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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / Re: pre-defined reverb environemnt in EFX on: 2007-07-16 09:58:31
yeapp the reverb is auxiliary send but iu m confused in the case of echo properties define in OpenAl header files
// Adjust echo properties
    al.alEffectfv(effects[0], AL_ECHO_DAMPING, ...);
    al.alEffectfv(effects[0], AL_ECHO_DELAY, ...);
    al.alEffectfv(effects[0], AL_ECHO_SPREAD, ...);
are wht we have in joal but idont know which property of echo correspond to which property of OpenAL. Please help me in this regard . one more thing which i want to ask you is that can i use more than one effect like reverb and echo together for a single sound source?

2  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / problem of front and back confusion on: 2007-07-15 09:36:43
i am actually working on a prototype to move a sound object around listener. I am successfuly moving the object and listener can identify easily the left and right position but when the sound is coming from front or back side it is very hard to be located. this is what they called front and back confusion. I am stuck to solve this issue. Please help me out how i can sort it out using joal
3  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / Re: pre-defined reverb environemnt in EFX on: 2007-07-15 09:34:34
thanks alot ultraq for your resopnse... actually i have tried to adjust the reverb setting with the help of include/EFX-Util.h  files but the quality of reverb i m getting is not very good.... infact in the case of a room i m getting lot of echos.... one thing might be the cause of that in the header file there are more properties than those available in the joal using EFX.... like in the header file we have
   float flDensity;
   float flDiffusion;
   float flGain;
   float flGainHF;
   float flGainLF;
   float flDecayTime;
   float flDecayHFRatio;
   float flDecayLFRatio;
   float flReflectionsGain;
   float flReflectionsDelay;
   float flReflectionsPan[3];
   float flLateReverbGain;
   float flLateReverbDelay;
   float flLateReverbPan[3];
   float flEchoTime;
   float flEchoDepth;
   float flModulationTime;
   float flModulationDepth;
   float flAirAbsorptionGainHF;
   float flHFReference;
   float flLFReference;
   float flRoomRolloffFactor;
   int   iDecayHFLimit;
whereas in joal we have following corresponding properties.
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_DENSITY, 21.6f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_DIFFUSION, 1.000f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_GAIN, -1000f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_GAINHF, -476f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_DECAY_TIME, 0.59f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_DECAY_HFRATIO, 1.0f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_REFLECTIONS_GAIN, 0.020f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_REFLECTIONS_DELAY, 0.00f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_LATE_REVERB_GAIN, -289f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_LATE_REVERB_DELAY, 0.030f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_REVERB_AIR_ABSORPTION_GAINHF, -5.0f);
            al.alEffectf(effects[0], AL.AL_ROOM_ROLLOFF_FACTOR, 0f);

by using these properties i m not getting the actual reverb effect close to reality. If you have any suggestion please let me know

4  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / pre-defined reverb environemnt in EFX on: 2007-07-14 15:41:15
I have tried EAX before to simulate pre-defined reverb environemnt like auditorium, room, street but i was failed to use EAX using JOAL. after that i got a demo of EFX filter and effects which is working fine. But this demo is generating a typical reverb environment and i dont know wht setting i need to change to simulate various environment around listener. can anyone help me in this regard and give me some sort of example to use EFX effects and filter other than one i got in demo file

5  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / Re: EAX is not working in my case with JOAL on: 2007-07-14 15:30:25
so are you using EFX? and if so then how u are setting the various properties to simulate an environment like auditorium, room or street using joal?
6  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java Sound & OpenAL / EAX is not working in my case with JOAL on: 2007-07-11 07:30:31
hiya all
i am facing problem while using EAX in joal. I have tried my best but unable to make it work. I have tried the demo source code of EFX provided with the joal latest version and its working fine. I am pasting my joal code to use EAX. Please help me in this problem

       boolean isEAX = al.alIsExtensionPresent("EAX2.0");
       EAX eax;
       eax =  EAXFactory.getEAX();

       if (eax == null)
           System.out.println("EAX is not initialized");
           System.out.println("RAX is initialized");

       IntBuffer b = IntBuffer.allocate(1);


      IntBuffer e = IntBuffer.allocate(1);

       System.out.println("in the init eax method " + e.get(0)        );

I can't hear the hangar reverbration setting by above piece of code and when i am trying to get the value for the listener environment, I get default value 0
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