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1  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Real Turn - Android RPG with roguelike elements on: 2014-08-22 13:42:40
Glad to hear you think that. If you get a chance to play it, please let me know what you think of it then.
2  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Balance Island 1.01 on: 2014-08-19 18:14:18
Looks absolutely gorgeous. The link appears to be broken though, so I can't play it. I also tried searching the name on the play store and didn't find it.
3  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Real Turn - Android RPG with roguelike elements on: 2014-08-19 17:13:39
Hello everybody,

This is a game that I have been working on sporatically for about a year or so now in java using Libgdx. I've recently been putting in a great deal of work on it since I'm on summer break, but I leave for college again in less than a week now. Once classes begin, I'll have very little time to work on this game, which is why I've decided to put develeopment on a temporary hold and release this demo. I've done my best to polish up what I've done so far to make a fairly presentable version, but there are still a host of glitches and incomplete features. It is also a very early demo of the game and it is nowhere close to being finished. I still have about a million and one ideas for what will be to come of this game once I have the time to implement them. Virtually anything is still subject to change at this point, and many things I absolutely do plan to change.

This is my game, Real Turn.
Here's a link to the apk file:
Here's a link to an executable jar for desktop:
(Please note: this is intended to be an android game and the desktop version I've really only been using for development purposes. It is not optimized properly for keyboard use at all. There are numerous hotkey configurations that could potentially break the game if used improperly and resizing the screen could cause problems. For proper results, only use the mouse when playing on desktop. Thanks!)

So what is this game? The game borrows elements from many different videogame genres, but I guess you would say at heart it is an RPG with roguelike elements, and a combat system that is a mix between real-time strategy and turn-based strategy. That probably sounds like a jumbled mess... I'll do my best to explain it in more detail. Unfortunately this demo doesn't have any sort of tutorial yet either, so read on if you want to understand it more clearly.

This demo starts you out on the overworld that you and your party may travel around using the joystick on the bottom. Enemies will walk around, much like in Earthbound. If they see you, they'll chase after you. Once they touch you, a battle is triggered.

Battles are handled on a grid-based system, but battles are not exactly turn based. After each action is done, that unit has a brief cooldown before they can do another attack. This is indicated by the yellow bard underneath them. Once the bar is filled, they can act again. Keep this is mind as you are strategizing your attacks.

In battle, you can control each member of your party (known as "heroes") individually. By touching one and dragging your finger across the screen, you can draw a path that he/she will walk along. By dragging the hero's movement into an enemy, they will automatically attack the enemy when they are in range.

By tapping on a hero, you will bring up a series of tabs at the bottom of the screen. These will display the hero's stats, items, and spells. At this point in time items have not yet been implemented in the game, so that tab serves no purpose. The other tabs are all functional.

Tapping the stats tab will display all of the details of that particular hero. Each hero has their own set of stats, each with their own pros and cons. Stats will increase each time a hero goes up a level.

Tapping the spells tab opens a list of that hero's abilities. These are also unique to each hero. By selecting a spell, the map will show you its range/which tiles you can use it on. Tap on an available tile and hero will use the spell there.
Spells use up mana, be careful not to deplete it. In this demo there is no way to restore it.

As I said earlier, this game borrows a lot of ideas from roguelike games. The game features field-of-view on the overworld and most importantly, permadeath. If you die, you're done. I also hope to add randomly generated maps to mix up the experience every time. That's still up for debate though.

The "continue" feature is still very much a work in progress right now. There are numerous bugs with it right now so don't be shocked if your progress gets erased. Luckily, progress itsn't all too important at this point anyways. Eventually  I will add a much cleaner system with multiple save files and other features. Right now there is only one file, and starting a new game overwrites any existing file.

The only menu buttons that actually function right now are "new game", "continue", and "exit game". The rest have not yet been implemented.

That's it for the game's core features, but like a said there is still soooo much to come for this game. There will be new spells, heroes, items, enemies, weapons, maps, artwork, bosses, etc...  most importantly though, there will be an actual purpose to the game. Right now, you just wander a round a huge map and battle random enemies. The final game will actually have a proper progression, purpose, and an end. You will face more powerful enemies later on, encounter new biomes/terrain, maybe towns, etc...

Well that's about all that I have to say about this game. I'd love you hear your opinion if you have anything you'd like to say. Questions, comments, and improvements are all welcome!
4  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Spaceship Game Demo on: 2013-03-24 02:33:52
Here is a little engine demo for a game I've been working on the past few days. I have named it Little Chugger:

Propel your ship forward with the Up arrow key, rotate your ship with the Left and Right keys.
This is a pretty generic spaceship game engine with a few features I'm proud of.

The demo shows off a few key themes:
-Clouds/Stars are shown at different depths and scroll at their appropriate speeds. This creates an good sense of depth.
-As you get higher, the sky gets darker and darker until eventually you reach outer space where it is pitch black.
-As you get higher, the force of gravity continues to get weaker until you reach zero gravity in outer space.

Here's a quick video demo:
5  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Warp Zone (Working Title) on: 2013-02-11 13:15:03
Oh, thank you for reminding me of that! I forgot about that glitch, haha. It does this because any time you press "E" it shuffles through your inventory. However, If there are no items in your inventory it tries to shuffle and empty ArrayList and in turn crashes. Later today I'll fix that if I remember to. I can't believe I forgot about that...
6  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Warp Zone (Working Title) on: 2013-02-10 21:00:06
*sigh* I guess It's about time I change the graphics for the missiles. I swear just about everybody I've shown this to in person immediately says "Is that a penis?". I had no intention of it ever looking like a penis.
7  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Warp Zone (Working Title) on: 2013-02-10 02:09:44
Here is my game that I have been developing in Slick2d on and off for several months now. All coding and graphics for this game were done entirely by myself.

The game is fairly straight forward, it is a top-down action puzzle game based around the ability to travel between alternate dimensions to maneuver puzzles. There are three dimensions, a red, green, and yellow dimension. They can be entered by stepping on the warp pad of that colored dimension.

I have made a few sample levels to display the game, however there is a fairly comprehensive level editor to compensate for the lack of more content. Switch between the level editor and the regular game using the "+" and "-" keys. Read further for more controls.

Please note this game is in very early development still! While the engine is very much in tact, it is still buggy.

Here's just a list of miscellaneous features in the game. There's no real order to this list:
*Pick up items by walking over them. This will put them into your inventory for later use.
*Step on a colored warp pad to enter the dimension of that color
*Complete a level by stepping on the blue warp pad.
*Items are primarily new weapons such as faster bullets, bombs, missiles, "buzzers", etc...
*Killing enemies causes them to drop coins. Coins currently serve no purpose but can be collected regardless.
*Your coins and ammo for your current weapon are displayed the the top of the screen (The white numbers, I will make these look more professional eventually)
*Health and inventory are both displayed at the bottom of the screen.
*Losing all of your health causes the current level to reset.
*Shoot breakable tiles with missiles to break them.
*Use the "shadow vision" item to view shadows of enemies in other dimensions(the item looks like it has a shadow on it). Use the "Multi-dimensional bullets' to kill enemies from within other dimensions (The item looks like a regular bullet only gray). Neither of these items are implemented in the game currently but can be accessed via the level editor. The same goes for many other items as well.

The in-game controls are as follows:
W,A,S,D Keys - Move
Arrow Keys - Aim/Fire
E - Scroll through inventory
Space - Use selected item (The left-most item in your inventory)

Debug Controls, these are used for the purpose of testing the game and will not be present in a final release of the game:
+ - Switch to level editor
m - open door (haven't used this in a while, I think it opens any door to your right?)
q - spawn "buzzers"
r - Spawns bullets that fire to the right
u - clear all on screen bullets
o - spawn an enemy on top of you
i - spawn a shooting enemy on top of you
p - fire fast bullets in every direction from you
1 - warp to red dimension
2 - warp to green dimension
3 - warp to yellow dimension

Level editor controls:
- - switch back to game play mode
arrow keys - scroll between brushes
mouse - draw tiles on screen
space - Output a string array of your level. I'm not actually sure if this can be implemented in any way from the JAR, I only use it for entering levels into the game.
o/p - use these keys to toggle on/off "multi-dimension drawing". with this enabled, everything you draw in one dimension will appear in the same spot in all three dimensions. I honestly don't remember which key enables it and which disables it, you can figure it out!

And here's a few more screen grabs:

Here's a shot of the editor. You can see all three dimensions simultaneously and view the available brushes in the bottom right.

Download the demo here:

Known Bugs:
Any bullet/enemy/player going outside of the visible area causes a crash. Keep this in mind when using the level editor.
Adding an end level warp to the final level (the empty one) will cause a crash if you try to enter it.
I'm sure there are more I can't think of right now, I will add them as I remember them.

Anyways, thanks for checking my game out! Please leave feedback!
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