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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Lost in a sea of information on: 2013-01-23 00:40:56
Just to warn you, applets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you want to make a browser game I have some suggestions:

  • Unity3D will make your life 100000 billion times easier if you are aiming for a 3D or 2.5D networked browser game. You can program the game in JavaScript or C#.
  • Flash and ActionScript is still widely supported and will remain strong for several years. You can alternatively use C/C++ with FlashCC.
  • HTML5/JavaScript is another viable option these days. Check out BrowserQuest and its source.
  • If you are really keen to stick with Java, you can use LibGDX or GWT which will target HTML5. However, if you eventually want to make anything remotely close to a browser-based MMO, you should stick with JavaScript/Flash/Unity3D rather than using a JavaScript translator like LibGDX/GWT.
MMOs are unrealistic unless you have thousands of dollars to piss away, a massive team of dedicated programmers/artists/etc, and a few years free to spend working 50+ hours per week. Once you start making games, you will begin to realize just how much work even the simple ones entail.

Many thanks for the reply, can you tell me, in your opinion, why java applets are becoming a thing of the past? This is in no way a challenge, i'm just curious. Surely what can be achieved with java is greater than html5 and javascript?

  My main thoughts here are -
  • wont the source be visible if I build games in javascript? I don't want this to be the case.
  • I've looked into unity3D, however I cant develop it in linux (my preferred OS).
  • I don't feel i can get the graphics im wanting from a javascript / html5 solution, would i be correct in thinking this?
  • As I mentioned, I know MMOs take time and money and developers etc and it needs to be noted that this would be my end goal after making a few different gams. Im not looking to build the next world of warcraft. It's just something ive always wanted to build and have a go at. If it gets done, it gets done.. if it doesnt, it doesnt. At least ive tried and had fun in the process.

I thought Java was the solution I wanted for building games, am I wrong?

2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Lost in a sea of information on: 2013-01-22 13:44:26
Hi Guys,

  I've been researching game development for a few days and I've decided to ask a few questions and see if anyone can point me in the right direction. First off, a bit about me and what I'm aiming to (eventually) do.

My Background:
I'm a Web Developer by profession and I seem to have the knack of picking up new languages pretty quickly, I began using PHP and have recently moved over to Ruby to broaden my knowledge. I have good knowledge of OOP practices, use linux and vim to develop (web) and will be using eclipse/netbeans to develop my java applications.

The Vision
Ideally, I'd like to start small making little games (so I can build up my knowledge of java and game development) and host them on a website for others to enjoy. EVENTUALLY I would like to develop my own 2.5d MMORPG (think runescape classic if anyone can remember back that far - point and click fun), I realise how much learning / time / dedication a task like that would take but i'm up to the challenge and is why I'd like to start small first.

The games id initially like to make are clones of tetris / lemmings and other high score games

Why Java?
I looked into other languages such as C++, but I like the idea of running my games in the browser (aka java applet) rather than compiling my c++ games into flash ( Lips Sealed - i believe, from research, that this is the only way to run a c++ game in the browser). As mentioned previously I plaued runescape as a school kid and have always wanted to give this a go.

My questions are:

  • Is the linux environment + eclipse/netbeans (which is preferred by most?) suitable for developing java games or is windows( Lips Sealed) better/just as good
  • I'd like to choose a set of tools and stick to it, are there any game engines people would recommend for making 3d/2.5d arcade games and EVENTUALLY moving onto an mmorpg (remember thinking along the lines of these )
  • Graphics is not my strong point so the last ones more preferably Grin - I believe good game play makes a game not graphics

Theres nothing wrong with a little bit of ambition, I hope you'll all agree - I just want to let you know that this isnt another guy asking how to make a MMORPG. I'm a developer with knowledge and skill that I want to put into a new direction.

If you'd like to know more, fire away. If you think a certain game engine is what I'm after (If im after one at all) please point me in that direction - I'm not looking for it to be done for me, just a little help in understanding the basic tools I should be looking into.

All comments (positive or negative) are welcomed and very much appreciated. Looking forward to responses and hopefully sticking around and getting to know a few people!

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