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Topics started by CyanPrime (184)

CyGear Racing! 2011-05-31
Metaship Online 2009-12-19
Phantasy Blade 2009-11-26
Drive Buster! -- now open source! 2009-09-19
Protoship 2 2009-04-16
Blue Fiend - updated and open sourced! 2009-03-20
WIP games, tools & toy projects
Strange World [download] [8-bit] [demo] 2011-07-30
Archived Projects
Justice Trigger - The Retro Ikaruga Clone! 2013-03-17
MECH VS Zombies! 2012-06-17
Hell Jumper: Full Armored Linear Lander - LWJGL 2012-04-02
NeroEdge 2011-12-31
[platformer] Project JXXE 2011-04-19
Cyips - A Patching program 2010-10-24
Unnamed Java Beat em Up Applet 2010-09-23
Fall - coded in C++ - Good reviews = Java Port 2010-09-18
Ultra GL - The open source Wipeout clone! 2009-12-28
Xenplat 2 prototype r2! -- feedback please! 2009-07-23
Metaship 2009-05-27
Emerald J -- Prototype build 1 (demo) 2009-05-10
Xenplat - full release! 1.05 final! 2009-04-22
Virtual On J: A sequal to a 4k game. 2009-03-16
4K Game Competition - 2009
4k review swap? 2009-03-02
Virtual On 4k - Programmed by William Starkovich 2009-02-26
How do I sign up for this? 2009-02-25
General Discussions
Hoping to make a return to JGO... 2017-07-24
3D simple placement tool needed: Willing to put $50 towards one being made 2013-01-24
Java Virises and You! 2012-07-17
Wiki for Indie Games!? 2012-07-09
Important message which resulted in a ban 2012-01-04
Google Plus? 2011-07-28
Looking for article writers for my friends site: 2010-11-23 is all white. could it be hacked again? 2010-11-11
Why aren't I getting any feedback for phantasy blade anymore? 2010-11-11
Java games site with applets only (like a flash portal, but for java only?) 2010-09-24
I'm coming home, Java! 2010-09-15
Hey everyone, what have you been up to? 2010-08-18
Working on something big now! 2009-12-27
How can I get people interested in my open source projects? 2009-12-27
From Reddit: **** you Sun! Bundling trialware with the latest Java update is BS! 2009-09-22
How do I put this behind the player at all times? 2009-09-11
Slick still running? 2009-09-10
SDL for Java! 2009-09-10
Can someone with windows tell me if this .jar runs? 2009-09-08
Riven deleted his account 2009-05-20
Blue Fiend JOGL? 2009-05-15
Should I make a blog to showcase games? 2009-05-13
Should I quit programming? 2009-04-27
variable naming 2009-04-26
Blue Fiend Community Project? 2009-04-19
Sun's Garbage First Collector Largely Eliminates Low Latency/High Throughput Tra 2009-04-16
My dev blog (thread) 2009-04-16
Should I remake Blue Fiend with JOGL? 2009-04-12
XRender pipeline for Java 2D 2009-04-12
Why doesn't this game start? 2009-04-11
Java Sound is a dead zone... 2009-04-11
The main problem with this community 2009-04-03
Should my next project be in Java or C#? 2009-03-22
[denied] Showcase and featured must have at least 2 screenshots? 2010-09-20
Miscellaneous Topics
Where can I hire a programmer/debugger for around $10-$50 for a debug task? 2012-06-28
webGL .obj viewer 2012-06-27
PSO2 General? PSO2 General! 2012-06-24
MineSweeper x Dragon Quest! RPGSweeper! 2011-03-28
Want to be linked by my site? 2010-11-20
Minecrafted 2010-11-17
I shouldn't hae done that... 2010-11-01
Johnsmith is a awful JGO user 2010-09-24
Music from the youtubes 2010-09-21
I could cry... 2010-09-16
Fall - Full Armored Linear Lander 2010-05-21
King's Gate, My custom made internet forum --Looking for feedback! 2010-04-20
Started a new JWS game hub -- want your game here? 2009-12-11
How many of you hate me? 2009-12-02
When did stack overflow get full of trolls?? 2009-11-22
New Layout, and a new site outlook! 2009-09-02
JGO Facebooks? 2009-09-02
Happy Birthday, Markus_Persson! 2009-05-30
Turquoise Grotto 2009-05-05
Nature VS Nerture 2009-04-29
website redesign, needs feedback. 2009-03-30
Newbie & Debugging Questions
how many bytes I have to skip to be at the music payload in vorbis ogg files? 2013-03-13
How do I make and set a Ortho Matrix in OpenGL ES? 2013-01-20
Collision Detection for tiled map via cross products? 2013-01-16
Client can connect to server on localhost, but not global IP? 2012-07-12
FREE .ms3d ANIMATED LOADER! [also a little help?] 2012-07-05
Rotating a Vector3f by a Vector3f in LWJGL 2012-06-14
Problems with making camera's pitch into directional vector 2012-06-08
How to use VBOs in LWJGL? 2012-06-05
Getting distance of a point in a 2d triangle without calculating perpendicular.. 2012-05-29
Help finding the Y axis angle of a plane? 2012-05-27
"angle" or "direction" between two Vector3fs? 2012-03-25
Does TCP still lag like all heck? 2012-03-10
Bug in LWJGL? 2012-01-04
Can't see behind transparent object with another transparent object? 2011-12-12
Error in billbording code 2011-12-12
Make a sprite always face the camera in LWJGL? 2011-12-09
How do you multiply a vector3f in lwjgl again? 2011-12-08
JavaFX 2.0 AudioClip doesn't play in applets? 2011-08-10
Can I run JavaFX 2.0 as a simple applet? 2011-08-02
double buffering woes 2011-08-02
Scripting for dummies? 2011-07-11
Drawing text in a 2d fashion on a 3d scene? 2011-06-04
Vector acceleration based on angle? 2011-06-02
AngelCodeFont problem (slick2d) 2011-05-30
Poly to Poly or Poly to Rect Collision detection? 2011-05-25
How to get Yaw, Pitch, and Roll from a Matrix? 2011-05-23
get the address and port of the packet sent using a DatagramChannel? 2011-05-15
Eclipse only seems to compile once per opening... 2011-04-13
Another collision question 2011-03-28
Angle collision question 2011-03-27
How to get folder paths inside a jar file? 2010-11-11
LWJGL/slick-util woes 2010-10-31
How to use glassPane to create transparent window? 2010-10-30
Substring indexes off in simple map reading program 2010-10-19
Run exeutable jar as admin in win7? 2010-10-13
Why does the Basic Java Hex Editor I made freeze on files around 2MB size and up 2010-10-11
Network sent Vector only updates once in client? 2010-09-28
Increment a Integer's int value? 2010-09-28
Errors with networking, please help! 2010-09-28
FileInputStream returning NULL 2010-09-27
firefox 4 beta 6 crashing java? 2010-09-24
Errors while trying to use Slick Applet 2010-09-23
How do I use AppletGameContainer? 2010-09-23
Can I use pointers in Java? 2010-09-22
Vector not adding right? 2010-09-21
Image (The slick class) loading a file from a zip or jar 2010-09-16
collision between a rect and a circle? 2010-05-14
basic forumula help? 2010-05-08
2 Axises 1 Degree? 2010-04-30
Please help me with Metaship's network code! 2010-02-18
Can’t connect to my server when I put in my IP 2009-12-17
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException 2009-11-25
Why doesn't this work again?? 2009-11-22
How to initalize a 2D array? 2009-09-25
Slick2D -- java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException [solved] 2009-09-19
Displaying 100% from a number? 2009-09-17
How can I check if I have that java 6 plugin 2 for applets installed? 2009-04-05
Game Play & Game Design
What are some good Java file loaders and animators? 2009-05-11
Game Mechanics
figureing out the x,y, and z rotation of a right triangle? 2010-12-06
Quick and dirty platformer with Physics has errors with moving platforms 2010-11-24
How should I handle collision detection for a Zelda clone? 2010-11-05
collision between a rect and a circle? 2010-05-14
Keeping two objects on the screen? 2009-05-16
Tile based Collision Detection not working right 2009-04-28
Jump physics don't work right. 2009-04-27
SAT collision algorithm problem 2009-03-13
Artificial Intelligence
Java Graphics After Images? 2009-03-19
Networking & Multiplayer
UDP woes? Or a logic error? 2011-05-13 Address already in use: Cannot bind 2011-05-11 Address already in use: Cannot bind 2011-05-11
Idea for a packet system 2011-05-11
Performance Tuning
Main method loop isn't working right. 2009-04-21
What are some ways I can get Blue Fiend to quit hogging resources and CPU? 2009-04-04
Shared Code
ms3d animated model loader for LWJGL! 2013-01-20
Awesome collision detection algorithem 2010-11-24
Slick2D Client and Server test (allows unlimited users!) 2010-09-29
Key Buffer! 2010-09-16
Xenplat - a JOGL platformer - full game source code release! 2009-05-06
Open Source Shmup: Blue Fiend 2009-04-04
Engines, Libraries and Tools
Trying to "attach" a Spatial to a Mesh 2010-12-07
Problems rotating model - ardor3d 2010-11-26
Jinput is awsome, I want it's babies, but a slight issue .... 2009-11-24
First time up = true than runs normally wtf!? 2009-11-24
Tools Discussion
Object Editor! 2009-04-05
OpenGL Development
3rd person camera? 2011-05-22
Textures have lines between them. 2010-12-09
How do I create a material in LWJGL? 2009-12-28
Easy way to load a texture in LWJGL? 2009-12-24
Nehe Lesson02 error. 2009-09-10
Does this come with a way to load models 2009-05-10
JOGL Development
What the hell is this!? 2009-05-25
Xenplat - source code! 2009-04-28
Java applet paint not working? - urgent 2009-04-26
What's wrong with this Jar file? 2009-03-09
Why won’t my texture show up? 2009-03-08
Java Sound & OpenAL
Applet won't work at all... 2009-09-09
EasySound (FmodEX) 2009-05-16
EasyOGG sucks! 2009-05-16
Xenplat - source code! 2009-04-27
EasyOGG: Strange hissing when song is stopped. 2009-04-17
EasyOGG doesn't work in Jar? 2009-04-11
EasyOGG: how do I use with jnlp? 2009-04-11
EasyOGG and JCreator Lite? 2009-03-02
how do I use Eclipse's new MTJ tools? 2010-09-28
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SF/X Libraries
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