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Topics started by tom_mai78101 (77)

Android Showcase
[Mostly Completed / Shelved Indefinitely] [Android] Marble Run 2014-07-09
WIP games, tools & toy projects
Pokémon Walking, update v20 - Script Editor 2015-06-18
Pokémon Walking - The Trigger Update 2014-03-23
[2D Minimalistic] Pixavive - Survival Alpha, v0.08 2013-11-15
General Discussions
Need to get TAB key bind to Word Completion and have it insert TAB character. 2015-06-19
Have you ever debug your programs/games on an emulator? 2014-06-21
If you sell your entire identity to an anonymous buyer for a high price... 2014-06-16
Ever get the feeling that you are split in having new features or new contents? 2014-06-10
Ever thought of creating an online community for your project? 2014-05-31
Have that feeling of wanting to complete your low-publicity projects? 2014-05-13
[Eclipse] [Discussion] Do you agree that this should be implemented? 2014-04-13
What do you do to cut development time? 2014-04-02
My thoughts as a programmer making games while on police riot duty 2014-03-29
How do you organize your IDE layouts on a single widescreen monitor? 2014-03-23
I just found out that a few letters of recommendation may be written by you 2014-03-17
Why imageboards are not as common as forums? 2014-03-17
Plagiarism 2014-03-03
What methods of reading Java codes makes you read codes more productive? 2014-02-10
Someone brought up an interesting topic regarding the new JDK8 default methods. 2014-02-08
When you're typing on the keyboard, how slouched are you sitting in your chair? 2014-01-29
Anyone ever done creating a new binary file format for your own special uses? 2014-01-27
[Site Question] Where can you get a list of subscribed threads? 2013-12-23
[Site Question] Why the threads in Showcase forums are ordered by created date? 2013-11-26
Thread Newbie: How do I use this "Insert Applet" feature in a post? 2013-11-15
Are we able to achieve this? Felt demotivating... 2012-08-28
Miscellaneous Topics
Abusing the use of letter salutations. 2014-08-08
Bought myself a new smartphone! 2014-07-10
An old classic that nobody knew before: 2D FrontLine 2014-06-22
Can anyone give me 10 words all related to one thing in common? 2014-04-01
In one of many Java class files of a commercially release product, so many ints. 2014-01-20
Cryptonium, A cryptocurrency that I'm just playing around with. 2014-01-19
LWJGL: Loading a texture, the imperative way. 2013-12-31
Newbie & Debugging Questions
How do you stop this behavior in JFileChooser? 2015-06-24
Issue with reading a file that was generated when JAR is run for second time 2015-06-23
[Swing] Unable to update JList element's name on the fly while editing its name 2014-07-04
How should I put the Generic type in this BasicComboBoxRenderer subclass? 2014-06-22
[Swing] How do I: Multiple JFrames approach to utilize multiple content editors? 2014-06-22
JFileChooser: How to stop autofill file name after clicking on home directory? 2014-06-11
Is it possible to check if a Runnable's State is State.RUNNING in a thread pool? 2014-05-28
Creating a chunk-based custom binary file format 2014-05-27
[Solved]Overlay fonts over BufferedImage if enabled, and don't overlay otherwise 2014-05-19
[Solved] I can no longer get Eclipse to run anymore. 2014-05-19
[Solved] How to create new Graphics object from Graphics object? 2014-05-17
[Solved] Is there a way to obtain an instance of a running thread? 2014-05-10
[Completed] [Level Editor] A few questions on concepts I'm not sure of. 2014-04-15
[GUI] How do you get mouse position without getting blocked by JPanels? 2014-04-15
How to create a control panel next to a Canvas object in a JFrame? 2014-04-14
Can you randomly bitwise shift an integer left or right? 2014-04-12
My most inefficient way of implementing running texts. How to optimize? 2014-04-05
Why a NaN variable is not equal to Double.NaN? 2014-04-02
2D sprite animation using OpenGL ES 2.0: How to swap texture coordinate buffers? 2014-03-21
[SOLVED] Runnable JAR outputs (input == null) IOException error after exporting. 2014-03-17
How do you fix a game loop flaw? 2014-03-10
[Android OpenGL ES 2] Rotating the view matrix via Matrix.rotateM(). 2014-02-12
[LWJGL] Crash upon following SHC's LWJGL tutorial on Rotating Cube. 2014-02-08
[Libgdx] [AIDE] App cause phone to be unresponsive, can't turn off display. 2014-02-07
How do I import libgdx to AIDE for Android? 2014-02-06
[LWJGL] glVertexAttribPointer() 1st parameter: Attribute List is AttribLocation? 2014-01-20
[OpenGL] Don't understand why my mesh can't display in the screen. 2014-01-19
[OpenGL] What is the next step after you have created a matrix? 2014-01-17
[OpenGL ES] NPOT Texture rendering (Z fighting) when using triangle fans to draw 2014-01-12
Unable to rotate a 2D triangular polygon via glRotatef(). 2014-01-04
ImageIO reading problem: Always get DataBufferByte and not DataBufferInt 2013-12-28
LWJGL: Getting a "Unrecognized profile specifier "mediump" fragment shader error 2013-12-26
OpenGL: Can you use a mixture of old and new OpenGL functions? 2013-12-26
[Eclipse] I can't be able to make Primitive Types display in hexidecimals. 2013-11-26
Is this a place where I can ask for help on Android OpenGL ES? 2012-07-26
To convert a positive number X into a negative number (-X) is called "negating"? 2012-07-24
Game Play & Game Design
Discussion: Has anyone started on a Java 3D keyframe animation game? 2013-12-22
Game Mechanics
Connecting, stitching, and rendering your overworld areas together in a 2D RPG. 2014-03-27
Transitioning from Main Menu to entirely different games 2013-12-02
How to reflect an object, with constant acceleration, when hitting a circle? 2012-10-20
Bouncing Ball on the Z axis: I can't fix a math error without help. (GIF) 2012-08-30
Canvas: How do you make the Canvas as a chase camera for moving objects? 2012-08-28
Gravity hole: Objects moving near a hole, shifts its projection towards the hole 2012-07-31
Need help on calculating the reflection of a point hitting a circle from inside. 2012-07-23
Possible SoundPool broken method: load(String path, int priority) 2012-09-14
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:38:37

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
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List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:05:44

List of Learning Resources
by elect
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SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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