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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: JInput - suggestions for improvements on: 2004-06-18 19:41:35
hehe. thats what i was aiming for, yes cas :-P  I was subtly trying to give the guys a nudge in that direction :-)  it needs to be simple.  By the 2 button mouse, i meant have at least support for, and finger trianing to use 2 buttons. as for the 5 button mouse thing.  sure you can HAVE 5 buttons, but why would you NEED to use all 5 in a game, or otherwise.  enter the light version.  include just limited support to allow people to get up and running with 90 percent of what thell EVER need, and for those who decide they do need the support for the 7th mouse button, and the 3rd scoll wheel, they can do that.  why should everyone else have to wade through it though?  to be frank, my fingers arent agile enough to handle that much in a mouse.  more is not better all the time.  keep it simple, keep it clean.
2  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: JInput - suggestions for improvements on: 2004-06-18 16:17:59
hey, Im rather new to jinput, but it seems to me that this is way overkill for a lot of stuff.  how hard would it be to make a jinput light?  something designed only to use ONE keyboard (as great as it is to support multiples, not many people have these ;-)) One mouse (again the same applies) and one game input device.  Keyboard polling would just ask the keyboard if key such and such is down, mouse poling would just get the x or y direction of the mouse.  treat it as a mouse, not a whole bunch of different stuff.  I think its safe to say that allmost ALL mice out there are 2 button (some with scroll, soo add that too, and i know about macs, i have one) so just support that in the light version... If people want to use something more advanced, they can delve into your allready made EXTREMELY ritch library of handleing ANYTHING.  Lastly game controllers... 99 percent of them out there are going to be usb.  so why not make it so... you discover the controller by pluggin it in when the program promps.  the program finds the newly added device, and then asks the user to configure it.  up is promped for, left, right down, all in turn, then buttons one through whatever.  This is of course IF the user even wants to use, or has a controller (certainly not a given amongst the computers out there)  For a good chunk of people that will be using this, simple is the only option.  if people use jogl, the come to jinput for their input.  its the only real choice, so why not give them a simple, and less powerfull solution?  it also would probably take less space for download too.  Just some thoughts, keep up the good work on the library, its amazing in what it can do :-D  I would just like a light version.
3  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: here some starter code :) on: 2004-06-17 23:52:42
im not sure what happened (perhaps i triggered a debug mode in the osx install? but after running just those simple lines of code, my computer has been spitting out millions of lines of "Queue getNextEvent return value :0".  I killed the process about 4 mins ago, and its still going.  Writing that much is bound to kill any 3d app... is there a way to turn this mode off?
4  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / devce compatability? on: 2004-06-17 20:57:25
Hey, I have a macally 2 controller, (Its a really popular rumbling controller for mac) and Im running osx.  Jinput picks up the device (its name at least), and lists its features, but claim it has no rumble support... wondering if this is just a lack of support yet in jinput for osx, or is this something you guys would care about knowing?
this is part of its output:
Scanning Macally iShock II FFB Game Controller
Found 0 rumblers
Found device type [IOUSBHIDDriver]
Successfully opened device

this device could have used custom drivers or something for the rumble, since at its realease, there was no standard ffb library for macs.  not a problem at all, just wondering if you guys knew/ cared :-)
(id post on the hardware compatability page, but if this is a known issue, why clutter the page untill there is something to report?)
5  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: macos plugin missing in nightly build on: 2004-06-17 20:13:05
got it built  Embarrassed  I was just missing the cc compiler for the mac.  Still ought to have a bianary though :-)  thanks a lot. :-)
6  Java Game APIs & Engines / JInput / Re: macos plugin missing in nightly build on: 2004-06-11 04:54:12
Hey all,
I'm looking into input for the JMonkey engine.  It breaks mac support by mixing lwjgl and swing :-(  looking into converting at least the Input portion over to jinput. But alas... I have no freakin clue where to get the bianaries!  Can someone help me build the project with the mac bainaries? (I know nothing of this ant of which you speak :-)) or just send them to me??  hehe.  Its so frustrating to read these boards and want to try this thing out, I swear I must have downloaded the nightly build mac bianaries at least 50 times thinking i must be missing something :-)  glad to know im not just crazy.  Now to remove those useless files from my now full desktop :-)  Thanks a bunch.
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