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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Searching for a group. on: 2013-07-02 14:30:29
We are not exactly active in the Android scene, how ever we are working at a online roleplaying game and we are always looking for new developers.

There are currently nearly 30 people in the development team. That means 3 server developers (C++), 1 client developer (Java) (Thats me! Cheesy), 1 graphics artist, 10 game mechanics and content developers (Lua) and 1 web developer. The rest is working in translations and QA. In addition to that there are 8 people who handle the player management and the in-game events. In addition we got some arrangements with 2 sound artists who supply the original sound track to the game and 3 people who handle the society that maintains finances and the rights to the game.

The project is active since '99, so we got beyond the point of the initial idea. Wink

So if you want to join a active team, feel free to contact me. You can look in what ever part of the game development that is done here you like.

The projects homepage is:
We also got parts of our source code as open source:

As I said we are not in the development of android applications. How ever we can provide experience in general game development and game management. And we got a small, yet active community of players who give us some feedback.... for the better or worse.

As for the languages. The game is in German and in English. How ever most of the development and playing is done in English.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested. Smiley

2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Green!!! on: 2013-06-27 11:25:02
I'm in Germany...

3  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Flickering textures (borders) in slick2D on: 2013-06-27 08:38:02
I guess you can use it as thumb rule. All visible animations need to be related to the delta time. All movements, all frame switches, everything the player is able to see. Because you can't be sure that the time per frame is the same at very players computer.
4  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: How to shoot from the tip of a rotating gun? on: 2013-06-27 08:12:29
Oh, I think you can solve this quite simply.

I'll guess you know your rotation angle that was applied to rotate the gun. What you need to do is to calculate the angle of the vector from (x,y) to (1,6) (using atan2). The angle of that vector to the vector of the bullet that will launch from the tip is your "base rotation". You just add your gun rotation to that and use sin() and cos() to calculate the new location of your original (1,6). This way you know the location where the bullet launches. Your gun rotation without the "base rotation" gives you the flying vector of the bullet.

Is that in anyway a help? ^^

5  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Flickering textures (borders) in slick2D on: 2013-06-26 09:08:19
I guess it does. For a smooth looking transition you can't use a constant movement value per frame.

You need the time between two frames (that changes very slighty from frame to frame) as a factor to your movement. As you are using Slick2D this value you need is provided by the update function call as "delta" (time in milliseconds since the last call of the update method)

Use this value to scale your movement. So you say you want to move x pixels in x seconds. The rest is simple math  Wink

6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Flickering textures (borders) in slick2D on: 2013-06-26 08:45:45
Is the graphic itself flickering or only the borders of the graphics where the graphics touch each other.

In case its the second, that sometimes happen in case you perform sub-pixel translations. So the short moment where one texture defines one half of a pixel and the next texture defines the second half. That is the moment of the flicker. This was the problem for me at least.

Other than that only vsync comes to mind. But I guess you know what that looks like and that is not it.

7  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Slick2D blurry fonts on: 2012-09-19 11:09:52
You could also try applying the font size to the java.awt.font before creating the unicode font. That usually helps a bit.

8  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Illarion - Looking for new developers on: 2012-08-01 13:12:50
As reply to the already slightly aged question if we plan to release some of the artwork as open source the answer is no. The graphics won't be released for now.

How ever the sources are a whole different things. Both the Client and the Server were released as open source and are accessible using a public Github repository for all those who are interested in this project.

9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Errors with NeHe JOGL ports. on: 2011-05-09 17:32:30
The layout of JOGL changed a while back.

When the NeHe tutorials were written the GL interface was a collecting of every single function OpenGL supported. How ever OpenGL is layered into different versions and not every device/driver supports all those versions. To give the developer a greater control about the requirements of the application, the JOGL interface was changed to reflect the layers of OpenGL.

This page gives a good overview about the Jogl layout: link

Basically the GL interface now contains only those functions that are shared over every single version of OpenGL. For the most functions you need to specify your level of OpenGL more in detail.

At the end, the functions moved around, but none got removed. Everything is still there, you just have to find it.

10  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Illarion - Looking for new developers on: 2011-05-09 16:47:29
To show the development progress of Illarion there are a short video that is supposed to give a impression of the game after the update. This video shows the development state. So what is shown there is not done yet. There are still many things to be done in many areas of the game. So in case that makes you want to join the project, the infos you need to contact us are written in the first post.

<a href=";hd=1" target="_blank">;hd=1</a>
11  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Illarion - Looking for new developers on: 2010-11-24 22:01:11
What is this all about?
Illarion ( is a free, graphical roleplaying game that focuses on true roleplaying. A persistent fantasy game world, featuring elves, wizards and demons invites players to fulfill glorious deeds and exciting quests every day. Illarion features a complex crafting system, arcane wizardry and countless nasty monsters that wait in dungeons for their Judgment day. Illarion is a well established project, the game is fully playable. It is has been a free alternative to games like Ultima Online, Tibia or Runescape for almost ten years now. During this time, the game was improved and updated regularly -  currently 15 volunteers work on it. These days, the staff works hard on an update to the game that will change all aspects of the game further improving the quality in order to satisfy the demands of players from all around the world. For this task, a helping hand is needed. If you are interested in joining an existing project and have own ideas for a fantasy roleplaying game, we invite you to join the development team of Illarion. Screenshots of the game and further information can be found at

How can I help?
You can support the development of Illarion in many ways. Everyone who grasps the basics of programming is able to contribute to it. Interest in fantasy roleplaying is preferable, team work is essential. The staff consists of people from all around the world, hence, English is the project language and you should be able to communicate in it. Since Illarion is a free game that is developed for the public domain, no payment is possible. Concerning legal aspects, Illarion is organized as a registered society which also holds the copyright on the game.

In every aspect of development, you can rely on skilled developers with many years of experience. Illarion specific content is explained in various documentations. In detail, Illarion consists of the following elements:
  • Server
    The server is coded in C++. The hardware runs on Debian Linux. To contribute to the development of the server, you need to have good skills in C++, and experience in the implementation of multi-threading.
  • Server scripts
    Most action a player can invoke are controlled by scripts. These scripts are programmed in the scripting language Lua. Lua is so simple that everyone with enough interest can learn it very quickly. Scripts are also the most influential way to develop game content for Illarion, e.g. quests, magic spells or crafting processes.
  • Client
    The Illarion client is written in Java and makes use of the LWJGL and the JOGL library for its graphical display. To contribute to the development of the client, you need good skills in Java or C++. Also, you have to grasp the basics of OpenGL.

In addition to said projects, Illarion also offers opportunities to work in other areas, mainly to improve the game content.
  • Homepage and Wiki
    Even the homepage and the wiki of Illarion have room for improvement. The homepage is based on PHP and works with its own, custom framework. Everyone who is interested in coding of websites and has skills in PHP will have an easy start. The wiki, which contains descriptions of the game world, such as gods and myths, is based on Mediawiki. Players may use it to submit own content.
  • Graphics
    Graphics of buildings, items and characters of Illarion are 2D graphics, derived from 3D models by rendering. The client composes the graphics to scenes on the fly. Thus, a graphics artist needs to have good skills in 3D modeling software. 2D and 3D animations of magic spells and natural events are another field of interest. You can review a screenshot of the game here:
  • Sounds and music
    Illarion uses the free ogg format for background music. Midi music is supported as well. Artists havemany sources in which to exert their creativity. Many things are possible, be it background music for different dungeons and towns or a general theme. Sound effects are embedded as .wav files and are played to illustrate player actions like crafting or fighting.
  • Authors of game content
    Illarion is a mysterious fantasy world with the technology of Europe in the 11th century. But there are orcs, irascible gods and magical artifacts. For the game content, tales, legends, poems, songs and fairytales are needed. This background of the world may find its place in book in the game or can be read on the walls of a decayed ruin. Tales can also be made quests in the game to entertain players. Illarion offers a custom, very simple NPC scripting language and tools to generate books and other quest elements. These tools require absolutely no programming experience.

If we have sparked your interest for contributing to Illarion as volunteer, we'd welcome to get in contact with you. Illarion has a dense and friendly community of roleplayers that will defiantly reward you with gratitude. Please send us an email to or join our IRC chat #illarion at Quakenet IRC network:

Nitram on behalf of the Illarion staff

PS: We also welcome every new player! Just check out the game at!
12  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Illarion on: 2010-09-07 13:26:26
To login to the game you need to create a account and a character.

Creating the account works here.
Once created, you can login to the account on the homepage and create a character (there is a link in the left menu that reads "Characters".

Logging in works then with the character name and the account password.

13  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Illarion on: 2010-09-07 09:39:26
Thats a presentation. First thing is such a small "bug" Wink

The problem is that the client lacks of the support of multiple resolutions and the automated detection of the bit depth.
The client requires 1024x768 in the list of possible resolutions. Also it requires with the default settings 32bit color depth. Using Linux the color depth is marked as 24bit. You can change this configuration in the "options" (Button at the login screen) in the tab special.

14  Games Center / Archived Projects / Illarion on: 2010-09-06 22:47:56
Hello Reader,

I would like to present you a new nearly 10 years old project that was originally started by a bunch of german students. This project is Illarion. Illarion is a online roleplaying game, a multiuser dungeon game with roleplay focus, or how ever you would like to call it. It has a small player base and a group of
developers who still maintain it. The game is playable without any fee and funded by a society by german law every player is free to join to support the game.

The development started with a server and a client both written in C++. Both were developed for 6 years and the client showed the game in a isometric style. The few following
Screenshots show the process of development in this 6 years.

2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006

At this time we were more or less at the limits of the C++ client and its graphic engine and so a all new client was developed. Written in Java. The client was developed within a few month to the first release to our community. The used OpenGL binding was LWJGL at this time and the client was looking now like this: Screenshot, Screenshot, Screenshot.
The development of the game continued, weather and fog was added next to the usual stuff like performance improvements and bug fixes.

The latest version is freely playable, how ever to use the client you need a account and a character, as usual in a online game. But you get both automated and unconditional within a few minutes on the homepage of the game.

That is basically the history of the game.

Currently we are developing a major update of the entire game including the client once again. The improved client now uses JOGL2 instead of lwjgl to display the graphics, has a reworked interface and better controls. The WIP is looking like this: Screenshot, Screenshot
Comparing to the older screenshots you may also notice that this new client supports paperdolling. Means you actually see what the character is wearing. Realized with a few ten thousand of small images.

I hope you liked the short overview about this game and its development.
In case you are interested in further details on it, feel free to ask.

This project is always looking for new developers who are willing to work unfounded for the sake of fun, learning and a reference. So in case you want to develop a online roleplaying game: Don't! Join us instead Wink

on behalf of the team of Illarion
15  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / GLCanvas - Render on request - flickering on: 2010-03-15 12:15:52

I have a pretty nasty problem that does not go away.
I'm using a GLCanvas to render the OpenGL graphics to a pure AWT window upon request. The Canvas is a child of a Scrollpane and when ever AWT request redrawing the element, the OpenGL graphics are redrawn. Thats the part that works. How ever the graphics on the Canvas flicker. It looks like they are drawn and removed again shortly after.
I tried -Dsun.awt.noerasebackground=true to remove the problem. It worked, how ever it leads to major problems at the rest of my GUI. There are buttons within Panels with floating layout. Those move when the window is resized and then they leave traces on the background of the window.

Any ideas how to solve this?
Or is there any code needed to make it clearer?

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