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Topics started by Riven (196)

Featured Games
Droid Assault now on Steam! 2012-12-20
Featured Games board rules 2009-07-24
Showcase board rules 2012-09-17
Got a smoke? 2006-08-12
Android Showcase
Android Showcase board rules 2014-04-23
WIP games, tools & toy projects
WIP Publication Reel 2014-07-01
WIP board rules 2012-09-17
Quick 'n Dirty Verlet Fluids v0.1 2009-08-08
Cube World Projects
Cube World Board FAQ: common solutions for poor rendering performance 2013-03-18
Archived Projects
My little world-renderer 2004-10-25
4K Game Competition - 2014
4K Game Competition - 2014 2013-12-02
4K Game Competition - 2013
Java4K 2013! 2012-11-03
4K Game Competition - 2006
Poker4k 2005-12-07
JGO Comp 2009
[Journal] Duke's natural Boy and C 2009-08-01
nK Game Competition - 2015
Java4K Sourcecode Compressor Community Effort (JSCCE) 2015-02-26
Java4K framework WIP / discussion 2015-02-26
Nothing to see here 2014-12-31
General Discussions
Unscheduled Linode Host upgrade wiped network-config, leading to JGO downtime 2019-06-30
Shit hit the fan during my midnight slumber 2017-08-30
JGO bounced back 2016-07-13
JGO server folded in on itself 2016-01-13
SMF is falling apart. 2015-11-16
Reporting inappropriate ads on JGO 2015-07-05
Four hour downtime as mysql tumbled 2015-05-23
New feature: mentions in posts 2015-02-05
New rules regarding Game Engine topics 2015-01-05
New 'feature': distributed backups (with a little help from my friends) 2014-12-30
New feature: registration and login through Facebook, Google, etc 2014-10-08
Asteroid hit the memcache service 2014-09-17
New feature: Embedded PDFs 2014-07-17
Old domain [] will soon go poof! 2014-07-01
FAQ: cannot find the resource/file 2014-05-18
New feature: topic labels [solved] 2014-05-06
JGO Kickstarter 2014-04-01
Motivation gamification 2014-03-20
New feature: coding experience 2014-02-01
JGO coinage tally 2014-01-29
Featured Section for the coalition of the willing! 2013-12-26
New feature: post quality ensurererer 2013-06-02
New feature: necro thwarter 2013-05-07
New feature: filtering boards and topics from recent posts listing 2013-04-02
New feature: picture of the day 2013-01-27
New feature: crackdown on senseless posts 2012-12-16
RFC: featured, showcase, wip 2012-09-10
New feature: hosting your images on JGO 2012-09-10
New feature: forum integrated wiki 2012-07-19
New feature: improved Personal Message Index 2012-05-16
Inquiry: JGO on android / iphone browsers 2012-05-03
Bugfixes 2012-04-08
New feature: pastebin 2012-02-25
New features: topic-thumbnails, board viewer-count, member ads 2011-12-07
New feature: caching 2011-11-27
New feature: serverside syntax highlighting 2011-11-10
MOVED: JavaScript is a scam 2011-11-03
New feature: new host! 2011-10-30
New feature: QR codes 2011-10-11
New feature: friendly URLs 2011-09-20
New feature: ajax/scroller 2011-08-23
Brainstorming the future 2011-08-21
New feature: moderators 2011-07-19
New feature: downtime 2011-07-05
New feature: highlighting posts of specific members 2011-05-19
New feature: glorified threads as 'articles' 2011-04-12
New feature: minimal page with useful resources 2011-04-06
New feature: privacy plugin 2011-04-01
New feature: appreciation results in post medals 2011-03-25
The road ahead is empty. 2011-01-24
Vote now in the official JGO logo contest thread with this topic 2011-01-04
A successful attack on SMF 2010-12-31
New feature: java syntax highlighting (finally!) 2010-12-23
New feature: spam trap! 2010-12-22
New feature: applets? 2010-12-20
Spam problem not quite solved. 2010-12-18
New minor features and changes 2010-12-17
New feature: appreciation 2010-12-17
New feature: wiki 2010-12-17
IBM: WebSphere realtime GC 2009-08-20
Regarding the 'show unread posts since last visit' feature 2009-03-20
Plowing through bytecodes for the ultimate AI code 2009-03-06
Applet Reliability: Test with me! (MSIE 7.0 please) 2008-11-18
JavaWebStart / 1.6.0_u10 with obscure splash error 2008-11-09
Thread launching quirks on Apple Java 2008-09-27
Non blocking FileChannel 2008-05-28
Some stats on JRE penetration in browsers in Spain 2008-03-27
Applets throwing NPE when succesfully loading jars 2008-03-18
What about ByteBuffer.get(ByteBuffer) 2007-08-28
Hotspot VM not deterministic under heavy load and swapping 2007-07-15
ByteOrder and duplicate() on ByteBuffer vs FloatBuffer 2007-01-08
Distributing Sun server-vm 2005-10-16
Default chat nickname 2005-06-06
Miscellaneous Topics
Name that Poker hand - Tiny Code Challenge 2014-03-13
Random brain fart: the rationale behind versioning 2014-02-07
Molydoors 2013-04-07
Small static import finder tool (for LWJGL) 2012-12-12
Tech demos - undisclosed game 2012-12-04
Test 2012-07-22
Beware of Java 7u4, 7u5, 7u6(rc), don't run it in production. 2012-06-21
O RLY 2012-02-20
Little Man Computer - Simulator Applet 2011-09-22
Crack it. 2011-07-25
What's not going to make it in JDK7 2010-09-21
My na(t)ive PerlinNoise impl. is 3 times slower than server VM 2010-08-19
Weird HTTP Location header (after hack) 2010-04-23
Thanks, to whoever fixed "Click here to try all unread topics." 2009-08-16 Poll on JavaFX 2009-05-11
volatile instanceof 2009-04-03
Personal Message Inbox full after 1 message 2009-01-27
SSE with GCC vs Java Server VM 2008-12-16
Funny code in 2008-10-08
Applet can't connect to own host (in Firefox) 2008-05-15
TinyCode competition - trial 2007-10-27
Eclipse compiler oddity 2007-03-02
I can't think of a proper subject for this one 2006-11-30
What's the next number in the sequence 2006-11-15
It's time to gently smash your head through the wall 2006-10-31
[can be deleted] Component.invalidate() typo? 2006-05-18
No "View permission" in 2005-10-01
Chitchat Monster
Chitchat board - important notice 2012-12-18
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Heads up about JNI / Cygwin 64 bit - sizeof(jint) 2014-05-07
Newbie & Debugging Questions - Resources 2011-11-12
Asymmetry between FilterInputStream and FilterOutputStream 2010-06-04
Never ever modify: System Property "user.dir" 2010-05-06
When socketOutputStream.flush() doesn't really flush.. 2009-11-19
Is it possible to pin an Object using JNI global references 2009-08-13
... so never use UTF-8 encoding for binary stuff 2009-04-20
OOME on MySQL query before using the ResultSet 2008-09-09
Serversockets on ports <1024 without ever lasting root access 2008-09-04
difference in local and instance variable results... 2008-03-02
javac and -sourcepath 2006-12-12
NIO: Client thinks it is connected, Server hasn't accept()ed yet 2006-03-26
Custom AWT-Mouse-layer behaving wrong on Linux 2004-08-19
Articles & tutorials
Introduction to Vertex Arrays and Vertex Buffer Objects (OpenGL) 2011-05-23
Game Play & Game Design
Game Play & Game Design - Resources 2011-11-12
Artificial Intelligence
(in)Finite State Machines (or: my first steps in the AI domain) 2008-05-09
Networking & Multiplayer
Networking & Multiplayer - Resources 2011-11-12
Socket quirks 2010-07-12 returns 0 during connected clients 2008-09-14
Socket keeps blocking dispite lost connection 2008-03-27
Inquiry / Request for feedback [Service: a sandboxed JVM on a public server] 2008-02-18
Lingering ServerSocket after close() ? 2008-01-31
Tunneling a ServerSocket 2007-12-08
SocketChannel not flushable 2006-06-02
Performance Tuning
Fastest binary search on 4GB worth of long[] 2016-04-07
Performance Tuning - Resources 2011-11-12
clamp() within POT 2009-10-10
float[] view of direct FloatBuffer + mapped objects (misery) 2007-01-09
The JIT learns by example, better teach it right! 2007-01-09
Tiny object performance overhead 2006-09-22
A poor man's struct (err, MappedObject) 2006-03-17
SSE / SSE2 - SIMD wrapper 2006-02-03
Passing values to/between arrays 2005-05-27
Writing to Buffers (nio) performance issue 2004-10-28
Shared Code
Line -> Grid intersection code (all plotted cells directly connected) 2013-03-14
FastMath: hypot(int,int) 2013-03-12
ReadWriteCollection for entities 2013-02-06
Java Continuations and GreenThreads 2013-01-04
OpenGL lightning fast (managed) VBO mapping 2012-12-21
YUNPM - a Java Media Player 2012-08-15
MappedObject library 2012-07-17
Collection: Histogram / Frequency table 2011-05-09
Image Dimensions from InputStream 2011-05-09
Generate Animated GIFs 2011-05-09
Fast Math: fast floor / round / ceil 2011-05-09
Fast Math: atan2 lookup table 2011-05-09
Fast Math: sin/cos lookup tables 2011-05-09
Super fast DateMath class (days_between & day_of_week) 2010-05-21
NIO SSL Server 2010-02-14
Traverse huge directories instantly (iteration like in JDK7, now!) 2009-12-01
Justify left/center/right aligned text 2009-11-30
Read PNG/JPEG/BMP/GIF dimensions without loading image data 2009-10-26
Read PNG dimensions without loading image data 2009-10-23
Mipmap (gamma corrected) 2009-08-02
Yet Another Wrapper: Rhino (JavaScript in Java) 2009-07-20
PyroNet (lowlevel NIO Wrapper) 2009-06-13
Once again! fast MappedObjects implementation 2008-06-23
NIO Wrapper (TCP / UDP) 2008-05-29
13.8x faster atan2 (updated) 2006-08-11
Spinoff project: Advanced lowlevel Network API 2006-03-31
Picking Utility 2005-05-23
Updating API without JWS 2005-03-04
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on getControllers() 2004-08-19
OpenGL Development
OpenGL Development - Resources 2011-11-12
can a mod remove this topic? 2006-12-29
Indexed Interleaved VBO 2006-03-28
a non-debug precompiled version [withdrawn] 2005-12-25
ATI 5.7 & 5.8 driver troubles 2005-09-13
Cpu-usage in blocking gl-calls. 2005-06-28
RGB vs RGBA texture upload 2005-05-13
Wrong displaymodes after connecting digi-cam 2005-03-21
NIO Buffers in JOGL and LWJGL 2005-01-22
JOGL Development
Please use the official JOGL/JogAmp forum 2012-11-20
GLDrawable.swapBuffers(); behaviour 2004-10-11
3D smoke artifacts (fixed) 2004-02-29
Java Sound & OpenAL
Java Sound & OpenAL - Resources 2011-11-12
Android - Resources 2011-11-12
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Deployment and Packaging
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