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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Questions about Java engines for 3D on: 2005-01-14 09:06:56
100% CPU is usually caused by a frame-rate capper. It's a benign Thread.yield() loop, so it's not actually using the CPU at all, it just looks like it.

Cas Smiley

It's actually load my CPU 100% and actually makes it hotter n' hotter. Have anyone had any solution for this situation?

After days trying on Xith3D, I've some exp about sg, n' decided that sg'll be suitable to my project. But I will not use X3D due to poor Swing,  not Applet, and some uncomfortable exceptions.

My priority is not "how fast the engine can render".
My aim: "first the stable of the engine, second the convenience (load, colliion, etc.), third the future of the engine"

Now, my choices are, maybe Java3D (Swing and Applet supported) for the cases of using sg for user interaction, n'  lwjgl for the cases of fast drawing simulation.

But, I'll try aFX especially it's next release (tomorrow). Hopefully, it could be a part of my project Roll Eyes (about noncontinuous wave).

and I'll also try Aviatrix3D as someone advised.

By the way, I've some questions:
1. MATHLAB is written in Java, do anyone know what kind of engine it used?
2. When we load an objects from files (exp: 3DS or OBJ), can we manipulate with it (it's each triangle)?

Thank you guys...
2  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Questions about Java engines for 3D on: 2005-01-12 06:45:07
Thank u, Tomas. I'm really interested in aFX and looking forward to reviewing it's next release (15th Jan, it seems to be a great release with many functionalities) Cheesy.
But it's commercial license really makes me unpleased Cry. Could it's a possible way to make it easier???

Now, I'm trying on sg and Xith3D, I dont know much about it but hopefully, it's suitable to my plan. Thanks all

By the way, I 've a question: my CPU always loads 100% in almost 3D in Java examples , very simple examples like setup a 3D screen, draw a cube (with almost engines, maybe except jogl, gl4java). It makes me so confused to use 3D in Java.
3  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Questions about Java engines for 3c on: 2005-01-09 07:07:20
Grin sorry Tomas, it seems that you are the admin of agency 9
4  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Questions about Java engines for 3D on: 2005-01-09 06:30:48
First, I'd thank for all advice.
My project doesn't mainly focus on 3D, I think "3D" is about ~30% of my project, and I'd like to embed it in Swing or Applet (for further purposes).

Thank to blahblahblahh, I've had a day to try LWJGL, on my opinion LWJGL is just a simple way to use openGL in Java, it just mapping native openGL functions to Java functions, it only create a GL window and it doesn't seem compatible to Swing nor Applet nor SWT... (may be they aim to game only)

Thank to Tomas, actually I have some exp on openGL (from, my aim is to make an simulation app, so I need a sence to draw sth reality, and maybe some sences for the users' inputs. I have no experience on sencegraph. But actually, I have read some pages of Java 3D Tutorial (it seems too old and not attractive too Roll Eyes - tutorial's compatible to J3D 1.2), and it made me so confused wiht many new convetions without a real example (maybe I can't stand waiting the examples), and a little unsatisfied, it always loads my CPU 100%, when I run it's example.

I took a look at AgentFX™ 2, it sounds good. Um..., it seem the only J 3D engine has commercial license, but it seems there're too few people are interested in it.

Tomas, have you had any exp on aFX? on your point of view, what do you think about aFX (it's design, it's speed, it's speed in design, will it load CPU 100%)? why people're not interested in it? what's about it's future? Can aFX run well with Swing, Applet,...

Now, I'd better dig in Xith3D not jME (I dont' like monkey Grin, just kidding...), but I'd like to use aFX, it looks professional

Thank for your helps...
5  Discussions / General Discussions / Questions about Java engines for 3D on: 2005-01-08 11:27:27
I'm beginning a project about 3D simulation.

This's my outline:
1. My project'll be written in Java
2. My project'll have some 3D viewport (like 3DS)
3. My project'll allow user to interact with objects (like CAD)

I've had attempts to find some Java 3D engines for my project. First, I found Java3D, but after run some example apps, it seems not so good (slow and it has many new concepts as in the tutorial, maybe because I'm familiar to native GL). Next, I found gl4java, it's fine, nothing seems difficult, but unfortunately it's dead. Finally, I found jogl... and some engines (YAJOGLB, Xith3D, jME...), but jogl doesn't seem mature, the future of it seems vague, and neither the others do.

So, now I'm so confused:
1. What engine should be suitable to my project?
2. Is Java3D really good? I've no exp about it, but it seems too tough to dig in.
3. Should I write Java apps and run openGL independently (through JNI)? It seems not good for interative apps (like CAD or 3DS).
4. Can I create multi viewports app with jogl, jME...? (I think I can, but I failed on the first time trying this with jogl, I don't know what's going on, the app compiled and ran but nothing created, it work well when I remove glCanvas)

I think I like jogl, but like I said "a little confused"
Thank for your helps
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