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Nate's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: SMF is falling apart. 2015-11-26
1x Re: Making GUIs 2015-03-07
1x Re: Making GUIs 2015-02-27
3x jgo on mobile 2015-02-07
1x Re: Savegame structure for Entity/Component System with complex components 2014-12-27
2x Re: Ways of keeping track of classes... 2014-11-14
1x Re: Ways of keeping track of classes... 2014-11-11
1x Re: Ways of keeping track of classes... 2014-11-11
1x Re: What defines a Game Library or Collection of Utilities 2014-11-06
3x Clippy: clipboard history tool 2014-10-29
1x Re: How to install Eclipse 2014-09-29
1x How to install Eclipse 2014-09-29
2x Re: Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion? 2014-09-17
1x Re: [LibGDX] How on earth do I limit drawing to a certain area of the screen? 2014-07-15
1x Re: TUER: Truly Unusual Experience of Revolution, FPS using JOGL 2014-07-13
1x Re: Infatuated 2014-06-02
1x Re: [libgdx] Drag and drop with scene2d tree 2014-05-23
1x Re: Libgdx Texture Array because of bleeding 2014-05-23
5x Re: Searching for a UI Developer (Mobile) [[Simple]] 2014-05-21
1x Re: Scaling a display with libGDX 2014-05-12
5x Super Spineboy 2014-05-09
1x Re: [libgdx] Culling needed ? SpriteCache 2014-05-09
1x Re: Scene2D, utter tedious 2014-04-18
1x Re: My thoughts as a programmer making games while on police riot duty 2014-03-29
5x Re: Green Threads 2014-03-08
1x Re: Github Report Card Toy; What did you get? 2014-02-22
1x Re: LibGDX dealing with context loss 2014-02-22
2x Re: How does Libgdx deal with natives? 2014-02-09
1x Re: jnigen: JNI with less pain 2014-01-03
2x jnigen: JNI with less pain 2014-01-02
1x Re: Kryonet Usage Issue 2014-01-01
1x Re: The Intergalactic Trashman - PLAYABLE ALPHA VERY SOON!!! 2013-12-24
1x Re: Do you ever 'need to go deeper?' 2013-12-10
2x Re: Why batch? 2013-12-06
1x Re: [LibGDX] ShapeRenderer 2013-11-23
1x Re: how do you guys make in 2d games message dialog box like joptionpane 2013-11-22
1x Re: [LibGDX] get texture path? 2013-11-15
1x Re: Open License 2013-11-14
1x Re: [LibGDX] TableLayout - Filling a cell with an Image, without stretching it 2013-11-13
1x Re: Scene2D Select Box makes Screen Flash 2013-11-10
2x Re: Libgdx: Table layout confusion 2013-11-09
2x Re: Is there a small geometry library for java out there? 2013-11-04
1x 2D normal maps 2013-10-31
1x Re: Paint.JAVA - Attempt at cloning Paint.NET (with cross-platform support) 2013-09-30
1x Re: Slow-Motion LibGDX 2013-08-21
1x Re: Can I use the OUYA without a creditcard? 2013-08-21
1x Re: Switching from LibGDX to LWJGL good choice? 2013-08-12
1x Re: LibGDX TextureAtlas 2013-08-11
2x Re: if you are not a programmer, what would you be ? 2013-06-03
1x Re: 3D swimming pool 2013-06-01
2x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-05-30
2x Re: 2D scene graph 2013-05-04
1x Re: Jesus, seperate entities PLEASE 2013-04-30
1x Re: 2d game with libgdx where to start? 2013-04-20
1x Re: [Kryonet] P2P through the server? 2013-03-15
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-01-24
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-01-14
2x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-01-11
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-01-10
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-01-09
1x Re: libGDX weird sprite rotation error 2013-01-01
1x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2012-12-26
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2012-12-16
1x Re: android app? open source project?? 2012-12-16
1x Re: Looking for Code Criticism 2012-12-14
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2012-12-03
27x Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2012-11-27
1x Re: Standard / Open formats for 3d animation? 2012-11-26
1x Re: Slick2D --> moving onto --> LibGDX 2012-11-20
1x Re: What do you look like? 2012-11-17
1x Re: File Loader 2012-11-07
1x Re: Implementing a decent GUI 2012-10-20
1x Re: Implementing a decent GUI 2012-10-17
1x Re: Quick question regarding the GridBagLayout manager 2012-10-16
1x Re: Libgdx on iOS 2012-10-08
1x Re: Let's joint our perception 2012-09-21
1x Re: Flack v1.3 2012-09-05
4x Re: Serialization by various means 2012-09-05
1x Re: Jack, Java bytecode -> C++ [Updated to be more descriptive] 2012-09-05
1x Re: [solved] [libgdx] ClickListener fails 2012-08-27
1x Re: [libgdx] ClickListener fails 2012-08-26
1x Re: Garbage collector tuning 2012-07-31
1x Re: UIs in libgdx via scene2d.ui 2012-07-30
1x Re: Kryo: Fast, efficient Java serialization 2012-06-18
1x Re: What's your dev rig? 2012-06-16
2x Re: Ignorance at its best. 2012-06-12
1x Re: Why so much confusion over Java3D? 2012-05-04
1x Re: How to make a copy of an object and not just it´s reference? 2012-04-28
1x Re: Showcase appreciation 2012-02-14
1x Re: Splitting packets 2011-12-17
1x Re: Ant Colony Simulator (not really a game) 2011-12-14
2x Arcane Tactics: applet loader 2011-12-10
1x Re: Mini Quests 2011-12-09
1x Re: Kickstarter - Headless JVM for iOS 2011-08-26
1x Re: Steve Jobs is stepping down 2011-08-26
1x Re: List<List<List<Object>>> or List[][] 2011-08-07
1x Re: Starting to get it, but not - Multiplayer Card Game 2011-06-07
1x Re: Plagiarism in games (Tetris and so on) 2011-05-22
1x Re: gl4java to show Chinese font 2011-05-21
1x Re: New feature: highlighting posts of specific members 2011-05-20
1x Re: World of change 2011-03-13
1x Re: libgdx a good choice? 2011-03-11
1x Re: New to Java Networking in Gaming 2011-01-24
1x Particle editor 2010-09-23
1x KryoNet: TCP and UDP client/server NIO library 2009-09-30
4x Kryo: Fast, efficient Java serialization 2009-09-29
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A NON-ideal modular configuration for Eclipse with JavaFX
by philfrei
2019-12-19 19:35:12

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2019-05-14 16:15:13

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:15:36

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:13:34

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-02-17 20:25:53

Deployment and Packaging
by mudlee
2018-08-22 18:09:50

Java Gaming Resources
by gouessej
2018-08-22 08:19:41

Deployment and Packaging
by gouessej
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