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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / Tools Discussion / JAR Creation Tools for JDK 1.1? on: 2004-06-11 23:45:17
I'm trying to create a game that runs on JDK 1.1 so all those Microsoft JVM user can still run it.  It's working pretty good so far...

...But here's my problem:  I need to put it into a 1.1-compatible .jar file, and I can't figure out how to do this with the 1.4.2 jar tool.  Huh

Am I missing something obvious (like a command line option) that will let me do this?  Or is there a 3rd party tool?  Or am I going to have install the 1.1.8 JDK just to get that one tool?

Thanks for the help!
2  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Which Java version to use in an applet? on: 2004-05-08 00:09:06

You need to get the best of both worlds.
We had a base 'CSGraphics' class that when initialised creates either a 'CSGraphics11' or a 'CSGraphics14'. the 11 used software rendering, the 14 used buffered images and simply forwarded the draw calls onto the normal Graphics object. The Sprite was wrapped up in the same way as a 'CSSprite', as was BufferStrategy and the Audio - although the audio is a bit buggy at the moment - 1.1 audio sucks bad!  Angry


And you do need the -target 1.1 too  Wink

Thanks a million!!  Those tips did the trick!  My game now runs in both 1.4.2 and MS 1.1!!  Cheesy

Although I did hit a couple of other "gotchas", and I want to share them so that others don't have to struggle with the same things I did:

1)  The current JDK API (1.4.2) documentation tells you in which version a new method or class was added to the API - but don't trust it!  It missed at least one case:  apparently the "getX()", "getY()", "getHeight()" and "getWidth()" methods were not part of the "Rectangle" class in JDK 1.1 so this killed the execution under the Microsoft VM.  If you're going to develop for 1.1, I highly recommend you download the 1.1 JDK API docs from Sun and use that to make sure the methods you call are supported.

2)  Sound support - It doesn't seem to say anywhere, but 1.1 only supports ".au" files that use u-law, 8000 Hz., mono data files.  I used GoldWave v5.06 to convert my ".wav" files.

BTW - My game is called "JobHunter", and when I get a little further I'll put it up for feedback.  It's based on the skills I learned over the past 3 years unsuccessfully trying to find a job here in the Silicon Valley....   Angry
3  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Which Java version to use in an applet? on: 2004-05-05 00:33:27

Okay, I know I just popped into this discussion *way* late - but this brings up the question that I really need the answer to:

My answer: use both Tongue

From recently launching some browser games, we had _very_ disappointing figures for people installing Java 1.4. Only about 25% of our visitors managed to get to the game. Since we built a hybrid 1.1/1.4 version, that has rocketed to over 75% of visitors being able to see the game.

Yeah, that's exactly what I want to do - a 1.4 / 1.1 hybrid.  The only problem is:  How? Huh

I've taken my original 1.4 code and made sure that I'm only using 1.1 API method calls, or else I have the newer calls in a "try - catch" block with an alternate version for 1.1.  It compiles and runs great under 1.4, but MSIE using the infamous MS 1.1.4 VM "can't find" the main class.

I gather there's some compiler switch I missing - or is there more to it than that?  (I'm using NetBeans 3.6 IDE, BTW) Either way, I have no idea what to try next.

Thanks in advance for any help!!   Cheesy

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