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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Re: Java 3D on Sony Playstation 2 on: 2002-12-11 13:26:26
Ahhh,  where were all you Java guys earlier...

Nice to see some high level thought about the abstractions gained from the API...

This is where all the power is all derived from.  They (Sony and MS)  do not want to make 3D programming easy.  It lowers the developers barrier to entry.  (This is a backwards philosophy if you ask me...  X-Box could make java its bitch by deploying full API support)

It is NOW conceivable for a SINGLE developer to build games like Empire Earth/Command & Conquer within ONE year with multiplayer capability.  With this kind of power it is no wonder they don't wan't to support FULL Java on their devices.

The object architectures will define the logical abstractions and right now Java makes that all important cut to the hardware layer - There was a reason for Sun to do this...

The catch up game for others has already begun...

On another note I can't post this message because = " Resources Exceeded
Sorry, System load is too high to process CGI requests.

Please try again later.

hmmm may be time to use Java!


2  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Re: Java 3D on Sony Playstation 2 on: 2002-12-11 13:12:11
I like the way Breakfast thinks.   I didn't want to mention the irony of the forum vs cgi though  Cool .

The one topic I have not seen discussed yet is the onset of Virtual Reality and Java3D strengths.

At the point the interface becomes reality(affordable with some quality)  it will be an entrirely new experience to gamers.

Remember what each person is seeking,  an immersive experience.  Who likes playing on a 14" CRT TV?  Not me

I would trade Java3d graphics for an immersive environment any day of the week.  What will make java a major player is the ease of bringing new information into those new worlds.

The market will soon be driven by gameplay/functionality not graphics.  Does anyone remember playing an RPG as a kid and having memorable fun even if it was 16 bit graphics? I do.

If VR hits primetime, Java3D would be able to adapt and change the user view accordingly with minimal effort.

Java really does have a headstart,  and by the time the graphics processing catches up it will already be definitive.


3  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Re: Java 3D on Sony Playstation 2 on: 2002-12-07 14:37:34

So what is really happening to the PS2, notice any trends with keyboards and mice peripherals now,  what next?   Virtual Reality Gear, New graphics modules to plug into the PS2, replacement components?

As long as a person can stay on their couch, it's a sweet deal.

The line is obviously blurring between "console" and "computer", I believe there will be a push by private venture to fill in the gaps in the graphics department (look how far we have come in such a short time in both console/PC graphics)  

By focusing on Java and using better components we will be able to drive immersive VR environments and still satisfy TV users (This can be done today if sony supported the API).  Also remember that applicable Nanotechnolog is right around the corner so no one should be caught touting there is not enough processing power...and that Java is slow...

Java is pure and high level, it also provides the abstractions necessary change the gaming world dramatically.    All agree that this will come from a functional standpoint first then graphics...

Easily creating  distributed architectures and spanning a large number of devices, portable/desktop/console places developers in an attractive position to make some serious $$$.

Keep in mind where this is all headed,  IMMERSIVENESS

In my lifetime,  I expect to see this, just another interface to the system.

Consoles are popular because they require no braincells and we can hook them up to our home theatre systems for a kickass experience.

If putting a JVM on PS2 and supporting the 3D API is so easy why haven't they done it?

(I'll betcha money is involved - the big boys do not want to lower the barrieir to entry)


4  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Re: Java 3D on Sony Playstation 2 on: 2002-12-04 18:35:46
OK - people ,

I will hopefully make this easier to get my answer.  

Have any of you people who HAVE the Playstation 2 connected it to broadband yet?

If so you should be able to browse the net.  Please msg me and I will set up a Java 3D Applet to see if your Playstation console will be able to render the code at the URL.  (it will be a fun experiment!)

The possibilties for Java/Console support should yield concepts far more entertaining with higher abstractions than is whats possible with low level APIs in the old gaming world.

The graphics abilities and support are just a matter of time and computing power.  Architecture should be everyones primary focus.


-- Control the present to control the past to control the future --  

5  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Java 3D on Sony Playstation 2 on: 2002-12-04 14:32:17
Hello Everyone,

The thought of a JVM on the Playstation 2 is a very exciting concept.  I will immediately be purchasing the java enabled device as soon as I know it is on the market.

Does anyone know when exactly those versions on the playstation will be available and possibly an indentifiable series number to ensure I get the right model?

Also does anyone know the limitations of Sony's Java support,  Sun seems to imply Sony will support Java 3D however I have found some URLs that state it won't be supported immediately.

What is the truth?


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