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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [Libgdx]Tilemap rendering issue on: 2016-06-30 06:40:20
What if your big-statue/house gets (partially or not) removed/destroyed ? How do you update your collision flags and your visuals ?

you just modify the solid layer and set new 1/0 flags.  optionally you also modify the render-layer underneath (which is millisecond work)
as for the visuals, your object will then use a new sprite frame showing it's new destroyed state (or it get's killed and removed from the object list completely, setting 0's at it's tile location)

2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [Libgdx]Tilemap rendering issue on: 2016-06-29 18:01:39
This is probably more costly than your system, but not for the logic part. Imagine you need a huge house on top of your terrain layer with the ability to go behind it (the upper part being drawn on top of the players if they're behind this house). If you draw it as an object entity (a single sprite), you'd have to code a heavier collision system or even use a physics engine when the shape becomes complex (not a basic rectangle). With the houses, trees (and other things) stored as multiple tiles, I only need to do a simple check on the cell and everything becomes much easier :

actually I don't need to do any extra check on that either, my map layer is split into a 1/0 layer for the solid/empty tile information
and a render-layer that keeps track of which tile to draw (and this is auto-generated from code based on the 1/0 layer)

and when I initialize the world and place a house or big-statue like I have in my game, I set solid-flags for all the tiles I want blocked.
all my game objects have a standard collision detection with the tile layer,  so it doesn't cost anything extra on having 40 houses or 0 houses on the map either.

all it requires is a bit of extra memory for having two arrays for the world instead of one
3  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [Libgdx]Tilemap rendering issue on: 2016-06-29 06:42:38
the funny thing is that all your solutions are probably more costly overall than having a few extra batch-renderings on the GPU side Smiley
the way I did it in Heroes of Loot 2:

1) batch render the floor tiles (only floor tiles)
2) batch render floor-effects (blood, debris, etc)

3) batch render all images (monsters, players, objects) which are sorted from top to bottom (sorted on y+object-height which is at their "feet" location).

4) batch render the walls

results are:

the game uses on average 16 batch calls (includes statusbar layer, light-layer, etc) and runs fine on 2 year old android+ios devices

however I do use raw tilemap rendering, nothing LibGDX specific. So it's just " for x = left to right;   for y = top to bottom;  drawTile"

to enhance that even more I could use pre-rendering the floor tiles and the wall-layers, but that wasn't really needed.

4  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [Libgdx]Tilemap rendering issue on: 2016-06-21 06:13:29
you can't render objects that way, because you need to sort/order them along with all other game objects (players, bullets, monsters, etc)

so trees should be objects (think of them as idle-monsters that don't do anything)

and then you sort all your objects from top-of-screen to bottom-of-screen and render them in that order

5  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 - Steam + Android + iOS (libgdx) on: 2016-06-20 18:58:16
Just updated to version 1.1.0:

More heroes! the roster of heroes now doubled to 8 characters.. but you'll have to unlock them first Wink
Unlocking is done by collecting the new Hero-cards that are scattered around the dungeons, and the Stats/Data menu shows how many you have and need.

With unlocking the Hero-cards there is also some extra information on your character unlocked, so go for it!
Besides that there are some new achievements and a host of fixes and improvements!

Go grab the update on Steam, Android and iOS

Here's the full changes list:

  • add: number of unlocked bestiary now visible on bestiary screen[/*]
  • add: Hero-card treasure chests[/*]
  • add: Hero-collectors screen (stats menu)[/*]
  • add: character Thief[/*]
  • add: character Mage[/*]
  • add: character Paladin[/*]
  • add: character barbarian[/*]
  • add : 4 new achievements for complete hero-card collections[/*]
  • add: sound effect to invincious magic (shield)[/*]
  • add: achievement "fire walker" for Mage[/*]
  • add ios: MFI controller support[/*]
  • changed: sliding-walls now spawn 1 type of monster[/*]
  • changed: bigger increase in player level points for every 10 dungeons reached in game[/*]
  • fix coop mode: dead players now drops quest-items they might have[/*]
  • fix: altar statue not taking the idol[/*]
  • fix: afterlife staying after game-over[/*]
  • fix: fireballs have a small increase in damage (also those from monsters)[/*]
  • fix: fire-towers sometimes blocking corridors[/*]
  • fix: magic-candle quest now has an avatar with a hint added[/*]
  • fix: dialog-buttons more clear[/*]
  • fix: Quest-master achievement wouldn't unlock correctly[/*]
  • fix: most invisible wall issues seem gone[/*]
  • fix: turning sound off, now actually turns sound off (also work-around for Galaxy crashes)[/*]
  • fix: saw-rails vanishing after explosions[/*]
  • fix: horizontal saw-rails being invisible[/*]
  • fix: monsters flying through walls at spawn time[/*]
  • fix mobile: sometimes touch-positions get mixed up (direction-touch jumps to right-side of screen)[/*]
  • fix android: back key on gamepad now works[/*]
  • fix android: home key now pauses the game[/*]
  • fix android: DPad-left on gamepad not releasing[/*]
  • fix android: background music / crossfading[/*]
6  Games Center / Showcase / Heroes of Loot 2 - Steam + Android + iOS (libgdx) on: 2016-06-11 13:52:59

Heroes of Loot 2 is here! 
The sequel to the award winning PS Vita, iOS,Android and PC game.
A game influenced by 80’s Gauntlet, classic Zelda games, God of War and Darksiders.

Developed in LibGDX + RoboVM (iOS version)

If you don’t like reading (or playing games) and prefer watching an awesome video
here’s a 1.21 minute short trailer to tickle your interest:

Quick links

Heroes of Loot landing page:

Steam store page:

Android Google Play :

iOS App store:

About Heroes of Loot 2

The hook:  In Heroes of Loot 2 you control two characters at once, a ranged character and a melee character. Switching between the characters is as simple as switching between weapons. Besides the difference in range, the characters all have their advantages and disadvantages. These range between difference in speed, power for using magic spells, or amount of damage they can handle.  Pick your characters based on your preferred game-style!

The influence: As with the original Heroes of Loot, the sequel is mostly based on the game feel of the original 80’s Gauntlet game. However for the sequel I took a lot of influence from games like Zelda, God of War and Darksiders to inspire the new quests, puzzles, and hack and slash parts of the gameplay.

Gameplay: The main game mode comes with 50 procedurally generated levels. Making each game a unique experience. Each dungeon comes with a lot of hell-creatures to shoot, mini-bosses, avatars to talk to and possibly buy cool items from or learn alternate routes like the “The sewers” and many more. You’ll also find yourself in a single-level Arena room filled with multiple Minotaurs, or just a loot-filled room.. In any case, make sure you are equiped for the right task!

All dungeons also have various quests and challenges for you to complete before you can continue your path to King Loot’s lair. Quests range from killing a mini-boss to lighting various magic-candles, or retrieving a lost Idol to an Altar.

Luckily the dungeons come with shops where you can buy magic spells, character enhancing items, and healing potions to help you on your quest.

Grabbing loot and killing hell-spawn adds to your Experience points, increasing the firepower and magic power of your characters.

And finally, you can find various treasures around the dungeons to unlock “magic shards”. Collect enough of these shards to permanently unlock magic spells making your future game sessions easier.

Game modes: Grab a controller and a buddy for local-coop mode and roam the dungeons together.  If you’re good enough you can also try your luck in the Survival mode, a bunch of small Arena’s that play much like the old SmashTV arcade game.. How long can you survive?

Click to Play
7  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Random glitch in tiles on: 2016-05-27 18:22:55
told ya!  Grin Cool
8  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Random glitch in tiles on: 2016-05-23 06:36:44
make sure your window has a power-of-2 dimension.  Anything else, can make your textures not full fit together.
Guessing your FBO is a power of 2, so the problems aren't there.

possible the same as this problem:
9  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-05-20 14:40:02
Meanwhile I'm a few updates and versions into the Early Access stages.
I just pushed out version 0.9.4 with many new stuff like avatars, quests, items, and various tweaks all mostly based on user feedback.

I really like how Early Access gives me, as one-man company, a bunch of extra eyes and opinions from people who probably play more games than I do. 

Check it out if you haven't yet:
10  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-05-13 20:12:12
And it's live!  on Steam Early Access,
so check it out if you like dungeon crawling and rpg action adventures:
11  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: LibGDX Rendered tiled and non tiled sprite lines not smooth on: 2016-05-07 07:11:22
you're in luck, I have a simple framebuffer example here:

12  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: LibGDX Rendered tiled and non tiled sprite lines not smooth on: 2016-05-06 06:32:43
make sure your rendering canvas is always a power of 2 in size (width and height)
that's why it goes wrong when you resize your window, at some points it will not be a power of 2 and the texture offsets will not be rounded numbers causing those jitters.

render everything to a framebuffer, which is easier to keep a power of 2, and then render that to the visible screen (which then doesn't have to be a power of 2)

13  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: LWJGL3 and Android on: 2016-04-26 18:19:04
check out LibGDX, which uses LWJGL3 (and 2 if you prefer) and builds to both desktop and android (and ios)

14  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-04-25 10:32:42
The pre-order is now live, with 30% discount !  (Steam key until the game leaves Early Access)

If interested, pre-order here:
15  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-04-21 14:53:21
Almost nearing the pre-order and Steam Early Access build!  Just one or two more weeks (probably opening up the pre-order next week with a discount, so keep an eye out for that)

Wrapped up work on the website and marketing material (trailer + screenshots) so it's all ready to go:

Here's some cool new screenshots just for those who like pretty pictures :

16  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Looking for other programmers for a stealth shooter on: 2016-04-09 06:38:55
and do you really need 2-3 coders (besides yourself) for this ?
and wouldn't you also need a graphic artist?
sound designer?

not to be harsh.. but most people here, able to help you on such a project, could probably do it faster by themselves Wink
17  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-04-02 14:07:11
yeah it's not my first game Wink
18  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-04-01 14:39:55
I've been streaming some of the development on Twitch, for those interested in code and pixel-art creation:
19  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: 2D Roguelike Dungeon Game Alpha on: 2016-03-29 16:36:52
just a note, please don't start using too many of my sprites..
those images used (the rocko, the purple character, etc) are not freeware

use them as a basis to create your own by modifying them Wink
20  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Make game development step on: 2016-03-23 10:45:32

 I honestly believe that graphics is a skill-set you can learn just like programming. But like programming, it requires time and most developers can create games and would like to just as easily create graphics.. but remember where you were when starting programming, that's where your graphic skills are.

All game art is defined by rules and style. For pixelart there are simple rules on how to create a rounded edge, just blow up a pacman sprite, and notice how the outline of the circle is made.. that's the most simple example of graphical rules in pixel-art, and there are a lot of those little rules (aka tricks) to create certain shapes.  Same goes for any other graphical art form (vector, 3d, etc).  Look at examples and start copying them and then tweaking them  (again, much like how you would learn how to program games, take example game code, and start tweaking it)


mechanics is playing many games, and prototyping. Sounds like you already do one of the ways to accomplish it. I work the same way, I come up with a specific little concept, and then I build it and iterate and play the shit out of it until it's fun or just time to move on to the next idea.    Sometimes a game idea starts with an idea like "main player moves like this"  or sometimes I start a design with "funny little sprite" and then I never know where I end up Wink


don't worry about the tools, if you can make what you want to make with it, and run it on the target platforms you had in mind, then it's the right tool for you.   I only recently started using LibGDX, but I only use the core of it (the part that get's me an opengl + audio + input setup and works cross-platform).  All other code on top (actual engine of the game) is my own code.

This means my code can be ported fairly quickly as long as I have a rendering+audio+interface layer between my code and the platform I want it to run on.

finally, don't think too much about it, just do it Wink   creating games is mostly the fun of creating, the end result doesn't matter. Especially if it's just as a hobby.

21  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-03-18 19:15:04
The steam page is now up:

next step will be the pre-order and early-access stage
and then release on pc, android and ios
22  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The point of games on: 2016-03-16 19:24:04
the point of games is about equal to the point of this thread Smiley
23  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: Gunslugs 2 - completed on: 2016-02-28 10:07:58
haha cool to hear! Smiley
24  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Newbie questions on game states and game libraries on: 2016-02-27 23:06:53
1. library doesn't matter, start with one, if you out-grow it, move to the next one.   One tip: there is no "simple rpg" better try your hands at something a lot more simple

2. also doesn't matter.. anything that works is good. If you out-grow it, or learn better ways to do it, you can start using those methods. But what ever works is a great solution.

my tip, find some free game source-code, start tweaking it and learn as you go from that.
25  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Box2dlights on: 2016-02-15 19:03:21
you redraw them in the right location every time.
so your framebuffer can be just as big as the screen, not bigger.

but you might want to start with something more simple if this is a bit too hard to understand (cause it's actually really simple game code)
26  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Box2dlights on: 2016-02-14 20:36:42

Thanks for this, not used framebuffer before, this like an offscreen buffer you draw into and then overlay it onto your main screen?

Are your lights always in same position or as you scroll the screen you re-position them etc?


yes everything is always rendered to a framebuffer, but for this you just create another buffer that is rendered on top of the other.

the lights are rendered every frame, so they are dynamic just not casting shadows
27  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Box2dlights on: 2016-02-13 10:29:45
another, possibly faster, solution is using blended "light" textures like I described over here:

using it in various games to great effect
28  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Space Grunts - turnbased with a twist on: 2016-02-04 17:53:34
now also available on Android ... and iOS ! (using RoboVM)
comes with a 50% launch discount which ends on Friday, so uhm, hurry :p

29  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-01-23 22:40:58
why not.. at some point it could be fun to combine a bunch of my games in one
30  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Heroes of Loot 2 on: 2016-01-20 12:51:31
2 gamepads, or a gamepad+keyboard.. 1 screen, camera centers in the square around the 2 players.. so can't run away from each other too far Smiley
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