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1  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Best way to learn to touch-type on: 2014-12-19 13:06:01
Play a lot of RPG's , not single player thought multiplayer that require a lot of typing , that's how I learn't to do it. A lot more fun than spending hours attempting to learn how to do it , basically learn how to type fast whilst looking at the keyboard then slowly try to avoid it see what happens with it.
2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Markus bought a new house on: 2014-12-19 13:03:39
hes got a point , his wife left him , everyone basically hates him because he is a sell out.
3  Discussions / General Discussions / The memory paradox on: 2014-12-18 19:56:17
Surely when allocating memory you get an address that it is written to , but how do you then store that address for later use? the thought I had would be having it reallocated to a stack each time. Any one able to explain?
4  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-17 19:41:42
All hail _basil the shader god
5  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-16 11:24:27
value-noise-nebula in the sky :

mind sharing how you made it? looks brilliant!
6  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-15 13:02:00
Got the flu while coding today  Cry, but I learned how to encrypt files and made a new profile to fit the season. After a nice nap, I'll (Hopefully) post my WIP game.
Ugh im with you on that . Ive had a migrain all day its horrendous. Anyway ive written a program that calculates the center of mass and the center of thrust (of each direction ofc).

I do have a question to you physics whizzes out there . How do I calculate the amount an object will rotate about its centre when a force F is applied to it at a tangent? Help would be appreciated.
7  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-14 21:03:15
I began coding in exploration into my game , fully completed my editor.
I just need to add in the rest of my tiles.
8  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Preformance With DrawImage! on: 2014-12-14 11:41:18
I would guess so , its a clip function not a modified load function , if you are going to do something like this take a look at buffered rendering.
9  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Full Visual Studio for free on: 2014-12-11 17:58:30
Ive only ever really used eclipse and VS , mainly because you install it and there you are , IDE setup Visual studio functions with a lot of languages with built in compilers for all , I think I enjoy it just due to the conveience of it. Plus ive never found the need to find a different IDE because ive never used so many features , I dont have the need to do that. I will say though VS is good for debugging values especially when you put in a break point , and it stops on runtime at the point of the error giving all associated values which is just perfect for debugging the issue.
10  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: LWJGL non square buttons on: 2014-12-11 17:39:29
well what I do is I detect the mouse click to each button , binding a box around it .  Do you mean a non four sided button such as an L shaped piece? thats a bit complex and it depends on the type of shape you are using. Generally for shapes like this I recommend using GL_TRIANGLES because you can make any shape with them.
11  Discussions / General Discussions / Superfetch ugh on: 2014-12-10 18:05:39
So I just had a really odd thing happen , I started using my computer and it was lagging horrendously , disk usage at 100% so I checked online and found that superfetch can sometimes do this , so I stopped the process sure enough that was the cause . Just two things what is superfetch used for and well is it important if I keep it off and how do I fix it.
12  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: SOLIS on: 2014-12-09 21:49:53
Latest update, new code is almost complete , almost back to the same stage as I was with the previous version of the game , just need to program in font handling , improve UI has been created along with a functional editor in place. Code is much more efficient.

Also added implementation allowing the screen to dynamically change size.
13  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Gunslugs 2 (playable demo) on: 2014-12-09 20:08:29
after playing im noticing a bit of tearing when jumping. is this normal?
14  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-09 16:05:57
Today I messed around with floatbuffers creating my own handling class which just makes the entire thing a lot more efficient and less bulky to handle.
15  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Coordinates as middle point for circles on: 2014-12-05 21:33:33
Centre of a square object is width/2 height /2 , so to draw at the centre of the picture you would do draw(x - (width/2),y -(height.2));
16  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Reasons for using a scripting language in your game? on: 2014-12-05 17:27:09
To be honest , the way computers are heading is most likely going to mean that future programmers will sort of shrug off on performance just simply to how annoying it is to optimize and how little they would gain from it. But for now scripting is useful , a lot of the previous comments are correct , great for people trying to mod your game , great for loading in external data so that you dont have to right yet another god damn tile class or for things like file handling , python file handling vs java filehandling is a bit step and being able to just call a save script instead of writing out a save class is better. Scripts wouldnt really be performance useful when in a consistent method so you obviously wouldnt use it to handle your tick function. They have their advantages and it;s really a situational thing.
17  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Is drinking half a bottle of vodka safe? on: 2014-12-05 17:21:24
Also, you don't instantly become dumb when you drink alcohol, ...
It's a gradual process. Over-consumption of alcohol (more than 3 'units' per day) slowly deteriorates brain tissue, as (among other reasons) your brain-matter is fatty, and fat easily dissolves in alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption (to the point of passing out) does immediate damage, and some neurologists compare it to being hit by a baseball bat (whatever that entails..)

One or two units per day is actually better for your brain than zero, but I can't get myself to drink that 'much'...
I would probably say if you got hit in the head with a baseball bat everyday for the next week you would probably come out better than if you drank one bottle of vodka.
18  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The C family, should I dig deeper? on: 2014-12-05 17:19:44
Learning assembly and C in college right now, I'm absolutely loving it. C really is a portable assembly language, there's very very little syntax sugar which makes it simple and beautiful. I'll be doing much more C now and C++ soon!

I just learnt C++ Tongue and had my final on Wednesday that just past.

We learnt java then C++. going from Java to C++ was kinda big step to begin with, but after you actually start its fairly easy lol, I seem to be able to learn programming languages really fast once I get into a course that we learn a new language.
I went from java to c++ , thats the reason why I love java , its the middle child of the programming languages , it knows most things about its parents (c and c++) and also knows all the gossip on its siblings (c#,js etc) and it also knows a bit about that snotty weird kid that always acts in a strange way even under normal circumstances (python).

But java just makes it so much easier for beginners to pickup other languages , from personal experience in my class they are teaching them python , its great , if they just want to use python but then attempting to get them to use even a slightly more complex language and it just flops because of the hugely different syntax and the number of steps that they have to go through to get the same result, one of the kids said he tried to learn java but all the . operators and {} were confusing (a bit of an issue considering they are what most languages use). What do you guys think is a good language to teach new learners ?
19  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-05 17:14:41
Passed my learner's license test and survived my first driving lesson.

(Edit: Everybody else involved survived too)
sigh I still have to wait a year Sad

Anyway I updated the code from my software that needed desperate performance upgrades.
I rendered this to a single VBO using a custom FloatBuffer handling class , only one area is modified when the tile is put down and the vbo is updated immediately ,the  world object has 5 VBOS , one central view one right , left up down etc each of them update the data offscreen when they know that they are coming next , then when the screen fully moves say onto the right VBO , that becomes the centre vbo and the prior centre one becomes the right. This allows for offscreen data loading lowering the chance of an artefact occurring or stuttering from the generation of the landscape.
20  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Language with direct RAM<->HDD communication on: 2014-12-04 15:26:58
Memory handling like that is something that we leave to the OS because frankly its confusing , boring and a bit sexual all at the same time. They dont mix , its like that packet of cheese you had but left one slice in , you put it at the back of the fridge but dont want to touch it incase you die thats what memory programming is like , dont touch the cheese , just let it be and enjoy the rest of the fridge.
21  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Anyone know the name of the piano piece on: 2014-12-04 15:24:00
Hi , this is really weird but does anybody know the name of the piano piece playing in the back off im a celebrity when they are getting their letters , its really quiet in this video but you can just about hear it. Its been bugging me and I cannot find it anywhere.
22  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Web based IDEs on: 2014-12-04 14:18:13
from a quick search I found this
looks friendly not sure how much it has in it , try it out
23  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Redoing my game engine on: 2014-12-03 16:15:13
Game engines , some of you have touched on the perfect idea and yet you didnt quite get it. You said dont make it for other people well actually make it so that other people can use it and its obvious , but not for them so that when you come along after so many thousand lines of codes you can know exactly what that function does. But yer design it so that you would be able to clearly understand what the function did the second you saw it.
24  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: using glbuffersubdata on: 2014-12-02 23:28:17
its ok I fixed it now , I had forgotten to include a line that creates the set size.
25  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / [solved]using glbuffersubdata on: 2014-12-02 20:39:46
so currently I attempt to modify my VBO data however it doesnt get modified , ive attempted allocating a full size buffer before I use subdata and it still doesnt work , setup for the VBO is the same and the code for the modification is
public void edit_data(Progressive_buffer[] b){
      if(b[0].get_data() == null|| b[1].get_data() == null){
      vertex = BufferUtils.createFloatBuffer(b[0].get_data().capacity());
      texture = BufferUtils.createFloatBuffer(b[1].get_data().capacity());
      vertex = b[0].get_data();
      texture = b[1].get_data();
      vertcount = b[0].get_data().capacity();
      GL15.glBindBuffer(GL15.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, vertid);
      GL15.glBufferSubData(GL15.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0, vertex);
      GL15.glBindBuffer(GL15.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, texcoordid);
      GL15.glBufferSubData(GL15.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0, texture);//doesnt reassing meaning its more efficient, only for removing objects
26  Discussions / General Discussions / How do you perform object generation? on: 2014-12-01 15:40:05
By this I mean how personally do you guys write data to the GPU (if you do at all that is) and then handle the rendering.
For me I do most of it within a tick method minimizing the number of calls for modification but still being clear.
call Tick
Call tick methods of bound objects
bound object calls a bind method that binds its current position to a Floatbuffer in the super object
super object then generates new subbufferata for the single VBO for the current task
render method calls all VBO renders(maximum of about 4)

Advantages of this is that it minimises the changes to floatbuffers that are made using specific binding methods.
It also means that very little memory is used and it is viable to instead have an array of Tile objects which can also store their functions.
Disadvantage is that if the data remains the same then you are making useless modification calls.

What methods do you guys use for your rendering?
27  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: WIP 2d sandbox platformer TritonForge on: 2014-11-30 21:32:50
Make sure that your java is fully updated.
I don't use any libraries so there isn't any real reason why it shouldn't be working.
For me this game not working. Game runs ok, but then I press 'Start Game' and all generation was done, I getting white screen with title: "TritonForge". And nothing more  Sad
not using any libraries is where the performance is dropping.
28  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Packing data on: 2014-11-29 22:36:35
well its not really a lot of data , you are barely even getting near a 10th of a KB , modern bandwidth could handle you sending that data 60000000 times before any latency issues would occur , if its that small you really shouldnt worry if is the coordinates of a lot of your players an option might be to instead send the data once , and then only send events to the other client alerting it of any changes such as names.

Your description was vague , you need to say if you are using a server or client to client connection , that way the amount of latency and the data you send can be changed.
29  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Loading from a sprite sheet on: 2014-11-29 22:31:58
Ive written some code for this , it returns a vertex2d object which is simply a container object with x , y ,u , v;

import org.lwjgl.opengl.GL11;

public class spritesheet {
   private Texture tex;
   private float x,y,ex,ey,width,height;
   public spritesheet(String location){
      tex = Texture.loadTexture(location);
      this.width = tex.width;
      this.height = tex.height;
   public spritecomponent getcoords(int x, int y, int ex,int ey){
      spritecomponent temp= new spritecomponent();
      this.x = x/width;
      this.y = y/height;
      this.ex = ex/width;
      this.ey = ey/height;
      temp.set(this.x, this.y, this.ex, this.ey, tex);
      return temp;
   public Texture gettexture(){
      return tex;

then spritecomponent

public class spritecomponent {
   public void set(float x, float y, float ex, float ey,Texture t){
      this.x = x;
      this.y = y;
      this.ex = ex;
      this.ey = ey;
      this.t = t;
   public float x,y,ex,ey;
   public Texture t;

Simple and easy to use.
You just need to know how to load in textures , the rest is quite simple where ex ey are the end values x y are the beggining values and T is a texture object containing the width height and id of the texture object.
30  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-11-28 14:22:16
I've remade a scene from 7 days ago using newer graphics. I've almost got enough basics sorted out to move on to start coding the play state.

The old version:

I already want to play it!
It looks brilliant , what kind of style of game are you going to do ? space exploration.
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