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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Runnable jar doesn't play WAV formats on: 2014-07-25 18:20:27
well we would assume that files are found since 2 are playing, and there are no errors, however fileNotFound would be the goto problem.
next problem could be the format: make sure they all have the same format or at least a format that works. however why that wouldnt work in a jar but from the project itself, I'm not sure
2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: A rant on OpenGL's future on: 2014-07-24 16:05:22
I kinda like you Julien, but for some reason, no matter which topic it is, with you it always ends in a political debate / issue. I'm not even sure how Tongue
3  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: "No Man's Sky" - Procedurally Generated Space Exploration on: 2014-07-24 15:56:54
Also looking at the actual trailer reminds me of another glaring issue: What do you actually do ?
All we have seen is space dog-fighting, whoopie. GTA works because there is so much to do, so it could fall short on there easily.
4  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: "No Man's Sky" - Procedurally Generated Space Exploration on: 2014-07-24 15:04:38
I don't like procedural content in general. Well made, thought out maps, levels and scenarios seem way more appealing.

However the concept of the game is solid of course.
GTA is awesome for the freedom it gives, however it is not procedural. So make this, however with a shitload of content that you actually manually design to be good and dont use procedural stuff.
Now thats a tall order for a small indie team, BUT, if this game sells according to hype, then those guys will have enough money to make a really good sequel like that
5  Games Center / Showcase / Re: We Shall Wake demo (v6.0) on: 2014-07-23 17:18:21
GeForce 337.88 "Your GeForce driver is up to date"

its a GeForce GTS 250. Not the newest card... but still plays all games out there, so I never upgraded yet
6  Games Center / Showcase / Re: We Shall Wake demo (v6.0) on: 2014-07-23 15:04:13
Freezes during loading screen, or kinda slightly after loading but before any game.

Dungeon successfully generated.
Uncaught exception in draw (main) thread:
   at engine.tile.TileRenderer.nextFrame(
   at engine.WSWGraphics.renderScene(
   at engine.WSWGraphics.access$2(
   at engine.WSWGraphics$
   at net.mokyu.threading.MultithreadedExecutor.processTask(
   at engine.WSWGraphics.render(
   at game.state.StateDungeon.draw(
   at game.core.Core.render(
   at game.core.framework.GameFramework.step(
   at game.core.Core.main(
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error ending frame. Not all tasks finished.
   at engine.profile.GPUProfiler.endFrame(
   at game.state.StateDungeon.draw(
   at game.core.Core.render(
   at game.core.framework.GameFramework.step(
   at game.core.Core.main(

No gamepad support. Now come on guys - you really wanna play a game like this with a keyboard ? ^^'

Long time fan of these games: DMC 3, 4, Bayonetta, Prototype, Infamous, MGS Rising.   Actually did some DMC 3 and mostly 4 speedruns back then, so this excites me. Would love a well written story of course... x)
7  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: A rant on OpenGL's future on: 2014-07-23 14:44:17
If the game industry is amenable to rapidly iterating changes, then the CAD/CAM and medical imaging industries can get off their sodding collective idle arses and rewrite their f**king code to use the new APIs, seeing as they've got, ooh, about 10x the money compared to the game industry. Jeez, why are industry programmers so f**king lazy? Games developers practically rewrite everything from scratch with every product they make in the AAA industry.

Well yes, but, if you rewrite a medical program and it doesnt work, or doesnt work in time or contains new bugs, people are in deep shit.
And I guess its the same for like manufacturing software and all that.
The problem is that the testing of new code is just so extensive and time consuming that nobody will touch a running system.

"Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul" (Fran├žois Rabelais).
8  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [libgdx] Importing libgdx libraries into a non-libgdx project on: 2014-07-21 22:50:00
The nightlies still exist:
9  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: New feature: Embedded PDFs on: 2014-07-19 20:41:33
That's not really true. Opera 12.17 and 12.18 are the last presto operas, meaning real operas. Everything after that is just chrome anyway (opera next)
10  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What? Your game isn't a pixelated retro masterpiece? on: 2014-07-19 04:05:07
Well I was talking about super pixelated "retro" looking stuff, like Monaco

if you consider high res 2d sprites "pixel art" then these dont pertain the discussion, like this:

I wouldnt call this "pixel art" but I dunno - the term seems to be used very ambiguously
11  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What? Your game isn't a pixelated retro masterpiece? on: 2014-07-19 00:52:45
Funny thing is... if you actually go back and look at 8 bit or 16 bit games today, say, in an emulator... by God do they look shit. And, in fact, the games are largely total shit too. Rose tinted spectacles. Even the games I used to worship - eg. Paradroid - turn out to be woefully shit by any modern understanding of game design.

I watch 8 and 16 bit game reviews and play those games every day.
Cannot agree at all.
12  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What? Your game isn't a pixelated retro masterpiece? on: 2014-07-18 23:35:20
Should also be noted I disagree with the notion that pixel art is the "easy way out". In a lot of cases, I've found good pixel art even more challenging than my cartoony work. Cheesy

This, very much this.  Good pixel art is not all that easy to make.  It still might be less time consuming than good hand-drawn art though, and good 3D art.  Having good 3D art is part of why triple-A games are so expensive to make these days.

Also for me there's a large "nostalgia" factor with pixel art as well.  Takes me back to my younger days when all I had was a sega genesis and a super nintendo.

Well absolutely, however 16 bit games look way better than those fake retro indie games today
13  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What? Your game isn't a pixelated retro masterpiece? on: 2014-07-18 18:02:07
Why are there so many low-res games now? Indie devs find it easier/faster to create the graphics? It's currently fashionable?

Absolutely. It's super hip and super over-used.
Hey I'm indie and hey it's retro or 8bit looking. Look at me - and it still kinda works for attention I guess.

I'm very sick of it - and I play NES and SNES games every day, but back then those were really the limits.

I personally wanna reach this level:

So yeah I think its a big bandwagon and a cop-out way for the problem "cannot create art". When it was first done it was kinda clever, but now its really getting old.

and yeah that's the apex of 2D art so its very hard.
But in general I'd rather try and fail than playing it safe.
14  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: [Slick2D] JavaRA - Command&Conquer: Red Alert with taste of Java on: 2014-07-16 03:00:29
I always think good code is simple, less lines, easy to use / read and understand
because 2 weeks later I dont even know what I wrote.

however this code of course wasnt made for third parties, with some of it having hardcoded values and colors... Tongue
15  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: [Slick2D] JavaRA - Command&Conquer: Red Alert with taste of Java on: 2014-07-16 00:36:00
I thought the exact same thing, but I wasnt sure.
Coincidentally I coded a lightning effect like a month ago:

Wow, thats lightnings looks very natural. What approach do you used?

I can't find the page but it was a very old page showing this concept in a java or javascript thingy to try out.
Here is the source code, might not be completely bug free though:
You may use or copy everything you see there, feel free to ask questions.
16  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: [Slick2D] JavaRA - Command&Conquer: Red Alert with taste of Java on: 2014-07-15 19:17:09
This project looks really cool. If memory serves me correctly, something doesn't look right about the lightning coming out your tesla coils when compared to the original game. Your lightning seem to have a straight/diagonal movement look while the original game had more random and natural looking lightning. Anyway really nice work.

I thought the exact same thing, but I wasnt sure.
Coincidentally I coded a lightning effect like a month ago:

<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>
17  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: [Slick2D] JavaRA - Command&Conquer: Red Alert with taste of Java on: 2014-07-15 16:17:30
Man I love Red Alert 1, but you're putting so much work into a game you cannot even put out there D:

I guess you could if you change the assets, which might be interesting
18  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: LIBGDX wont print out the resolution of my phone. -SIMPLE on: 2014-07-12 22:25:40
does system.out never works or just not in the create method ?

be sure to monitor logcat properly, its easy to miss without using filters
19  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [LibGDX] Box2D and Box2DLight benefits for different games? on: 2014-07-11 01:40:50
these are 2 completely different discussions; its only that box2dlights uses the box2d boundaries for casting shadows, however you can use that lighting system with only minimal box2d and no actual physics and wirte your own physics if need, as I have done

so I think using box2dlights : if you wanna have lighting and use libgdx: yes

using box2d: really depends on the physics in your game. in super mario I wouldnt, with angry birds definitely.
20  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Libgdx sound lag? on: 2014-07-10 16:36:06
the sound playback makes the game lag huh ?

try some other sound files instead. try some wav pcm since those are the most raw and dont have to be decoded I guess
I use OGG only and never had that happen. of course those POS PCs could suck and of course do sound software side via CPU and drain performance
21  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Should I move to LibGDX? on: 2014-07-08 14:13:52
I only use y-down.
It's beautiful, no problems.
22  Games Center / Showcase / Re: Blue Bird - Visual Novel on: 2014-07-08 14:12:33
I approve.
23  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Slick2d TileMap on Server on: 2014-06-28 15:22:13
you can just rip the XML parsing part from the slick source and use it on the server.
The reason it doesnt work out of the box is because slick of course wants an opengl context, but your server has no graphic output like this normally
so you wanna do data structure stuff but no graphics
24  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: Enemy footsteps on: 2014-06-26 18:22:23
<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>
25  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Longest program you have written? on: 2014-06-16 23:26:58
Thats what I call old school.
26  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: This is one of the worst feelings i ever had on: 2014-06-16 04:49:12
This stuff comes from all over the world though, very different people and groups. Who to attack?

On top of that I think the US should butt out of the affairs of others anyway.

They are not even getting those girls in Nigeria so hunting wird Internet people all over the globe would be a stretch.
And of course the videos and documents of these things make up only a tiny fraction of actual events...
27  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: This is one of the worst feelings i ever had on: 2014-06-16 02:27:22
Still curious what you are taking about.
Although I'm not concerned with it being illegal, I am about my  mental health. Even though I have probably seen it all - don't need to see it again
28  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: This is one of the worst feelings i ever had on: 2014-06-15 23:23:00
Since Riven moderated it and didn't say what it showed, I dont know, keep that in mind.

Talking about german media/internet law, since thats the only I had training in.

Looking at these materials and possessing them is actually a crime, which you just admitted to commit.
Looking is never illegal by german law, possession can be, but thats pretty rare.

Your browser cache now contains these materials, which means you have these files in your possession.
By german law this is not the case, as many ruling have showed. It is a technical detail that is a byproduct of "streaming" and streaming by definition is always allowed, which includes copyrighted movies and stuff. (I know in Japan this is not the case)
But they can just confiscate your PC, put the files on there and say you had them. What are you going to do ?

Call me an idiot, but given how the police treats people with such files, even after deletion, and how it may totally destroy your life, I'd destroy the harddisk. No kidding. You wouldn't be the first to end up in prison over a 'mishap'.
If anyone and/or the police has a reason to get you, I totally agree. ( Again not knowing what the content entails, but I can imagine)
Also by destroy, just if anyone would actually need to, I would recommend scrambling first because if you just smash it with a hammer you could recover it, but a complete randomization of all the bits would be more safe.

To answer the question
why arent those with power doing something ?
Well those with power, even or especially those that claim to be 'just' only have their own interests and are not at all interested in making the world a better place
by now, like 20 years after the fact, due to snowden finally its out in the opening whats going on with the NSA...

Its actually very simple: Why would they help ? Looking at it purely logical and without morals. If it benefits you and you can look like a hero on the way, sure, but why if there is not reason too.
29  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Quad core + 2gb of ram on: 2014-06-14 03:12:50
I had 4GB until last week.
Remember the last gen game consoles had like 512MB
30  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Patching/Updating games - How would it work? on: 2014-06-13 02:19:33
I should probably be ashamed of not know about Java webstart but does it scan the clients files?
No you shouldnt, its completely obsolete and not worth your time :)
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