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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Skeletal Animation on: 2016-06-25 17:52:46
If everything works fine till animation then the issue must be isolated to the routing that uploads the new bone matrix array to the shader (boneMat). How do you upload the data initially and how do you upload the updated data?
2  Game Development / Shared Code / Re: Hydro's Game Engine on: 2016-06-25 17:37:37
So where's your latest code then? Can we take a peek?
3  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: glBufferSubData on: 2016-06-23 15:05:17
I think you have a multi part question then

Part 1 : Putting all the possible triangles in to the required buffers.

Your vertex buffer only contains points, which in your case are all vertices of the triangles you want to draw. The way you make them in to triangles is to use the index buffer and to tell the draw elements method that you want to draw triangles. The draw elements method then takes the index buffer, 3 elements at a time and indexes them back in to the vertex buffer.

renderer.glBindBuffer(renderer.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, sizeBufferId);
        renderer.glBufferData(renderer.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, sizeData, drawFrequency);
4  Game Development / Shared Code / Re: Hydro's Game Engine on: 2016-06-22 21:29:46
Encode / Decode = Encryption?? Really?? When people talk about building an encoder / decoder they talk about having the ability to read and write files of different formats.

BTW PNG is lossless compression, its basically contains a zip file inside itself. The benefits are is that the file is small even though the data could be large. What are the benefits of using your own file format?

5  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: glBufferSubData on: 2016-06-22 21:14:46
I have no idea what the actual problem is as you haven't really said there is a problem.

Anyway, personally, i think you are going about this completely wrong. When I did my picking code I did this.

- Used the index array and took 3 at a time to form each triangles
- Did an intersection check on this triangle and returned the distance to the camera
- The nearest object is the object picked

You can optimise your data set by using an OctTree / QuadTree to intersect the box first to narrow down which triangles to check (as its cheaper to check AABB than it is to check triangles).

No idea where collision comes in to the ray triangle thing, you should explain things a lot more clearly
6  Games Center / Android Showcase / Re: Circlus [libgdx] on: 2016-06-12 17:31:44
You should put a  download link in so we know where to get it
7  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: OpenGL Extensions on: 2016-06-12 07:21:56
There is no overhead difference, its just like calling a core version method. The difference between core and extensions is the supportability. Graphics card vendors / os vendors don't need to support all of the extensions, some are vendor specific.

I don't think you need 2 jars, you just need to check to see if an extension you need is supported and if it is you can then use it.

Me personally, I stick to core product functionality. I then just need to stipulate the version of opengl required (for which nearly all graphics cards would support now anyway)

This link has a useful breakdown of all the extension prefix's and what they represent.
8  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: LWJGL 3 - LMDB bindings on: 2016-06-07 18:57:40
First off...a big thank you for all your effort on LWJGL3, its good to see the project continuing and that people will be using the library in countless different ways to solve their individual issues. Your categorisation of the modules is interesting. With issue 100 getting implemented I would actually group them up as :

Java Gaming :  Core

- OpenAL
- OpenGL
- OpenGL ES
- GLFW (Display + input API replacement)
- Vulkan (a good match for LWJGL and also the most user requested API)

Java Gaming :  Optional

- LibOVR (Oculus SDK)
- OpenCL

Java Gaming :  Util

- NanoVG
- stb (image IO, font rendering, vorbis decoding, etc
- NativeFileDialog
- Nuklear
- libstem_gamepad (in a branch, failed experiment, to satisfy concerns about GLFW's gamepad support)

Java General : Optional
- xxHash (tiny & fast non-cryptographic hash functions)
- LMDB (post 3.0.0)
- ODBC (mostly complete branch)
- hwloc (incomplete branch)
- SSE(3)
- jemalloc
- Misc system calls
- dyncall (FFI + dynamically generated native-to-Java callbacks)
- Basic system calls

I would see a sister project using the LWJGL name but having the G stand for General rather than gaming.
9  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: LWJGL 3 - LMDB bindings on: 2016-06-06 18:22:30

Couple of things

1. This link doesn't work :
I think it should be

2. I understand what the LMDB is, I can think of non gaming scenario's where this is very useful. But what do you see as the use case in a gaming sense for a database (and one that is super fast)?
10  Game Development / Shared Code / Re: Hydro's Game Engine on: 2016-06-01 04:56:39

As you can see there are some people that don't like the site of game engines on this forum Smiley I under exactly where you are coming from, I think building an engine from scratch is a) a good learning exercise for the curious and those that want to learn how b) for those that like to create and want to be involved in everything and c) for those not worried that they will be the only people to use it. It looks like you fall in to all three of those which is great.

So now for some feedback :

- It looks like you are in the early stages of development because the core features you have are basic. Below is a list of features you can look to add if you haven't already (I'm no expert in engines neither but these are features I would want).
      - Lighting
      - Shadows
      - Text
      - Animation of GUI elements
      - Skeletal animation of 3D meshes
      - Particle System
      - Physics engine
      - Collission detection
      - Effects such as reflections / bloom etc
- Loading resources is key to making things easier for engine use so adding other loaders will be useful
- If you are using LWJGL you might want to upgrade to version 3
- As other people have already said, if you want us to look at your code then you need to link to it, if not then make it clear in the opening post that you just want advice on features
11  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Google wins trial against Oracle over Android on: 2016-05-28 04:19:04
That's an article written by the Oracle lawyer  Smiley
12  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Google wins trial against Oracle over Android on: 2016-05-27 21:02:42
Open Source does not mean "Please Copy Me". It just means you can see how the binaries are made. You'll note that every single source file in the JDK contains an actual copyright notice.

Cas Smiley

I'm not a copyright expert but doesn't GNU General Public License version 2allow you to modify the files but to keep the license terms?
13  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Google wins trial against Oracle over Android on: 2016-05-27 20:57:52
Forget Oracle, Google, whoever. Imagine you, personally, had designed the entire Java API from scratch all on your own, and it took you 20 years, and you planned to sell licenses to use it, and it was going pretty well.

Now imagine I downloaded it, carefully copied the most important 10,000 lines of code out of it, did a search-and-replace for Java and replaced it with Cafe, and then subsequently made $40bn on top of it.

You'd be extra cross, am I right?

If I had spent 20 years creating Java API's, tried to sell license but failed to make any real business out of it and then allowed an open source version to live I don't think I would have a right to be cross.
14  Game Development / Shared Code / Re: Bits, Bytes and Insanity on: 2016-05-27 18:38:16
I have my own version of this too! But its just a reader rather than a reader and writer. Certain file formats are bit orientated data sets (ogg for example) and its very nice to read the data as if you are using a ByteBuffer. My implementation used ByteBuffers rather than arrays. The other useful it does is read Little or Big Endian numbers from the bits. If you are interested I can post the code, its just a simple class.
15  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Google wins trial against Oracle over Android on: 2016-05-27 18:17:06
There are a couple of things to comment on with regards to the api comment

1. Java is free, so why aren't they free to use the API's?

1. Openjdk is an opensource version of java, which by definition means Oracle have allowed people to extend it (although this is the only project they contribute to)

3. The previous CEO of Sun did not mind Google doing what they were doing. He knew they were not providing their own java implementation

The whole basis of this case seems, in my opinion, to revolve around Oracle not liking it when their own attempt at java mobile failed (it was failing already before Android came about) so they change from a pro Android stance to a anti Android stance. Larry Ellison actually thought Android was good for Java in the beginning.

The API are important and google admitted this in the current court case so Google aren't denying this fact
16  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Problem with automatic ragdoll shape generation using JBullet on: 2016-05-26 18:25:12
What does it look like when you print the matrices for each bone after recursively calling calculateBindMatricies()? Are they all correct before passing to JBullet?

p.s. I only mentioned NiF because your body part names are exactly the same as Morrowind bones Smiley
17  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Problem with automatic ragdoll shape generation using JBullet on: 2016-05-25 18:08:07
Hi, looks like you are using NiF file formats for your animations? Where do you multiply the transformations across the bone hierarchy? (ie root bone up to the head)
18  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: RSS feeds for JGO still broken since October 2015 on: 2016-05-25 18:01:14
One more for the RSS reader team! I use feedly and use it for webcomics, certain forum sites, and lots of blogs. Easy to read in one place and easy to track everything across multiple devices

This is the last ever page to appear in the rss feed fo me
19  Games Center / Showcase / Re: [LibGDX] Racing2D Cross Platform Multiplayer on: 2016-05-24 04:34:21
Similar comments to previous post, I am struggling on the basic 1 level. You make 1 mistake or get taken out by a car behind and its game over. I have also yet to see the lead car make any mistakes or get slowed down by anything.
20  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Pandum online OPEN BETA on: 2016-05-22 09:15:28
Just created a new character, here is some feedback from me

  • I can't rotate the camera, it either can't be done or there is no obvious way how to do it
  • It says I have 1 skill point to spend but I can't spend it no matter how often I click save in the skill tree
  • In the main screen the options allow me to change the keys for things, the keys come up as numeric values so I don't actually know what the defaults are. I also can't find this options screen in the main game
  • There is a big blue arrow at one place, looks like it is a zoning point but I don't know how to zone

For me it was mostly a lot of confusion Smiley On the positive side, the game looks good!
21  Java Game APIs & Engines / Engines, Libraries and Tools / Re: Java wrapping of OpenGL objects on: 2016-05-10 18:11:34
This isn't so different to just using LWJGL not JOGL (Your library name is too similar to JOGL as well). What benefits do you see over these 2 api's?
22  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Shareware, copyright and fangames on: 2016-05-10 18:07:49
IANAL...If your game is not called Doom and doesn't have Doom in its title (so doesn't use the trade mark) then you won't be at fault in this area.

To be sure I would email Zenimax and ask them, no harm in doing this to hear what they want to say, I know of another group of people that did this with Bethesda and they basically gave their permission.
23  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Vec4 Mathematics on: 2016-05-10 18:01:10
Does GLSL do any optimsations? If I pass a 3 x uniform matrix and multiple them in a vertex shader (model / view / projection), does GLSL recognise that the uniforms don't change and only calculate it once?

I have been thinking about this recently too and my instinct tell me you should go with CPU calculations  ( because of the per vertex work saved). But if GLSL can optimise things then I think GLSL is a no brainer.
24  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Projection Matrix Resize LWJGL3 on: 2016-05-10 17:44:04
Have you reset GL11.glViewport?
25  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Libgdx Json serialization of HashMap on: 2016-05-06 15:25:13
I've used jackson in the past and it works really well, there are many json libraries out there some are good and some are bad.

Read about some of them

The lbgdx one isn't that well known so I can't comment much, I just know its not a dedicated library just for json. If other libraries solve your issue then there is no reason why you couldn't use them.
26  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Libgdx Json serialization of HashMap on: 2016-05-06 10:05:24
They are not connected, one is just better than the other  Cheesy
27  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: [LWJGL] 3D Collision on: 2016-04-27 18:04:15
This is a great resource if you want to learn more
28  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Multiple render passes, different programs, texturing problems on: 2016-04-27 05:24:19
you should provide the code in m_shader
29  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / Re: Java OGG API with concurrent playback on: 2016-04-17 20:02:13
Do you mean 2 vorbis containers in a single ogg file?

I have my own ogg / vorbis loader and it works with multiple containers in the same stream (Because the is how Theora works which I have another side project ot get working). Depending on what you want to do I can potentially help you fix things as I have a pretty good understanding of the format.
30  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: djoom3 - Doom 3 java port[HELP WANTED] on: 2016-04-17 09:47:34

I think you severely under estimate the effort it takes to get as far as you see in the demo video, if it had been a near full game then the OP would not have asked for help. Having the cinematic completed, a usable hub and quite a bit for raw data loading is quite good to begin with.
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