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Topics started by trollwarrior1 (118)

[Windows, Mac, Linux] Modern Galaga 2014-04-25
Zombie Fighter [One of my first games :D] 2013-11-15
Squaball 2013-06-13
WIP games, tools & toy projects
Tower Defense prototype 2015-04-29
Parser101 2014-02-06
Wilderness To Home 2014-01-31
Zombie Massacre 2013-11-01
Explorer: iDig 2013-03-24
Archived Projects
Platformer 2013-05-20
General Discussions
new Youtube? 2014-02-22
Keyboard spill! :D 2014-01-11
One of the best talkers I have ever heard. 2014-01-10
Christmas gifts for JGO community? 2013-12-09
Making your own input box 2013-11-28
So you like electro? 2013-07-26
Storing level data 2013-04-04
Streaming my coding 2013-03-31
Business and Project Management Discussions
Advertising for a good game 2014-02-28
Looking for someone who can draw sprites! :D 2013-10-25
Miscellaneous Topics
glDrawElements in mobile devices 2016-05-15
Generating .java file before compilation during build time 2015-09-02
Art peoples 2015-02-22
Git GUI tools for Windows 2015-02-08
Bring that guy back 2015-02-02
The joys of game dev in C++ 2015-02-02
Streaming. [Offline] 2015-02-01
Naming things 2014-06-24
f.lux 2014-04-16
Eclipse completions problem? 2014-04-10
Watching anime 2014-03-28
How to download kryonet? 2014-03-18
for loop? 2014-02-20
Eclipse problem. 2013-12-04
The most effective way to make 2.5d graphics 2013-12-02
Streaming Bouncy Bo uh I mean Bouncy Ballz Dev 2013-11-11
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Nothing written to depth buffer 2016-03-05
Java 'this' syntax 2015-02-27
Libgdx HTML problem 2014-12-06
[Libgdx] Basic code stuttering on HTC Desire 816 2014-11-22
[Libgdx] Asset file availability on file system? 2014-11-04
[Libgdx] [OpenGL] Copying texture from Framebuffer 2014-10-13
Collada format interleaved index buffer? 2014-09-21
[Box2D] Pivot of body's rotation 2014-08-17
[Libgdx] java.lang.VerifyError 2014-07-02
[Libgdx] model isometric camera 2014-06-10
[Libgdx] Screen coordinates -> Isometric world coordinates 2014-05-25
Recursive rendering 2014-05-23
Char values of 13 and 10 in java 2014-05-21
[Libgdx] how to use GLES20 2014-04-29
Path easing? 2014-04-21
OpenGL shaders Texture Buffer Object not working 2014-04-19
LWJGL Invalid Enum Exception 2014-04-18
LWJGL sending information to shaders via texture 2014-04-17
Swing JComboBox problem. 2014-04-09
Pasting PrintScreen from clipboard. 2014-04-08
LWJGL Orthographic projection render order based on Z 2014-04-04
lwjgl vbo fatal error ?? 2014-03-21
How to transfer lighting code from vertex shader to fragment shader? 2014-03-18
[LWJGL] strange things with Display.create 2014-03-07
[NO PROBLEM FROM THE START, DELETE THIS PLZ] Simplex Noise Repeating 2014-03-03
Java mp3 to bytebuffer 2014-02-26
LWJGL Invalid Operation (1282) 2014-02-09
LWJGL Loading Textures.. 2014-02-07
Libgdx shaders not working. 2014-02-03
Libgdx how to send arrays to Shader 2014-01-22
type as parameter. 2014-01-12
Silly / Small Bugs / "Typos" 2014-01-11
GLSL doesn't compile for some reason.. 2014-01-04
Interleaved VBO problems. 2014-01-02
[SOLVED] Testing my UDP connection. 2013-12-04
Printing whole exception. 2013-12-02
[SOLVED] glMapBuffer 2013-12-01
Java Applet problem | Security Exception 2013-12-01
Theory of 2d per pixel lighting. 2013-11-29
SlickUtil Sound changing gain doesn't change volume level 2013-11-28
Strange stuff happening with OpenGL 2013-11-14
Making a console for game (Typing into game actually) 2013-05-28
LWJGL 2d texturing 2013-05-24
Eclipse doesn't export everything 2013-04-01
Opening a text file from URL 2013-04-01
Articles & tutorials
2D Collision detection. 2013-12-12
Game Play & Game Design
How does one make such perfect 8x8 font? 2014-02-13
Game Mechanics
Smooth camera motion when following player 2015-04-19
Downstream and upstream 2014-10-04
Plane physics 2014-08-09
Isometric game characters? 2014-06-08
Mathematical curves. 2014-04-12
Visibility test. 2014-04-07
A* pathfinding how to prefer a nicer path 2014-04-03
Infinite level generation? 2014-02-12
How to generate Perlin Noise in Java? 2013-12-23
Generating a circle. 2013-12-21
Networking & Multiplayer
RTS / MOBA networking methods. 2014-03-25
Performance Tuning
JNI passing data from Native to Java 2014-10-26
Passing strings around 2014-10-22
LWJGL VBO vertices amount 2014-04-17
Libgdx performance testing. 2014-01-17
Software "history" storing methods. 2013-12-13
Which is faster? :P 2013-12-05
FPS problems in LWJGL 2013-05-17
Shared Code
Java assert? 2015-10-12
json 2014-05-18
Interesting generics.. 2014-05-01
Generating Perlin Noise 2013-12-27
Rotation3D 2013-11-25
Streaming Squaball level editor programming 2013-06-13
Engines, Libraries and Tools
[Libgdx] adding a source folder to build path 2015-05-03
Libgdx GL20 methods 2014-05-24
Anybody knows how to run newest hiero version? 2014-05-22
How does Libgdx deal with natives? 2014-02-09
Libgdx madness again.. 2014-01-25
Libgdx overcoming color limitations? 2014-01-16
Libgdx + Eclipse. 2014-01-15
OpenGL Development
Do you need to dipose of stuff when exiting application? 2014-01-14
Texture Bleeding. 2014-01-09
GLSL How to access UNIFORM array? 2014-01-04
Not responding? 2013-11-16
Rendering 2d tile map using VBO 2013-07-03
orrenravid (199 views)
2016-07-16 03:57:23

theagentd (271 views)
2016-07-11 14:28:54

Hydroque (355 views)
2016-07-06 05:56:57

Hydroque (511 views)
2016-07-03 08:52:54

GrandCastle (382 views)
2016-07-01 09:13:47

GrandCastle (375 views)
2016-07-01 09:09:45

CopyableCougar4 (429 views)
2016-06-25 16:56:52

Hydroque (407 views)
2016-06-22 02:17:53

SwampChicken (372 views)
2016-06-20 13:22:57

SwampChicken (300 views)
2016-06-20 13:22:49
Making a Dynamic Plugin System
by Hydroque
2016-06-25 00:13:25

Java Data structures
by BinaryMonkL
2016-06-13 21:22:09

Java Data structures
by BinaryMonkL
2016-06-13 21:20:42

FPS Camera Tutorial
by Hydroque
2016-05-22 05:40:58

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
2016-05-18 17:23:09

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
2016-05-09 08:50:56

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
2016-05-06 11:10:21

Website offering 3D Models specifically for games for free
by vusman
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