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trollwarrior1's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: Best way to save game for a Dungeon Crawler? 2015-06-09
1x Re: Flying Cavemen - Inifinite Scroller [LibGDX][Web] 2015-05-16
1x Re: Flying Cavemen - Inifinite Scroller [LibGDX][Web] 2015-05-15
1x Re: Getting started with game programming 2015-04-28
1x Re: Java2D fillRect() memory leak 2015-04-23
1x Re: Using delta time messes up movement 2015-04-20
1x Re: Using delta time messes up movement 2015-04-19
1x Re: Java 'this' syntax 2015-02-27
1x Re: LibGDX:How to create Key Value pairing holding info for different datatypes 2015-02-24
1x Re: VSync 2015-02-18
1x Bring that guy back 2015-02-02
3x Re: Tips on Streaming Game Development (on Twitch) 2014-12-13
1x Re: Object duplicating while moving it? (lwjgl) 2014-12-06
1x Re: [Libgdx] Basic code stuttering on HTC Desire 816 2014-11-23
1x Re: Making your own font 2014-11-05
1x Re: Libgdx JSON saving problem? 2014-11-04
1x Re: [JOGL] Unable to Draw a Square 2014-10-16
1x Re: [JOGL] Unable to Draw a Square 2014-10-16
1x Re: Dwarf 2D - Java 2D Game Libary 2014-10-14
1x Re: KeyEventDispatcher stops working 2014-09-05
1x Re: Keeping Track of Time (24 Hour System) 2014-09-04
1x Re: What kind of game should a noob make for his first one? 2014-08-30
1x Re: LibGDX - rotate player to face the mouse 2014-08-23
1x Re: Libgdx, Box2D and a huge "block world" (destructible blocks!) 2014-08-19
2x Re: [READ THE TITLE] Why did the one handed man cross the road? 2014-08-08
2x Re: Life is like a strategy game sort off 2014-08-06
1x Re: [Super Bible] Basic shader and point drawing isn't working? 2014-08-02
2x Re: What I did today 2014-07-19
1x Re: My bullet(missile,magic) doesn't want to go to mouse x,y!? 2014-07-19
1x Re: [GLSL] How to make a gradient shader for background? 2014-07-11
1x Re: [Kryonet] Server conecting problem! 2014-07-03
1x Re: transferFrom returns 0 before end of channel is reached 2014-06-12
1x Re: Texturing a VBO? 2014-06-08
1x Re: What's more expensive, a lot of if statements or pi? 2014-05-25
1x Re: Libgdx Texture Array because of bleeding 2014-05-23
3x Re: Getting more serious about game DESIGN 2014-04-30
1x Re: [Java2D] Drawing enimies with an arraylist. How to call thier methods 2014-04-27
3x [Windows, Mac, Linux] Modern Galaga 2014-04-25
1x Re: f.lux 2014-04-18
1x Re: Are there any artists on this forum? 2014-04-02
1x Re: new computer purchase advice 2014-03-31
1x Re: LWJGL playing sound effects in the update method? 2014-03-28
1x Re: vector formulas 2014-03-26
1x Re: vector formulas 2014-03-26
1x Re: VBO Model Framework 2014-03-23
1x Re: VBO Model Framework 2014-03-23
1x Re: draw game assets from buffer vs. directly drawImage 2014-03-23
1x Re: MySQL and large user database 2014-03-20
1x Re: Moving Images from the Graphics class 2014-03-18
3x Re: Compile and Debug Java 2014-03-08
1x Re: Compile and Debug Java 2014-03-08
1x Re: Kryonet Registering Classes 2014-03-03
1x Re: How would you go about making a loading screen? 2014-03-01
1x Re: [Java|Android|LibGDX|...] Mouse movement and collision detection 2014-02-22
1x Infinite level generation? 2014-02-12
1x Re: libGDX converting from LWJGL 2014-02-09
1x Re: libGDX converting from LWJGL 2014-02-08
1x Re: LWJGL Loading Textures.. 2014-02-07
1x Re: LWJGL: Procedurally Generated Simplex/Perlin Noise 2D world 2014-02-05
1x Re: LWJGL: Procedurally Generated Simplex/Perlin Noise 2D world 2014-02-05
1x Re: Wilderness To Home: The Basics 2014-02-01
2x Wilderness To Home 2014-01-31
1x Re: Libgdx + Eclipse. 2014-01-28
1x Re: Pause the game until key pressed 2014-01-22
2x Re: ImageIO reading problem: Always get DataBufferByte and not DataBufferInt 2013-12-28
1x Re: Fast particles system using VBO 2013-12-27
1x Re: How to generate Perlin Noise in Java? 2013-12-26
1x Re: JTextfield and graphics 2013-12-25
1x Re: Compiling and running a LWJGL Project 2013-12-12
1x Re: Sprites and Tiles 2013-12-11
1x Re: Eclipse problem. 2013-12-04
1x Re: Making your own input box 2013-12-01
1x Re: Main loop for rendering and updating logic or spawn new threads 2013-11-23
1x Re: Concepts of a game engine/main loop 2013-11-18
1x Re: Sprite Animation Tutorial 2013-10-25
4x Squaball 2013-06-13
deepthought (48 views)
2015-06-30 15:39:44

deepthought (55 views)
2015-06-30 15:39:09

deepthought (65 views)
2015-06-30 15:36:52

Za\'Anzabar (42 views)
2015-06-29 05:44:54

TritonDreyja (49 views)
2015-06-24 17:10:40

CopyableCougar4 (48 views)
2015-06-23 00:34:45

BurntPizza (55 views)
2015-06-21 20:36:46

cookiecompiler (94 views)
2015-06-11 15:42:53

cookiecompiler (56 views)
2015-06-11 15:41:14

NegativeZero (81 views)
2015-06-11 09:49:18
How Do I Expand My Game?
by bashfrog
2015-06-14 11:34:43

List of Learning Resources
by PocketCrafter7
2015-05-31 05:37:30

Intersection Methods
by Roquen
2015-05-29 08:19:33

List of Learning Resources
by SilverTiger
2015-05-05 10:20:32

How to: JGO Wiki
by Mac70
2015-02-17 20:56:16

2D Dynamic Lighting
by ThePixelPony
2015-01-01 20:25:42

How do I start Java Game Development?
by gouessej
2014-12-27 19:41:21

Resources for WIP games
by kpars
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