problems running my game with LWJGL 2.9.2 / Slick2d and having to update their drivers. How people have cards that can't even use Slick (based on GL11) is beyond me.
13  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: [Slick2D] Why the F is it so slow? [SOLVED] on: 2015-01-12 02:52:09
If you don't mind editing Slick itself, you can add drawEmbedded() support to Animation, it's actually not that complicated. Honestly it's just a ripoff of the regular draw() code, it just runs drawEmbedded when it's all said and done.

Add this below line 380:
    * Draw the animation to the screen without startUse() and endUse().

   public void drawEmbedded() {

    * Draw the animation at a specific location without startUse() and endUse().
    * @param x The x position to draw the animation at
    * @param y The y position to draw the animation at

   public void drawEmbedded(float x,float y) {

    * Draw the animation at a specific location without startUse() and endUse().
    * @param x The x position to draw the animation at
    * @param y The y position to draw the animation at
    * @param filter The filter to apply

   public void drawEmbedded(float x,float y, Color filter) {
      drawEmbedded(x,y,getWidth(),getHeight(), filter);
    * Draw the animation without startUse() and endUse().
    * @param x The x position to draw the animation at
    * @param y The y position to draw the animation at
    * @param width The width to draw the animation at
    * @param height The height to draw the animation at

   public void drawEmbedded(float x,float y,float width,float height) {
    * Draw the animation without startUse() and endUse().
    * @param x The x position to draw the animation at
    * @param y The y position to draw the animation at
    * @param width The width to draw the animation at
    * @param height The height to draw the animation at
    * @param col The colour filter to use

   public void drawEmbedded(float x,float y,float width, float height, Color col) {
      if (frames.size() == 0) {
      if (autoUpdate) {
         long now = getTime();
         long delta = now - lastUpdate;
         if (firstUpdate) {
            delta = 0;
            firstUpdate = false;
         lastUpdate = now;
      Frame frame = (Frame) frames.get(currentFrame);
14  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: [Slick2D] Why the F is it so slow? [SOLVED] on: 2015-01-10 20:37:55
@kevglass: just throwing it out there: if the slow path is too slow for basically anything (OP said: 32*32 tiles @ 9fps), then why expose this slow path to developers? Why not throw a YoureDoingItWrongException instead?

I know Slick2D is no longer supported by you, so it's more of a question regarding why you made this decision a long time ago. Smiley (when the slow path ran on 'worse' hardware, too)

While I can't really speak for Kev obviously, I think it's for simplicity's sake. Any time you need to draw just one single image (Like a logo, or a single GUI button) you can just use .draw() and skip having to have startUse() and endUse() in your methods since they're already inside the Image.draw() method.

For me, .draw() is used for larger images or places where optimizing would be totally pointless. My main menu's GUI is all using .draw() for example, since there's only actually 3 or 4 images total on the screen and all of them are on different sprite sheets (or single images) anyway. But things like entities, tiles, particles, shadows, etc, I use drawEmbedded().

There are also cases where you're overlapping elements, like say drawing geometry, rendering an image, rendering some font, then some more geometry, and you just can't use drawEmbedded easily.

If Slick was still supported, my advice would be to somehow notify people that .draw is the less efficient way of doing it, but I'm not sure how other than renaming it to drawOnlyOne() or something awkward.
15  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: [Slick2D] Why the F is it so slow? on: 2015-01-09 23:07:32
Thx it runs very fast! <3

Good rule with slick I've learned, use sprite sheets whenever possible, and try your best to render everything on that sheet you use all at once if you can. For example, render your entire map with startUse() endUse() and drawEmbedded(), then render your entities on top of that, then the shadows/lighting/particles/whatever else using the same start/end/drawEmbedded combo. But try to keep each batch of things you want to render on a single sprite sheet. There's fancier ways to do it even faster, but there's a point where optimizing is just going to get silly. Unless you're trying to push LWJGL and Slick's limits you should be fine just grouping sprite sheets together and rendering everything related to them all in one go.

Another future optimization you'll want to look at is render culling, I don't know if you plan on having a movable map that's larger than the screen, but in your current code you're rendering the entire map, even if it's off screen. You can get a huge performance boost on larger maps if you limit rendering to only what is actually visible to the player.
16  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: [Slick2D] Why the F is it so slow? on: 2015-01-09 20:10:50
I suspect you're not using the start() end() of the tileset use, if you don't then every time you use an image it'll start a new geometry underneath which will be very costly.



^ no doubt this. RPC would scream if I tried to render my tile map without using .start(), .end() and .drawEmbedded().

Assuming all your tiles are on a single sprite sheet, you can simply just do this:
public void render(GameContainer c, StateBasedGame game, Graphics g) throws SlickException {
   for (int i = 0; i < tile.length; i++) {
      for (int j = 0; j < tile[0].length; j++) {
         tile[i][j].render(c, game, g);

public void render(GameContainer c, StateBasedGame game, Graphics g) throws SlickException {
   img.drawEmbedded(x, y);

Slick is actually quite fast when you use it correctly, Retro-Pixel Castles renders about 36,000 tiles and 1,000 entities on screen all at once (including lighting and particles) at 60FPS, and like trollwarrior1 said, it uses slick. Tongue

EDIT: Goofed on the render code, all fixed now.
17  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: New rules regarding Game Engine topics on: 2015-01-06 01:15:33
Although tossing them all in archived just for being in-dev is a bit harsh. I would highly appreciate a Community Tools board as well, Riven.

While I approve of getting libraries, engines and various tools absolutely no one would ever use out of WIP board and make way for JGO's main purpose; the games, I feel this might be a good middle ground. Maybe it could just be another small subforum? Breaking the "WIP games, tools & toy projects" forum into two, a "WIP Games & toy projects" and a "WIP tools" subforum under it.

That will keep them out of the games list, but also gives them a proper home. Being in archives puts the visitors under the impression the project is no longer maintained, and sadly, no matter how much the OP'er tries to ensure it is maintained still most people won't visit the forum in the first place to find out. For example, I've never visited archives. I don't even know whats there. Wink
18  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The Escapist! on: 2015-01-04 20:45:17
they make ppl pay for something

They aren't *making* you pay for something. You don't have to buy it. You don't have to play it.

If you don't like the game, don't buy it. Don't play it.

You're trying to profit off of ripping people off (one of your other threads says that one of your main goals is to gain YouTube subscribers), which won't get you very far.

You've taken the videos down now just to stop us complaining at you, but I really hope you think long and hard about the type of developer, and the type of person you want to be.

You're probably young and have plenty of time to change your attitude, but hopefully that change starts sooner rather than later.

Something I learned a long time ago is humans tend to think it's "ok" to ripoff the faceless organization using justifications like "It won't hurt them", "they're rich anyway", or "they're somehow evil because I want them to be so I'm not bad", that's why even at this very moment VIrtueeL doesn't think it's wrong he was offering people a way to steal games like FarCry 4, he just dropped the videos because he was tired of us complaining. The fact he's worry about his 2,300 views and not the fact he's an unethical ass proves that without a shadow of a doubt. He's very short sighted, hopefully that will change when he's older. Sadly, it seldom does. The best we can do is call him out on it so he learns what his parents never taught him before he gets thrown in jail for some stupid crap, like stealing a hat at Walmart "because it's cool". Tongue

With that, I'm done ranting. This entire thread infuriates me, I don't understand how people can be this short sighted in the world. So I'm leaving the conversation before I force Riven to send me to the padded room. Cheesy
19  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The Escapist! on: 2015-01-04 11:54:43
"The Escapist"

<Snip of the 2-3 word "paragraphs">

coos they make ppl pay for something that is not even finished than stops developing on it -.-
so i think ppl can get it for free that they don't need to buy a game that has discontinued!

1) They have to give Steam their cut, so it's not really 2.5 millions
2) It doesn't matter if they made 10 billion off it, it's their money, their game, and they deserve to be paid for it, regardless of how much they've already been paid.
3) Last game update was December 23rd, 2014, with their last general announcement 2 fricken days ago.
4) If somehow 2 is wrong (even though their Steam page says otherwise), then explain Borderlands: TPS, Rust, Far Cry 4, Sony Vegas and Fraps?
5) You have no right to decide for yourself that their game should be free.
6) You, as a so-called game developer should know, you don't just "add multiplayer". If the game isn't designed to handle it, you're asking them to basically rewrite half the code for a feature you think it needs (and they obviously don't, and are doing fine without it)

Quit trying to justify yourself, your behavior is highly insulting to Indie Developers everywhere. :/
20  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The Escapist! on: 2015-01-04 02:59:44

Yeah, I noticed these videos a while back when I was looking at his channel, I think we were discussing in #JGO how old VIrtueeL may be and then we stumbled on those videos and thought to ourselves "seriously?"

It's one thing to be a developer, and not bothering to stop people from pirating. That's what I do, the only time I go after pirates for RPC is if the download is malware infested and it's harmful to the users, otherwise I don't care. It's another thing entirely to show people how to ripoff what should be your fellow developers.

These people are developers just like you, but who just happened to actually get off their asses and create something. You might as well put up a video about where to find a Retro-Pixel Castles. Farsky, Daedalus and Revenge of The Titans torrent while you're at it, because your behavior is very insulting to the real developers out there that you're striving to be someday. :/

I'm sure you just thought "But I would never put up a torrent of your guy's games! It's JGO and they're my friends!" .. but guess what? The people you don't know are just as important, and worked just as, or harder than we all did to get where we are. Just because you can't put a face on them doesn't make them any less important.

*wanders off grumbling about ethics, morals and maturity*
21  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Do i need Anything Else? on: 2015-01-03 11:40:05
It's impossible to know what you need before you start.

You can have a general idea of what you need to start, but if you think you can plan out every single class you'll need to finish, you'll just stare at the drawing board all day and never do anything.
22  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2015-01-03 01:19:09
Waiting to have the money to pay for a domain  Emo

Less than $12 for .com Wink

There's a few places cheaper out there, but these are the guys I use.
23  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: IRC? on: 2015-01-02 21:00:14
I actually considered that... you know, like your average shoutbox from 1995.

It sounds fun, but with the size constraints of the sidebar it gets messy, quirky and basically yield a crappy user experience. Not to mention the strain on the server, as we need (long) polling after every pageload, with fairly high request/response rates.

That not a single website does it, it pretty telling, too Smiley

Shoutboxes are pretty fun, I've found they also work great as an escape valve for random chitchat quality banter, avoiding those posts from being created in the first place.
24  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: I no longer use Google Play and I block ads on: 2015-01-02 20:55:29
From a different angle: once people pay anything for a service, they suddenly feel entitled to the most arbitrary shit. I'm not going to expose myself to that.
What about donations then?

Same problem. Way back in my past, I used to make a very popular Minecraft Resource Pack (one of the top 10, with about 50k downloads/month). I accepted donations and generated money from ad revenues, and people (even the ones who didn't donate) felt that because I was earning money off the pack from people (About $100 every 2 month, mostly from ads but they didn't know that.) they were entitled to all sorts of crap, like mod support for complex mods that would take months to complete. But, the Minecraft community on MCForums and PlanetMonecraft are pretty toxic communities anyway, so it might not be a fair sample.

On the flipside though, I took in donations for my "Adult only Minecraft server" up until Retro-Pixel Castles took off and I felt taking donations was greedy. The server has extremely high standards to join, and even with only 80 members it was generating about fifty to a few hundred dollars a month, and not a single person felt entitled at all. But it was a different demographic, they were highly respectful and successful adults who just wanted to help out. (You got nothing in return for donating) But again, they're also not a fair sample size because they were on the polar opposite of the other sample from my resource pack. We have some very top-notch people, like people with doctoral degrees and other high end professionals with careers, families, and real lives who wanted to escape the toxicity of the Minecraft community.

I guess my end point is donations can work if you have the right community, but the public free game market where anyone can play without restrictions is not the right community, because those tend to have the most toxic of the user base.

Of course, you can simply take in donations and ignore the entitled brats, that's what I did with my resource pack. Tongue
25  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: 2015 Game Development Goals on: 2015-01-01 00:29:15
My goal for this year is to get to 1000 downloads of Verbal and to get to a playable demo of Fog.

Is Verbal a free app? I'm not in the mobile market, but isn't 1,000 downloads a bit low for an entire year? That's only around 3~ downloads a day? Shocked
26  Games Center / Contests / Re: TAFSJ - The Actually Finish Something Jam on: 2014-12-31 21:23:51
CAn we enter this at any time? if so ill get started :0

Half way into New Year's Eve is a bit late isn't it? Tongue
27  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: 2015 Game Development Goals on: 2014-12-31 18:48:27
I've grown substantially over the year I think. Mainly in just raw programming skills, I've dedicated a lot of time to learning and I've probably quadrupled my skills from what they were back in February when I started project "SixtyGig", then moved on the Retro-Pixel Castles in May. It's been a crazy ride, I've spent (easily) 8-10 hours a day, nearly every day since February advancing my programming knowledge, and it has finally started paying off as of October. Smiley

How much have you grown? What are your 2015 goals?

My one and only goal:
Finish and move Retro-Pixel Castles out of Early Access before 2016. Wink
28  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: How alive is the forum? on: 2014-12-29 23:46:25
I wouldn't concern yourself with the stuff you don't understand, I probably classify as a "professional game developer" now, and I still don't understand anything in your first link. Tongue

We all have different skills, I'm really good at game design as a whole because I know web design, graphics design and marketing. While I'm also a decent programmer others here sometimes blow me out of the water in terms of core programming knowledge. We all just work/talk together. Some of us are better at things than others, for example some of my Slick-related posts probably go way over the heads of some of the libGDX people here, not because it's wildly confusing, but just because I have more experience with it.

If you don't understand something, it's not a big deal. You'll learn what you can and fit in someplace.
29  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: How alive is the forum? on: 2014-12-29 20:55:32
On a more serious note, the reason I stay here on JGO is (most) of the topic matter is worth discussing. Sure, like all forums we have some goofy topics. But there's a problem with large communities, as they no longer are communities anymore as much as "A bunch of people in one place." when the numbers get too high (See: Official Steam, PlayStation or XBox forums for example)

Here on JGO, when people go missing someone asks about where they went, even if it's not public. They still wonder "where did <user> go?". On a large forum you don't get that, half the time you don't even know anyone. They're just a bunch of faceless usernames who reply to your threads.

Another good example was my original (obviously sarcastic) reply. Everyone here knows who I am, knows I was being a random goofball and knows I don't normally act that way. If I made that same post on another forum with 100,000 members *someone* would of called me a troll or an idiot and it may of turned into a mini-flamewar where I had to go defend myself against some flamebaiter who gets pissy at people being "unprofessional" or something on some mini-mod social justice rant that makes no logical sense. But the people here are familiar with my usual content and know I don't act that stupid unless I'm being stupid for stupid's sake, and I don't normally act that way.

JGO actually is very active, like Gibbo said, any good topic usually gets replies within 5 or 6 minutes. Most of us have our tab open to JGO most of the day, even when I was so busy with my Kickstarter I went MIA on JGO for a month or two, I was still here lurking. I just didn't have time to post anything. Case in point, I bet about 2 minutes after I finish posting this the "users viewing this topic." will jump to 5 or 6 instantly. While JGO isn't very large, it is very active and usually the content is more valuable.

The not long winded tl;dr to all this; JGO is better because we actually act like a community, not 100,000 people thrown into a room who might have similar interests but have no idea who the other people are.
30  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: How alive is the forum? on: 2014-12-29 03:12:42
Run! Head for the hills! Don't trapped here like I di---*muffled screams*



*You hear a loud CLANG, like a shovel hitting something in the distance*
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