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1  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Tunnel Vision on: 2012-07-02 19:00:33
Looks really fun! But I can't seem to control it! The arrow keys do nothing for me :/. Shame I really wanted to play it!

Never mind I got it working. You have to click the window a few times to apply focus. You may need to use 'setFocusable(true);' Not sure though. I'm not an expert Tongue. It's very hard. If you make one mistake you can't recover, even though you haven't crashed yet. Either make it more obvious where the cut off point where the 'point of no return is' or increase the sensitivity when you're off centre or something Smiley.
2  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Tunnel Vision on: 2012-07-02 18:55:02
Looks really fun! But I can't seem to control it! The arrow keys do nothing for me :/. Shame I really wanted to play it!
3  Games Center / Showcase / Re: My Java Games with Source Code! - Tetris, Mineweeper, Tron etc! on: 2012-07-02 18:48:14
Haha! Really?

Just added my latest creation Smiley Enjoy Tongue. Next thing is probably going to be PacMan!
4  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Peril of Alchemy [2D Platformer - WIP] on: 2012-06-30 11:22:31
I really like the look! I can't seem to control it very well,but that's probably me just being bad Tongue. I have only really made grid based 2D games that utilise Jlabels and changing their background colour accordingly etc. But I'd really like to get into making real 2D games. I've heard of a few libraries, but not sure how to use them or anything really. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?

These games are the sort of level I'm at: so I think I'm ready for it I just don't know where to start Tongue.

That's the annoying thing about programming, you can do the algorithms fine, but it's learning the syntax to do it!

Thanks for any help Tongue. I'm kind of a noob when it comes to GUI.
5  Games Center / Showcase / Re: My Java Games with Source Code! - Tetris, Mineweeper, Tron etc! on: 2012-06-29 22:08:21
Wow, one of the few people on the internet that actually knows what MasterMind is! Check out my MasterMind game! Grin

Really nice work with all these games, kinda reminds me of myself a bit too, since I made all of them in command line and with graphics.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the feedback and interest Smiley. Nice job on your Mastermind too! I've loved it since I was a child Cheesy.
6  Games Center / Showcase / Re: My Java Games with Source Code! - Tetris, Mineweeper, Tron etc! on: 2012-06-29 22:06:32
Thanks for sharing your source code  Grin

Don't mention it! I'm always looking to improve, so I'm glad to help others do the same!
7  Games Center / Showcase / My Java Games with Source Code! - Tetris, Mineweeper, Tron etc! on: 2012-06-29 20:26:51
The place where I was sharing this previously is now dead, so thought I may as well share them here! Smiley If anyone has any problems with me posting here just say Wink. Otherwise have a nice day!

All in One Download Link to the entire collection of GUI based games as of 29/06/12: With Instruction etc!

Finally back from the Megaupload takedown! New Pastebin Links!

Hi there! I started learning Java last September (2011) in school and for practice I have made some console based games. So instead of them just gathering dust I though I'd share them, because they're not terrible and feedback is always nice Cheesy (also they may help beginners if they want to analyse my code Smiley)

Make sure to change the class name to match the one you're running in if you're using an IDE (such as eclipse), otherwise it won't load Smiley.

- I am planning to make a PAC-MAN/BomberMan clone next. I also plan to use this open source library called 'slick' based on the 'lwjql' (Light weight java game library). It should help me make more impressive looking games and more away from grid based stuff, since it has loads of drawing routines etc. Smiley.

- Note some of the GUI games have a glitch where if you click on them or elsewhere they stop working and you need to close/reopen them Smiley.

Not sure how to work any of the games? Instructions here!:

Note: The older (ones further down) games are programmed in less efficient/clear styles, because I was still learning Tongue. The newer the better it tends to be!

1) First up is a game, which is more of a tech demo than a game. But is my first one to use animation Smiley. I call it 'Slayer' Tongue

'A' is fire
'Space' is jump
'Right arrow' is run right
'Left Arrow' is run left
'Up arrow' is walk

Aim: kill the monster

Download Source Code/with resources:

Note: For some reason I cannot compile this to a jar file. I'd really appreciate some input ion this one, I can only save the projetc files etc. It works in an IDE like Eclipse!

2) Second up is my TronBETA. Not perfect yet, but it is my first GUI game that is not based on grids!

Download .jar:

Download Source Code:

3) Now for my Othello game, which I have ported to GUI and completely redesigned the algorithm!

Note: It must be ran from the 'Othello' folder, so it can locate the images used for the tiles. The 1-Player.AI version allows you to play against the computer!

Download Sourcecode/.jars:

4) Here is my space game 'LaserGem'! It isn't finished yet, but it is playable. the aim of the game is to get 4 blocks of the same colour touch each other side by side. This gives you points and fills up your WMD energy bar (on the right). When it is full, the WMD clears the screen!

Arrow keys are move.
Space is shoot.
Enter is WMD (when ready).
Your health goes down if you come into contact with the approaching blocks.

Download .jar:

Download Source Code:

5) Second up is Stacker, which I've just finished!

A simple game where the pieces move left/right and you have to press the space bar to stop them on top of pre-existing pieces. Can you get to the top?!

Download .jar file:

Download Source Code:

6) Next up is Tetris! A classic  Smiley.

EDIT: Tetris is fully functional now. You can rotate the blocks with the up key and move with the right key etc. It tells you how many lines you cleared when you die.

Download .jar:

Download Source code:

Game info(not that anyone will need it for this one!:

7) Next up it is my first ever game in GUI and most of you can probably play it right now with just a quick search in your games folder Tongue. That's right its MineSweeper! I'm still improving this, but it is in a working state now at least Smiley. I've added the flagging of mines with the use of the right click Smiley

NOTE: You can change the size of the board too what every you want by changing the int n and int m global variables (it must remain a square though, e.g.  n= 20, m = 20 i.e. 20x20). Same goes for the number of mines by changing the int nomines global variable!

Download .jar:

Download Source code:

Link to MineSweeper info:

I have to say the algorithm to get it to fill out all of the spaces with no mines etc. was challenging at first Smiley. Once I found out about the recursion method though it was easy as pie! This is where you can call a method from within its self (do another iteration) with new perimeters AND it will go back to how it was before it was called once its done. Before I knew you could do this I was creating another method to control the recursions (iterations) and it was getting very complicated as I had to save to previous x/y values for EVERY iteration and then get it to reuse them when it finally got back to that iteration (so you can't overwrite them (sometimes it can have 10,000+ iterations!) Smiley. - Still good fun though!

Cool Next is a game i've loved since I was a kid and was my first complex creation 'Reversi', otherwise known as Othello. It is a board game, which I made into a java app. The hardest part here was to get to check for invalid positions and also to flip the tiles (which I'm fairly certain is does properly now!)

Download .jar: Coming

Download Source code: (runs in console).

Link to Othello/Reversi info:

9) Next up is 'MasterMind'! A fairly straight forward, code cracking based game, which is also very challenging Smiley. The hardest part when it came to creating this was probably creating the logic to check how close you're guess was, but since I'm always improving it seems pretty simple now Tongue.

Download .Jar: Coming

Source Code: (runs in console).

Link to MasterMind info:

10) Next up is my simplest game, a 'Reaction Tester'! (Does what it says on the tin). Even though this is my simplest game, with two difficulties, it also proves to be my second most popular after Othello/Reversi.

Download .Jar: Coming

Source Code: (runs in console).

11) Finally it is my first ever game, that I made in Java 'NumberGuessing game' Smiley. At the time it seemed incredibly complicated, but now it seems far too simple. But don't be fooled by the dull name, it is pretty entertaining with a two player option, where you and a friend compete to guess your own mystery number first with 'warmer',  'colder' clues Cheesy.

Download .Jar: Coming

Source Code: (runs in console).

Got any ideas for more games!?!?! Leave a comment/P.M. me and I'll get right on it! (as long as it isn't insane Tongue).
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