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Topics started by Andre Lopes (114)

Space Escape 2015-01-17
General Discussions
Looking for a good book to learn C 2015-10-29
Anyone with knowledge on Cygwin? (+Shogun) 2015-01-29
OldDirectx ->OpenGL Friend Project - #directx 2/3 #D3DTLVERTEX #OpenGL/GLSL 1.1 2014-12-07
Difference between libGDX and Swing And Java 2014-12-01
Should i allow everyone to see my game source code? 2014-09-25
Compiler Analyzer! Newbie Practicing 2014-09-15
FlipFlop - Examn f(CLK) 2014-09-15
Netbeans + Gradle = Im annoyed. 2014-07-26
I want to see Above the Sky With Java + Arduino. 2014-06-28
Documentation For Games #Libgdx ( if that changes anything.) 2014-03-19
Do internet Game Dev Teams Actually work? 2014-03-02
4.8 MT System bus.. Big deal? versus 5.2 2014-02-26
AMD has revealed an API that gives developers direct access to GPUs using ... 2013-09-28
How to not let someone steal your game ? 2013-09-05
How hard it is to make a game like ace combat 3 in libgdx? 2013-08-14
What are the laws regarding Making a fan Game of a Movie? 2013-08-07
Community & Volunteer Projects
Community Project - Migrate Matrix Api (java) To Aparapi 2014-09-12
Miscellaneous Topics
About Python Class and methods 2015-04-24
Newbie & Debugging Questions
[libgdx] How do i save data of my game on GooglePlay? 2016-01-20
Is it possible to use adsense on the GWT project of libgdx? 2015-12-21
Multiplayer game on Android 2015-08-27
GWT Error with just 3 classes 2015-07-08
Making a Graph on a Cell of a Libgdx Table 2015-04-12
[SOLVED]Play Audio from Byte Array without distortion 2015-03-14
Would this work? GooglePlay Code 2015-01-31
[Solved] So many ways to deal with different android DPI/Resolutions.... Which? 2015-01-16
[libgdx] [GooglePlay] [Gradle] How to add Google Plays API in gradle build? 2015-01-13
Optimize Enemy Generator + BOX2D Bodies 2015-01-07
[SOLVED] +Box2D QueryAABB Not working? 2015-01-03
+JNA +Java Window Name = "" and Window Class Name is Generic = wKernel 2015-01-01
[SOLVED]+libgdx +box2d What can cause Tearing when rotating and moving a sprite? 2014-12-31
+Box2D +libgdx How to Move EdgeShapes ? 2014-12-29
Another Option For Touchpad - Libgdx #AndroidControl 2014-12-09
TextField 9Patch always red ( reddish?) 2014-10-11
Unproject Batch #libgdx 2014-10-01
[SOLVED]How can i move a sprite / a tank in screen with rotation? 2014-09-27
Is it Possible to use Java and send sounds through the microphone? 2014-09-09
Some Questions About Libgdx App.Methods 2014-06-07
Gradle : How to apply Source Properties? 2014-05-22
How i can use AntiAliasing with LibGDX? 2014-05-20
Noob - GWT And Libgdx 2014-04-11
WildCard in Class name? What!? 2014-03-30
How to make particle-editor work in java 8 ? Security stuff 2014-03-22
Pixel Problem. 2014-03-10
[SOLVED] Libgdx - Delta Time -> Fade-In Effect 2014-02-24
[SOLVED] Libgdx - Rotate The whole Particle Emitter 2014-02-21
How to limit fps in Android without causing problems? Libgdx 2014-02-11
[FIXED]Libgdx - Layout Issue With Table(Window) 2014-01-28
Libgdx - What Graphic Settings can i expose? 2014-01-19
Arrow Ballistic - Something is Wrong and Feel Unrealistic 2014-01-07
Load a java Class During Runtime, from outside the .jar. 2014-01-01
Should i Worry About Copyright ( Font, AngelCode/BMFont Program) 2013-12-29
Libgdx and File Chooser / Picker ( + MOD + .TMX ) 2013-12-27
Better way to Manage Assets... Need a tip :) 2013-12-16
com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array OR java ArrayList ? Performance 2013-12-13
Need Advice - Learning OpenGl - This Book + LWJGL ? 2013-12-05
Delete this topic. 2013-11-30
[SOLVED]Final Score Screen Effect Libgdx 2013-11-27
My Game have creative commons Resources ( images/audio) ,Can i still sell it? 2013-11-23
Libgdx Gwt Module... How to? Errors 2013-11-02
Libgdx Setup-ui makes projects Designed as JDk 1.6 , can i Change to 1.7 ? 2013-11-02
How to make Android Input with Libgdx? 2013-10-27
Libgdx - Use Tiled or ? 2013-10-21
[SOLVED?] How should i Use Logger, Or Save Error Game Files with Libgdx? 2013-10-19
How do i verify if the Desktop/Device can run openGl ES 2.0 ? 2013-10-18
Libgdx,save Game Data... can i use .properties or should i use JSON? 2013-10-02
Does it make sense to load actor images of moving right and left? 2013-09-26
What you think of my game until now? How can i make the archer move properly? 2013-09-07
is This Correct? Camera , Never shows the part without tiles! 2013-09-06
Creating my own Timer ( libgdx) 2013-09-06
How do i pause my game? 2013-09-05
About Resolution x Android x Desktop x Not show Black Empty spaces ( Tiles) 2013-09-02
How to Draw Alpha Transparency of an image in another color for Debug Purposes 2013-09-01
Is there an alternative to Libgdx OpenAL? 2013-08-21
Your opinion on my elephant pattern movement? 2013-08-18
Black Lines in My Game. Tiled? 2013-08-17
[SOLVED] TMX Tiled - Depends of Sprites ? 2013-08-17
Arrow Ballistic + Collision issue + Pos Issue + Slow Method? 2013-08-10
Ballistics ( Bow - Arrow ) - is this Right? 2013-08-07
[SOLVED]Change cursor default-image (LIBGDX) 2013-08-04
[Solved] Always Left with TouchDown Click 2013-08-01
[SOLVED BY DERMETFAN] libgdx + Slider + Health/Mana Bar - How to + notWorking? 2013-07-21
[100%Solved] tmx (x,y) doesnt match libgdx(x,y)-How to? -Already tried several 2013-06-04
[SOLVED YAY ] Collision with .tmx ( wiki(ok) ) - Find (x,y) of a/all tiles 2013-06-03
[KindaSolved]Is box2D really neccessary ? 2013-06-02
[SOLVED?]Changed box2D Example, dont work! 2013-06-01
Physics Body Editor (aka box2d-editor) 2013-05-28
Android lag Plus How i made it run ! 2013-05-26
[SOLVED] Sprite not being drawned where i ask to be. [FREAKING SOLVED] 2013-05-25
Images + Libgdx + Loading in Android + NetBeans 2013-05-23
Two Questions. One About Collision of Rectangles , Other about libgdx Logic in 2013-05-20
Atlas Bug. When i Draw my Image, it draw all the images 2013-05-19
How to manage several Explosions Drawing/Happening ? 2013-05-18
How to Draw Alpha(transparent) And About [Particle Editor(very noob question)] 2013-05-16
Sprite Animation to create effect using Atlas 2013-05-12
Rectangle Intersection - LIBGDX -- Collision 2013-05-12
How to listen multiple Key presses? 2013-03-18
Game Play & Game Design
Enemies Movement... How ? #TerrariaExample 2014-12-08
Game Mechanics
Arrow Bow Physics - Help! 2013-04-16
Artificial Intelligence
[SHARING] Genetic Algorithm - libGDX ( Based on Jeff Heaton's Book ) 2014-10-22
How to implement N-Opt in Genetic Algorithm To Solve the Travelesman Problem? 2014-06-20
Questions about ANN's 2014-03-15
Can anyone give me an easy ANN exercise? 2014-03-04
Neural network - Yay or Nay? For games as well ? 2013-09-07
Is This Book Good To Learn AI ? 2013-08-20
AI for 2D game like Flicky or Sonic 2013-03-18
Performance Tuning
Does this cause lack of Performance? 2013-10-12
Java 2D
Beginner JPanel Question - Snake Game :P 2013-03-05
OpenGL Development
How to Control the "Button is pressed" ? 2013-05-10
Am i good student :D ? Hows the code? background drawing 2013-05-08
What to do in Screen after each draw and before a new draw? 2013-05-08
First Time with Libgdx ( NetBeans user ) 2013-05-02
How to start with OpenGL ? 2013-03-23
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Java Gaming Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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SF/X Libraries
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