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Topics started by Jacob Pickens (113)

Purge the Realms - A Rogue-like thing 2014-12-01
Epilepsy 2014 2014-03-15
Project Raft - An Indie Shipwreck Survival 2014-02-26
WIP games, tools & toy projects
Floodgate - Randomly Generated Sewer System Search Thingy 2015-11-12
Dungeon Master MMO 2014-03-17
Zombie Nauts [0.5.0] 2014-03-06
Archived Projects
Airships Engine 2014-03-24
[1HJJ] Shoot the Shark! 2014-03-11
[Competition] Weekly Incremental Jam - The Original Post 2014-03-10
[IDEA] 1 Hour Game Jam 2014-03-10
General Discussions
why doesn't anyone use PlayN? 2014-12-28
Bring back 1HGJ? 2014-12-23
How do you feel about selling out? 2014-12-22
Reasons for using a scripting language in your game? 2014-12-05
How to add background color to an ASCII game? 2014-11-27
Color in an ASCII game? 2014-11-26
How to stop self criticism 2014-11-26
Graphics cards and Macs 2014-11-23
LWJGL or Unity, UDK, Cryengine 2014-11-23
Jar Decompiler? 2014-11-20
How to make an experience, not a game. 2014-10-24
How do you guys make art? 2014-10-22
How to make money off a free to play game. 2014-10-18
Cheap Web Servers? 2014-10-15
Pico Boards in Java? 2014-10-13
When to fund? (Kickstarter/Indiegogo) 2014-06-09
How does puppygames do it? 2014-05-15
How do you keep profanity out of highscore boards? 2014-05-15
[Swing] Can swing look sexy? 2014-05-07
[Web Games] What is the best second language? 2014-05-01
[RoboVM] Point me in the right direction? 2014-03-24
Pixel Art Programs? 2014-03-24
How to make a JFrame's background transparent? 2014-03-23
So, Whats First? 2014-03-20
TinySound.jar Missing? 2014-03-13
Family problems because of programming? 2014-03-10
What are your brainstorming techniques? 2014-03-05
Marketplaces? 2014-03-03
How do you not get bored of a project? 2014-03-03
Business and Project Management Discussions
Does keeping a project secret build hype? 2014-03-04
Miscellaneous Topics
My Latest Project: Wagery 2015-08-29
JGO's Most Questionable Member Speaking. :P 2014-12-16
Tips on Streaming Game Development (on Twitch) 2014-12-13
School writing project 2014-12-11
Remove all comments Eclipse shortcut 2014-11-21
Longest program you have written? 2014-06-16
[Girls] How to completely block them from our lives? 2014-06-08
Stop SOPA 2014 2014-03-12
What now? 2014-03-09
This forum is honestly the best out there! 2014-03-03
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Trying to stop planets from spawning on top of each other 2015-06-03
Friction to slow down vector based speed. 2014-12-19
LWJGL calls in Slick2D code. 2014-12-18
2D Random Map Generation: Where to start 2014-12-15
Mouse X and Y are way off. 2014-12-14
Projectile angled to mouse? [Slick2D][LWJGL] 2014-12-13
Shaders in Slick? 2014-12-05
Player collision detection bug. 2014-12-04
Z-Ordering technique? 2014-12-03
How to integrate Lua into Java? 2014-11-29
Vertex Array problem 2014-11-23
Why does a triangle have 6 vertices? 2014-11-23
[Slick2D] Fullscreen cuts the top of the game off 2014-11-14
Java Game to native HTML5 & JavaScript? 2014-11-12
Text boxes in Slick2D? 2014-10-18
Pathfinding? 2014-10-13
Exporting Slick Game without JarSplice 2014-10-06
[GIT] Conflicting files .classpath 2014-10-05
[LWJGL] How to change natives in code 2014-10-05
Sets entire map to one tile. 2014-10-03
How to save 2D arrays to text files and load 2D arrays from text files. 2014-10-03
Custom Tile/Level Editor in Java 2014-10-02
Android Studio or that sexy LibGDX? 2014-09-27
Constructors w/ Objects as parameters? 2014-06-02
[2D Array] Initialization problem 2014-05-30
[LWJGL][Slick2d] How can I combine the forces? 2014-05-16
[Slick2D] Annoying sprite blinking? 2014-05-16
[Lighting] Shadows 2014-05-11
[For Loop] Problem with logging in to my server. 2014-05-10
How to make a bullet shoot towards the mouse? 2014-05-02
[Slick2D] How to check when a AppGameContainer is closing? 2014-05-02
[IP Addresses] What IP do I use for a server? 2014-04-27
[LWJGL/Slick] How do you distribute a game without JarSplice? 2014-04-20
In App Purchases in Java 2014-04-19
[Slick2D] Level Bar Algorithm in Slick2D 2014-04-18
Collision Detection in JBox2D 2014-04-08
Shaders not working on mac 2014-03-30
How to align game objects to a grid? 2014-03-24
Ship Building Games? 2014-03-24
Sprite Based 3D in Java? 2014-03-24
API Programming in Java? 2014-03-13
[Slick2D] Extreme Lagging 2014-03-06
[Slick2D] Strange collision glitch. 2014-03-05
Do colored images take longer to load? 2014-03-04
[Slick2D] Movement Trouble 2014-03-04
Libraries vs. Pure Java 2014-03-03
How would you go about making a loading screen? 2014-03-01
How do you guys name builds, betas, etc. 2014-02-27
Libraries and how you guys use them 2014-02-27
Ads in a Java game? 2014-02-27
Networking & Multiplayer
Client-Server Communication Design? 2015-07-03
Android Kryonet client won't connect to my server on PC. (Well, my MAC :P) 2015-06-18
Books on Multiplayer Games? 2014-12-22
Separate the Accounts, Lobby, and Game servers? 2014-10-21
Running my jar in my web server 2014-10-14
Uploading to FTP 2014-10-14
How would you have players matched up in games? 2014-05-05
How safe am I? 2014-05-02
Kryonet with Slick2D? 2014-03-09
Engines, Libraries and Tools
The most useful iOS/Mac spriting app around! 2014-10-25
[Lego NXT] Java Libs? 2014-07-22
[JMonkeyEngine 3.0] Any beginner tutorials? 2014-05-04
Spritesheets in Slick2D, most efficient way. 2014-03-05
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2018-03-17 05:04:08
Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:38:37

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:37:39

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:36:10

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:33:10

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:05:44

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:04:45

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
2017-03-02 08:45:19

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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