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Featured Games
RFLEX *Available on Steam* 2015-04-07
EtSplodera 2013-11-25
WIP games, tools & toy projects
Vehicular Fun 2014-02-06
Horde 8-Bit Waves Of Death! - [WIP UPDATED JUNE 26 2013] 2013-06-10
Archived Projects
Mercury: The Simple 2D Game Library | >> BETA coming soon << 2013-09-29
General Discussions
"The Nature of Code" 2015-07-07
Why is java not like heaven for AAA game companies? 2013-08-27
Is anyone sad about slick2d? 2013-06-16
Medals? 2013-06-11
Community & Volunteer Projects
Miscellaneous Topics
What I drew today 2016-11-13
Humble monthly keys 2016-11-05
Bought the Humble Bundle so I could play Insurgency; here's the rest of it. 2015-11-01
Battlestation Thread 2015-10-29
Music in games? 2014-08-30
Euclideon's 'infinitely detailed' rendering techniques 2014-07-10
Random syntax tweaks! 2014-05-31
I found this kind of cool; a procedurally generated city program! 2014-03-08
How would I go about level design for a tilted view city game? 2014-02-22
Github Report Card Toy; What did you get? 2014-02-22
Exporting games directly from eclipse? 2014-02-09
Do you put resources in or out of the .jar? 2014-01-24
I present to you: the BS-LC ratio! 2014-01-21
I had an idea involving .gifs! 2014-01-07
A few shortcuts you may not have found with eclipse! 2013-12-28
Do you ever 'need to go deeper?' 2013-12-09
Shader Fun With A Shaders N00B! 2013-11-30
Another Stupid, Stupid Mistake... 2013-11-26
Excellent Reddit Post on /r/gamedev On Staying With Your Projects 2013-11-25
I need to break an addiction to organization... 2013-10-27
How long has JGO been around? And other questions... 2013-10-12
Coding brought me up in school! 2013-09-22
What do you look for in a game engine? 2013-09-18
So this is why we love retro! 2013-08-08
[snip] Petition to make an official thread for game concept/coding ideas 2013-08-07
Something to add to the forum [DENIED DO NOT VISIT] 2013-06-29
What the heck is java doing? 2013-06-26
Why do jar files not have icons? 2013-06-18
How to pull specific types out of ArrayList? 2013-06-06
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Is LWJGL capable of checking if a key was 'tapped?' 2014-01-18
How would I make some .jars optional? 2014-01-17
Get all text from System.out 2014-01-07
My TrueTypeFonts Get More Glitchy With Every Size! 2013-11-29
Interesting Problems While Loading .TTF 2013-11-27
Object is null even though I initialized it on creation! 2013-10-29
Is It Okay To Static-ify Random? 2013-10-19
Failed to write core dump. 2013-09-22
[SOLVED] Using minecraft ideas for code, and It doesn't work :( 2013-09-17
Data Oriented or Object Oriented? 2013-09-01
Problem With An Entity Framework? 2013-08-17
Converting autoboxes to primitives[Solved] 2013-08-15
How to store an object type in a variable, and use it? 2013-08-13
I lost code. Can someone decompile for me? 2013-08-08
Whoops, remove! 2013-08-03
Does eclipse have an auto info feature?[SOLVEd] 2013-08-02
[SOLVED by RobinB]How to check if an object is not itself? 2013-07-21
[could not find or load main class package.class] Even though it is there. JARS 2013-06-26
Eclipse is Opening old build 2013-06-26
Problem w/ slick2d Sound 2013-06-22
Does Lwjgl only use slick-util textures? 2013-06-15
Slick2d Resolution? 2013-06-13
Tilemap editing based on RGB? 2013-06-08
Is this Object Framework okay? 2013-06-07
Strange Camera Detection 2013-06-05
How do I get a team coding with me on a indie game? 2013-05-09
Articles & tutorials
Organization with licensing using Eclipse 2013-12-23
Game Play & Game Design
Getting more serious about game DESIGN 2014-04-29
Pitch your Game Idea/Concept here! 2013-08-08
How to simulate the limits of atari games development limits 2013-07-19
An evolution-esque Idea 2013-06-27
Game Mechanics
Perfect 'Per-Vertex' Collision Algorithms? 2013-11-21
Make AI Not Run Into Each Other? 2013-11-05
How do you show blood? [STAY AWAY IF QUEEZY] 2013-08-04
Top down shooting rendering[SOLVED] 2013-07-30
My timer class won't work. 2013-06-29
How to shoot from the tip of a rotating gun? 2013-06-27
Have I found a new more efficient angle-finder? 2013-06-18
How to balance skills in games 2013-06-17
Get angle/direction from Vector2f? 2013-06-12
Make a tilemap based off of text file? 2013-06-08
Same Speed With Delta? 2013-06-05
Astar algorithm w/ moving object? 2013-06-03
Performance Tuning
Why is static not used? 2013-07-18
Shared Code
'ResourceManager' lwjgl [Criticism Accepted Warmly!] 2013-09-19
Engines, Libraries and Tools
Is there a small geometry library for java out there? 2013-11-02
Why make a graphics context object? 2013-09-25
OpenGL Development
Somehow using GL_REPEAT on a sub-texture in a sprite-sheet? 2014-07-09
Modifying Textures during runtime (possibly using FBOs) 2014-05-04
Screen deformation with shaders? 2014-04-22
Choosing how to go about CRT (retro arcade screen) effect? 2014-02-13
Problems with colors and samples mixing in GLSL shaders 2014-02-05
Why Can't I Find Bitmap Fonts? 2013-10-26
Get texture Data from LWJGL Given a Texture Id? 2013-10-09
Shaders took my textures! 2013-09-28
2D Translucent Sprites in 3d (2.5D) 2013-09-04
[SOLVED]Cube is rendering faces out of order! 2013-09-02
Java Sound & OpenAL
Paulscode loading from InputStream? 2014-01-26
Audio Input Capabilities With LWJGL? 2014-01-06
Abstractualizing Paulscode? 2013-11-19
Does LWJGL only work on desktop? 2013-11-24
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Java Gaming Resources
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Java Gaming Resources
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Java Gaming Resources
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Java Gaming Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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SF/X Libraries
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