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1  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Asul, The First Conquest on: 2013-08-14 00:21:36
I might as well remove this post for now and make a better one later Smiley Though is that possible?
2  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Asul, The First Conquest on: 2013-08-14 00:15:50
Thank you for the feedback. The reason I need the money is just for a musician, nothing big. I respect your critism. Though at the same time I've actually acquired some donations (not much though). I also have made some quoute-on-quote "mediocre" games to start out with. I geuss I could take your advice and lay low a little longer. This is not the first place I've posted a similarly constructed thread.
3  Games Center / Archived Projects / Asul, The First Conquest on: 2013-08-13 23:36:21
A Little About Me:
I just want to say I've been programming in java for a couple of months, and everyday I learn a little bit more about programming in java. Which is why I would like to assure you that I have full confidence in finishing this project.


I'm 13 years old (very young I know that, but hear me out here), and I'm very mature. I understand how serious business can be, and have no plans to ever play around or be an immature brat. I'm not just a dude who plays Minecraft and thinks I can program a giant 3d game with the experience of "programming" plugins. As I've said I've been practicing and learning constantly how to actually program for a couple of months (around 7 months). Now I'm ready to apply my new knowledge of programming and game developement to a way to gain personal gain. I also love the idea of people playing my game.

Now that you know a little about me, let's move on to what you're actually here for...

The Actual Project:
This game will have a medieval/fantasy setting (kind of like the Elder Scrolls series), but will have a touch of realism to it, like for example how hardcore it was to experience life in the middle ages. Here's the basic lore of the game.

I'm developing a new game that is a story about followers of a cult rising up, so that they can try to bring the evil gods they worship into the overworld. These cult members call themselves the Valodors, and worship a group of ancient evil gods called the Vanar. This new disturbance causes a war that has been raging for decades to take a break, the kingdoms involved in this war have to join up to defeat the evil Valodors. The apocalypse that will follow the rising of the Vanar get's closer everyday, no one no longer know's who to trust anymore. Corruption rages rapidly, chaos flows. You are a farming peasant in a small village, your life is basically worthless. You start out raggy, and are trained to follow your path, whether it be defeat the Valodors and their evil gods, or join them...

More About Me and My Qualifications:
I've been practicing game developement technique for a good amount of time, and decided it was time I begin work on this game. For now all I have to work with is donations and an upcoming kickstarter funds. I'm not qualified by any degree for now, but I'm filled with dedication, stamina, knowledge, and the willingness to learn more. Which is why I believe I can complete this project. The next passage is going to talk about what I'm going to use for this project.

Developement Resources:
IDE (Integrated Developement Environment) - Eclipse
Libraries - So far I'm using LWJGL, I'm about to begin using Kyronet for networking.
3D Computer Graphics Engine - Blender
Image Editing Tool - Gimp
Sound - Audacity

These are currently all my resources. If you haven't noticed they are all free high-quality software. The next passage is going to be a transition from this, and will talk about what are my plans (developement-wise).

For one thing, I'm doing what most indie game developers do, which is doing multiple jobs at once (artwork, programming, etc). At the same time there are some skills I lack. I lack the skill to produce music that is at a "good enough" quality. This is where donation money and kickstarter funds come in. I'm planning on hiring a musician to compose some music for me. I don't have nearly enough money on my own to do this. The next passage is a great transition from this one, and talks about updates and how I will present them to you guys.

Changelog Information:
First of all, I will be creating a blog to post all my updates on the game. Also you might be saying "Where are the pictures?" I can answer that with a simple answer that probably won't convince you to take part in helping me out with my project, I don't have any pictures yet. Unless you want to see my practice, I have nothing to show yet. Though one of my favorite indie game developers, Jonathan Blow, emphasizes making a prototype of a big game first so that you can figure out if it's ready to have a lot of effort put into it. In conclusion I'll probably first make a prototype and give you a quick presentation of it, and explain some of the features in my game.

Contacting Me:
- If you want to contact me for questions or help, please use this email:
- If you want to contact me about business inquiries, please use this email:
- If you want to donate to me and my project, please donate to here:
or you could use my aol email address for donations:
For those who feel like I'm an awesome person (that's very rare), here's my skype name:

I will accept you no matter who you are.

More About Donations:
You might be asking yourself why should you bother donating to a 13 year old kid who's probably just trolling you? Well here is how donations will work (this alone will probably not convince you until I get actual evidence about my progress for the actual game):

$5 Plus Rank:
- Complete daily updates on the game and all of it's progress.

$10 Vip Rank:
- You get to have a minor role in the game (a mob or item, but nothing too serious).

$25 Premuin Rank:
- You've donated the equivalent to my idea of the games starting price, you will be a beta tester for all of the games releases and updates (this includes multiplayer too).

If you donate more than this amount (I highly doubt that will happen), you basically get this rank and nothing more (except for my sincere waves of constant "thank yous").

More ranks coming soon...

Once you donate, there will be no refund.

More About The Game:
(Coming soon...)

This is my first post, so please give feedback on improvements. If you have any questions or want to say anything, comment in the thread, personal message me, email me, or skype me.
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