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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / Tools Discussion / Re: Eclipse Auto Compile on Save on: 2004-06-20 02:57:34
Hmm... In Preferences -> Workbench there is a checkbox for "Build Automatically".  Enabling it should cause a rebuild when you edit and save a file.  Alternatively, failing that, under the Package Explorer, try Refreshing (F5) your project.

How this happened in the first place is a mystery!

Hope this was somehow useful!

- Eric
2  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: VolatileZapper -- A remake of a classic on: 2004-03-17 00:46:24
Hah! One of the very few times I can voice something useful on this board...

I set up all the Webstart for the stuff for jME, so I have some experience making the two cooperate. To encourage just this type of project, I've set up some templates for using jME and Webstart. This jnlp file takes care of loading both jME and lwjgl. You can use it by putting <extension name="jme" href=".../jme.jnlp" /> in the resource tags of your main jnlp file. Note that you're also gonna need <property key="java.library.path" value="." /> for it to work correctly.

If you're still having trouble making it work, I can give you the jnlp files for the Webstart-ed jME demos. Which, by the way, you can find here. (Yeah, yeah, that was a bit of a shameless plug.)

Hope this helps!
3  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Drawing a PQ Torus on: 2003-10-27 22:57:18
Excellent. It works perfectly now! How amazingly frustrating that it turned out to be such a simple solution. And, y'know, I had something almost like that until I chucked it out 'cause I thought I was going in the wrong direction. Well, that'll teach me I guess. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
4  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Drawing a PQ Torus on: 2003-10-27 22:25:06
[Why is it that the most apparently simple tasks ultimately turn out to be the most difficult? Bah.]

So, I decided to create a PQ torus knot using LWJGL based on this article. Everything is going well until I attempt to orient my circle using the Frenet Frame I've created. (Erm, this will most likely make more sense if you skim the article, sorry). I'm certain that the Frenet Frame is NOT at fault, because everything looks alright. I assume that there's a problem with my orientation code, which looks like this:
foreach point_on_circle
    x = cos(theta) + toruspoint.x
    y = sin(theta) + toruspoint.y
    Vector point = [x * N.x, x * N.y, x * N.z] + [y * B.x, y * B.y, y * B.z]
end for

(Where N and B are the two vectors of the Frenet Frame). The article says "newPoint = point.x * N + point.y * B" and as far as I can tell my code does that, but surprise, surprise, what I get looks nothing like it should. I have no idea where to go from here.

I've avoided actually posting the entire code up, because frankly its ugly and inefficient. However, if you need it to diagnose the problem I'll clean it up a bit and post it.

Thanks in advance!

- Eric
5  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The Gender Test on: 2003-06-03 20:53:32
Well, I feel I should stand up for Canada (and Canadians!) somehow.

Err... Americans elected Geogre Bush!

There, much better. Grin

[seriously, no offence intended - but Canada deserves at least one fan]
6  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: "Point-And-Click" programming on: 2003-05-29 22:54:58
@Orangy Tang

While not specifically about the current crop of game scripting languages, the following articles at flipCode and might perhaps be of interest.  The articles deal with game scripting in general, however I'm certain they could still be useful.

On a moderately related note, thinking of integrating scripting and level editors, I know that UnrealScript combines the editor and scripts.  For example, a programmer can define a variable that can be altered inside the level editor:
var(Text_in_the_editor) ...

Perhaps a two-tiered system might be useful, where level editors can tinker with some functionality while the rest is delegated to programmers? I must admit that I have had zero experience in these matters, so unfortunately I can't be very helpful.
7  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / "Point-And-Click" programming on: 2003-05-23 18:46:00
I came across this article at  It struck me as an interesting concept - especially so since it uses Java. Also worth noting is that the source code for the tools will possibly be released during JavaOne.  Is this a step forward? I have absolutely no idea.
8  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Velocipedro on: 2003-05-17 16:18:43
Packages? Well, here's a link to the Java tutorial which has some great information. Click here!
9  Discussions / General Discussions / Tip Of The Day on: 2003-05-06 00:29:39
Browsing through flipcode, it occurred to me that a "Tip of the Day" might be an interesting and useful feature for the upcoming site.  (Or, if there are initially not enough contributors, perhaps a "Tip of the Week".)

While I realize that the "Shared Code" forum already serves this purpose to a certain extent, I believe that highlighting tidbits of useful code would be beneficial to the community.  Perhaps the forum could be used to discuss the contribution afterward, like the "Reader Comments" at flipCode. The TotD need not be limited solely to code - ideas, optimizations, and virtually anything else of practical use could be included.  For example, "Reducing Game Load Times" was today's (2003-05-05) topic.

10  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Content Creation on: 2003-05-06 00:12:45
While I love the idea of a place to discuss content creation, I am averse to adding yet another forum to the boards.  As it stands, I find there are three or four forums which receive the vast majority of posts, while the rest are (at best) infrequently used.  Perhaps a consolidation is necessary?

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, "content" covers such a vast range of topics that perhaps enough posts will be generated to keep the forum from becoming stagnant.  Bottom line: it's certainly worth a try!
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: how many of you have ever... on: 2003-04-30 01:10:42
What killed ... erm, "temporarily postponed" ... most of my projects was feature creep.  My games usually will start off with a simple, doable concept.  And it grows, and grows (just one more class!), until eventually it explodes in a shower of mangled code.

I agree that once all the fun stuff has been taken care of, I never quite 'find the time' to finish the less exciting work of creating menus and such.

In school, our current assignment is to create a full, working game.  It is next to impossible to find the motivation to write the menu system and level editors, let alone create the actual content for the game.  I tried a different approach this time, however, in that I wrote the menus and editor first.  In fact, I refused to actually work on the game until the shell was finished.  Did this actually help in the end?  Ask me in a month or so! :-/
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