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1  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Map Editor v0.3! on: 2008-10-21 17:04:39
Linux link doesn't work, looking at the Builds folder it seems the file is not there.
If you upload the file I will try to give you some feedback on how it behaves under Ubuntu.
2  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: jClassicRPG framework and game (GPL/CC-BY-SA/Public Domain) on: 2008-08-20 20:42:54
Source code is GPLv3. Media is varied between GPL, CC, Public Domain. It's completely okay. Also CC-BY-SA is considered GPL compatible AFAIK.
CC-BY-SA is GPL incompatible, it's clearly stated in the free software foundation page, and, as CC is not a free software license it would be very hard to be GPL compatible, considering the nature of the GPL license. Please see the list of compatible/incompatible licenses at,, CC is mentioned almost at the bottom of the page.

Although I'm deviating from the topic, you cannot combine incompatible licenses, in this case, GPL and CC. I had this problem with the Tango Icon theme, and if you read the mailing list archives you'll see that it has been a common problem with developers that wanted to use Tango Icon theme. They are already considering using another license.

The other possible problem, at least for me as a Portuguese developer is the Public Domain status, Portuguese law doesn't allow someone to place a given work under PD, but that's another problem and I'm already off the topic.

Nevertheless, I'm currently downloading and I'll spend the next free moments looking at it Smiley
3  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: jClassicRPG framework and game (GPL/CC-BY-SA/Public Domain) on: 2008-08-20 15:37:35
This is an interesting project, I'll have to take a closer look, but one thing that called my attention, you mentioned that the project uses GPL and CC, AFAIK those two licenses are incompatible, they can't be bundle together, or am I missing something?
4  Discussions / Business and Project Management Discussions / Re: Open Source or not? on: 2008-08-09 12:18:03
Now the question: is it a good idea to put the platform open-source?
It will greatly depend on your business strategy, Open Source can be a friend or a project killer, like any other license option. GPL will probably be a bad option, not that GPL is a bad license but it tends to drive programmers and companies away from the use of the platform for fear of the "GPL contagious nature", but there are other licenses one can use, LGPL, Apache, a license use heavily by Google, etc.
Open Source can work and provide you income. You'll have an open platform, one programmers can look at, understand how it works, know if a given bug is in their code or in yours. You'll have a community, even if small, that will support you and help the project grow.
On the down side, you'll have code that you competitors will be able to see, but understand that to use it, their product will probably need to be Open Source also, this will depend on the chosen license. You'll also be unable to stop anyone from selling your product and those sales you'll give you no return.
If you go for a closed license you'll have the trust of some companies that don't understand and are actually afraid of Open Source, it is still a business model that some managers can't comprehend. And every license you sell you be for money, not that that money will pay for the costs, but you have a tighter control over you software. That control drives many other away.

You can go for the dual license option, but that has a few problems, code that is contributed to the Open Source version cannot be included in the close version without the author's agreement, and that can cause you problems. It will be hard to take advantage of the contributions made by any community created.

My view is probably biased as I'm an Open Source supporter, I work with some groups and contribute to some projects with my free time and meager skills Smiley, but I would go for Open Source.

If you choose Open Source, please don't change the license scheme to proprietary afterwards, it will drive your customers away, it is really seen as a trust breach. I can give you the example o activeCollab, the creator decided that version  1.0 was going to be closed, half his clients moved to other projects, some of them even created forks based on the previous opened code.

Contra's are:
1. I can't sell it anymore. Well, I can, technically create separate licenses for a commercial and not-commercial people. But I guess that less people will pay for what can be taken for free. At least outside US.
Just to point out that nothing in Open Source license prevents you from selling the software. You can sell it, and many companies actually by Open Source software. The ones that want the source are always programmers that, at some point, want to look at the code. Generally, people don't need the code, and I can barely remember when I accessed the source of any Open Source software I downloaded.

So, what to make of all of this? It really is up to you, you're the one that's going to have to choose, depending on your target audience, your country, the legislation you have to abide to, etc.
Personally I would go for one of the various approved OSI license and preferably one that is GPL compatible, but that's me Smiley
5  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-09 11:12:03
The hardest part is that the shapes don't have set dimensions so converting screen coords to test if the piece belongs there when the player moves it is difficult. I don't remember how I overcame this, sorry. Sad

I know my explanation is confusing and sorry about that, but hopefully it will give you ideas on how to start. Smiley

It was not confusing, don't worry Smiley.
I had two methods to create the pieces, either have about 6 images representing pieces and then cut the image based on these example images or create the lines on the fly. I would prefer the last one.
For matching the images I was thinking of creating an object that would have the piece and references for each neighbor, some linked list or similar, though a piece can have a max of 4 neighbors, so 4 simple variables would do.
At creation I would fill in the variables or the list, whatever, and so each piece would know and have direct access to the ones next to it.

Now, cutting the pieces on the fly is something I honestly can't do. After posting here I search a bit more, even found a source code in Delphi, but I'm not that fluent in Delphi to completely understand how the curves are made.
6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-08 23:31:27
I believe the tutorial uses dx and dy and delta, which are actually much smarter to use on a game, because it allows for dynamic frame rate.
I got a bit lost on why the OO hierarchy was the way it was, but I failed to understand how to make an entity move with the same speed, it would start slowly but at the end was speeding up.
But that is another problem for me to solve Smiley

I think I now understand what my real questions were, let's see if I can make any interesting games Cheesy

Oh, by the way, anyone knows any jigsaw creation algorithms? I wanted to make a small jigsaw puzzle but I can't manage to find a single algorithm on the subject. Or any hints on how to start.
7  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-08 13:06:13
I know there are a lot of sprite sites out there, but where can I find a site with good tutorials on how to use sprite sheets?

I have used tiles, created from one single image, but that image had all sprites spaced evenly, I have some sheets with images of different sizes, how can I use them correctly?

Also, some nice tutorials would be welcome, for example, the Space Invaders tutorial was the first one to use accelerated graphics. But it uses a strange form of movement and sprite animation, at least from what I'm used to.
8  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-06 14:00:00
When choosing which to use, LWJGL has been used for more commercial games, but it seems more people use JOGL; especially on these forums.
I think I'll be going for LWJGL at the moment, maybe I'll try JOGL later.
So no game engine? I have been looking at GTGE, though I don't like the authors view on the LGPL license, but that's another problem, nevertheless I'm not very fond of reinventing the wheel Smiley, so sooner or later I'll have to use a game engine, even if it's made by me.

Using a JFrame and JPanel is most likely not going to provide you with any additional benefits over Frame or Canvas.
I would prefer to use lightweight components instead of heavy ones, but it's not that important, either one or the other will suffice.

9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-06 13:11:22
You can't do something simple like this and so it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Though I'm starting to deviate from the topic, I'll have to say that you can easily make something like that, but I'm not thinking on using swing that way, most of the use will be for "standard" menus and windows.

One other way I want to use Swing is by using JFrame, JPanels, etc., instead of other components like Canvas or something alike.
10  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-06 12:52:50
Swing is one of the things I use more, and, like most things in Java, if it's slow it's the programmers fault Smiley
As to being ugly, well, is as ugly as any other control in your OS, considering it uses the OS's look and feel and, if you want your own, either build one, not that hard, or use one of the many and nice look-and-feels out there.

But I'm considering Swing for small games that usually have such menus and interaction, things like the Windows games suite, Solitaire, Free Cell, that sort of things. Small applications that work best, from a usability view, with these controls that with "home made image/text based" graphics.

I'll be looking at those links, thanks.
11  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: set netbeans javadoc for Java3d on: 2008-08-06 12:45:08
Don't know if you already solved the problem, but one way to add documentation to NetBeans IDE, the only one I know, is to use the Tools > Libraries option.

In that window you'll have an option to add new libraries to your IDE, these libraries will be available to every project use start in the IDE, like JUnit libraries, Swing Extension, etc. It will be a library that you can easily add to every project, that you can add to the pallet if the library contains any beans, etc.
When adding such a library you'll have the option to choose the javadoc zip or folder. After adding the library to the IDE, and to the project, the documentation will be available to use.

One thing to remember, the library must be in the same place as long as you want to use it in the IDE, so that two different project can refer to the same library without problems. If you move the files, you'll have to either update the library info or remove it as a global library.
Other IDE installations will report an error and will  not be able to resolve dependencies, either configure the library as a global library in that installation or add the library the project in the standard way.
12  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Another "how to start" topic. How to stark game making? on: 2008-08-06 12:29:07
First, let me introduce myself, as this is my first topic. I've been reading the forums for some time now, never posted a question or answered one, but have been around for some time. I'm from Portugal, so if any if there is any Portuguese out there feel free to say hi Smiley

I'm a student, finishing my bachelor degree in computer science, and have learned to program using games, most of my classes asked us to make some kind of game to teach us something about programming. So, games are something I like, a lot!, and, currently, am starting a small project to create various games using Java, as this is my favorite language of all. But I'm facing some questions that I would like to your help with.

I have no problem with Java, what I have some problem is understanding where to begin.
I have a small game I want to write, it will feature some elements running from one end of the screen to the other, most likely some sharks, that the user needs to stop before they get to some treasure/food/whatever. The game is very simple and, as I don't have any graphics, I'll most like use any image that will allow me to test the game and learn.

1) should I use a game engine, and if so what are your suggestions?
2) I've read some topics about lwjgl and I'm stating to read more on the official page, I understand it is aimed at 3D games, is it also useful for 2D games? Are there any immediate problems with the library, like multiplatform issues? Or I'm is it also good for 2D games?
3) any good tutorials out there, that explain how and why to structure the code instead of the ins/outs of Java language, some that would offer solutions to common problems like performance, image flickering, optimizing dirty rectangles, etc.
4) I want to use Swing on some games, mostly because it fits better than creating my own menus, is there any problem I should be aware of?
5) any advices that you can offer?

I'm going to follow the Space Invaders tutorial, from, maybe some questions will be answered there, mostly I have no idea how to start creating the games I want.

Thanks for reading the all thing Smiley
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