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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Give me a topic.. on: 2014-10-23 12:07:28
Avoid strawberries.
because allergies.
2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Text boxes in Slick2D? on: 2014-10-18 03:50:39
well slick actually does have buttons and textboxes fwiw, they arent THAT bad
Class TextField
3  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Clean code & Smooth development on: 2014-10-18 03:49:11
I'm of the opinion that the code should probably actually be formatted by SVN before commits/compares, but be automatically displayed in the IDE in the format the progammer prefers.
you just blew my mind.
4  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Clean code & Smooth development on: 2014-10-17 02:14:40
When princec says "Sun's bracket conventions" that means either of the two types that Cero demonstrated, yes? I certainly hope so, as I also prefer what Cero calls the Allman style, and would hate to think this would upset 99% of other programmers.
I do think so, all programmers I have met that saw Allman style and use the "normal" style just say "oh you do that, yea its fine"

Cero's first example is not exactly correct though, is it? Shouldn't there be more than a single space for the nesting?
I'm no expert, I stopped caring what is convention many years ago actually

ah yes you are right
for (int i=0;i<10;i++)

should be
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)

something like that

also why I usually dont use the if else shorthand:  if (blah ? then : else)
first of all I ALWAYS forget which one comes first ? or : , second its just harder to read. words make it more simple. its not like I have limited lines to work with
and I dont think having many lines in a file is bad in any way, you have an method outline on the side and cold folding...
5  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Website design? on: 2014-10-17 01:45:42
Actually... if you are not a designer and you dont have a vision, you might as well go to a place like "open web design" ( and just browse and pick one

I'm sure there are more pages like this, its an old one, you get the idea
6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Clean code & Smooth development on: 2014-10-16 01:20:06
it depends what organized and messy to YOU

I'm very big on human readability. Maybe you should post some of your examples and we give advice.
However opinions will differ.

This is actually java code convention
public class HardToRead{   
 public static void main(String[] args) {
  for (int i=0;i<10;i++) {

This is what I like:
public class EasyToRead
   public static void main(String[] args)
      for (int i=0;i<10;i++)

Apparently Allman style.
I think the proximity between lines make individual lines hard to read.

But there is also how to call variables and methods.
And I am a big fan of doing a simple thing is 3 or 4 lines instead of 1 hard to read one.
7  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Best way to iterate through ArrayList? on: 2014-10-15 16:02:26
The "best" way I think is this:

for (int i = projectiles.size() - 1; i >= 0; i--)
   projectiles.get(i); // do something
   if (removeCriteria)

I call it the reverse loop, and it allows you to iterate AND remove elements in the same loop.
8  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Army Men - a 3do fangame! on: 2014-10-14 15:21:40
I mean yeah, that would be the process.

IF you do get a C&D or something, you would change the name and models that look too much like it and everything and there you go
9  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: [J2DMonopoly] Free unfinished monopoly clone (Polished graphics) on: 2014-10-14 12:37:57
if the title is Polished graphics, it should be polished.
10  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Army Men - a 3do fangame! on: 2014-10-14 02:16:21
yeah take two, 2K like I said
well it was the most likely scenario

anyway its not like you are right in front of making a massive game about this
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Java won't let me time travel on: 2014-10-13 13:21:58
Also, according to science, if you teleport 10 lightyears away from earth and look back with a super microscope you should see 10 years into the past...

Well if you look into the mirror, that's the past as well to some degree
12  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: GNetLib V0.0.0.2 (A Simple Java Networking Library) on: 2014-10-11 15:00:43
The only way to get attention is to make a peer to peer solution, which KryoNet doesnt offer
13  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Mobile Java game development, without using a full-size laptop on: 2014-10-10 18:27:07
I like the basic filesystem better than Windows because apps are packages that contain all of their files. This makes the OS, after extensive use without a fresh install, feel far better organized overall. You don't constantly feel like you've got "loose ends" hanging around from applications you've uninstalled, and so on.
Well I do have to agree, windows is a mess. Got a little better lately.

I like having access to a true Unix command line, right out of the box.
The ONLY redeeming quality imo. The only reason we use it at work.

I like the dock, which Windows also has its own version of now, but OSX had way before, so I'm just used to theirs now (and find it to be better integrated and more functional, to boot).
The dock. Great idea. I have the nexus dock for windows, awesome.
However, with no taskbar you can literally LOSE windows, sub-windows. Have a couple of apps open, then like open a new sub window, like thunderbird write new email, then click back to the main window. Even Alt-Tab in many cases does not find it. Only way to find it, is to manually minimize every other window.

I like the OS/software update process way, way more than Windows. Microsoft apparently doesn't understand the concept of a "cumulative update," so if you ever need to reinstall Windows 7 from a factory disc, be prepared to spend hours downloading and installing every single crucial update they've ever released, having to reboot your machine a dozen times, and so on. Shall I continue?
Just like the uninstalled apps argument, it doesnt really affect most users that much, but yea, I do agree of course.

You talked about the trackpad. I only you mice, hwoever:
All new OSX have like a acceleration on mouse movement. This makes it behave differently than Windows/Linux mouse movement. Starting from like 10.4 not sure exactly when, Apple removed the option to adjust this.
They also have to system settings to do hibernation, which actually does work if you set it up per console.
The command buttons sucks, different muscle memory, I wanna use CTRL. Not because its objectively better, but if you grew up with Windows or Linux, this is what you have been used to. Same with the mouse.

I think safety is going to be a pretty big concern. Who knows what the makers of these "distros" have added to them?
wow thats a little paranoid, nah haven't heard other people being concerned.
Also a hackintosh uses a stock OSX image, just with specific hardware, as far as I know, not user made.

Ah, now we get to the heart of the matter. You're angry because you poured water on an electronic object and it happened to stop working.
Well at work I just got a new one, no questions asked. But the fact that it is so expensive and build specifically to break down in this case so that you have to buy a new one, could make me angry, if I cared about Apple stuff. (Which is objectively true because way cheaper keyboards dont have this problem)

Well the video game consoles are like this too, but they have screws, they CAN be opened. YOu void the warranty, but it is possible. Mac stuff often doesnt even have screws.

My question is: why? Why is this so important to you? It just makes no sense to me.
Valid question.
This comes from hundreds of clueless people bragging about how they like mac or iphone, who all know jack about tech and whenever asked why answer with braindead stuff like "I just like it. All my friends have it. I like the way it looks"
Sheep behaviour makes me angry - not just in case of Apple. Whenever people just do as others do without thinking for themselves.

I also agree 100% Gibbo3771
When purchasing anything, price is immediately the first criteria. So yes, even when buying cheese I check which one is cheaper.
14  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Java won't let me time travel on: 2014-10-10 17:48:17
hey where did you find a pic of my home phone :3

would actually be cool to have one of those HUGE cell phones and be like "HELLO I AM ON A TELEPHONE"

well travelling into the future is super easy. Just orbit around earth fast for long and its years later (not doing math here)
but you can never go back :P

Michio Kaku is always super optimistic about the future, and with many things I actually agree, however time travel...
He was like well time travel seems like the most unlikely but give it 1000 years.
Since the past doesnt exist anymore, you would need more energy than this universe contains to bring it back into reverse to that old state. Also this would revert you as well so you wouldnt even notice, unless you can leave the universe... ?
And on that note there is only 2 options for doing this: Either, as per extension of the String theory maybe instances of the past do exist somewhere somehow so you dont have to force this universe back, you just go there. Or it's doable from outside the universe, because like maybe comparatively this universe is tiny from the outside, you know...

Of course there is also the thought experiment: since there are no time travelers it's never going to happen.
However 1) could have different reasons, 2) since we have the Fermi paradox, who knows, the thought might be flawed to begin with (not related just saying out thought process might forget something here)

I kept a lottery number from 2007 for 30 million euro. its a file on my computer. Unless I ever lose it, I will use that in the past. But it hasn't happened :|

On that note I do love Back to the Future and as a child I modified my bicycle to go back in time. I guess I never reached 88mph :)
15  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Mobile Java game development, without using a full-size laptop on: 2014-10-09 20:53:44
And yet, the odd thing is that it's rarely Apple users who start the ball rolling on such conversations. They're not walking around accusing PC users of being brand devotees.
Evidently someone making that choice has no idea about specs and prices or just loves apple that much. They dont start an argument because they have no points to make other than "I prefer Apple"

The logical approach is: I want to do this, this and that: what tool would be best ?

Speaking personally, OSX is a must-have for me. I run a Windows partition on my desktop for games, but I do everything else in OSX (Ableton, Scrivener for writing projects, Java/Ruby/Obj-C/Swift coding, and so on). I simply prefer it over Windows, hands down. And that goes double for when I'm on my laptop, because OSX is simply superior as a laptop OS.
Well fine, however, you didn't make any point "you like it better" why ?
I have Ableton and Adobe on Windows, there is plenty of writing programs, Eclipse works the same and runs better on Windows.

Every time I use a PC notebook, I feel like it's this totally disjointed mishmash of components and software. With Apple notebooks, everything fits together from the outset, because it was designed that way from top to bottom. It's a (slightly) intangible element--and a personal, subjective one, to boot--that one must factor in when deciding on a purchase. Raw specs alone will never be the sole determinant for me.
intangible element - now tell me this isn't like religion ?

Gotta make something clear though: Preferring OSX over Windows is not the same debate: you can install OSX on a windows PC.
Yes Apple has software that actually works bundled in, windows doesnt. Everything Windows comes with should be ignored or removed. True. But thats no saving grace because I don't use bundled Apple software after all because when it comes to real productivity they are not enough.
Not gonna cut a whole movie with iMovie. So bundled stuff sucks anyway, unless you got a very nice Linux distro.

If you dont intend a MAC/no MAC war, then don't come and ask I need a good device for a good price to do X, Y, Z and then say you like Apple.
Not much options with Apple and not really a logical choice if you want to A) save money, B) have good specs for your money or C) ever open you thing

At work I put some water on my mac keyboard to clean it. It completely broke. Plus since you cannot open any mac product, tough luck.
A decent keyboard is like 10-25 bucks, and if water gets it, you open it, dry it, and move on, nothing shorts out and its easy to open and fix.

Apple doesn't allow for things to be opened because:

Apple's target audience are people with a lot of money and no idea about technology.

if a person is exactly that, I can't really argue too much.
16  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Mobile Java game development, without using a full-size laptop on: 2014-10-09 00:02:06
You could just buy a freaking netbook at that point.
Owing a mac means not playing games for the most part. It can do java and office and it saves your money. And they are low in weight... not that I understand how that is so freaking important to spend hundreds more...

He's not trying to play games on it. Seriously, the knee-jerk anti-Apple position is so tiresome and boring. I'll bet you've never actually used a modern Mac--laptop or desktop--to the extent that you'd be even remotely qualified to judge them "overpriced pieces of shit." Maybe you should look into why you feel the need to respond in this fashion any time somebody expresses genuine satisfaction about Apple products. What does it matter to you?

Because we need to use unix based stuff and bash, we use macs at work. Meaning I worked with macs for over 2 years now, for a living, being a programmer.

Also what dos it matter to me ? Well the whole point is: Devotion to ANY brand or company is beyond stupid; in case of Apple its just even more the case.
17  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: Army Men - a 3do fangame! on: 2014-10-06 16:54:22
Well with rights... someone always has them.
Unless it's sherlock holmes and a 100 years old, someone has the rights, in doubt this would be Trip Hawkins I guess

I can only assume the mobile game devs either licensed it very cheaply or asked them. probably just a super cheap deal.

if you can get in touch with anyone there you might be able to strike a deal like that.

Not sure how many people would be attracted by the name army men though. Granted we remember it, but thats probably all... is that enough ? well if the deal is cheap...

Doing it without being allowed is a big gamble...

If Global Star Software actually bought it entirely, then it's 2K's property...
18  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Mobile Java game development, without using a full-size laptop on: 2014-10-05 23:03:41
I'm not looking for a hardcore out-and-about desktop replacement, just something small and light enough to not be a hassle to cart around and yet still be comfortable enough to code on.

You could just buy a freaking netbook at that point.
Owing a mac means not playing games for the most part. It can do java and office and it saves your money. And they are low in weight... not that I understand how that is so freaking important to spend hundreds more...
19  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: [news] Windows 10 (9) on: 2014-10-05 15:39:15
The only reason we use Windows is games and other software that doesn't run on Linux like Adobe Suite.

I will never "upgrade" from Windows 7. I will wait until someone else makes something actually good.

The Windows code base must be so grotesquely bloated that making even the simplest change requires man months of effort.
I can see that.
20  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Mobile Java game development, without using a full-size laptop on: 2014-10-04 15:50:22
How about buying from a brand that doesn't produce overpriced pieces of shit, unless you need the apple logo to impress someone. You can get some stickers :)
21  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: How do you come up with ideas for games? on: 2014-10-02 13:25:48
I suppose that's why there are people whose sole job is "game design" too then, on the other side of the coin Smiley Maybe that's the sort of job I want to do. I'm properly sick of programming.
Never agreed more to anything.
22  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Java won't let me time travel on: 2014-09-30 13:56:18
Hey don't pretend you got it all figured out Cheesy
The big crunch is only one possible outcome.
As for observation, it really doesn't seem like the universe will contract again.
Your wait might be in vain, incase of heat death or big rip or what have you.
23  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Why are people jerks? on: 2014-09-28 16:43:56
@Cero:  I don't understand anything your saying...are you sure you're in the right thread.

Ok let me make it simple for you.
If a lot of people on the internet know you, many of those people will be jerks, mathematically. If then you say the wrong things you may generate some hate. And those jerks excel at showing it.

As the sample size gets bigger, there are more extreme people.
24  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Android Studio or that sexy LibGDX? on: 2014-09-28 02:37:45
I'm the opposite... I'm programming apps for android with libgdx because I'm too lazy to learn the android sdk Cheesy
25  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Why are people jerks? on: 2014-09-27 17:05:20
He just fell in to 'being famous' so fast that when he hit the bottom he exploded into a million little pieces...
When people get mean to you, you start to feel down... When you feel down you get a bad attitude...
No-one really cared how he was feeling... They where just feeding the beast...

Everyone should simply know, talking on the internet, on twitter and cons is not talking to your private friends, its an open 'press' release, its a marketing / PR job
as the audience gets bigger, the criticism gets rougher and its morel likely to have more super jerks in there
and fish was never shy about his outbursts

There was this PR manager for the new mighty number 9 kickstarter project (megaman) who said, on twitter, she never played the megaman games and only got this job because of her boyfriend.
she deleted that tweet later.
a month later a press release on their website appears where she formally introduces herself and claims that MegamanX is her favorite compared to the others because of some reasons.
How can imagine what happened.

JGO is here and its forum posts are easily found via google searches.
If any of you get famous enough and say something radical, and people find out there is a backlog of forum posts on here, they will traverse them all and expose you, if possible.
26  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Why are people jerks? on: 2014-09-26 21:20:43
Did you bother to watch it? It's actually quite interesting and does not discuss whether the guy is an asshole or not.
Well over a month ago. Yeah its true but I don't agree with the implication. A lot of people are famous, not all of them we hate.
This is not the audience's fault, it purely because he behaved like he did. Do some people hate Kojima or Gabe Newell, I guess so, but these people have a normal spectrum of love and hate. Phil Fish does not, for good reason.

I'd hardly expect the audience to start making death threats to him or his family, do you? Or would you consider this a proportionate response to someone giving his - asked for - opinion on some computer games in a somewhat blunt way?
It seems to be happening now on the internet if you act like Phil Fish, so I'm just saying it is to be expected when the audience is this big and the opinions are this harsh.
Also let's not forget he always seemed to wanted this attention. If can't stand the heat... be nice or get out.

Self-criticism is difficult, isn't it? Your last sentence made me laugh. Here is you, Cero, posting on the internet, while preaching that you should always be friendly and polite, for all the world to see "Phil Fish is an asshole. The end." Does that not strike you the least bit as ironic?
I don't think self-criticism is hard at all. Well I do strive to be polite and friendly, I'm not sure using the word asshole just like that voids it completely.
He has strong radical opinions and expresses them loudly openly in an aggressive manner.
Considering what he said, I feel asshole is not THAT impolite.
But I get your point.
27  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Why are people jerks? on: 2014-09-26 16:28:20
Don't agree with Cas and some other people who got like converted from this video

Phil Fish is an asshole. The end.
Now, him being in the gaming indie public eye generates way more hate and anger than it would normally.
However if you say, sounding serious, "all japanese games are garbage" in front of like 20 people. I guess 9 will call you out and 5 will call you names.
if you do it on the internet its just more people.

Phil Fish is the same asshole with or without the internet, unless he deliberately says things to be hated online.
The only difference is the anger is magnified so much because the audience is so big.

He simply doesnt know how to interact with people. A person should be friendly and polite, especially to strangers and especially in front of a huge audience, none of which you know personally.
28  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Should i allow everyone to see my game source code? on: 2014-09-25 18:30:26
are you talking about your thesis ?

anyway you can just release after you get your points.
if its for a thesis it doesnt matter, the actual code is not very important compared to the paper that you write

bottom line: no one cares.
29  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > KICKSTARTER, GREENLIGHT AND NEW BUILD LAUNCHED < on: 2014-09-25 14:42:29
use google translate or chinese.

Taste of their own medicine Cheesy
30  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: I'm scared of Unity on: 2014-09-25 14:37:56
libgdx needs an editor like Unity has, many people said this

if it did it would be massive. Some tilemap integration(ever tried doing tile maps in unity? I hear its a nightmare), also Spine integration, bitmapfont tool, particle editor - stuff that all exists, put them all in there.
Seeing as I wrote 2 huge opengl map editors for tilemaps (because TilEd I think is way too limited), with placing of enemies, items, portals, dialogs, scripts/events and ai; I could see someone doing that, its not that hard.
My problem would be I guess that this would have to support 2D and 3D and again its very general purpose with "scenes" and "actors" and "gameobjects". All terms I avoid like the plague because they are simply too general for my taste.
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