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Cero's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: Is it worth it to put my game on Steam for free? 2017-03-31
7x Re: C++/Java Engine without GC in graphics 2017-03-26
1x Re: Peculiar stacktrace and an error I've never seen before 2017-02-21
2x Re: Graphics Cards 2016-06-07
2x Re: Virtual Reality 2016-06-01
1x Re: Reserving the name of your game 2016-04-21
1x Re: SterriaLand 2016-04-01
1x Re: Virtual Reality 2016-03-28
1x Re: Java Library written IN Java 2016-03-21
1x Re: Core Java Syntax 2016-03-17
1x Re: The point of games 2016-03-16
2x Re: The point of games 2016-03-16
1x Re: The point of games 2016-03-16
1x Re: Recording movie files from Java 2016-02-27
1x Re: Unity3D/2D 2016-02-21
1x Re: Packaging a Java Application 2016-01-08
1x Re: What I need to host a java server 2015-12-16
1x Re: Battlestation Thread 2015-10-30
1x Re: What are the viable alternatives to Sourceforge? 2015-10-29
2x Re: Social Stigma of Game Dev and Peer Pressure 2015-09-05
1x Re: Vulkan ETA late 2015, Android support, Apple NOT supported 2015-08-14
1x Re: Check to see if Triangle intersects Rectangle 2015-07-31
1x Re: Handling curves in a platformer? 2015-07-22
1x Re: Oracle are winning in the 'copyright an api' legal fight 2015-06-30
1x Re: Game loop and capping fps 2015-06-18
1x Re: Contacted by a publisher to be a technical reviewer 2015-05-12
1x Re: Libgdx TexturePacker/Atlas and Manually 2015-05-04
1x Re: [LibGDX] Least costly way to render lines? 2015-03-25
1x Re: [LibGDX] Cinematic text rendering 2015-03-21
1x Re: Making GUIs 2015-03-04
1x Re: Schemes to teach the masses to code 2015-02-16
2x Re: Bit pissed off at uk school system... 2015-02-12
1x Re: Unofficial JGO Steam Group! 2015-01-25
1x Re: Starting to develop games. 2015-01-25
1x Re: If OS==linux && isInstalled(Steam) --> ABORT! ABORT! 2015-01-18
1x Re: Is it ok to use OpenGL 1.1? 2015-01-11
1x Re: Lost beauties of Game Design 2015-01-10
3x Re: Does web development count as programming experience? 2014-12-22
2x Re: C#, did Microsoft just want to be different? 2014-11-25
4x Re: What is wrong with Jars? 2014-11-05
2x Re: SJGL (Simple Java Game Library) 2014-11-02
1x Re: Anyone Keen for CoD: Advanced Warfare? 2014-10-26
2x Re: Clean code & Smooth development 2014-10-16
2x Re: Best way to iterate through ArrayList? 2014-10-15
1x Re: Mobile Java game development, without using a full-size laptop 2014-10-09
1x Re: Why are people jerks? 2014-09-27
1x Re: Red Game 2D Engine (unfinished, feedback please) 2014-09-24
1x Re: Is it Possible to use Java and send sounds through the microphone? 2014-09-11
2x Re: Why are people jerks? 2014-09-11
2x Re: Can a Single Developer Create a Big Game? 2014-09-07
3x Re: Open-Source Licenses 2014-08-07
1x Re: New feature: Embedded PDFs 2014-07-19
1x Re: [Slick2D] JavaRA - Command&Conquer: Red Alert with taste of Java 2014-07-15
4x Re: [Slick2D] JavaRA - Command&Conquer: Red Alert with taste of Java 2014-07-15
1x Re: Slick2d TileMap on Server 2014-06-28
2x Re: Enemy footsteps 2014-06-26
1x Re: Patching/Updating games - How would it work? 2014-06-13
2x Re: XBox 360 controller rumbers 2014-06-09
1x Re: [libgdx] Parallax in a live wallpaper 2014-06-06
1x Re: "No, You Can't Make Video Games" 2014-05-19
2x Libgdx Monogame & backend 2014-05-17
2x Re: i need windowed and not fullscreen 2014-05-04
1x Re: need advice before trying libGdx again 2014-04-26
8x Re: libgdx or unity 2014-04-20
1x Re: Where to find dark windows themes? 2014-04-19
1x Re: Keeping objects, and packages, organised. 2014-03-03
1x Re: Epidemic 2014-02-25
1x Re: New feature: coding experience 2014-02-01
3x Re: My JGO Anniversary 2013-12-19
1x Re: Clocktower Games looking for Java Programmers (Profit Share Project Only) 2013-11-11
1x Re: Other Operating Systems 2013-10-07
1x Re: LibGDX - USB-controller, how to get input 2013-08-23
1x Re: Blogs? 2013-08-18
1x Re: How do you handle loot tables and drop chances? 2013-08-13
2x Re: Pitch your Game Idea/Concept here! 2013-08-10
1x Re: What are the laws regarding Making a fan Game of a Movie? 2013-08-07
3x Re: Deploying libgdx for android 2013-08-05
1x Re: The ignorance of the android industry about good porting solutions like Libgdx 2013-07-15
1x Re: America's STASI 2013-06-09
1x Re: General libGdx question (flickering trouble) 2013-05-31
1x Re: General libGdx question (stuttering, "blurring" trouble) 2013-05-30
1x Re: General libGdx question 2013-05-28
3x XBox One 2013-05-23
1x Re: Will you betray, Eclipse users? 2013-05-21
2x Re: Libgdx Xbox360 controller mapping 2013-04-10
1x Re: Audio Not Playing 2013-04-03
2x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2013-03-29
1x Re: Singleton vs. class with only static methods 2013-03-27
1x Re: Unnamed SRPG 2013-03-02
1x Legend of Zelda: Look into item dropping algorithms 2013-02-16
1x Re: Generalized Rant Thread 2013-02-16
1x Re: Java 7.10 Plugin blocked on Mac 2013-02-07
1x Re: New feature: crackdown on senseless posts 2012-12-18
1x Re: Unnamed SRPG 2012-12-17
1x Re: Open Source Metroid M based Java (using JOGL) game 2012-12-03
1x Re: What music do you listen to while you code? 2012-11-27
1x Re: DarkVania 2012-11-25
1x Re: Windows 8 thoughts and suggestions 2012-11-23
4x SKIRMISH 2012-11-03
1x Re: "Dead Objects"? 2012-11-01
1x Re: Bundling JRE Windows/Linux/Mac 2012-10-24
1x Re: YUNPM - a Java Media Player 2012-08-20
1x Re: Getting the PCs performance and set game graphics accordingly 2012-08-06
1x Re: Would appreciate some advice 2012-07-27
1x Re: Loading stuff...when should it be done? 2012-07-18
1x Re: pastebin broke the forum for me 2012-07-13
1x Re: Best Method For Rendering? 2012-06-28
1x Re: Implementing a decent GUI 2012-06-25
1x Re: Preferred OS? 2012-06-24
1x Re: Forgotten Elements 3D JAVA Action MMORPG 2012-06-19
1x Re: How to add cutscenes to your game 2012-06-17
1x Re: How to add cutscenes to your game 2012-06-17
1x Re: Unnamed 4k game 2012-03-14
1x Re: me and my noobish brother are having problems with Scanners 2012-03-07
1x Sequelitis 2012-02-08
1x Re: Is it my code or java2D thats being slow? 2012-02-07
1x Re: Problems with loading images 2012-02-04
1x Re: Game Sounds and Music (ogg) Resource Archives? 2012-01-11
1x Re: Autoupdater 2012-01-05
1x Re: Still hardly any games, why entity systems suck, and why 4k is good 2011-11-16
1x Re: Eclipse introduces Xtend - syntax sugar for Java 2011-11-05
1x Re: Loading an Image only once and using it in multiple objects 2011-10-09
1x Re: [Solved] Slick 2D Game Scaling and Rotating Problems 2011-09-14
1x Re: License for commercial project 2011-09-11
1x Re: Rock stars, banning and cleaning up messages... 2011-09-07
1x Re: Brainstorming the future 2011-08-22
1x Re: Strange World [download] [8-bit] [demo] 2011-07-30
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A NON-ideal modular configuration for Eclipse with JavaFX
by philfrei
2019-12-19 19:35:12

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2019-05-14 16:15:13

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:15:36

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:13:34

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-02-17 20:25:53

Deployment and Packaging
by mudlee
2018-08-22 18:09:50

Java Gaming Resources
by gouessej
2018-08-22 08:19:41

Deployment and Packaging
by gouessej
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