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SHC's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: Vertex Attribute Arrays aren't working 2014-07-24
1x Re: LWJGL Opengl binding, binding only one texture! 2014-07-14
1x Re: Calculating normal vectors 2014-07-12
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1x Re: Programmer jokes 2014-06-24
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1x Re: Color object 2014-06-11
1x Re: LWJGL - Rendering A Texture Onto A VBO 2014-06-07
1x Re: Random syntax tweaks! 2014-06-02
1x Re: (LWJGL)Switching Textures(Sort of animation) 2014-05-26
1x Re: learning modern opengl 2014-05-25
1x Re: GL_DEPTH_TEST stops object rendering 2014-05-09
1x Re: library Easy 2014-05-08
1x Re: JGO site notification at top 2014-05-08
2x Re: MERCury - 2d Game Library 2014-05-06
1x Re: MakerBot 2D 2014-05-06
1x Re: [LibGDX] Virtual Bart Valdal Minigame Prototype 2014-05-05
1x Re: LibGDX Native Libraries 2014-05-01
1x Re: need advice before trying libGdx again 2014-05-01
1x Re: Programmer jokes 2014-04-30
1x Re: new computer purchase advice 2014-03-31
1x Re: modify the contents of VBO 2014-03-28
1x Re: modify the contents of VBO 2014-03-27
3x Re: Programmer jokes 2014-03-26
2x Re: Programmer jokes 2014-03-26
1x Re: Programmer jokes 2014-03-19
2x Re: Escaping Vox 2014-03-07
1x Re: Why should I use a Game-Engine like lwjgl or libgdx instead of Swing? 2014-03-05
1x Re: Why should I use a Game-Engine like lwjgl or libgdx instead of Swing? 2014-03-05
1x Re: [LWJGL] Box2D Ground Collision not working anymore? 2014-03-02
1x Re: Headline Benchmark 2013-12-16
1x Re: In Need of Studying Tips 2013-12-11
1x Re: After using slick for textures, game lags too much 2013-12-08
1x Re: LWJGL game works fine in eclipse, but doesn't when exported 2013-12-08
1x Re: OpenGL Questions 2013-12-06
1x Re: Kryonet's new download link 2013-12-01
1x Re: Attack of the Gelatinous Blob 2013-11-21
1x Re: Runninin' 2013-11-15
1x Re: Regrowth 2013-11-15
3x Re: The Intergalactic Trashman - [NEW VIDEO - 10/15/2013] 2013-11-11
1x Re: Image excluded when exporting into a jar? 2013-11-09
2x Re: How can I get full CPU usage with C? 2013-10-17
1x Re: Drone Invaders (new .jar file available) 2013-10-14
1x Re: What would you like to see in Java? 2013-10-09
1x Re: Wireframe shader. 2013-10-08
1x Re: What's the best way to go about game states? 2013-10-06
1x Re: Simulate robot using JPanels 2013-09-18
1x Re: I HATE coffee 2013-09-09
1x Re: FPS is 60 when running through Netbeans IDE, But drops to 30 when running jar 2013-08-27
1x Re: Defuse (LD27) 2013-08-27
1x Re: Java games on PC's with no Java? 2013-08-22
1x Re: Skip frames 2013-08-16
1x Re: Is it bad to start with Python and then move the Java? 2013-08-12
1x Re: Pitch your Game Idea/Concept here! 2013-08-09
1x Re: [LibGDX] Storing Leveldata in 2D Arrays 2013-07-29
1x Re: Java System System.currentTimeMillis(); error 2013-06-05
1x Re: Game Versioning or Numbering 2013-05-07
1x Re: Mixing light-weight (Swing) and heavy-weight (AWT) components? 2013-04-27
1x Re: Game starting help ! 2013-04-23
1x Re: Can anyone see anything wrong with this? 2013-04-17
1x Re: File Not Found Exception 2013-04-16
1x Re: What have been/are your learning techniques? 2013-03-29
1x Re: What have been/are your learning techniques? 2013-03-28
1x Re: Tilt Maze 4k 2012-11-02

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pw (17 views)
2014-07-24 01:59:36

Riven (17 views)
2014-07-23 21:16:32

Riven (14 views)
2014-07-23 21:07:15

Riven (17 views)
2014-07-23 20:56:16

ctomni231 (45 views)
2014-07-18 06:55:21

Zero Volt (40 views)
2014-07-17 23:47:54

danieldean (32 views)
2014-07-17 23:41:23

MustardPeter (36 views)
2014-07-16 23:30:00

Cero (51 views)
2014-07-16 00:42:17

Riven (50 views)
2014-07-14 18:02:53
HotSpot Options
by dleskov
2014-07-08 03:59:08

Java and Game Development Tutorials
by SwordsMiner
2014-06-14 00:58:24

Java and Game Development Tutorials
by SwordsMiner
2014-06-14 00:47:22

How do I start Java Game Development?
by ra4king
2014-05-17 11:13:37

HotSpot Options
by Roquen
2014-05-15 09:59:54

HotSpot Options
by Roquen
2014-05-06 15:03:10

Escape Analysis
by Roquen
2014-04-29 22:16:43

Experimental Toys
by Roquen
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