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1  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Free mobile <-> web trading cards multiplayer game on: 2006-04-09 19:29:48
I'm very happy to announce that the website is now available in full english!

Still free Smiley

2  Games Center / Archived Projects / Free mobile <-> web trading cards multiplayer game on: 2006-03-11 15:08:36
Hello everyone,

I am very proud to announce the release of our game: Urban Rivals. The first web & mobile trading cards game.

Now available at:
(the website is yet only in french but if you register and start the game, you'll be able to choose the language of the game between French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian)

The game is playable on the web directly or on your mobile, free registration, free download. (you'll only pay if you like the game and want more cards Smiley)


3  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Getting native text input "form" directly from a canvas. on: 2005-10-15 09:51:57

I am wondering how we can go directly to the "native" text input panel, without using a form.
Something like canvas.startUserInput();
I have seen opera doing it with opera mini, so I'm wondering..
I want my users to be able to see a nice low level screen in my games, and when they press something - bam! directly into the phone input screen to set up their nickname.

Thanks in advance, and I hope it's clear. Smiley

4  Discussions / Jobs and Resumes / [Paris, France] Experienced J2ME/Doja game developper needed. on: 2005-07-30 22:13:17

My company is looking to hire 2 J2ME / Doja game developper in our office of Paris, France. (we are also looking for interns)
We are NOT looking to outsource anything right now, nor are we looking for freelance developer (sorry).
Tasks would be working on j2me->doja ports and the creation of original multiplayers mobile games (our speciality).

If you are interrested, please send me an email to sflory - acute - fr.
Fell free to visit our site at

5  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: recalculating png crc on: 2005-03-31 20:13:25
Could you share the final code for palette change in png?
If someone has it for gif too... :-p

We were thinking of doing the same thing here, but image file format manipulations is definitly not my strongest skill Smiley It would take me ages Sad


6  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: Design woes: Inheritance or Interfaces? on: 2005-03-16 04:35:28
I agree with Abuse on that. But my final static in interface mentionned earlier are inlined by the obfuscator, so it's just clarity there..

Btw, switch is costier than if.. if.. if..

Abuse, do you know a good website or book so I can learn more about the fascinating world of the java-bytecode conversion? (especially generated bytecode cost).
I have severals hypothesis on certains fines points..

Anyway, just to help, here are some classic tips straight out of my head at this early time:

- Make use of default value in properties initialization as much as possible (int = 0, boolean = false, object = null etc...). It will reduce by a few bytes for each properties.

- If you really need to have a propertie instead of a local var, making them static will save a few bytes too.

- Private/public doesn't make a difference in bytecode generated.

- Try.. Catch() is expensive, use a "global" Try.. Catch() instead of severals small ones.

There are many more, but now I have trouble remembering them all Smiley

I have to grab my bicycle and go to work Smiley

7  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: Tira Jump, good or bad? on: 2005-03-13 16:13:48
Exactly the same scepticisme here.
My guess is that they have a robust set of tools they bundled as a product.
There are 2 or 3 other companies doing the same (can't remember the names but you could find them by digging news).

There is antenna and j2me polish already that can help.. but it's difficult to switch from our tools and methods to thoses tools and methods.
Also, doja is very much forgotten while it's one of the most standarised MIDP-like specs out there (and starting to be quite popular among operators).

Hope this helps,

8  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: Design woes: Inheritance or Interfaces? on: 2005-03-13 16:06:28
My advice, if you're into keeping the jar size small:

- create on class "entity", use state machine to determine behavior for each entities.

Creating classes or interfaces will force them to be included into the jar, and creates lot's of bytecode just to set them up.

Something else: we usally creates interfaces with only final static vars, for code clarity (network states, strings etc..).
They are inlined by the obfuscator and then scrapped, thus not creating files into the jar.

Hope this helps,

9  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / For thoses interrested in Doja. on: 2005-03-01 19:32:38
Ntt Docomo just opened a website dedicated to Doja (oversea) developpement.

It's quite well executed actually, you can found:
- Forum
- Articles
- Tips
- Support
- Handsets informations (jar, jam, scratchpad, heap, screensize, user agents etc..)
- And last but not least, there are the emulators for Doja v1.5 and v2.5 (3D!)

There is a "give us a full java emulator" thread in the forum, I strongly suggest Unix & Mac OS X users to participate (and windows fellow too) Smiley

Have a nice time,

10  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: Nokia API on Ericcson? on: 2005-02-23 17:17:07
Beware of something about that:

The DirectGraphics classic usage is done using casting:
DirectGraphics dg = (DirectGraphics)g;

But we are wrong, as I discover using the mpowerplayer Mac OS X emulator (wich is great btw). That the correct call is:
DirectGraphics dg = DirectUtils.getDirectGraphics(g);

Wich is not the same actually...
Maybe you use the first version but the later works fine ?

My 2 Cents,

11  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: Image loading/holding optimizations on: 2005-02-18 15:44:18

I work for a company building specifically multiplayers j2me and Doja games.
After a lot of experiments (antenna etc..), we found better to use a combinaison of:
- A in-house ant-task code precompiler (able to use simple logic like "var1 and|or var2") that comment/uncomment code based on enabled vars.
- A ressources_by_device directory system.
- A Custom ant script (preparse-build-dist-push-emul).

All of thems under eclipse directly.
It's not the best but it allow fast build time (10-20 seconds) and also it push using webdav (common-vfs project ant tasks) to the developpement server.
Finally, we have a shell script on the server that everybody can call to sync dev & prod (rsync based).

The precompiler Ant Task should be released on Sourceforge very soon (project: "Satori"), I hope someone will find it useful.

Was my 2 cents, :-)

12  Discussions / Jobs and Resumes / Looking for j2me/doja dev (interns) in Paris. on: 2004-07-19 10:51:36

My company is specialized mobile multiplayer games.
We released "Clint Fighting" ( )  on wap, doja and j2me in Europe.
It's a "magic-the gathering" like game, for mobile.
We are now looking for 1 or 2 interns in java developpement as soon as possible, for at least 6 months in Paris, 19eme.
We pay the conventionnal salary + a bonus at the end of the contract (wich may be turned into a CDI if all goes well).

We use the following tech:
- Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
- Php, Mysql, Apache
- Eclipse, CVS, J2me WTK, Ant.
- Swing, SWT, java, j2me, Doja.
- cHtml, iHtml, xHtml, Wap 1/2, Javascript
- Xml, Xml RPC.

I think (I HOPE) we are providing a nice working environnement, lot's of challenges, and lot's of laughs :)

Please contact me if interrested at

Feel free to publish this announce anywhere,

Have a nice day,

13  Java Game APIs & Engines / J2ME / Re: Obfuscator for jad file (j2me)??? on: 2003-11-14 10:28:20
I use jShrink wich proved to be a fantastic tool. Smiley

14  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Bits manipulation expert, please join :) on: 2003-06-02 13:04:10
Thanks you rulez my world today  Grin

I'll let you know when the shooter come to life.

15  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Bits manipulation expert, please join :) on: 2003-06-02 11:01:33
Hi again,

I tried to figure out your code, but first I don't understand the 0x010101ff; notation.
And also the mask.

I did manage to make the following code sorta work, but as soon as my value is negative everything thing is messed out.
(I tried to understand the signed/unsigned shifting stuff without luck).
Hey, I guess that's the way it is for my kind of developper, the one that never really learn low level stuff like bits..

Have a nice day,


int brepeat = 255;
int bmove = 1;
byte bx = 1;
byte by = -1;

int blah = (brepeat << 24) | (bmove << 16) | (bx << 8) | (by);
int repeat = (blah >> 24) & 0xff;
int move = (blah >> 16) & 0xff;
byte dx = (byte)(blah >> 8);
byte dy = (byte)blah;
System.out.println( ""+blah );
System.out.println( ""+repeat );
System.out.println( ""+move );
System.out.println( ""+dx );
System.out.println( ""+dy );
16  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Bits manipulation expert, please join :) on: 2003-05-30 12:14:41

(still on the subject of my space shooter).
I have an idea to represent my movement patterns, wich seem fast, and flexible using scripting and bits manipulations.
But, I *suck* at bits manipulations, maybe some of you can help.

Here is the basic idea:

- The pattern script is a binary file.
- Each "instruction set" is a 64 bits word of 4 parts of 8 bits.
- The first 8 bits represent the "repeat" count (how many time the instruction must be repeated before going to the next one).
- The second 8 bits represent the instruction itself (SHOOT, MOVE, SHIELD, RETREAT, TARGET, etc..)
- The third and fourth 8 bits represent X, and Y respectively for a MOVE instruction, or any other parameters if needed by the instruction.

00000001 00000001 00000001 00000001
REPEAT 1  MOVE        X=1          Y=1
00000001 00000001 00000000 00000001
REPEAT 1  MOVE        X=0          Y=1

Would end up making my entitie move one step down/right and the one step down.

How the hell do I do that in java? (and what about negative numbers) Smiley
(both creating the "step" and reading the step)
It would be even better if multiple instruction could be use of the same "line" (like MOVE & SHOOT) without creating a new instruction.

I would appreciated an example, or links to documentation around that.


17  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Shoot em up: data representation (levels, alie on: 2003-05-30 12:04:59

The class structure of my program is pretty much figured out, the only real problem is HOW do I represent my movement pattern and my level to make it fit in the smallest space as possible, and the quickest way as possible?

I have a idead that require script and bits manipulations, I'm posting a new topic around it.

18  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Shoot em up: data representation (levels, aliens) on: 2003-05-30 11:32:08

I'll start a Shoot Em Up in J2ME very soon.
I'm trying to figure out how to describe my level, and my alien behavior.
Maybe some of you had already done that, and would be willing to share ideas with me?

For the Aliens ships, I will build a top "wave" class, implementing movements patterns (except I dont know how to represent my movement pattern, straight line is easy but the other ones?), and referencing the "ships" inside the wave.
-> How to represent my differents ships?
-> How to represent my movement patterns? Text file? Step by step relative loc?

For the level, I was thinking of 2 text files: 1 for the static/background gfx, maybe with the "first visible point" to stream the building of the level as the player reach the area, and 1 for the "events" stuff, using same type of first visible location to release enemy waves.
-> Is there a better way to do that?

I really want my level to be designed (no random enemy), and my enemies to have various movements, so it's not a case of "well, i'll simplify and make it random" Smiley And I also want the "data" to be soft-coded externally so I can build a version 2, and other games based on it.

Any ideas guy?

Thanks anyway,

19  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: FPS: what's the expectation? on: 2002-11-19 11:31:15
Oops I forgot to say:

This was using 1.3.1 jvm (not yet tested under MS JVM).

20  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: FPS: what's the expectation? on: 2002-11-19 11:26:15
Hi again,

I worked since last week on a new graphics engine using blitting technics (as explained in this thread).
I though you might be interrested to know the result:

Computer: Athlon 1.4Ghz
3 Sprites size ranging from 18*18 to 50*50.
Windows size: 350*350 (changing windows size doesn't affect performance much).

My engine does support bitmask, normal blitting, alpha blended blitting (10 levels), rotation and scaling.
I can use alpha blend with rotation & scaling. But not yet scaling + rotation at the same time.
My scaling routine sucks right now (hence the poor results) but I'm working on it.
I know there's still room for improvement.

nb of spritesnormalalpharotationscale
16 sprites99 fps95 fps83 fps66 fps
32 sprites91 fps91 fps74 fps62 fps
64 sprites80 fps74 fps52 fps39 fps
128 sprites65 fps55 fps37 fps22 fps
256 sprites44 fps40 fps21 fps- fps
512 sprites29 fps25 fps12 fps- fps

I think after the optimization of the scaling routine, I'll get scaling fps around the alpha fps (I know how to do it but i'm lazy Smiley ).

Feel free to share your comment..

21  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: FPS: what's the expectation? on: 2002-11-06 10:57:42
I use a 1.1 JVM for most of my games (applet).

Some are as big as 600*480 and I can definitly push more than 8 fps (I would say.. around 35 fps for a common game running around 64 sprites).

And I'm certainly not using all the features I could (mainly because I haven't found them yet).

I know many high performance game developper get ride of the classic way of drawing frame and do everything into with a MemoryImageSource as the pixel buffer and draw pixel by pixel themselves.

On another subject, I'm looking into GBA (game boy advance) developpement right now (quite interresting and well though piece of gaming hardware).

Is there a way to catch the Vertical Blank moment in java? (1.1 if possible..)
Under gba, you use that time to do all your update.. and I'm starting to think of a new game engine very similar to the gba hardware..


22  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: setClip() and drawImage() tendency to leak mem on: 2002-10-20 10:30:07
This I know.
I'm using 1.4.1 jdk for developpement purpose, but I use JVM 1.1 for production (explorer).
I restrict myself to the 1.1 api (as a lots of online game developper I believe).
I do not remember the image consumer/producer technique beeing Java2D specific.
I know you're quite good at the latest Java2D stuff, but I imagine you're also familiar with the old stuff too.

Thanks for your time,

23  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: setClip() and drawImage() tendency to leak mem on: 2002-10-19 10:31:10
Indeed, for some operations Java2D does create an intermediate buffer.

Can you describe the problem a bit more? What's the size of the images being created? Are you seeing a lot of garbage collection (run the app with -verbose:gc), is it affecting your framerate (increase the default amount of heap to see if it helps)?

The best solution, of course, would be to avoid operations which use intermediate image if possible, or at least, limit the amount (use cache, for example, so you won't have to re-render something on each frame).

Hi again,

Here is a better description of the situation:

I'm using a cauldron image (for an halloween game).
I have 2 differents images: one with the cauldron filled, and another with the cauldron empty.
While playing the game you fill the cauldron, there I use a setClip method to display only a part of the filled cauldron over the empty cauldron.

Since I need pixel precision I definitly can't render 200 differents images of the cauldron.

I guess there is a way to create a extended version of Image object on wich I could set a percentage (like setFill( 0.5f ) and the image will just display the rows I need without recreating a whole new image.

To do this I believe I need to work with the image consumer/producer technics, wich I'm not familiar with.. Sad

This is why I need some help Smiley

(and btw, to answer your question, the gc kick often enough to regulary increase the java heap size significantly).

The game need to be an applet at the end (1.1) so I can't use anything fancy.

Thanks for your time.

24  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: setClip() and drawImage() tendency to leak mem on: 2002-10-18 06:08:50
Okay, wrong word Smiley

I hope someone have figured something out.
Since the java memory heap (at least under windows) tend to grow when you reach a certain size... it really an issue for me.


25  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / setClip() and drawImage() tendency to leak memory. on: 2002-10-17 12:21:49
Hi everyone,

I have run my latest game thru a profiler, and there is only one major leak of memory:

When I use g.setClip() and then g.drawImage( myImage ). The jvm create another image (from myImage), and then draw it, thus leaking a lots of int[], Rectangle, BufferedImage and WeakReference objects.
25 times per second and you got a few mb wasted.

I am not very familiar with the image producer/consumer technique, but I think it should be possible to have a special type of Image than just skip the pixels not to draw when clipped.

Can anyone (maybe chris?) help me out on this one?


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