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1  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Master of Tactics on: 2014-12-08 06:56:21
Version 1.10 has now been released......

And here is a review written by someone else I can paste for you.

Master Of Tactics is a classical 4x (explore, exploit, expand, exterminate) strategy game, based in a perilous universe where, among others, your chosen species must struggle to survive in an arms race for intergalactic domination. But you are not alone in this hostile world, lush and rich planets are guarded by powerful monsters, vast nebulae are home to almighty space kaan and somewhere out there creatures as old as the universe itself wait in hiding. To combat these threats you must colonise planets, conduct vital research and collect valuable resources in order to construct unique and powerful space craft.

This game allows for a huge variety of customisations from map size, difficulty level, alignment, race and the amount of enemies, to planet resources and spacecraft design. There are also detailed and realistic relations with other races allowing for the negotiation of  alliances, peace treaties, gifts, joint research treaties and the declaration of war. Master of Tactics can be played with just a mouse but a keyboard can be used for keyboard shortcuts and the naming of planets and space craft. There is a noticeable difference between the different difficulty modes (easy, normal, hard and impossible). There is also a tutorial for people who have not played before.

In Master of Tactics battles are intense and testing, when an engagement takes place, a new window opens in which the player may control their customised craft completely, choosing when and where to shoot, move, use modules and transmit various agents. Unlike many other games, master of tactics allows for a near infinite number of battle plans and strategy, with everything from beam weapons and boarding shuttles to plagues and psychological weapons. Craft may also be equipped with shields, cloaking shields extra armour and teleportation modules whilst space stations and planet mounted weapons can be constructed. This ensures that a player can play to his or her style and use strategy to ensure victory.

An average game usually takes 3-5 hours to complete but this can vary depending on map size, number of enemies, player style and difficulty among other things. The game does have an auto-save feature and can also be saved manually, there is no limit to how many games can be saved at a time.

The game can be downloaded from for free  with no DRM or  play restrictions.  The retail version (which includes a map editor and funds future game improvements) costs $4.99. Multi-player is under construction and will be played using LAN connection.
2  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Master of Tactics on: 2014-03-06 21:12:15
Version 1.09 is out now.....
3  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2014-01-21 11:00:47
I am glad you have been enjoying it....

Generating random planets is pretty cool though - each planet would be individual. I could even generate a new planet model every turn so changes due to terraforming happen gradually!
4  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2014-01-21 00:31:07

Wow, thanks for the offer....

Email me - Address is support at the game web site ( so we can talk about it.

I can also give you version 1.08 before its released, you can have a play and maybe write a review. There is a facility on desura where I can grant a special key to the 'press' to review the game.... Send me a message on Desura if that tickles your fancy (I can only give you 1.08 once its released via Desura though).

The first thing you will notice about 1.08 is better weapon graphics on the battlefield, icons in text lists and icons for a planet's project on the galaxy map. However, the major change is usability in the battle system, more then 90% of the effort, but mostly invisible!

5  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2014-01-18 08:23:06
2) Ancients currently attack the most powerful players in their random attacks (forgetting the Babylon 5 bit, this was intended to slow the best players defeat of weaker opponents). The wrath fleets are to punish a player for breaking the rules or as revenge for destroying a colony of another player. Diplomacy could be used for both of these events. It would imply the player undertaking an agreement to give something away - so the same effects are achieved. It’s quite a good idea when placed in this light.

3) This is the craft moving to the closest location (to the enemy craft) before firing weapons - when it’s already at the closest location.... fixed in the new version.

4) I have thought of a way I can speed up battles in the game mechanics so watch this space.....

7) If anything like this happens - in the data folder is a file called mot.log (it may contain an error describing what happened). I would appreciate it if you sent it to me then I may be able to fix it.

I long for a team, but it’s just me and I have a day job to live, this is just my hobby!

6  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2014-01-17 09:35:01
Thanks for your feedback - I have now registered to be informed of replies so I can be more prompt!

So now for the answers:

1 - Yes there is a missile / craft not moving bug that has been fixed in the next version. Avoid using the retarget beam because its can put crafts in an invalid state.

2 - Ancients are supposed to be difficult, they are intended to punish and harass. I will place diplomacy with the ancients under advisement - it's not a bad idea. I have had a few complaints about them destroying people in the first game..... so in the next version they are downgraded / disabled on easy / beginner levels.

3 - When you say ancients tend to teleport to the same spot I am not sure if you mean attack the same planet over and over or in battle attack the same area.... They tend to attack your most powerful planets first.

4 - Speed up battles - You can complete a battle at any point pressing the complete button or pressing ESC. Speeding up a battle but still allowing a user to see it, would actually be quite hard but I will consider it, and if others ask it will be done.

5 - There is a manual. Its a PDF file you can find online. Have you found it un-informative or just not found it?

6 - Bad pictures - Yes I know particularly that bear image!! I don't know what I was thinking as I had in my mind a big cuddly bear then gave him red eyes when I realised its silly. I will get round to making better images and animating them one day.

7 - No battles bug I am not sure what you mean. I am glad a restart fixed it. However, if you can describe how to produce this issues I should like to fix it.

8 - Auto repair unit text bug will be fixed.

9 - I have imagined that its a good idea to make mines detonatable by everybody as they are not 'intelligent'. Owners can also set them off to attack ships indirectly.

10 - The '0' damage message. The shield absorbed all the damage, so you got a hit but nothing made it through to the craft. In early versions I had a message like '0 - 5' meaning 0 damage to craft but shields discharged by 5. However, a couple said it was confusing as they did not know what it meant.

11  - Missed technologies are technologies your scientists never thought off. They are there for gameplay because it means you cannot research everything and so must find another way to get tech (usually espionage AND salvage and maybe trading). It is a setup option so you can have no missed techs!

12 - Warnings are a great idea, I shall add them to my TODO list.

The main focus for version 1.08 is better user experience on the battlefield - I have fixed many bugs and idiosyncrasies and spent weeks on this, not making any new features, but making what is there already better. In version 1.07 I added the three move modes (express, move, attack) and improved ship movement AI. In 1.08 I am doing the rest of the battlefield experience!

Thanks for your feedback

7  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2013-12-28 21:47:12
Version 1.07 has been released containing most your your suggestions. However the major change was command control on the battefield.
There is a Craft Design Tutorial, Space Kaan does not attack on easy levels. Less plain text lists and graphical indicators of each planet's build task will be in the next release.

The positioning of your craft on the battlefield is important in Master of Tactics due to concept of flanking and the effects of some weapons.

Prior to version 1.07 clicking on an enemy craft to attack would move your craft as close as possible to the enemy and then fire weapons. But where would the movement AI actually move you craft too? There may be other crafts in the way and you can't end up on top of the target or any other craft! You were reliant on the AI doing exactly what you expected.

Now with movement indicators you can adjust your movement and make it right. Hover over the target craft and a red outline will indicate where you are trying to move your craft while a green outline will indicate where the craft will actually move....

During test we found battefield movement much easier (particularly when added with the improved AI for craft movement!).

Happy playing.....

8  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2013-12-02 09:44:28

I shall also make some the the text lists more graphical.....

Regarding ancients, here is a section from the manual:
The Ancients are races whose civilisation predate the players. As such they are very powerful. When starting a game you may choose to align yourself with one of the two ancients.

When aligned to an ancient player you get gifted special technologies (not available otherwise). If aligned to an ancient and you declare war on another player with the same alignment you will incur the wroth of that ancient (They will send a marauding fleet – with significant firepower).

When I designed this 10 years ago I actually wanted a Babylon 5 theme (hence the alignment to ancients).... I still think it would be a greate idea!

The game uses Java 2D (the jar file contains heaps of images). The planets were produced by rendering a 3D textured model with BUMP maps, semi transparent cloud layer and a reflective atmosphere. My long term aim is to move to 3D but getting multi-player out is higher priority ATM. Anybody with models / images they think may help my email is support at the game's web site URL. Anything must submitted must be free of copyright though - I don't want to get sued!

9  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2013-12-02 09:01:33

Thanks for your feedback guys....

1 - Adding a graphical indicator if a planet is building something is a great idea.

2 - I shall add a tutorial on craft design.

3 - Boralium crystals are not something you are guaranteed to get. They are a special resource or prize you may be lucky enough to have. I shall add more details to the manual on boralium crystals and provide more in game information.

The game is a deep and complex game but it's important to ease people in. Complexity should be there for experts and not required for a novice (as much as possible). For a space Kaan to exist means another player has fought a battle in a Nebula. Maybe I need to make sure the space Kaan does not attack people when playing easy?Huh

Note - The button 'Build on All Idle' allows you to set projects on mass.

Version 1.07 has some significant improvements:
  - On the battle map you get hover icons showing you where you are trying to move the selected craft and where it will actually move to.
    As you become better at the game you will find maneuvering on the battlefield is very important so this is a big improvement.
  - I have also added two new weapon types (Sleep and Teleport).
  - Fleet window shows the fleet instead of every craft in the fleet.
  - Available express key short cuts expanded significantly (? displays key bindings, ESC closes windows ….)
  - Radar Map Panel has bigger icons that are easier to read.

Version 1.07 is in test now but watch out version 1.08, and your suggestions are in!!!

With every version MoT is getting better thanks to your valuable feedback. I have so many ideas I want to include it’s a struggle to find the time because I have a day job (to live). I want to implement supply lines which will add another huge tactical element to the game play (and I believe is another original idea)
10  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2013-11-27 20:35:08
Is going to update as a game, or is this the final version?

This is a final version of the game which is complete and stable.....

Currently it comes in two formats, Windows install / uninstall and a binary zip file (simple unzip in any folder and run).  I intend to release multi-player, online single player and online multi-player soon.

This game is my hobby and it spent 15 years in development to reach this stage. Perfection is an aim and not a state - therefore I intend to continue improving MoT.  1000's of people have played it already. I would like to encourage all players interested in TBS gaming to make suggestions, write reviews and contribute to making this game better. I have received several suggestions from the public that are already in the game!
11  Games Center / Showcase / Free Turn Based Strategy on: 2013-11-25 05:20:22

Master of Tactics is a 4X Turn Based Strategy Game. It is heavy on strategy and light on micro management. Free to download and play. Master of Tactics is fully featured and deep strategy game and written in Java!!!!

Features include:
- Random Galaxy Generation
- Custom Craft Design
- Tactical Battle System
- Diplomacy  (Espionage, Sabotage,  Trading)
- Strategic Resources
- Deep Technology Tree

Details are at
12  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Master of Tactics on: 2013-10-14 20:43:56
Here is a direct link to file download (version 1.04):

Here are some download link locations
13  Games Center / Showcase / Master of Tactics on: 2013-07-18 06:00:30

We are currently in pre-release of a new Turn Based Strategy Game called Master of Tactics.
Details are at

And it has been written in Java!!! Its designed as a multi-player game that can be played in an applet (no
install required) - but we are currently releasing it in standalone single player format.

We are looking for some volunteers to do some play testing and give feedback. If you are interested
visit the web site and contact us.
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