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1  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: **NEWS: Project Darkstar is open source** on: 2007-03-09 08:15:26
I was just wondering (seeing as I never seem to get time to develop any of my ideas anyway...) Is darkstar still going to be pushed and developed within Sun now? 


2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Watch out europe! on: 2007-01-19 18:42:35
I notice how you didn't include us british in your list of generalisations.....  Smiley
3  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Watch out europe! on: 2006-12-02 15:13:51
So dan, where are you in Scotland?  I'm heading to Edinburgh & maybe Aberdeen tomorrow!

Actually I'm in Cardiff (Wales) i just meant Britain in general when I said 'here' Smiley

I hope that your enjoying your stay - we're spending Christmas in Scotland.


edti: typo
4  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Watch out europe! on: 2006-11-28 07:47:33
You do realise that it's winter here don't you?  Grin

Any way I hope you enjoy, Scotland is cool (well actually cold and wet at this time of year...)


EDIT: typo
5  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: One common code style on: 2006-11-09 10:00:36
I think this is basically what cylab just said but one argument against people just re-formatting as they fancy before making an edit is that it becomes a real pain to track what the actual change to a file was if you do a diff you end up with loads of changes.  You end up having to check a file out change the formating and check it in and then make your change then the next person does the same, which is really horrible!

Best thing to do is to make a decision and stick to it.  As cylab said a poll would be a good idea, from people that are actually contributing/have contributed to the project (so that rules me out Smiley

One thought that just occurred if you do choose something other than the sun standards it needs to be really really really easy for people to look up what the standards are (so not hidden in this forum or on an obscure web page, may be a text file in the project?), or they'll just ignore them.

ah well I think I've said enough on this subject Smiley 
6  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: One common code style on: 2006-11-08 10:44:12
it really is amazing how many time this argument comes up! Smiley

why can't people, especially on os projects, just look up the sun java recommendations and use those?  then everyone knows where they are?  They are even a easily selectable option in most ide's.

Dan (<-bemused)

7  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Windows Vista on: 2006-11-02 17:43:35
When previous versions came out where there as many viable alternatives?

These day's OSX blows XP away and will probably still be better than Vista, then there is the next OSX version in development.  and in the Linux world Ubuntu keeps on surprising me (although yes, there is still a lot to do to make it non-geek friendly).  I just don't think these that this competition was available to previous versions of windows.

Admittedly the only reason for vista's existence will be games that *only* work on it.  Having said that my hardware won't be able to run them either and I can't afford to upgrade my PC again (especially  after just buying my shiny mac Smiley ).  When I do, if I buy a complete PC it'll probably have vista on it so I'll eventually get it by default.  But I don't have a need to rush out an buy it when it's released or any time soon after.  If I really want to waste some money and play new games I'll probably get a PS3 (or a wii or a xbox360 ) as it will have a longer shelf life than a PC upgrade any way.

I wouldn't exactly describe my self as a anti MS zealot I'm just not sure why I'll want to shell out a few hundred quid on vista.

ah well pointless rant over. 

8  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Windows Vista on: 2006-11-02 14:14:26
I can't say that I am too excited about vista... considering I have a nice shiny macbook Smiley which I too seem to be enjoying a lot  Grin
9  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Pearls of Wisdom on: 2006-10-31 15:07:16
Yes, I feel very bad about it!  What happened to the principle of 'if you haven't got something nice to say, don't say it'?

Somebody invented the internet....  Grin
10  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: It's official: Rockstar are trying to kill Jack Thompson... on: 2006-10-23 13:57:07
Who is Jack Thompson?  Huh

Can't say I'm that excited about the game any way though Smiley
11  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2007 / Re: Explanation about Java 4K Game Competition on: 2006-10-23 09:36:22
But why not just get your friends to enter the main 4k comp?  The more(*) the merrier.. Smiley

(*) even though I probably won't be entering this year due to time.

12  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Java on Playstation 3 on: 2006-10-19 08:56:34
As much as I don't want to go down this road.

Dosn't OpenOffice use Java in some way?

13  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Junit? on: 2006-10-17 14:02:05
hehe I've just read the whole thread (since writig the post above) and found out I was active in it before!!! bizzare. 

And my experience with units test hasn't really changed even though I now work in a more open environment (new job)!

Does anyonce else that was involved with this thread have any 3 years on comments.

(and have I really being hanging around here that long?)

14  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Junit? on: 2006-10-17 13:56:46
hmmm an old thread (is it me or have threads circa 2003 being popping up alot today?) but interesting....

I've not had chance to use full on TDD yet it's one of those things that I want to exprience in practice.  At work JUnit tests are required but treated very secondry.  It's not so much TDD more units tests are good do unit tests.

OT your post was interesting as I think it is that big mind set jump that I need.  I have tried doing a bit at home with my simple projects.  But I found that I spent all my time writing tests and not actually getting much code written.

The thing is I can't think of a good reason not to do TDD, just a bad one, the perceived "but that takes me twice as long and I don't have much time as it is".  How do you get over this feeling?

Any more thoughts you have on the subjects would be cool.

15  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Network implementation methodologies on: 2006-09-22 09:44:04
I know this is a bit obvious (I'm not trying to be sarky) but have you tried searching the archives?  I know that this has been discussed and article links posted before.  And eveni in the posts on here there has been some good stuff discussed.

Sorry I'm not more direct help. Sad


16  Java Game APIs & Engines / jMonkeyEngine / Re: JME versus JOGL on: 2006-09-22 08:59:51
If your wanting to do a 2d game in opengl then lwjgl might be the best place to look.  I think you might find yourself fighting against the design of jME if you try and use that for a 2d game.

17  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Re: Slow on: 2006-09-19 14:07:20
As far as I understand Java3D is being activly developed again.  It did go into a holding patern a couple of years ago, but since then has been open sourced and development has picked up (I believe), I think there have been alot of performance increases since then too (one of the biggest critisisms of it iirc) and there is also a jogl render now.

You could try looking here too.

18  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / So does any one have any comments on EA2? on: 2006-09-15 11:23:57
I went on holiday just as EA2 was released and I have been pretty busy since so I havn';t had chance to look at anythign yet.

I was just wondering what the general concensus about it was? has it noticably changed much? it just seens a bit quite round here....

Hope fully I'll be able to start confusing myself with it some time in the next couple of weeks.

19  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Making reconfigurable / rearrangeable GUIs on: 2006-09-14 20:45:53
If you weren't to worried about it being swing you could try and make an eclipse plugin!

I believe* it's not too difficult once you get the hang of how it works.

It's somthing new to learn Smiley


*I've not actually tried it myself, I just think that's what I was told. Smiley not really selling this am I?

20  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: stopping sgs with ant on: 2006-08-21 15:02:26
Cool thanks.

so is there a few management functions exposed over jmx? deploy/undeploy?

21  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Message to server not getting echoed on: 2006-08-21 15:00:16
Cheers thanks, I'll give that a go.

So *should* I be copying the data for each user I want to sent to?

What I am aiming towards is  amodel where a clinet sends the data to teh server and the server timestaps it and sends it out to all teh clients to be acted upon (basically the modified lock step that Kev did in his ASD code, eventually).

22  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What ever happened to the ChrisM pod cast - well now we know! on: 2006-08-18 15:51:48
f) photo (eerr insert generic paint program used for photo editing)'ed in there?
g) is that really Chris?
23  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Message to server not getting echoed on: 2006-08-18 09:53:28
I'll give flipping it ago, thanks.  I think my overall simple server is a bit too simple too.  So I'm going to do a little rejgging.
24  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Message to server not getting echoed on: 2006-08-17 13:48:22
hmmm just looked that te Javadoc for ByteBuffer it seems a strange beast.

does duplicate actually copy the underlying memory?  or does it effectivle just give you a diferent view on the same memory?

if so how do you actually get a new copy of the data? get() the underlying array and then wrap it?

25  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Message to server not getting echoed on: 2006-08-17 13:16:42
Oh I will try copying the ByteBuffer and then sending it on  when I get chance.
26  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Message to server not getting echoed on: 2006-08-17 13:15:38
I did try sticking a rewind() in before sending it on, as I saw it in one of the examples, but it didn't seem to do any good Sad

I wondered about trying to copy it but couldn't see why waht I was doing would have that effect as I'm still sending the original buffer on afetr getting the bytes out of it.

I was wonderig if it was somthign to do with how I was trying to use the sgs (my boot object is the sole listener for data) but then why does it work in one case and not the other?

Incidently any one know that the difference between buffer.array() and buffer.get(byteArray) is? does array return the raw array and get copy in to the array you pass in?


27  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Message to server not getting echoed on: 2006-08-16 22:30:09
I'm having a strange problem and I hope that I'm not trying to do anything stupid here.

What I am trying to do is just send a String to the SGS and then echo the ByteBuffer back out on a channel to all the connected clients (just one at the moment).

What I am finding is if once the data is recieved at the server, I get all the bytes out of the ByteBuffer and then send the ByteBuffer on, the information is sent back to the client correctly.  If I just send the ByteBuffer on, the information dosen't get sent correctly to the clients (the ByteBuffer that is recieved dosn't contain any data, capacity = 0).

To send the data I am doing this:
ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate(message.length());

toServer.sendData does this:

public void sendData(ByteBuffer bytes) {
        mgr.sendToServer(bytes, true);

at the recieving end I am doing this:

public void dataArrived(byte[] from, ByteBuffer data, boolean reliable) {
        int remaining = data.remaining();
        System.out.println("remaining: " + remaining + " capacity: " + data.capacity());
        byte [] message = new byte[remaining];
        System.out.println("raw message is: " + new String(message));        

and in the server I am doing this:

public void userDataReceived(UserID from, ByteBuffer data) {
        SimTask task = SimTask.getCurrent();
        byte[] dummy = new byte[data.remaining()];  //comment out these two lines and it dosn't work!!
        data.get(dummy);                                            //comment out these two lines and it dosn't work!!
        for(UserID id : users)
            task.sendData(gameChannel, id, data, true);

If I don't have the two lines mentioned in the commentsthere I get a capacity 0 ByteBuffer at the client.  I did try just doing a data.get(); and then sending the buffer on but that way I only got the first charceter of my message.   

users is a list that I add clients too as they connect

public void userJoined(UserID uid, Subject subject) {
        Set<Principal> principals = subject.getPrincipals();
        Principal principal = principals.iterator().next();
        System.err.println("User Joined server (P): " + uid + " (" + principal.getName() + ")");
        SimTask.getCurrent().addUserDataListener(uid, thisobj);

Is there something really obvious that I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance,

28  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Status on: 2006-08-16 08:53:39
so what's the latest news? Wink
29  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 3D / Re: java 3d on intel macs on: 2006-08-15 13:14:10
I'm just curious but did you get any further with this?

30  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Microsoft To Enable User-Created Xbox 360 Games on: 2006-08-14 13:12:25
from here

Just as important, Mitchell stressed the application's benefits for commercial developers as well. GarageGames, he reported, was able to port Marble Blast Ultra to the new framework in just two weeks. Now the game runs on both Windows and the Xbox 360 using the same code. "Write once, get two platforms," he noted.

"Write once, ..."   I'm sure I've heard somthing like that before  Grin
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