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Topics started by K.I.L.E.R (176)

General Discussions
Up to 384 cores to accelerate Java applications. 2006-03-28
Forum rules sticky on each forum 2006-01-03
Java tuning whitepaper 2005-12-07
Java competitions and their limitations in size 2005-11-22
Swing lags and has horrible performance on my PC 2005-08-03
IP number in URL heading 2005-06-09
Karma system 2005-06-03
Irrlicht ported to Java 2005-04-17
Is it possible to add a General Java talk forum? 2004-01-25
Tiger mailing list is now active 2004-01-23
Will this be possible in future versions of Java? 2004-01-01
I was bored so I made a sorting algorithm 2003-10-25
I have a text based RPG and using a swing GUI 2003-10-23
Miscellaneous Topics
I can't believe the forums still work 2007-04-29
Should Java's clone method still be avoided? 2007-02-23
Why does Signum return a float? 2007-02-16
Excuse me while I cry: New verifier 2007-01-08
Why am I an idiot? 2006-12-23
Java or C++ for an industry univeristy game project? 2006-12-18
Copyrights 2006-11-20
Basic proof of PO2 size 2006-11-10
Had my first Advanced programming class today with C++ 2006-08-01
Java annotations 2006-07-14
Defending Java over a developer's decision 2006-06-26
Java PSX emulator 2006-05-26
Interesting thing just happened to me now 2006-05-13
Sun left out something important from their libraries 2006-05-09
Visual Studio 2003 vs Eclipse CDT 2006-05-09
Object Oriented thinking tips 2006-05-06
McNealy Steps Down as Sun Microsystems CEO 2006-04-25
Tim Sweeny's say on programming languages 2006-03-26
Rant about how I hate generics and primitives mixed 2006-03-26
Friends and I arguing over job requirements and project to tackle 2006-03-23
Oh oh. Just noticed a Javadoc error in math 2006-02-22
Some help on mixins 2005-12-29
Instanceof issues 2005-12-26
How feasible is 2D ray tracing? 2005-12-22
Microsoft should have used Java or .NET in the least 2005-11-23
I just found a way of indirectly hiding information 2005-11-22
I haven't coded seriously in a while due to exams 2005-11-20
Good news for Java fans 2005-11-10
Java enum functionality 2005-11-01
Floating point accuracy in Java not as accurate as C/C++? 2005-10-30
I've been accused of something horrendous 2005-10-17
Javabeans in games 2005-10-03
I am so angry at my file reading skills 2005-09-17
I have my assignment for Intelligent Systems 2005-08-30
A sure way to kill off your Java program's used resources 2005-08-28
My working Genetic Algorithm 2005-08-25
Eclipse in the news 2005-08-23
JSR202 has finally come to fruition 2005-08-03
2 new books, would like opinions from you guys 2005-08-01
OpenGL board game 2005-07-29
Design experimentation. What do you guys think? 2005-07-24
Games, XML, DOM and SAX 2005-07-12
Getters and setters under should be used under ALL circumstances 2005-06-25
Have we all jumped the gun on Java's implementation of generics? 2005-06-21
I've writen a program to give people seisures 2005-06-10
My final Java assignment. Criticise, criticise, criticise... 2005-06-05
Assignment for OOP teaches a bad practice? 2005-06-03
I've taken on Intelligent Systems(AI) subject. 2005-06-03
This is a sick joke by Microsoft, isn't it? 2005-05-17
Sun and IBM IDE political war 2005-04-20
Java's immutability isn't solid 2005-04-17
I've always wondered why generics mess this up 2005-04-08
What's wrong with Java? 2005-03-29
Is Sun's release plan for Java any good? 2005-03-22
Java high level operating system 2005-03-11
Java VM, Operating Systems and system resources 2005-03-08
Is this a good Java book? 2005-03-04
Shortcuts in OOP 2005-02-24
My first blog, ever. 2005-02-21
I guess Sun was right about Java being good for u 2005-02-20
Help me out guys and girls 2005-02-17
Controlling Java's garbage collector 2005-02-07
Recently people have been wandering... 2005-02-05
I invented a game but I need help 2005-01-31
Software development in todays world 2005-01-21
Does Java have any text passing caps? 2005-01-20
Gaming jobs in Australia 2005-01-19
What's the most helpful feature in Java 5 and why? 2005-01-16
Sun's crappy generic implementation 2005-01-11
When all software requires 64 bit CPUs... 2004-10-26
Can the current Java 2 SDK compiler optimise for.. 2004-07-01
Who has come across these kinds of people? 2004-06-11
Eclipse 3.0 M8 is out 2004-03-27
Java getters/setters questionable usefulness. 2004-03-11
OS made in Java :D 2004-01-25
My attempt to humour you Alias fans :D 2003-11-03
Hello, newbie here. :D 2003-10-21
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Floating point texture issue 2014-07-12
Image editing issues 2005-12-12
Regex help (50th time already, sorry) 2005-12-06
Stupid question about exiting a game 2005-04-05
Compiling Java scripts in programs 2005-03-23
Using timers in games, am I right? 2005-02-08
What's faster, JOGL or Java2D OpenGL pipeline? 2005-02-04
Timer and ticks and should I be shot? 2005-01-20
There is no need to use JApplets 2004-07-20
Converting an int value into a float in a matrix 2004-06-14
Class parsing is a pain in my buttocks 2004-04-04
jaring freakin sucks 2004-02-06
Writing a GUI for my RPG 2004-01-29
Why isn't my applet repainting properly? 2004-01-20
How would I restart a class? 2004-01-09
Jar -> EXE 2003-12-12
Game Play & Game Design
Event driven games 2005-03-27
Message queue 2005-03-18
How do you guys handle scripts and behaviours? 2005-02-05
Seperating R, LP, A and I 2004-08-21
UML model is only as good as the person modelling 2004-04-04
Game Mechanics
Are there any physics engines available? 2004-09-24
Physics of a melee weapon swing 2004-01-25
Artificial Intelligence
How's my basic AI? 2005-03-08
Performance Tuning
Very slow ascii text parser 2006-04-21
Dual core processors and AWT Event Dispatch thread 2005-11-29
Thread.yield() doesn't do what most think it does 2005-07-27
Collision performance 2005-06-14
Annotations and Java's hotspot compiler 2005-04-07
Performance of event driven vs polling 2005-03-25
How's the performance so far? 2005-03-19
Recursion and Java 2005-03-04
Does Java optimise this... 2005-03-02
Best thing to do with dead entities during game? 2005-02-06
Enum is a class object? 2005-02-06
People are asking for JOGL/LWJGL to support... 2005-02-05
Walkaround suggestion to structs 2005-01-18
Uhm, my game is going 3fps and I think I found.. 2004-10-17
A damn good performance improvement 2004-10-08
Disk IO -> RAM optimisation? 2004-01-27
Stupid books says this but stupid me says that... 2004-01-19
Why do you hate me? :( 2005-01-16
OMG!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!! 2004-12-12
Tools Discussion
Next versions of popular IDEs (Netbeans and Eclipse) 2006-06-07
The on thing that really irks me about Eclipse 2005-09-16
Netbeans 4.1 Release Candidate 1 2005-04-23
Netbeans Profiler Milestone 6 2005-04-20
Major improvements in Eclipse 3.1M6 2005-04-06
Eclipse 3.0.2 released 2005-03-26
Netbeans is driving me nuts 2005-03-18
New jEdit is out 2005-03-16
Eclipse 3.1 M5 2005-02-22
UML modelling while coding in Eclipse? 2005-02-04
How to use windows fonts in Netbeans? 2005-01-19
Netbeans as powerful as Eclipse? 2005-01-16
Annoying Eclipse problem? 2004-06-12
Best UML/CASE designer tool 2004-04-11
I just found the best IDE 2004-01-08
Java 2D
Anyone ever done texture mapping under Java2D? 2006-06-23
Lighting and gradients 2005-05-24
BufferedImage and animated gifs 2005-05-01
Will Java2D ever become seperated from AWT? 2005-04-23
Swing's repaint has large memory overhead 2005-03-27
Writing basic shaders in Java2D GL pipe? 2005-03-12
AffineTransforms work great 2005-02-25
I found out my own way to make accelerated images 2005-01-20
It's official, Sun's Opengl pipeline is blown 2005-01-19
OpenGL pipeline double perfomance on Ati cards 2005-01-11
1.5 accelerated images are dodgy 2004-10-26
OpenGL Development
Why hasn't shear been implemented into the matrix classes? 2005-11-28
LWJGL gluUnproject issues 2005-06-08
OpenGL 2.0 bindings for LWJGL? 2005-03-10
WOW! What is LWJGL's feature list? 2004-08-28
GL 2.0 is out 2004-08-12
I'm doing this right but it isn't working 2004-01-16
Is there any way to draw images from files without 2004-01-11
So I am using JWJGL 2004-01-10
JOGL Development
JOGL mouse capture 2006-10-30
A slight issue with source code related to the 'GL' interface 2006-03-21
JSR-231 and Servlets 2005-12-16
JOGL texture issues 2005-11-25
JOGL JSR implementation performance with JNI 2005-11-22
JOGL in a game loop is wierd! No rendering 2005-06-08
JOGL gives Java pointers? 2005-06-06
I've tried JOGL 2005-03-12
Writing custom, simple 3D renderer under J2ME 2006-05-09
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Java Gaming Resources
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Java Gaming Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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