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1  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Dragon Run [NOW ON GOOGLE PLAY & APPLE APP STORE] on: 2014-03-15 19:03:54
Tried running in Firefox 27.0.1, windows 7, but just black screened.

Tried running in IE 11.096...., got this...
GwtApplication: exception: Error compiling shader: Shader compilation errors
(5, 9): Macro already defined
(5, 14): syntax error, unexpected NEWLINE_TOK, expecting IDENT_TOK or MACRO_DEFINITION
Error compiling shader: Shader compilation errors
(5, 9): Macro already defined
(5, 14): syntax error, unexpected NEWLINE_TOK, expecting IDENT_TOK or MACRO_DEFINITION

2  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Piles, a Java Tetris Clone on: 2014-01-06 10:53:16
Thanks for the bug info! Haven't ran into that one. I really appreciate the heads up.

As for the name... not much I can say on that one. Lol. This game was originally done following some tutorial advice on creating the first typical games, like pong, tetris, breakout, etc. I just looked at it and said, piles of blocks, ok, piles it is.

Thanks for the input!!
3  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Drohtin - The indie strategie Game on: 2014-01-06 09:08:26
That definitely lends a lot to the game.

I think your on a smokin good track here, I would say keep on it!

Love it!
4  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Buster, a Java Breakout Clone on: 2014-01-05 07:59:12

Thank you!

Still not satisfied with the face of the ball, but forced myself to move on.
5  Games Center / Showcase / Re: [Alpha] Cantrips and Cooldowns on: 2014-01-05 07:58:04
Very nice job!

The game is well polished with some really good looking artwork and I can see where it can get pretty addictive. An awesome little multiplayer game.

Big Kuddos to you for implementing a successful multiplayer. Just achieving that is worth a ton of credit. In the ten years I've been bleeding my fingertips, I made 1 multiplayer game and it was a somma bitch to get right. I absolutely love the background too. You should release a screen saver for that!

One thing you may want to include is a help area that explains the GUI, all the numbers, why you get money for hitting the blue blocks, how to use purchased items, info on the items and spells, etc.

The downside is having to pay to really test it out. You can maybe look at a free version that allows only for 1 map, limited players, limited spells or something like that. I realize $5 for alpha really isn't that much. But for someone like me, who tries to stay away from playing because I'm trying to make games, I don't get the real experience of the game. Just a recommendation though!

Awesome, awesome job here! And again thanks for the write up on this!!
6  Games Center / Showcase / Re: ReAct on: 2014-01-05 07:31:19
Okay, that was pretty cool. Definitely have to put some checks in there for pressing all 3 keys at the same time though!

Good one!!
7  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Desktop Bob on: 2014-01-05 06:11:28
I'm sure you'll get a windows port soon!  Wink

Looks like a fun one and adding a high score will definitely draw players in.

Get krackin and get it ported so I can play it!
8  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Drohtin - The indie strategie Game on: 2014-01-05 06:08:43
Love the idea!

A pretty unique approach to a somewhat overdone theme. But still my kind of game. I love resource gathering and building so your doomed to be a success with me.

So far the graphics are looking pretty good. Would love to see the interface, I can't really tell what is in the bottom right corner.

Keep up the good work!
9  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Escaping Cube on: 2014-01-05 06:04:00
Definitely pretty fun.

It would be great to use for adding other elements of a game like the start screen, interface, sounds, etc and get it complete.

Thanks for the share!
10  Games Center / Showcase / Re: ReAct on: 2014-01-02 01:41:22
Definitely looks interesting!

I will give this a good go this weekend and give you some feed back!
11  Games Center / Showcase / Re: [Alpha] Cantrips and Cooldowns on: 2014-01-02 01:38:29

I was happy with just reading the account on making the game. Then I watched the video, and was amazed by the quality of graphics!

Outstanding job! I will be grabbing this little tidbit this weekend. Its a work night, so beddy time is too early. Smiley

Thanks for sharing the account too, thats always just as fun as playing the games!
12  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Spider solitaire on: 2013-12-29 05:17:18
Everything looks and plays great.

The only thing I would recommend is to add some instructions for people like me who haven't played solitaire in over 20 years! Smiley

I had no idea what I was doing.
13  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Killer Santa on: 2013-12-26 19:04:04
Absolutely adorable!

Love the graphics! Can definitely add more levels, powerups, health, etc and make this a fun little play!
14  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Buster, a Java Breakout Clone on: 2013-12-25 23:58:24
Lol, its been a long hard journey, but I love this stuff wayyy to much to stay gone.

Thank you!
15  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Buster, a Java Breakout Clone on: 2013-12-25 20:00:41
Thanks again for the input!

I really appreciate it!

16  Games Center / Showcase / Re: [LD28] Lost In Universe on: 2013-12-25 18:56:53
I really like the look of what you started here. You have some really nice graphics that can lead to something here.

Personally I think I would've keep this one alive.

Good job anyways!
17  Games Center / Showcase / Re: A Cup of Christmas Fear [LD28] on: 2013-12-25 18:55:06

This is a great accomplishment! Just be proud and happy you have completed and deployed something from start to finish. I've spent 90% of my time working on prototypes and ideas for over 10 years. I am getting back to the basics, lol.

Nice job!
18  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Android] [Released] Astro Quest - A retro action platformer on: 2013-12-25 18:51:58
The game looks absolutely beautiful!

Definitely a great job on this one, especially for a project by yourself!
19  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Buster, a Java Breakout Clone on: 2013-12-25 18:46:48

thanks for the input and thanks for trying it out!
20  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Piles, a Java Tetris Clone on: 2013-12-25 18:42:59
Awesome input!!!!

You have no idea how grateful I am and how much I really appreciate it!

The name on the scoreboard is limited to 10 chars, they are just too big. I did fix that though.

The speed of levels will definitely get changed. A few people recommended this.

The inputs are a bit sensitive. I had to put a timer function on the actual mouse clicks to control the speed, I will also put that on the keys.

As for the scores. If there are names with scores that seem out of whack, more than likely they are just test names and scores.

Again, thank you very much for the input!!
21  Games Center / Showcase / Piles, a Java Tetris Clone on: 2013-12-25 12:47:41
We recently updated our Piles game. A Tetris clone written in Java. All the graphics, sounds and GUI's have been improved. We also added a High score board to the game.

You can check the game out here...
Piles, a Java Tetris clone
22  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Buster, a Java Breakout Clone on: 2013-12-25 12:47:03
Sorry about that, seems some auto fixing was involved, or it's late!
23  Games Center / Showcase / Buster, a Java Breakout Clone on: 2013-12-25 12:39:39
Just updated our Java game, Buster! A breakout clone I wrote quite a while ago. Added new graphics, menus, sounds and fixed a few bugs, lol.

Also added the high score board, for the competitive people like me!

Buster, a java breakout clone
24  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Problems with MousePressed Event on: 2013-12-09 06:05:20
I have a tetris clone game that is all complete, but I put some graphic buttons on it for controlling the pieces by clicking them.

The pieces move perfect when I use the keyboard events, like keypress = left, move piece left.
They also move perfect when I put the code to move the piece inside the mouse event, like mousepressed = check which graphic button is clicked, move piece.

The problem with putting the movement code inside mousepressed is that if the user keeps the mouse button down, the mouse event doesn't detect this. In order to handle this I have to create a flag so when user clicks the left arrow, moveLeft = true, then check for the flags in the run method and move the piece accordingly. Doing it this way causes lag in movement or will move too much, even if the user just clicks the arrow once, the piece will move 2 spots sometimes.

This seems to be a problem by checking the mouse movement flags in the run method. This causes lag or speed jumps. Where if the movement code is in the mouse event, it fires with the event.

if MousePressed acted like KeyPressed and kept firing as long as the mouse button is down, everything would work fine.

Just spent all day trying to figure this out.
25  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Picking Tile in staggered isometric map on: 2012-12-19 05:58:03
I appreciate the help. It being the work week, I didn't get a chance to really put some time into any solution and I definitely am not going to post the embarassing hack I was attempting.

I did get a plug and play solution involving some math equations that are quite a bit beyond me that I will post for anyone running into the same situation. It works great!

Maybe try something like this...

    var tileW = 64;
    var tileH = 32;
    var rows = 8;
    var cols = 4;

    for (var i = 0; i < rows; ++i) {
            for (var j = 0; j < cols; ++j) {
                    tTile = _root.attachMovie("Tile", "R" + i + "C" + j, _root.getNextHighestDepth());
                    tTile._x = (tileW * j) + ((i % 2 == 1) ? 32 : 0);
                    tTile._y = (tileH / 2) * i;
    onMouseDown = function () {
            var ax, ay, bx, by;
            var cx = _xmouse;
            var cy = _ymouse;
            var posX = (_xmouse / 32) >> 0;
            var posY = (_ymouse / 16) >> 0;
            if ((posX % 2) == (posY % 2)) {
                    ax = (posX) * 32;
                    ay = (posY + 1) * 16;
                    bx = (posX + 1) * 32;
                    by = (posY) * 16;
                    if (getPos(ax, ay, bx, by, cx, cy) < 0) {
                            trace(((posY / 1 >> 0) - 1) + " : " + ((posX / 2 >>0) + ((((posY / 1 >> 0) - 1) % 2 == 0) ? 0 : -1)));
                    } else {
                            trace((posY / 1 >> 0) + " : " + (posX / 2 >> 0));
            } else {
                    ax = (posX) * 32;
                    ay = (posY) * 16;
                    bx = (posX + 1) * 32;
                    by = (posY + 1) * 16;
                    if (getPos(ax, ay, bx, by, cx, cy) < 0) {
                            trace(((posY / 1 >> 0) - 1) + " : " + (posX / 2 >>0));
                    } else {
                            trace((posY / 1 >> 0) + " : " + ((posX / 2 >> 0) +((((posY / 1 >> 0) - 1) % 2 == 0) ? -1 : 0)));
    function getPos($ax, $ay, $bx, $by, $cx, $cy) {
            // below = 1, above = -1, on = 0;
           var slope = ($by - $ay) / ($bx - $ax);
            var yIntercept = $ay - $ax * slope;
            var cSolution = (slope * $cx) + yIntercept;
            if (slope != 0) {
                    if ($cy > cSolution) {
                            return $bx > $ax ? 1 : -1;
                    if ($cy < cSolution) {
                            return $bx > $ax ? -1 : 1;
                    return 0;
            return 0;
26  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Picking Tile in staggered isometric map on: 2012-12-16 20:19:07
I create my tiles from a Tile object that has individual fields. I do store the x and y of the tile, but that just references the top left corner of the 64x32 tile, where it will be drawn. Plus I would have to iterate through all tiles until that tile is matched which would still be pointing to the tiles drawing origin.

Of course this is in Flash, but the ideas are still the same. The formula for picking a tile in a diamond shape isometric map that was given by dishmoth in this post...
worked great for the diamond shape isometric map. But trying to chop that up to make it work for a staggered isometric map is proving to be quite a challenge. The issue I believe is in the staggering of the rows.

I will keep staring at it until my eyes fall out in great goobs of goo

27  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Picking Tile in staggered isometric map on: 2012-12-16 18:17:24
Thanks for the input Dapy,

I'm kind of confused on what tileX and tileY are returning in this formula...
int tilex = (int)(screenx/TILE_WIDTH + screeny/TILE_HEIGHT);
int tiley = (int)(screeny/TILE_HEIGHT - screenx/TILE_WIDTH);

are those the coordinates for the tile that was clicked?

I dont have any offsets, so I am starting my drawing at 0,0 on the screen
I am using this for drawing my tiles...
for (var i = 0; i < rows; ++i) {
   for (var j = 0; j < cols; ++j) {
      tTile._y = i*16;
      // handle odd and even rows differently
     if (i % 2) {
        // Even Row
       tTile._x = (j*64)+32;
      } else {
        // odd row
       tTile._x = j*64;

PS: should also explain that I'm not very good at abstract logic either, hehehe.
28  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Isometric item placement? on: 2012-12-16 18:02:32
I use isometric tiles for everything in my game.
I model the object in blender and render it using an isometric camera, then use Gile to give the tile a transparent background.
Depending on the size of the object, it may be 64x32 or 64x64. (I use a sizing algorithm to draw the tile in the right spot when I draw the map)
The object is placed on a layer with a higher zorder or depth than the table.
My layers...
0 = ashpalt/concrete
1 = dirt
2 = grass/ floor
3 = objects (collidable, walls, trees, signs, furniture)
4 = decorations (paintings, candles, plates)
5 = collide layer (for detecting collisions)

I haven't created any objects that are wider than 64, but using the same drawing algo based on size should work with those too.
Heres a pic...

29  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Isometric item placement? on: 2012-12-16 13:16:15
I have used layers in my tile game in order to place certain things on top of other things. I used a layer called decorations in order to place paintings on walls, candles or plates on tables, etc.

I also create the table using a 64x64 tile. I just put an algorithm in the tile drawing function that starts drawing that tile based on its height.

Hope that helps a bit!
30  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Picking Tile in staggered isometric map on: 2012-12-16 12:57:57
I have been looking and trying for quite a while now, but can't seem to work out an algorithm for figuring out which tile is selected on a staggered isometric map using 64x32 tiles with a diamond shape inside.

Here is a pic of my map...

The first row is drawn, then the x is offset to the right by 32 and the next row is drawn.

Anyone have any good math skills to throw some algorithms my way for this?
Thanks for any help!

PS: My math isn't exactly top notch, so please keep that in mind. Smiley
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